In the Park


It was a warm early autumn day, a perfect day for hiking when we arrived at the park. it brought back memories of when we had been there before. how beautiful you were, how much I wanted to kiss and caress you..... to make passionate love to you.... But our love then was just emerging... cautious, timid, considerate of not taking advantage; not knowing for sure the feelings of the other. Now, it’s different... that fact is confirmed by our eye contact as we get out of the car. I grab my trenchcoat as an afterthought just in case the weather changes. You smile, knowing the coat is for you because I am always hot... There is no need for words as we set out, our love is obvious and abounds in the electric touch of our hands, in the deep pools of passion found in each other’s eyes. It is as concrete as the sidewalk beneath our feet which now gives way to the crunch of the wooded path.

As always, I drink you in with my eyes and I like what I see.... the light button up blouse and the wrap around skirt that you are wearing..... you are right to remain bare legged... your legs are sooo sexy..... you should wear skirts and shorts more often to show them off. My mind flashes back to the last time you wore a skirt.....we were meeting after work, you stepped into my car, settled back in the seat and we kissed.........Your kisses are electricity to me. My cock always jumps when our lips first meet. Soon, your tits were bare for me to kiss and nuzzle and suck, your hands were tied to the clothing hooks above the rear windows, your skirt and thong were no longer protective covering for your lovely pussy. I’ll never forget that first time I saw you so intimately. How beautiful you are between your wonderful you smelled and tasted as I licked your clit and kissed and sucked on your pussy lips................

I hear you call softly, my reflections have caused me to lag behind you......but I don’t mind, it gives me a chance to gaze at your legs and your ass. How absolutely sexy you are.... You take my breath away. My voyeuristic impulses get the best of me and I find myself staying several paces behind you hoping to glimpse up your skirt as you ascend a set of steps. I even risk stooping almost to my knees to get a better view..... to no avail. But still a rush to try without getting caught.

Halfway up the stairs a step is missing, I rush to help you, even though both of us know that you would have no trouble stepping across the gap. But I jump at the chance to touch you, hold you close and yes, to show you how strong I am......I want you to be impressed when my muscles bulge as I lift you. I want you to realize that I am powerful enough that I could immobilize you, rip your clothes from you and ravage you right on the spot as my desires would dictate...but we both know that I am also gentle and caring and I love you more than I desire sexual, the simple assistance and gentle lift says everything..... we both know what it means.

We stop to rest near a small, stream formed chasm. I notice the nearby rock formation which reminds me of your breasts...perfect cones, just like ice cream.....made to be licked. My cock stiffens at the thought. I take your hand and gently move it to my thigh where I know you will be able to feel the edge of my hardness. I lean down and place a soft kiss upon your temple. You turn and we kiss long and lovingly,... I run my hands up your sides. You shiver and send your tongue into my mouth, I close my lips over it and suck it. You mold your body to mine.

We hear voices and break apart... We move on, holding hands, the passion fires burning hot....

Finally we reach the overlook area. What a beautiful view..several fishermen in boats far below and even a group of ten or so Boy Scouts hiking along the water’s edge. A breeze begins to stir. I offer you the sleeve of my trench coat and you place your arm in. Then in a moment of inspiration, I pull the coat around my back and place your other arm in the remaining sleeve. We are now encapsulated within the coat except for the front of your body and my arms which are free to hold you and my to caress you. You immediately back into me and through our clothing, I feel my hard cock nestle into the crack of your ass. You begin to push backward into my stiffness and reach around to my zipper. I grab your wrists and force them onto the guard rail in front of you as I order firmly; “No, hold the rail”. You obey. I then wrap my arms around you and give you that crushing hug you like. Then I begin to nibble the nape of your neck very lightly down to where your neck and shoulders join as I unbutton your blouse. When it is fully open and hanging loose, I discover you are wearing no little vixen, always one step ahead..did you think of the panties, too?......I continue to nip and kiss your neck & shoulders as I slowly drag my fingernails up and down your sides and between your tits. Then I cup one breast from underneath as my other hand snakes down to the inside of your knee. I start to trace slow circles up the inside of your thigh .....until my fingers just touch your pubic hair... then back down the inside of the other thigh....... I switch hands cupping the other breast and repeating the same slow movements up your thighs gently nudging against your hot, wet pussy lips before returning to your knee. All the while I continually kiss and lick your neck and whisper with hot breath into your ear how I want to finger fuck you and stick my hard cock into your ass.

I can’t help but think that if one of the boy scouts were practicing the “be prepared” motto he would be looking up with binoculars at this beautiful blonde clasping the guard rail while her tits are exposed and her skirt bunched up around her waist showing the world her bare pussy. He would be witness to how she is being held immobile by the man’s legs pinning her legs against the lower guard rail and how he is circling the base of her nipple with his fingers and dipping a finger of his other hand into her wet cock hole and slowly spreading the slick lubricant up the pink crack of her pussy to the sides of her clit. Then creeping back down to get more love juice and back up, making her slick all around her love the sides......slowly repeating over and over the fingertips only penetrating her pussy just enough to get wet and slick......then back up slowly around and around her clitoris....

I feel you starting to buck back into me. My cock jumps, straining to get out of my clothes and into your hot, wet softness. My fingers continue their relentless journey lubricating your slit from your fuck hole to your clit.... and around and around and back down.... I ask if you like what I’m doing, or if you want me to stop. You roll your eyes shut and say... “Please, don’t stop”. I push my hips forward while I bring my fingers down your slit and begin to insert two fingers very slowly......this time they won’t stop with just the fingertips... Your breathing is ragged and your ass is squirming against my cock as I suck your earlobe into my mouth. My fingers continue to penetrate your pussy as my other hand slowly squeezes tighter on your tit with your nipple clasped between two fingers.... When your pussy is completely filled, I wiggle the two fingers as I clamp down with the heel of my hand onto your clit and squeeze your tit tightly...then my hot wet tongue fucks into your ear swirling round and round............ YOU EXPLODE IN WAVES OF ORGASM

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