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In The Right Place


I unexpectedly felt her body push in return against me as I pressed into her back. Her soft hair, now slightly tousled, brushed along my cheek. As I reached for her again to steady myself, she looked back to me. The unexpected glare that met mine brought me back to reality.

"Can't you pay attention to where you're going for even a minute?" she mumbled.

Blushing from the sudden reality check, I offered a cursory smile and looked away. With my hands still on her hips for balance, I couldn't resist pulling her ass back against me again for the fun of it.

"Settle down," she teased, fully aware of exactly what she was up against.

The crowds are one of the reasons I dread being taken to the mall. It almost rings of a judicial sentence, only I never had a chance to bargain for a plea. I can make the most of any situation though and an urbane outing such as this, is no exception. I'm more of a nature lover, choosing skinny-dipping in the moonlight over the indoor pool at the club. Walking while wandering in my thoughts also comes naturally to me, even with it's price tag.

The flowing grace of her long bouncing curls caught my eye, but her sparkling green eyes are what quickened my heartbeat. Sporting the infamous retro look of the seventies, she was the essence of my first love and experience. Appearing to be out of her teens and accepting the next stage of life confidently, still she was probably only half my age. The vibrant femininity she exuded captured me now, just as it did nearly twenty years ago. The excitement and anticipation of seeing her out of her clothing made me hard instantly in a spontaneous reaction.

I had spent time courting her, but never as a chore for more, as teenage boys are known to do. She had all of my heart and I waited until she was ready to go further than our passion wanted us to. It was a hot summer night in the dog days and her parents were gone for the weekend. The backyard pool, that earned I sunburn for in helping with the installation, was now to be the cornerstone of my sexual experience.

Those vivid memories came rushing up again when I saw the young blond walking past with her friends. The light laughter and broad grin she flashed was the acknowledgement of interest I crave. Her low cut, loosely fitting shirt offered a glance when she leaned forward in laughter. My downfall was trying to focus on where her beautiful legs disappeared underneath that short skirt.

Turning to watch her lilting walk and losing my focus is what brought me around. At least she grinned back at me for that short moment in time that we shared, even if it was for my blushing embarrassment. I glanced back again at the blond curls bouncing away and into the crowd while I pulled my lady back against me for fun.

"Will you behave if I leave you alone for a few minutes? She chided me.

"Of course," I mused, "what trouble could I possibly get into here?"

With a soft peck on the cheek she was off toward one of the stores and having moved away from me, my erection was now glaringly obvious to others as well. Happy to see a bench willing to accommodate my wait, I took a seat and began daydreaming again.

The stars were twinkling and the moon moved in and out of a hazy night sky. Crickets were chirping, but slowly, even they were lazy in the heat. I lay back on the raft, gently rocking from the easy motion of the water and wondered what surprise she had in store for me.

Some would laugh at me for my inexperience, but I was happy to have her, even with the limited hot sexual play that didn't go quite all the way.

My eyes closed and drifting, I heard a light splash that I assumed was her getting into the pool. When I felt the water droplets run against my hot skin I knew she was playing again from the edge.

Looking up I saw her shadowed in the moonlight, shaking the water from her swimsuit; only it was in her hand. I nearly fell off the raft to see her in such full beauty, naked, more stunning than I could have imagined.

"Surprise!" was the only word she uttered and even that was nonessential.

I had seen parts of her before, while we were making out, but never had I seen her as completely open, vulnerable and uncovered as this. Light reflecting from the water highlighted the whiteness of her tan lines and made me want her that much more. I followed her delicate hands as they trailed from her hips, slowly to stop and lift her breasts, as in offering for approval and acceptance. I swear I remember hearing the water sizzle as I slid off of the raft and into the water. I was drawn to her without question; she had chosen this moment and me for us.

Sitting on a bench in the mall on a Saturday evening must seem like a pitiful existence. This was not my first choice, of course, but I can take life on life's terms and be happy. Besides the eclectic assortment of women to observe and admire, I found a particularly nice spot across from the lingerie store. My imagination has plenty to play with as I casually observe the choices women of all ages make. Surreptitious smiles sneak across their lips as I can only wonder what plans they may be forming for their partner. I've actually had to restrain myself from rushing into the store and guiding each one to the rack that would accentuate their seductive features.

With a sigh and a smile I accept that I'm only a spectator and I appreciate my silent participation. My eyes continue to wander and they find an extremely attractive clerk going about her normal routine. It must be close to closing time, I think, and she's moving the displays around for the next day. As she pulls one to a stop, I notice that the position of the mirror reflects directly back to the closed doors of the dressing rooms. My good fortune is confirmed when the reflection shows a pair of jeans slipping to the floor and revealing the smooth bare legs that were hidden underneath.

A dainty gold chain lying loose on her delicate bare ankle glistened in the light. She removed one foot from the crumpled jeans and then, the other. I was mentally begging for more of the clandestine strip tease and my body was becoming restless with anticipation.

I saw the emerald green shimmer of satin as her panties slowly rolled down her calves and also fell to the floor. The color was matched by a loose camisole that moved into view below the bottom of the door As she knelt down to gather her clothes, she must have sensed my attention and reflection in the coincidental mirror. She looked as shocked as I must have looked to be caught unaware like that. To my surprise, her stunned expression quickly transformed into a sultry grin and she motioned me to come.

As I looked around for customers and clerks, I quickly made my back to where she was. When the door opened to the changing stall, I felt the familiar warmth in her alluring eyes but still the sudden passion was that of an exciting stranger. She pulled me in, touched a finger to my lips in appealing for silence and pushed the door closed behind me. The silken fabric slipped over her head in an effortless motion and dropped. Her tongue slipped between my lips in an aggressive search for mine and easily found it. The desire in her eyes was undeniable when the kiss ended. I smiled back and let my tongue lead the way down to a firming nipple to gently suck.

I heard her gasp when my teeth lightly grazed over it and was followed by warm lips. Rolling my tongue in circles over the one nipple I began caressing the other. My cheek slid across her breast and the quiver I felt let me know she was enjoying me.

Time was short but the passion of the moment compensated for that. The rushing intensity of the risky situation magnified every touch and nibble. I wasted no time in moving my kisses lower across her abdomen and the clutch she had on the back of my head pushed me tighter. Her foot found a seat for support, allowing her to open her thighs for my face to slip between. Mirrors surrounding us gave both of us an excellent view of such a spontaneous encounter.

She was absolutely glowing in the colors of lust alone and her naked writhing body tried to swallow me. My erection had only grown harder in bringing her this sudden pleasure, but I wasn't about to stop licking the wet lips she offered me. I could feel her leg over my shoulder to open herself further but still pressing firmly against my cheek. My hands were running from her bare breasts down to her full hips and back, stopping only to occasionally press down against the top of her pelvic bone. When I did, she began to shudder just a bit and her hands tightened in my hair, grinding my tongue deeper into her pulsating pussy.

Slipping my tongue in and out with a steadily building rhythm, I could feel her stifled moans and whimpers. She pushed one of my hands down again to her thigh, guiding it and slipping my finger inside her. The slight bang of her body pushing against the wall might get us noticed in here, but we were both oblivious. We had gone over the edge in passion and the release was building quickly. The wetness was spreading fast on the inside of her thighs and the side of my face. I swallowed all of her that I could but she was staying ahead of me. Slipping a second finger in with the first I could fuck her, suck the sweetness from her clit and massage it all at the same time.

This proved to be more than she could bear and her body responded with spasms of delight. One of her hands was still on my face but with the other, she took my free hand pulled my fingers upward to her open mouth. The combination of her expressive orgasm, my building desire and the soft silken tongue sucking my fingers into her hot mouth exploded inside me. I couldn't believe the feeling of an orgasm without direct stimulation. An incredible rush flowed through me and from me as the hot spasms released against the inside of my pants.

We were both arching for more and giving in to the pleasure of relief in alternating movements. She eased up on my fingers long enough to leave gentle kisses there instead and pulled me to my feet to hold her. I tried to steady her silent trembling but as I did, mine began again.

She slipped her hand inside my increasingly wet pants, stroked me once to coax out the few last drops and slid her glistening fingers back into her mouth. A quiet sigh seemed to slip from her and she grinned mischievously at the growing dark spot on the front of my pants. Again she touched her fingers to my lips to ask for silence and I obliged. She reached down and pulled my shirt over the wet spot, giving a loving pat at the still hard spot.

"You better go before that becomes really noticeable," she whispered.

I nodded in agreement, pulling my shirt down to cover the now appearent wet spot.

"I'll pay for these and meet you back at the car," she added with a soft familiar kiss.

Returning her kiss, I simply smiled in anticipation of the ride home.

"I knew you couldn't behave yourself for a few minutes." she teased with a satisfied grin as she gathered up her clothes.

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