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In The Sac


It was a quiet little cul-de-sac seemingly far removed from the rest of the neighborhood with six homes arranged in somewhat of a semi-circle, and it was uniquely situated where the lake flowed into a river-like tributary that lead to the open water along the coast. The river moved smoothly around the cul-de-sac, providing each home a place on the water. The opposite shore was forty feet away and rather thickly forested, which lent a rustic feel to the small neighborhood, as well as creating a picturesque view for the residents.

Derek and Kim Vance stood admiring the view from the patio of their newly acquired home, pleased that they had been able to be in the right place at the right time to purchase the much sought after property.

"Hello!" The greeting came from Tammy Buchanan, the next-door neighbor, whom the Vance's had met briefly, along with her husband, Greg, when they first viewed the home. "All moved in?"

"Just about," Kim responded, walking over to the four-foot picket fence that separated their lots.

Directly behind his wife, Derek couldn't help but notice that Tammy was braless beneath the nearly sheer through not transparent t-shirt she was wearing. Her nipples were clearly making an impression on the shirt—and Derek—and he further noticed that she had cut the sleeves out of the T making wide holes in the sides which revealed the sides of her breasts. They were large, though not huge, but definitely above average for her build, which was also was slightly bigger than average. She was not unattractive; in fact, there was something appealing about her build. She had a cute face, even in its un-made-up state. Though she was no real competition for Kim, the somewhat sultry image Tammy offered, with her short shorts and nice legs, would provide Derek with a pleasant mental image when he soaped his cock in the shower.

Greg joined the group, the four engaging in getting-to-know-each-other conversation. He was an advisor for a local investment company. Like his wife, he was average in the looks department, but Derek noticed Kim giving him the once over. Tammy worked for a non-profit organization that helped the elderly. Kim revealed to them that she was a paralegal for a law firm, and Derek indicated that he was recently promoted to assistant vice president in Product Development at Ford Enterprises.

All the while, Derek tried to position himself so he could keep and eye on Tammy's jiggling tits without being caught by his own wife or Greg. While he seemed to be succeeding, at one point, he and Tammy made eye contact. A hint of a smirk formed on her lips as though she knew what he was doing and didn't mind, maybe even approved. More likely, it was some kind of reverse psychology because, now that he knew she knew, he was more self-conscious and avoided looking any further.

Finally, after a loose agreement to get together in a couple of weeks after the Vances were settled in, each couple returned inside their respective homes.

"So, what'd you think?" Kim casually asked. "You like her tits?"

Derek was not certain whether he had actually been caught or was Kim asking just because it had been so obvious. Describing Kim's sexual state was difficult at best. She enjoyed sex, was even good at it, even initiated it, but though she had a great body, she didn't flaunt it and would never go outside dressed as Tammy had been. If she looked at other men, she was so discreet even Derek couldn't tell. He had never known her to be a flirt and she generally frowned at overt sexual activity. To sum her up, she was simply a tangle of sexual confusion.

"Some people just like to flaunt," Derek remarked, trying to sound disinterested because he never knew how his wife would come back on him. He considered himself very open-minded about sex. Of course he looked at other women, but he was far too fearful of being caught to do any more; that and the fact that he really hadn't had any real opportunities. It should also be said that he was very happy with Kim. When she was in the right mood, he couldn't imagine anyone being any better at it. Still, Derek was the kind of guy who saw someone like Tammy and couldn't help but having fantasies.

"I suppose. I hope she's not always like that."

The problem for Derek was, say too much and he was showing interest in their neighbor; say very little and he was hiding what he really thought. "Do you think she would dress like that just to come out and meet us?"

"Some women would."

"Well, it's not like she's really got anything to show."

"So, what do you want for dinner?" Kim asked, moving on quickly as she so often did.

* * *

Short of waves of greeting when one or another was arriving home or leaving, there was no other contact with the neighbors over the next few days. However, each time, Tammy had been appropriately attired.

Once a month, several of the ladies in Kim's office had girls' night out in which they all went to dinner, bitched about the office and drank too much. Not Kim, of course. She never got drunk. Two was usually her limit. But she still enjoyed the camaraderie and was less critical about her co-workers' drinking habits than their sexual innuendo, or so she claimed. Derek had his doubts. He believed there was a sexual side of her that just hadn't surfaced yet.

Derek looked forward to these evenings alone because it gave him the opportunity to visit all of his favorite porn sites without having to be sneaky. He generally slipped into his gym shorts and a t-shirt to be comfortable and give his boner some room, then heated leftovers, made certain Kim was gone and ate by the computer.

Just as Derek typed in the first site, the front door bell sounded. It almost startled him because no one had ever come to the front door. He approached silently so he could peer through the peep hole without being heard in case he wanted to ignore the caller. However, it was Tammy, and she was dressed in the same t-shirt, again braless, and what seemed to be some sort of short skirt. She was barefoot to boot.

Quickly opening the door, Derek greeted her. His eyes were immediately drawn to her pointy nipples.

"Hi, Derek," Tammy began. "I just caught Kim as she was leaving. I needed to borrow a cup of sugar, but she said she was on her way out for the evening and to come ask you."

With a smile, Derek replied, "Of course," and stepped aside to allow her entry. A flag went up . . . well, more than one, but the one that went up the highest was that Kim had been gone for more than ten minutes, and she would have never sent Tammy in with their neighbor so attired. So, the question now became, did they actually talk, and if so, did Tammy go home and . . . slip into something more comfortable? He remembered her barely perceptible smirk from the other day when she had caught him staring at her tits.

Apparently, Tammy knew exactly where the kitchen was because she lead the way with him tailing behind. Or did she want to make sure he saw the sway of her shapely ass? He shook his head, reminding himself it was his porn night and his imagination often went to the extremes. "I hope we have sugar," Derek noted. "We rarely use it. Besides, we're the new neighbors; shouldn't we be borrowing it from you?" he quipped.

"I can give you something sweet," Tammy offered seductively.

Derek nearly hit his head on an open cabinet door on that one. He turned in time to see her pull herself up onto a breakfast bar stool, the wide skirt exposing a considerable expanse of thigh, and something told him she might not be wearing any panties.

He rummaged for the sugar slowly, even though he had a pretty good idea where it would be if indeed they did have any. But he needed the time to think. Should he just get her what she came for and quickly usher her out before his imagination really got the better of him, or let her stay and see what her game really was? There was that fear of being caught, but Kim was usually gone for three or four hours on these monthly excursions. And then, what about Greg? Where was he?

Feeling he couldn't stall any longer, Derek, found the sugar still in an unopened bag. "Here, take the whole bag and just bring back what you don't need."

"Have I caught you in an inopportune moment?" Tammy asked, very coolly.

"An inopportune moment?" Derek repeated, odd-stricken by her choice of words.

"Uh," she gestured with her head toward his computer, a picture of a guy with a big cock stuck halfway up a woman's pussy.

"Oh, sorry," Derek mumbled, completely embarrassed. He made a move toward the computer to clear the screen.

"You don't have to clear it on my account," Tammy was quick to say. "Greg and I enjoy a little porn ourselves."

"Oh," Derek replied with a nervous smile. "Where is your husband?"

"Wining and dining a client."

He nodded. "So, you decided to make something sweet?"

"Well, uh, no, not really," she admitted. "It was actually just an excuse to come over and visit you and Kim. Hope that you would invite me in."

"And here you are."

"And here we are . . . just the two of us."

There were a few moments of awkward silence.

"Wow, that guy is really . . . do you and Kim enjoy porn?"

This could be bad, Derek thought. But there was something in Tammy's relaxed demeanor that had him answering truthfully. "No, I'm afraid she . . . doesn't . . ."

"Well, that's too bad. Greg and I really have some great sex afterward."

Why was she telling him that? "Why are you telling me this?"

"I'm sorry. Greg and I are very open about sex. I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"No, no, you're not. We just don't really know anyone who is." This translated means that Kim doesn't encourage friendships with such people. However, Derek was actually warming up to his new neighbor. She was actually kind of sexy. "I just opened a new bottle of wine. Would you care for some?"

Tammy smiled. "That would actually be quite nice."

While Derek retrieved a glass and poured, Tammy slithered off the stool and stepped over to the computer. "Do you mind?"

"Not at all."

She bent over to type which caused her skirt to rise displaying her rear thighs, but not enough to answer his suspicion about her underwear—or lack thereof. He could see a generous portion of her left breast through the large armhole. Even hanging, it was nicely rounded.

Derek quickly sat on the other stool before she returned so he could situate his growing hard-on before it became too obvious. Watching her return, he couldn't help notice that she had gone to a different website that offered a slide show of porn. "Well, that's an interesting web site."

"Yeah, it saves you having to click on each picture you want to see," Tammy explained. "You can select categories of pictures depending on what your sexual preferences are and run a slide show. Greg and I have contests to see how long we can hold out before one of us makes the first move." She placed her hand on his leg dangerously close to his cock that felt harder than ever before to push herself back onto the stool. She then faced him, resting her feet on the rung of his stool. This, of course, caused the hem of her skirt to rise high on her thighs.

Derek couldn't help but notice her toned thighs. He looked up to her face, and her brief smile suggested to him that she wanted him to look. Now confused about where this was all going, it occurred too him that he had never really been seduced by a woman and he instantly wondered—to the pulsing of his rock hard dick—if that's what was happening here. And if so, why, and furthermore, what to do about it? Or was this just her sexual openness on display?

"So, what do you and Kim do for fun?"

"I don't know," Derek answered with a shrug. "We enjoy dining out. We have some close friends that we occasionally get together with. Not much else beyond that."

"So, you would say you're homebodies?"

"Well, that makes us sound dull."

"Oh, I didn't mean anything by it," Tammy quickly said, reaching for the wine bottle and refilling both of their glasses. "Actually, you'll probably fit in to our little cul-de-sac rather nicely. We're all pretty close; almost as though we're in our own little world here. Anyway, we do a lot of things together, parties, barbecues, sometimes we all go out together. Our parties are not usually formal in the sense that someone plans to have one and we do. They're usually more impromptu. However, we have been talking about actually planning one to welcome you and Kim into the sac. Do you think she would be up for something like that?"

"I don't see why not. But you guys don't have to do that."

"Well, everyone is anxious to meet you and Kim."

"Are they as open as you?" Derek wanted to know.

"Some of them can be, but I'll let you decide for yourself."

"That could be a problem with Kim."

"No offense," Tammy offered, "but is she a prude?"

Derek shook his head. "She's just very selective about people. If she takes to someone, it probably wouldn't matter how open they are."

"Ah, so we're going to have to work on her a little bit before the party."

"Yeah, good luck with that."

"Don't underestimate me," she warned lightheartedly.

"I wouldn't dare."

"So, openness is not an issue for you?"

"Well, I'd like to think I'm fairly broad-minded," Derek said honestly.

"Okay, well, we'll see.

"What does that mean?"

"Oh, wow!" Tammy remarked.


"Isn't that the prettiest pussy you've ever seen?"

"What?" Derek turned toward the computer. The screen was filled only with a very delicate looking pink pussy.

"Greg says I have a pretty pussy," Tammy said casually, as though they were talking about anything else. "I think he just says that when he wants to get in it. What do you think?" With that, she raised her skirt up, confirming Derek's earlier suspicion that she was wearing no underpants. She then spread her legs further apart to reveal her hairless, shiny vagina.

"What are you doing?" he asked, his voice a couple of octaves higher.

"Asking your opinion," she stated, matter-of-factly. "Testing your openness." She couldn't help but stroke her clit a couple of times before spreading her lips to mimic the picture on the computer that had now moved on. "So, do you agree?"

Amid the myriad of emotions that suddenly gripped him—shock, amazement, disbelief; all variations on a theme—much to his surprise, he was able to actually notice that she did, in fact, have a very pretty pussy. The little white ball of her clit was moist and a bit swollen and peeking out of its hood, while the lips, also puffy from arousal, were dainty and delicate like the petals of an exotic flower. It was almost mesmerizing. He battled the urge to press his lips and tongue to it. As it was, he could feel the stream of pre-cum ooze out of the head of his penis. Had he bothered to look, he would have noticed that the pant leg of his gym shorts was already sporting a fair-sized wet spot.

By the hardest—no pun intended—Derek arrested control of his mind. "Why are you doing this? We barely know each other."

"It was just a question," Tammy explained casually. "You said you were broad-minded. I guess there's a limit to your openness."

Okay, so she'd caught him. Perhaps she was right: maybe he did have a limit. He wanted to remain cool about this, but unfortunately, it was too late for that. She'd blown his cool. "It's just that I've never had this happen before."

"Well, I just wanted your opinion on a part of my anatomy. What if I had asked you if I had a nice nose, or eyes, or—"

"This is a little different."

"Why? Just because it's a part of the body you don't normally see?"

"Okay, yes, you have a very pretty pussy."

"Thanks," she said, pulling her dress back up to expose the subject. "Want to touch it?"

Shaking his head in stupefaction, Derek facetiously said, "Well, as long as we're being absurd, I'd actually prefer to lick it."

"You're right," she agreed, her tone suggesting she finally saw the ludicrousness of the situation. "That would be much better."

"I was being facetious."

"Maybe. But I know you really want to."

This was going to be good. "And why do you think that?"

"Oh, I don't know, just an educated guess." With that, Tammy reached out and slid her hand under the leg of his gym shorts, pushing it up until she exposed his rigid, leaking member. Her touch was like a jolt of electricity causing his whole body to jerk. She squeezed the head, forcing more clear liquid out, which she allowed to dribble on her finger, then rubbed it all over her lips and lapped it up with her tongue. "Mmmmm, tasty."

This was wrong and Derek knew it. But there seemed to be almost no stopping Tammy. And sadly, he was quickly reaching the point where he didn't want to.

Her hand returned to the few inches of exposed cock resting against his leg, caressing it, jerking it. He couldn't prevent the small sigh from escaping his lips, nor did he attempt to stop her as she bent down and licked the smear of pre-cum off of his leg before rubbing her lips and tongue along his shaft.

Amidst the euphoria, he happened to catch the time on the digital clock on the stove and was relieved to note that Kim would not be home for at least three more hours.

Turning her face sideways and resting her cheek on his thigh, Tammy slid her head forward allowing his now slick rod to slip into her mouth. She sucked him as best she could what with the majority of his shaft restrained by his pant leg. Still, she was getting the job she wanted done.

In this bent position, her tits were being pushed out of the side of her wide open, cut-out sleeves. Derek's hands were magnetically drawn to them. They were not as firm as Kim's, but rather puffier; not better or worse, just different. But what made them so much more erotic was that they were someone else's.

"Mmmhmm," she cooed. "That's it." Lifting her head from his lap, Tammy pulled the front of her sleeves to the center, completely exposing her breasts to him. She then pulled his head down to her right nipple.

Getting the message, Derek tentatively tasted it. But when she pressed his faced against her tit more firmly, he automatically started sucking on it. Her nipples were bigger than Kim's so it was a different sensation in his mouth, enough to generate another drip of pre-cum from his cock.

"Yeah, Derek, you do that well." After a couple of minutes, she slowly lowered her head and whispered close to his ear with saliva covered lips, "Still want to lick me?"

Derek was powerless to do any more than nod.

Sliding to the edge of her stool, Tammy raised her left leg and rested it on the bar, while Derek eased off of his and knelt before her dribbling sex. He held up her right thigh in his hand. There was enough moisture escaping for him to taste her sweet, sweet nectar. His tongue parted her lips for a more generous helping of her love potion, and from there, he could not ingest enough of her.

Derek had become fairly talented with his tongue as Kim enjoyed the pleasure it brought her. He generally preferred to lick his wife to an orgasm before they fucked so that if he came before she did and he couldn't maintain an erection long enough for her to climax, at least she would have cum first.

He swirled his tongue around her clit and its hood, then sawed his tongue back and forth against her button. Her "Oh, yeah," signaled she really liked that touch. He slid a finger up her hole, instantly drenching it, then inserted a second just leaving it there enjoying the soft, velvety wetness. Very gently, his fingers massaged her inside vaginal walls while his mouth continued its expert work on her clit. Obviously, she had been primed and ready before her visit so it didn't take a lot of work for her to climax. She wasn't a screamer, just a steady stream of "yes's" and "Mmmhmm's," and only a slight volume increase when the magic moment hit. He kept up the tongue work even after her orgasm subsided until she held his head still, tightening her fleshy thighs around his head.

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