tagNonHumanIn The Shadow of The Moon Ch. 07.2

In The Shadow of The Moon Ch. 07.2


Here it is! What I am sure you have been waiting on. Short, but it does what I want it to. 


silently silly


Victoria stepped into the cool night. In the last three days she had learned so much, had so many of her questions answered, but she had been left with so many more. More than she had ever started with. As she walked into the woods towards the clearing where she had her trials, she couldn't shake the thoughts in her head. She couldn't shake the feeling that it was all a dream. She looked up at the sky and let the moon bathe her. Though her body already pulsed with magic, the lines bright and glowing on her skin, the moon made her brighter. The light fell through the tree tops like glitter and she felt as she had when she was a little girl. Everything was simpler then. She could understand it all better.

Here in the brilliant light of the moon, she gathered the courage to keep going. The outfit she wore felt like second skin. One piece of golden fabric intricately wrapped around her body. Flexible enough that she could still move, but looked feminine at the same time. She looked down at the four faint puncture marks on her thigh; they peaked out of the fabric as she walked. She knew that the lands had been protected, she knew on this solitary walk to her destiny, she couldn't be harmed, but the mark still sent shivers down her spine. She wasn't afraid, she refused to be afraid, but it was disturbing that some great magical being was putting such large stakes on her.

She was halfway up the hill, she could hear the sounds of the pack, their laughter and excitement was rolling down over the hill and she had to stop. She'd needed to spend the last couple of figuring out what were her ideas and thoughts and what were the perverted ideas of the dark magic. Was her hatred of mating was valid, it made sense that she would be adverse to it after seeing what it did to her mother, but was the reason she was adamant about it, because of the magic's influence. Antony was an arrogant, caring, strong Alpha. He had taken care of her, acted as a mate should, but that was how it started with her mother as well.

As she stood in front of the tree lined path that would lead her to the circle, she thought of the things he had done for her. The way he held her, the stories he had told her. Antony had let her in to his life with no hesitation. He hadn't quit every time she rejected him or fought off his advances. He never complained about all the bad she had brought into his life.

Because it was always outweighed by the good...

As usual Antony had slipped into her mind quietly and unnoticed. He flooded her with images of them together: the moments where she had let her guard down and let him in, moments where she had aroused him to know end, and moments where she challenged him. He pulled them up with no trouble, one right after the other. When they stopped, she felt him resting there not intrusive or rushing, just patient giving her time to think.

Besides I have a bad side you're bound to see, once I stop being on my best behavior because I want to get you to the top of this hill. I can be pushy, overbearing, obnoxious and....

Victoria smirked as he stopped at the word arrogant.

Well, you have a real problem if you can't admit that to yourself.

His smile was a warm brush against her mind.

Well I have you here to keep me in check now. All you have to do is get your sexy ass to the top of this hill and you can tell me when I am being arrogant any time you want.

Is that a promise?

I'm waiting for you, come up and find out for yourself.

With that he slipped out of her mind and left her to make her decision. She...loved...him. It was so hard to say, because with those words, she felt as if she gave away a part of herself. It was a serious commitment and she wasn't going into it without trepidation, but she was going to do it. She refused to allow her life to be taken out of her hands, again. She would make the choices from now on. Not her memories, not any lingering of dark magic, not her possessed father. She would chose to let go, as she had the night of her blessing she looked down at her feet and willed them forward.

The hill was an easy climb and she walked into a moonlit clearing ready.


The fight was fun; she hadn't sparred with someone as good as Antony in a while. He had challenged her, though she lost she felt better for it. When he pulled her up from the ground she was breathing heavy, but the nerves were setting end, so she couldn't tell where the hyperventilation set in and the catching breath stopped. She kept up a brave face, but she couldn't help her eyes flicking to the pack surrounding them. The more the pack pulled her attention the more she was positive she was moving into the realm of hyperventilation. Growing up in a pack, growing up around sex made it any easier when it was your turn.

She looked back at Antony and arched an eyebrow waiting for him to make a move; she met his eyes that shimmered with hidden promises. He pulled her firmly into his arms and kissed her softly at first, but he became more insistent as she melted into his body. She let herself drown in the affection he was pouring into her; she never noticed his fingers undoing the knots to her clothing. His kiss had set her skin a flame; she barely noticed the cool breeze touching her newly exposed skin. The rest of the world became muffled as his lips moved down her neck. He used his whole body to drive her to distraction.

He picked her up and she automatically wrapper her legs around his waist. This was easy, letting herself get wrapped up in what he was doing, letting her body follow his lead. He set her on the edge of a stone alter in the circle. "Ah!" It was cold to her touch she thought as it sent electrical jolts across her skin, such a stark contrast to warm flush the pulsed across her. She opened her eyes and watched as Antony took one of her nipples into his mouth. His touch was a fire flush that rushed up her chest. His tongue swirled around the sensitive peak was making it difficult for her to continue to hold herself up. She bit her lip to hold back a moan as he moved to show the peak attention.

The cold air rushed to touch the wet flesh and only served to heighten her desire. By the time he was done worshiping her breast, her stomach was quivering with anticipation. Each kiss as he moved his way down her body was electricity, drugging electricity that kept her attention utterly focused on his movement. He looked up at her before he pulled the rest of her clothes off. She lay on the cold stone, her back arched up and watched as he stared at her, naked body presented for him. Her whole body was vibrating now, buzzing with anticipation. He kissed his way up her thighs, licking and nipping, swiping here and there, until her legs were splayed open in front of him.

Victoria jumped at his first touch, butterfly light and electrifying. As he slowly consumed her, kissing her, gently spreading her open with his fingers, Victoria writhed in ecstasy, she lost track of time, unable to separate one sensation from the other. Each new touch reverberated through her, echoing long after he had moved onto the next one. She could no longer hold back the moans; they rolled from deep in her stomach, gut wrenching expletives of pleasure.

It was a shock to her system, one that turned the tightening of her womb into a deep abiding ache that shook her too her core. This was nothing to what he had done earlier. She had never known that it could feel like this, feel so painful and so good at the same time, she opened her eyes and looked up at him.


Antony watched as she slid off the altar and knelt at his feet. Her taste still lingered on his lips as he looked into her desire laden eyes. Her eyes had begged him, begged him never to stop, begged him to take her higher. My God, she's beautiful! Antony thought, his body shivering at the mere thought of Victoria sliding his pants down as her delicate hands wrapped around him. Her strokes were light and hesitant at first, but picked up momentum as his moans of pleasure increased. She was a natural; her hands had a gradual tingle building at the base of his spine. She added pressure, squeezing and teasing the sensitive head.

I hope I'm doing alright, I just don't want to disappoint...

Antony silenced all thought of disapproval as he leaned forward heavily at the first touch of her lips. A tentative kiss that morphed into a confident licks as she showed him the same attentions he had given her. His hands shook against the stone. The same stone where she had laid not too long ago, her warmth still lingered on the surface. A cry wrenched from his throat as she slid her mouth over him. The world had centered on her mouth, the hot cavern of pleasure that tugged at the fetters of his control. He looked down to her head moving slowly up and down, her hair brushing delicately against his thighs.

His vision tunneled she began to tease the underside with her tongue. She moved it firmly up and down using her hands to handle what wouldn't fit in her mouth. Goddess it was a sight to see, the image combined with the sensation had him quickly on the edge. He knew there were things he could teach her, but here in this night, her instincts worked spectacularly. He pulled away before he spilled himself in her mouth.

There would be plenty of time for that later, but tonight....

It took all his control to pull out, she tightened her lips as he exited and then looked seductively up at him, conveying innocence and vixen in one look. He knew this was in her. Within this moment she was completely wild and free, not weighed down by her past. At this moment she was ruled by her emotions, passion firmly in the driver's seat.

He set her up on the altar again and she immediately got on her hands and knees. Gone were the insecurities, gone were the worries, gone was the hesitation. Her feminine folds glistened with need and desire in the moonlight. The floral veins of magic that coursed across her skin pulsed with each labored breath she took. Her eyes flashed a stormy purple as she looked over her shoulder at him. Antony fought for restraint as he climbed up on the altar behind her. He ran his hands down her back and along her sides before settling on her hips.

He coated himself in her desire, bumping into the delicate bundle of nerves before positioning himself at her entrance. Her whole body jumped and shivered, each muscle taught with anticipation. "I love you, Victoria" Antony said he slid into her slowly at first, her body squeezing him tightly as he pushed forward; his thrust shallow as he let her relax into the rhythm. He drew out as he began to stroke all the pleasure centers in her mind; he pulled up every erotic moment, each sultry kiss and every intimate caress. He called on the memory of his emotions and feelings and he called on hers. When it built to a crescendo in their bodies he thrust into the hilt.


The pain was barely a blip on her radar and she was thankful for it. Every nerve ending was on fire, any touch any movement only heightened her arousal. She felt the pain, it radiated through her body like a heat wave, but where it touched it only increased the pleasure. She felt full, muscles stretching that she hadn't known she had. Even with the Antony overloading her mind with passionate thoughts, it started out as uncomfortable and even more so as she felt him being to shift behind her, inside her. He expanded inside her, lengthening, widening. As his knot grew tingles shot down to her toes. She inched forward to relieve some of the pressure, but he kept her hips firmly in place there was no escape.

With his first thrust, her body felt overloaded. It was too much and not enough at the same time. Her heart pounded as he stroked, slowly at first, the nerves inside her ever fluttering walls. All the stories friends had told her, all the books she had read and imagined about didn't compare. She had been prepared for pain and discomfort she wasn't ready for the pleasure. With each of his hard thrusts, she moaned. It felt as if she was giving away bits and pieces of herself, dissolving in the feelings he washed her body with. The blood pounded in her ears and glow coming off her body was bright enough to see through her closed eyelids.

None of her senses were working properly, all she could focus on were Antony's thrusts, and the sensations he forced upon her body. It was bliss and she would die if it stopped.

Her body climbed higher and higher, pushing the limits of her sanity, she needed more. She could feel the wolf slipping the fetters of her control. It felt as if her inner animal slipped over and they joined in the overwhelming sensation. Where Victoria thought it might lighten the load of sensation overload, it only made it worse. Her wolf's heightened senses took her body to an edge and she hung there. Not knowing how to drop, how to fall over. She just dangled there, screams and moans ripping free from her throat, but terrified of what would happen when she fall. It would be destructive.

As she collapsed to her elbows, unable to hold herself up under the onslaught, Antony sunk deeper and all thoughts fled her mind. He was merciless as he dragged her body up higher and all she could think was what he had said a couple of nights ago, ravishment. She had stayed up for a while, dirty thoughts running through her head, but nothing had resembled this.

Antony wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against his chest, she felt his jaw come to rest between her neck and shoulder. She shivered at the feel of such lethal weapons on her neck. His free hand reached down and strummed roughly over her clit as he bit down on her neck.

Victoria knew that the blinding white light blinding her didn't come from outside her body, it came from her eyes. It came from within her body, power coursing through every cell in her body. She knew that the heat she felt surrounding her came from her body, she knew she was glowing, the magic lines running across her body shining as bright as the moon. Everything else was pointless; there was no thought, no words. The pleasure radiated from every limb, where one wave met the other the pleasure intensified, her body was not big enough to contain it, not big enough for the waves to get far enough apart to ever stop. The heat spreading in her womb was devastating, with jerk, Antony continued to stroke her. Her body seemed to never stop clenching and the only thing preventing her from collapsing to the stone surface beneath them was Antony's strong arm around her.

Victoria felt Antony shift back, soft fir, transformed into warm, sweaty skin, slowly the light died and her hearing returned. The howls were still reverberating through the trees. Magic laid in thin layers on the air, as did the smell of sweat and sex. She knew the pack recognition would, be next and Antony was still locked firmly inside her, but she didn't think she would be awake for that part. With her heart still pounding, blackness swallowed her whole as her body quivered.


Victoria didn't wake again until they unlocked. As he slid out of her, it felt as if the Mississippi River followed. It was incredibly uncomfortable, but she was still too weak to move to clean herself. While she was busy trying to find the motivation to move, Antony had left and come back with a wet towel. She moaned low and deep as he cleaned her up. With every swipe she felt better. When the towel moved away and she felt semi-normal again, she snatched a pillow under her face and settled in to sleep for at least 6 months.

Before she could even slow down her breathing, Antony had scooped her up. As hard as she tried to hang on to her pillow, her arms just weren't cooperating and it landed on the floor with a soft plop.

"Why?" Victoria moaned out.

"You'll thank me for this in the morning."

They slid into hot water, jets gently pulsing and swirling it about. She sighed, it did feel good. As they settled in, Victoria smiled up at him. She was nervous, she had to admit it, but for now she was too sleepy to let her thoughts twist themselves into knots. She settled for smiling at him, her thoughts on replay as she adjusted to the water. His chest made a great pillow, the hot water, a comfortable blanket, and the gentle stroke of the loofa the perfect lullaby. Victoria sighed, her contentment and fell asleep as Antony whispered "I'll never let them hurt you, I promise."


Antony had awoken to the feel of her warm body tucked against his side. Each of her breaths blew a pleasant path across his chest. He'd enjoyed waking up this way, her curled so close, that he hadn't wanted to move. Content in his happiness to lay with her in his arms, but as usual there were things to be done. He looked down at Victoria and couldn't resist the temptation to trace the profile of her face. He let his finger drift slowly over her forehead and down the bridge of her nose. He lazily drew his fingers over her lips, luxuriating in the soft feel of them. He moved his finger down over her chin and grasped it between his forefinger and thumb. The kiss was languorous. He took his time, thoroughly taking her mouth before her brain could process much else. Even half asleep her body responded. Her hands slid up his arms and down his back.

When she opened her eyes they were glazed with sleep and desire. He could even see the hints of purple coming to light. Antony smiled watching as her eyes drifted closed slowly, her body melting into his caress. Antony felt weird, he hadn't imagined it would feel like this the next day. He had desired her since he had first met her, but now, now it was manic. She wouldn't leave, couldn't leave, she was his. A smile crept onto her face, innocent, lustful, uncertain and confident all at the same time. Her eyes opened lazily, looking up at him. That was it.

He growled roughly, "I don't think we'll be leaving this room today."

Her playful laughter turned into a throaty moan as he descended to her throat.

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