tagCelebrities & Fan FictionIn the Shadows of Duskwood

In the Shadows of Duskwood


Hello, Lit! This is my first story submission, so take it easy on me, okay? Depending on the feedback, I might write a sequel to this.


A shadow ran through the darkened, eerie woods. Should someone have been watching, one would soon conclude said creature was fleeing for its life; its movements without grace, constantly stumbling upon roots. The lone creature's inhuman wails followed hardly far behind, and soon a batch of pale moonlight would reveal a male human stirring from the shadows. Droplets of cold sweat ran down his tanned skin, the male's clothes torn and cut, a gaping wound nestled across his back. He screamed as he ran -- an inhuman wail of terror, much like the cry of a dying beast, his eyes so wide in horror it was a miracle they remained in their sockets.

Eventually the man's apparent escape was cut short by cliff, beyond it a deadly drop. He panted heavily, his whole body quivering from exertion, the cold of the night turning his breath into steam. Despite his lack of breath, he turned on his heels and started pleading for mercy, backing all the way to the edge of the cliff. "Please, I beg of you! Surely we can talk this over! I have all the gold it takes to cover for your troubles!" he cried, squirming in place in discomfort, not much different from a larva.

A pair of white eyes stares at their prey from the darkness, their owner chuckling in amusement. "You could offer me the moon from the sky, little human, and I would not compromise my lord's demand", comes the response, in the form of a clear female voice, like bells in the silence of the night. The male grows pale as chalk, his heel knocking a few pebbles down as he tries to shuffle closer to the edge, rewarding him with brief, amused laughter from his pursuer.

Soon said pursuer steps into the moonlight; a tall creature standing at almost seven feet with two glowing white orbs for eyes. The rest remained a mystery, for she was veiled in intimidating purple leather armor, which in turn was hugging her womanly curves firmly, two daggers sheathed on her belt along with something that seemed like a small firearm. She snorted from behind the mask as she drew the pistol from her belt and loaded it with a faint click.

"After listening to your pitiful wailing for so long, I deem you unworthy of any last words or rites", she declared and pointed the gun. She burst into hearty laughter as she witnessed the male's eyes roll back, his limp body slowly tilting back before falling off the cliff, a sickening crack sounding as it hit the ground. "So much for wasting bullets on such a man-child. Fainting and falling down on his own accord... now I've seen everything", she snickered to herself, disarmed the firearm again with a click and lowered it back to her belt once more.

She took a few steps back before sprinting towards the cliff, leaping off the edge into a nearby spruce, climbing down its trunk effortlessly like a garden snake. She jumped off a branch a few feet before the ground, landing beside the human's mangled corpse. Shamelessly, she crouched and inspected the body, still warm to touch. The only thing she deemed worthy of picking up was a key ring, which she slipped into the small supply pouch on her belt. "Blasted peasants... They never carry their valuables with them. With other races you might at least encounter a diamond ring from time to time", she groaned before straightening herself and sprinting into the darkness once more.

Cirandiel Starhawk ran west across the vast forest of Duskwood with grace that would make an average elf redden in envy. As she snaked her way past trees and leapt over bushes and roots, she pondered on what was waiting for her ahead. She was lodged in an old crypt during her stay in the woods, even though it was not the most appealing solution. The entrance emerged from the wilderness after only minutes of running and she came to a halt, somewhat out of breath.

'I better wash off the sweat first', she reasoned and walked past the entrance, further west. A hundred yards from the crypt was Stonecairn river. There was barely any current, leaving the river perfect for swimming. The dirty, worn female undid the clasps of her leather armor, lowering the pieces into a stack beside her. The only thing she left on was a leather collar around her neck.

As she unclasped her bra and pulled down her panties, she exposed the rest of her body. Her skin was pale for that of a Night Elf, almost humanlike in its healthy pink tone, providing a heavy contrast against her long hair the color of seaweed. Like anyone who did physical labor, her body was fit and muscular. On her back between her shoulder blades rested a large tattoo, a simple letter E. The only anomaly beside that was a fair bulge on her belly, which she dealt with by loosening the seams of her armor.

She ran her palm gently across the bulge, smiling faintly down at it. "As dear as you are to me, unborn angel, you are giving me a hard time fitting in my armor", she purrs down affectionately before stepping into the stream. The coolness of the water made the female quiver, but she kept walking until she stood thigh-deep in the stream. The cold left her skin on goose bumps and caused her nipples to harden almost painfully. She ran a hand across her large breasts, somewhat swollen from pregnancy, and gasped at the sensitivity.

Cirandiel let out a sigh and leaned in, splashing some water onto her face, washing off the sweat and stickiness. The moonlight caressed her skin and as she stood straight once more, the trails water left behind gleamed like fine jewels. A faint night breeze fluttered her long green locks, and she could not help a faint smile.

Her long, dagger-like ears perked as her nose picked up a familiar scent. A hand came to rest on her hip and she sighed softly; as always, the gentle touch made her body ache. "What brings you here tonight, master?" she whispers breathlessly just as another hand comes to rest on her other hip, making her back arch in delight. The masculine scent blurred her mind, and the last thing she managed before desire sealed her lips was a simple notification that the offending human had been dealt with.

The pair of hands ran up and down her sides, feeling her feminine curves, brushing against her smooth, sensitive skin. She gasped for breath, arousal making her body quiver. She felt the male press against her back, his hair tickling the back of her neck. Much to her nuisance, he did not speak a single word. "E-Elesh", she whispered his name with great uncertainty, only to have him yank her head back by the hair to point out the inappropriateness of her way of calling him by his name.

Despite his roughness, she could not help but to admire the amount of control her master had; he could always hurt her if he wished to, yet he only inflicted pain without injury. Never had she gained even the slightest bruise from his hands. Pleasure, on the other hand, he gave her plenty. Just as the thought crossed her mind, the male's hands moved in to cup her full breasts, fondling them with mastery that made her legs shake.

Knowing full well how rare an occasion it was when he touched her in such a manner, she brushed away her exhaustion and allowed him to lower her onto the riverbank. As she lay there in the dewy grass, her eyes took in the sight of the male she loved and worshipped so; his ebony hair and beard, enthralling body, and the runic patterns across his skin on his chest and arms. She ran her fingertips through his beard and whispered praises in her native tongue. Yet, there was nothing in his eyes than hunger. No love or affection, only raw, primal lust.

It was always a defeating sight, but she never gave up. Someday, she would see a smile on those full lips and a glint of affection in his eyes - even if it cost her life. "Master", she whispers just before he leaned in and locked lips with her, his beard tickling her chin. His taste was intoxicating and she returned the kiss, their lips brushing against one another as their tongues danced their passion. Cirandiel moaned against his lips, her back arching on its own accord, her body grinding against his in arousal.

She could feel the bulge in his breeches as he slid down along her body and suckled a nipple into his mouth. The female squealed in delight as he bit down on it without much mercy. Over the years, she had grown to embrace the erotic pain he often inflicted upon her. He held her in his arms as she writhed in pleasure, suckling and nibbling on her sensitive nipples only to hear her pleas for more.

Cirandiel shuddered as his lips wandered lower, planting searing kisses down along her belly. When the tip of his tongue flicked her clit, she had to stifle a cry of pleasure. She balls her hands into fists, gritting her teeth as he licks along her slit over and over. She blushed slightly, knowing just how soaked her nether lips were for him already. Like all elves, she was void of body hair, making her arousal even more obvious.

"Please", she pleads breathlessly as he suckles on her clit, making her whimper in need. In response, the male bites her clit, drawing a cry of pleasure from her. "Please..." she repeats her plea, only to have him draw away. She lays there and looks at him pleadingly, her heart racing as he pulls down his breeches, his erect shaft plunging into view. A single command leaves his lips, his deep, masculine voice making her ears perk a bit.

"Suck", he growls out and she gladly complies. The female rushes to her fours in front of him, her lips quickly wrapping around the head of his throbbing cock. She looks up and holds his gaze as she slowly slips the length of his member into her mouth, inch by inch.

Deepthroating wasn't something she had learned by choice -- it had been more of an 'adapt or die' situation. Now she was perfectly comfortable with it and gladly suckled his shaft, allowing it to occasionally slip as deep into her throat as it would go. Watching his expression twist from pleasure and hearing him groan were ambrosia to her, always encouraging her to put her back into it.

When it came to sex with her beloved master, Cirandiel never went to it half-heartedly. She suckled and licked his cock professionally, her hand gently fondling his balls as she did. The salty taste of pre-cum in her mouth only heightened her already raging desire and she expressed it by gently nibbling on the head. Eventually he started groaning out in pleasure and every last sound made her pussy throb in need. She looks up at him and spits out his member. "Please, master, I beg of you", she whimpers.

To her delight, he reached out and moved behind her, saving her the effort of turning around. Cirandiel lowered her torso down onto the cool, dewy grass and gasped as she felt the tip of her master's cock brushing against her weeping slit. Her pleas are finally answered as he slams his length home in a single, rough thrust, filling her nethers with his flesh.

The female saw stars, unable to gather her thoughts. All she acknowledged was the gorgeous sensation of the male pulling out up to the head and slamming back into her, making her wail in bliss. After a few teasing thrusts, he assumes a steadier pace, their sounds of pleasure filling the air. Their bodies moved in unison, a dance of passion -- he thrusted into his slave, and she bucked her hips accordingly in return.

She looks over her shoulder at him, reveling in the sight of his face twisted in pleasure, his groans filling her ears. In that moment, she was in her personal seventh heaven, knowing she pleased her master. Soon enough he rewarded her by crying out and pumping her full of his warm seed. The throbbing of his cock in her pussy was enough to drive her over the edge into her own climax, her whole body writhing. She had to steel herself to keep from collapsing onto the ground just from the wave of pleasure that hit her.

"I love you, master", she whispers as she slowly lies down on the grass once more, panting in pleasure. She smiles up at him as he dresses once more, grabbing his shirt from the riverbank as well, having tossed it away before approaching her. "I will expect you at home tomorrow at dawn, slave", he states simply before stepping into the darkness.

As quickly as he had come, he left, leaving his pet laying exhausted on the damp ground, to face the coldness of the night alone once again. She smiled faintly to herself -- at least she could slumber with the taste of her master's lips on hers.

Someday she would truly be his.

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