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In the Shower


I come home after a long day at work and just want to feel the hot water spray over my body to help relax me. I walk in the door and holler to see if you are home. I take my heels off at the door and start to shed my clothes on the way to the bathroom. You must still be at work.

I turn on the water and get the towel out, setting it on the counter by he shower. Sticking my hand in to test the water, a little on the hot side, but knowing it will relax me I step in and under the spray. I lean forward letting the hot spray hit my back and neck. I stand there for a few minutes just letting the hot water do it's trick.

I turn and let the spray hit my face, then backing up and letting it hit my breast and stomach. Sighing I decide I better do something besides just stand there using up all the hot water. Relaxed now, I Put my head under the jet of water and wash my hair.

That done I reach for the body wash, lavender to relax me even more, and the body poof. I started washing my arms, my legs, next I started washing my breasts. Hmmmm that feels good, I put the poof on the shower rack and start rubbing my hands all over my breasts. Slipping over my soap covered skin, my nipples getting hard. I pinch and pull at the nipples as a moan escapes my mouth. I role the nipples between my fingers...my pussy starts to throb, getting excited.

With naughty thoughts of you going through my head as my hands move over my body. What would you be doing if you were in the shower all by yourself? I bet you would be stroking your cock, having some thoughts that are like what I am doing to myself right now....

I can feel my juices seeping out of me at the thought of you stroking your cock. I step under the showerhead and wash the soap off. I take one nipple and lick it, taking it into my mouth and sucking it hard again.

I reach down with my hand and rub my pussy. Spreading my legs, I insert a finger into my wet pussy. Thinking about how you are stroking your cock, wondering how you are doing it, what you like to have done to you....

My finger slides in and out of my pussy as my other hand massages my nipples, rolling they between my fingers, pinching and pulling....

I moan and add a second finger in my pussy. Breathing faster as thoughts of you masturbating keep running through my mind. I move my hand so both of them are between my legs. One is still pumping two fingers in me, my hips moving to meet them and force them deeper into my pussy, the other one I start to rub my clit, moving over it gently. Back and forth, slowly, a little pressure but not much yet.

Still with the image of you in the shower playing in my mind, I can feel the orgasm start to build deep inside, my fingers going in and out, the water running over my body, my clit being rubbed faster.

I lick my lips, my head tilted slightly back. I apply a little more pressure to my clit, rubbing it a little faster, my hips starting to move faster, my fingers pushing harder, wanting more....

Me knees start to shake. I know it is coming, my hands start to move faster. Wanting, needing to cum. I feel it getting closer, my finger moving faster over my clit, my hand pushing my fingers in me as far as they will go...my muscles start to grab my fingers and squeeze them. I bite my bottom lip to stop the scream that I know is coming. I push them in deeper as the orgasm starts to take hold of my body, my knees start to give, I slide down the shower wall as I start to cum. Sliding my fingers in and out of me, my body shakes from the orgasm. I taste blood from biting my lip. I flick my finger over my clit a few more times, each time my body shudders, but I don't want to stop the feeling just yet. I moan softly as my body completely relaxes. I take my fingers out of my pussy and lick them. Smiling I sit and wait for my strength to return so I can stand and finish my shower. Ahhhh yes that was what I needed.

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