tagLoving WivesIn the Sweet Bi and Bi Ch. 03

In the Sweet Bi and Bi Ch. 03


After an uneventful flight we arrived back in Toronto tired but happy, as they say. As soon as we got in, we emailed Debbie and Dave that it had been a wonderful weekend for both of us. It had been wonderful to play with them again and Erik and Ursula were a perfect addition. The freedom to be bisexual meant a lot to all of us and it was almost a miracle to find two other couples with whom we could share this part of ourselves.

The next week was unusually busy and we hardly saw each other. Most of our meals were out and sometimes Anne would already be asleep when I got home and vice versa. It was not until the weekend that we really had a chance to relax and talk. Saturday was the usual day of shopping and taking things to the dry cleaners but by Saturday evening we had slowed right down and made love for the first time since our return. Sunday was a day of making love, reading the paper and loafing. We called Debbie and Dave and had a wonderful conversation. They gave us Erik and Ursula's phone number and email address. They weren't home when we called so we sent them an email with a couple of our more intimate pictures attached. The next morning we found a couple of their pictures in our email along with a very loving message about how much they loved playing with us and hoped to do so again.

After our weekend in Vancouver our bisexual needs were satisfied for several months. By now we knew our cycles of bisexual desire meant we had to have a real blowout about three or four times a year. We both like the orgy-weekend but were willing to explore an ongoing relationship with one or more bi couples. The fact that Debbie and Dave, and Erik and Ursula were getting together on a regular basis and even teasing us with pictures made us realize we needed to do something along these lines ourselves -- and soon. We started to ask ourselves whether we couldn't find an Erik and Ursula in Toronto.

Anne was the first to suggest something. I had always realized her needs were stronger than mine so I wasn't surprised when she started talking about a Toronto-based bisexual women's club she had found on the Internet. It had been started by a couple of bisexual married women who couldn't find an outlet for their same-sex needs. With their husbands' co-operation they had started this club, advertised on the Internet and, after six or seven years, had a substantial membership of women primarily between 25 and 55. They had regular meetings and a number of other activities including party nights where they just locked the doors and played. Every few months they would have a couples evening when members could bring their male partners.

What Anne liked about the club was that it recognized that bisexuality was a separate phenomenon from homosexuality. Most of the women were married or in heterosexual relationships, or divorced or widowed and looking for another male partner. In other words, it was a club for women exactly like Anne.

She went to several activity nights and one party without actually doing more than general flirting. She got to know some nice women but no one special. After about three months of pleasant social events she announced a couple of women had invited her for a Sunday brunch. The two women were very good friends and, Anne presumed, lovers as well. They found Anne attractive and wanted to get to know her better. Anne liked both of them and thought they might be considering the possibility of a threesome. She had been pleasantly surprised at how the women at the club considered threesomes, foursomes and parties of eight or ten to be acceptable, even normal forms of female sexual expression.

One of the women was 39 years old and married while the other was 42 and had now been widowed for about five years since her husband died of cancer. Carol, the married one, was a lawyer and married to a lawyer; Eleanor, the widow, had a doctorate in computer engineering and ran her own very successful consulting business. Her husband had been a medical doctor. Their 10-year marriage had been very happy and his death a great loss to her. But now, after five years, she decided she needed to move on with her life. Neither woman had any children; both were very well off.


On a beautiful summer Sunday, Anne pulled out of the driveway and headed for Eleanor's house to spend the afternoon. I expected to see her back in the late afternoon but, instead, got a call on my cell that she did not expect to be back until later in the evening. Her voice sounded a bit breathless, as if she was trying to calm herself, but I knew her well enough to know she was suppressing real excitement. I just laughed and said I hoped she and her new friends were having a lovely time. They were, she said rather sharply, and immediately hung up. I couldn't wait to see her!

I was doing some work in my study when I heard her car drive into the garage about 9:30. She came through the door with a mischievous look in her eye. and was very affectionate. She stood in front of the closed door, threw her bra and panties onto the sofa and said: "Yes, darling, I've just had the most interesting afternoon of my life. And, yes again, my darling, we did make love and it was beautiful. Just three women. It was gorgeous." She could see the smart-ass smile creeping over my face as she stepped forward and kissed me full on the mouth. "And now, to finish it all off, I need a really hard cock." With that, she took me by the hand and led me directly to the bedroom. Her blouse went flying onto the back of a chair and the skirt dropped straight to the floor. I was hard as a rock and the bulge in my boxers showed it. She dropped into the middle of the bed, lay against the pillows and opened her arms and legs. The boxers joined her blouse on the back of the chair and I was in her immediately. As soon as she felt me completely inside, she came. She was in such a state of excitement she came again immediately. I was a long way from my own orgasm so I just stayed inside her until she calmed down then withdrew and lay beside her to hear the story of what had obviously been a wonderful afternoon.

She hardly knew where to start. After a delicious brunch and some very good white wine, the atmosphere relaxed and the conversation became intimate. Carol and Eleanor were comfortable with each other in ways that confirmed instantly they were much more than just good friends. In the privacy of Eleanor's elegant home their intimacy was more obvious: touching each other's arms, stroking each other's hair, laughing and kissing each other on the cheek now and then in front of Anne made Anne feel aroused but a bit uncomfortable at first. Soon, however, as they sat over lunch, one or the other would reach out to touch Anne's hand or arm to reinforce a conversational point. Anne did the same. Once they found Anne comfortable with their behaviour, the touching increased. At one point, Carol paused for a moment behind Anne's chair on her way to the kitchen. She stroked Anne's neck and shoulders while Anne turned to kiss her bare arms. When Carol found Anne responding so openly, she leaned down and kissed her on the lips while Eleanor smiled and watched.

Once the ice had been so decisively broken, it was obvious to Carol and Eleanor that they had done the right thing by inviting Anne. As they continued to eat, the conversation became more openly sexual and confessional. Eleanor had not been with a man since her husband died. He had been a good lover and she missed that but she had never been able to talk about her same-sex desires with him. Once she realized he was more closed minded than she had thought, she subsided into heterosexuality for the sake of the marriage. And, besides, after receiving her doctorate she became so busy building her career that she was able to suppress any same-sex interests. During her undergraduate years, she had live in residence and had explored her bisexuality with several girls. Near the end of grad school she developed a relationship with a nurse at a local hospital. In fact, it was through her that she met her future husband. Now that her husband was gone and the mourning period was over, she was exploring that side of herself again before getting into another heterosexual relationship that might lead to marriage. She enjoyed the openness of the club and had had a couple of quick, purely physical evenings with two much younger women but had developed no relationship until she met Carol. She also felt she was ready to have sex with a man again and had been fantasizing heavily about making love with a man but only wanted one who could accommodate her bisexuality.

Carol, on the other hand, had a husband who fully supported her bisexuality. She had also been occasionally bisexual as an undergraduate and in law school. In the six years between law school and marriage she had had a relationship of a year or so with a married woman but it ended it when the woman's husband got transferred to the States. She also had had several heterosexual relationships of varying duration. By the time she married she had accepted herself as fully bisexual and considered herself lucky to have found a man who was comfortable with that. Apparently her husband Jake had a real sensitivity to her needs and never thought of her bisexuality as merely a potential opportunity for him to be with two women. On two occasions women, had asked Carol if Jake could join them and Carol had agreed. Those evenings had been very enjoyable for everyone but never in another couple joining them -- even though this was an appealing idea to both of them. Carol was completely faithful to Jake heterosexually.

Jake seemed completely straight at the time of their marriage but Carol had recently begun to wonder if some bi desires were not surfacing. When she asked him flat out, he denied it but she couldn't get rid of the idea that he might be open to some same-sex oral activity if it was presented to him in the right way. Her evidence for this was that he had developed a very strong fantasy about watching and sharing her with another man. In her mid-twenties, Carol had actually had a six-month relationship with two men and had really enjoyed it. The two-men fantasy had remained very strong ever since. She introduced it to Jake very early in the marriage and Jake had liked it right away. When she told Jake she had actually had two men and on more than one occasion, he couldn't stop asking her for all the details. As time went on, he seemed to get more turned on by endless repetition of her adventure as well as the fantasy; in fact, they now made it a regular part of their love play. Under "cross examination" (she was a lawyer, after all) he finally admitted what turned him on most was the idea of fucking her after another man had cum inside her. Once he had admitted that, she drove him crazy by telling how much the two men loved cumming inside her one after the other and told him she was going to find a real stud, fuck him right in front of him then sit on Jake's face until he had licked all the stud's cream out of her. She told Anne and Eleanor this idea drove him absolutely crazy and gave him huge orgasms. In fact, both of them were turned on by this idea but had not yet found another suitable couple. (They realized the idea of the stud was just a fantasy.)

Anne told them everything: how we had come to realize we were bisexual, how we met, and our subsequent adventures with Debbie and Dave then with Erik and Ursula. (Carol and Eleanor were both fascinated and incredibly turned on by these stories, especially the parts about the three men playing together.) They were amazed at the fact we were such a completely bisexual couple. And they just couldn't get enough of the details of our recent trip to Vancouver. (Anne said she could see how turned on they were getting so she told our story in exquisite detail.)

The freedom of conversation combined with the wine and the relaxation of a Sunday afternoon sexually charged the atmosphere. Continuing the conversation, they all moved to a big couch where Anne sat between Carol and Eleanor. Anne soon caught on that the other two had planned a seduction scene for her. Carol was the more aggressive of the two and was soon kissing and caressing Anne while Eleanor watched fascinated. Anne could see that Eleanor was less experienced but very eager. As soon as Carol had opened Anne's blouse and front-opening bra, Anne invited Eleanor to kiss her breasts. Anne was in heaven as she felt Eleanor's warm mouth on one and Carol's on the other.

They continued caressing each other, kissing and undressing until Anne suggested they retire to Eleanor's king size bed where they spend the next few hours licking and kissing and bringing each other off. Eleanor also had an extensive arsenal of sex toys which became a source of amusement and pleasure.

By the end of the day, they all vowed to do this again. Carol and Anne even suggested including the husbands maybe not next time but some time. Eleanor at first said she didn't know whether she should return to heterosexuality that way or wait until she found a man on her own. She knew Jake and found him attractive but wasn't so sure how she would feel with Carol there. Carol reminded her that Jake had already shared two of her lovers without any harm to the marriage and reassured Eleanor that Jake was a sensitive, long-lasting lover and that she would really enjoy him. The other two women had even asked for return engagements! Anne assured her that even though she had never met me, that she was sure she would enjoy me as much as I would enjoy her. Simple sex with their husbands would bypass the problem of having to wait to find a suitable man when she was ready now. Besides both Jake and I had a positive attitude toward female bisexuality. Given her busy life, this would be the better way. And besides, Carol and Anne would be there supporting her. These arguments seemed to do the trick and she began to look forward to enjoying the body of a man again in the near future.

When Anne talked about my bisexuality, Carol got very interested. She thought Jake might be ready for something and that I might be what they had been waiting for. Anne said I was quite open and, even though she had not yet seen Jake, felt that such a project would be worth exploring.

After Anne was finished her talking we made love again. The tale of the afternoon's adventures, the stories of the two women plus the new fantasy of perhaps finding a bisexual lover in Jake made me ready for the huge orgasm that finished off our evening. Anne could read that I was enormously turned on by everything she said so she just lay back silently, smiled lovingly and stroked my face while I brought myself to a huge orgasm in her pussy.


Everyone was busy with work so it was a few weeks before the women got together again. This time it was a Sunday afternoon at Carol's place while Jake was away on a trip overseas. The three women enjoyed themselves even more than they had the first time now that there was no uncertainty about Anne. As Anne told me later, Eleanor now seemed very ready for a man. She confessed that since their last meeting she had been looking at men differently and fantasizing a lot about good-looking men she saw on the street but especially about Jake. Carol just laughed and immediately offered to let her "use" him. Anne then volunteered me while singing my praises. Carol said Jake found Eleanor very attractive and had wanted to join the two of them when Eleanor came to Carol's house for one of their trysts. Carol told him she didn't object in principle but said No for Eleanor's sake since Eleanor had told her repeatedly she wasn't ready for a man yet. Anne immediately volunteered me as backup! At this point, Carol said she was looking forward to playing with me too, if that would be alright with Anne. Anne was also intrigued about Jake after Carol's report that Jake had a very long, thick cock, great endurance and came a huge load. (Anne took particular delight in telling me that part of the story!) Carol also announced that after Jake had heard about me and Dave and Erik, he felt he was ready for a little bisexual exploration of his own. By the time they split up that Sunday, they had agreed that the three women and the two men should get together sometime for a little party just to see where things might go. It would be a special party with Eleanor and Jake as the guests of honour.

About a month later, the club was having a couples' night and we all decided to go. These nights were not so much couples' nights as bisexual women's nights with men added. We decided to meet for dinner before going to the club in order to get to know each other better; after all, Jake had never met Anne, Anne had never met Jake and I had never met anybody. Since it was Anne's turn to entertain, we said we would take a suite in a nearby hotel for after the party. If we all like each other, we could come back to the hotel; if not, Anne and I would enjoy the room and the Sunday brunch.

On the way to the restaurant, Anne and I had stopped at the hotel to pick up the key and check the suite. It was a luxury suite with a large sitting room containing sofas and easy chairs and a large bedroom separated from the living room by heavy doors. The bedroom had a king-size bed and a couple of large, soft chairs. The bathroom had a spacious shower enclosure and heated floor. We ordered extra bath towels and robes from housekeeping. Before we left the maid had turned down the sheets. We dimmed the lights on our way out. Everything was ready.

The dinner was a huge success. Everyone hit it off right away. Eleanor was a tall, slim, attractive brunette with beautiful legs, a creamy skin, an irresistible dimpled smile and breasts slightly smaller than Anne's. She dressed expensively but modestly and with excellent taste. The long absence from the world of male sexuality made her seem slightly shy and lonely compared to the confidence exuded by Carol and Anne. Her intelligence was obvious from the first word she uttered and her wit and sense of humour enlivened the whole meal. Carol was a more aggressive personality. She was a delicious redhead, shorter than Eleanor, slim, fit, athletic, and openly and obviously very sexual. Her skin was flawless except for the light freckling that makes many redheads so attractive. Her cleavage teasingly indicated deliciously full, heavy breasts larger than Eleanor's or Anne's. (She made me think of a slightly shorter Debbie.) Jake was a lot of fun. He was about 5' 10", very fit with a great smile and a firm handshake. He had a relaxed, very outgoing personality that made you like him immediately. He was a perfect partner for Carol. Jake was also very fit with a tight, tanned skin accentuating his handsome features. He was quite bald but, after shaving the rest of his head, he had a very virile look and presence. Anne like him immediately and was quite turned on thinking that such a good looking man could also have the large and talented cock reported by Carol.


The dinner time flew by in a lot of laughter and chatter. Sexual topics were almost totally absent as we got to know more about each other's lives. The party at the club started about nine o'clock and we headed over about 9:30. As we entered the room we could see many women dancing together. One felt the bisexual vibe immediately. While Eleanor went to the washroom, I danced with Carol and Jake danced with Anne. Carol's hands were soft and I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. Soon we were dancing cheek-to-cheek then stopped and just swayed to the music as we kissed deeply. Couples all around us were doing the same; several female couples were kissing passionately and feeling each other's breasts. Two men standing in the middle of the floor kissing seemed to attract nobody's attention but mine. They must have met through their bisexual wives who were probably dancing with each other somewhere else on the floor.

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