In the Woods


We walked deeper into the woods than I was expecting. He had told me on line that it was in pretty far which if fine by me since the excitement of maybe getting caught is much different than actually getting caught. Especially by the police. Hell we had already tried that one by accident and didn't want a repeat, but I couldn't help but get more excited the further in we went and my body was already responding to his movements. It was enough just watching his amazing ass moving in front of me without adding all the other flavors of desire on top of it. Hell my pump was already primed before we even started in. I had a feeling that the walk was going to be worth it.

We had been discussing what we were going to be doing for so long on line that I got wet every time I heard wind moving though tree branches let alone actually getting to do what I had been dying to. It was mainly my fantasy we were working on tonight more than his though he seemed eager enough to give it a try. We both had an affinity for the outdoors preferring to spend as much time as we could in nature, but today was going to be something special.

Finally we reached the clearing that he had picked out for us. He turned the light showing through the trees to make his hair catch the light. It made my heart stop for a moment. I couldn't believe we were really going to go through with it. Sure we had talked about if months online. Okay so I had traveled over a thousand miles to get here for this occasion, but still to do what we were thinking about out here in the open where anyone could come across us. It made my knees weak with anticipation. Hell I was already wet and we hadn't even kissed let alone anything more.

He set down the video camera we lugged along to mark the occasion. The knowledge that it would record what we were going to do for us to watch in the years to come was almost my undoing. Hell I loved when he taped us. I wasn't really worried that the tapes would get out. He would destroy them before letting anyone else see them. But the idea that he would jack off to my image was so tantalizing that it was worth whatever risks came with what we were doing.

After spreading the blanket out we spent some time trying to make sure that everything would be in the shot. There was nothing worse than going to all this effort to find out later that we had a nice long shot of the leaves with a lot of moaning. Okay maybe some people found that enticing but I preferred to have a more visual souvenir of what we were doing.

"Come here." his voice was deep smooth velvet the kind that you striped naked to wrap around your body just because you had to feel it against your skin no matter what anyone might think.

I moved over to him trying to hide my shaking knees. I wanted this so bad that I could almost taste it on the back of my tongue. He reached out touching my shoulders pulling me against his body. God what a feeling. His muscles against me the way he was. His dick pressing against my stomach. I lifted my face and finally felt his lips touch mine sending waves of desire racing trough my body. I had to have this moment come what may.

His tongue slid past my lips to tease the edge of mine in a move that was guarantied to make me moan in frustration. He knew that I loved to be kissed long and deep yet he felt it was better to leave me wanting. Teasing every moment in another in one long tortuous wave of desire. It was maddening and yet so wonderful.

He was the only man that I knew that could make me come from just a kiss. Of course that was one time and the kiss had lasted for almost twenty minutes. But hell I have never heard of anyone else saying the same thing. This time I was in luck he broke it off rather soon. Well for him anyway. By the time he pulled back I was ready to do anything he wanted. I had to feel him. His skin had to touch mine. I had to feel his body. I needed to smell him. I just needed, to be honest.

He pulled the ties that held my dress letting it slide to my feet leaving me nude but for my sandals. I had been thinking in this trip getting there and having the moment ruined because I had to stop to take my shoes off would be horrible, but it would have been worse if I had lost a shoe trying to get there because I wasn't wearing anything suitable for walking in the woods. I had settled the debate by wearing strappy sandals that tied loosely.

"Tell me what you want." he whispered against my neck his lips laying gentle nibbles on my skin.

"I want to feel you." I couldn't think past the moment I wanted to feel his skin to know his touch down my spine.

"If that is all you want." he chuckled against my skin sending new shivers to join the old in my pussy where they were dancing around making me wet.

"I want you to fuck me. I want..." I had to think. We had agreed that I had to say it all. He was only going to do what I asked and If I left anything out now he wouldn't do it later. No mater what I said.

"I want you to spank me while I am bent over. I want to kneel at your feet sucking on your dick. I want you to take me here in the woods. I want to feel you inside me." I couldn't continue the images those words invoked in my mind were making me too hot to speak.

"Is that all you want?" His breath brushed against my neck sending shivers down my spine. I wanted to feel everything. But we had agreed to take it slow to let the moment build. I just hadn't expected to be so ready to cum so soon. The wait to get to this point had been too much. To many hours laying in my bed dreaming about it while masturbating. Knowing that we would stand in the woods like this.

I couldn't believe I was actually going through with it. Standing there completely nude while he was dressed begging him to fuck me. It was almost too much. I needed him so badly I couldn't think I could barely talk. And he was making me say what I wanted. I know we agreed to it, but I wasn't sure I had the ability to ask him. Hell at this point it felt more like begging. Somehow I didn't mind the begging if that was what it was. I was so hot I just couldn't stand it.

"I want more. All of it." I couldn't speak. I looked up at him letting him see what was plainly written on my face. The raw need shown through well enough for him to chuckle deeply.

"That is what I wanted to see. You so ready for me." He ran his hand down my sides making me quiver. The feelings, the rush. I just couldn't believe we were doing this right here and now. I couldn't believe that we were going to do it. I really couldn't.

"Turn around." He said his eyes still twinkling at me. God he was so sexy. I wanted to kiss him first but I had promised that I would do what he said until we were done.

I turned facing the tree behind us. My body on fire without him having to do much more than take me into the woods. I felt so dirty and yet so good at the same time. I just had to have him touching me. But he didn't, he just stood behind me waiting. Breathing on my neck making me want to collapse at his feet.

"Lean over and hold onto the tree." I did what he asked, bending at the waist to hold onto the tree in front of me. The bark bit into my hands bringing me a moment of sanity. My mind screamed at me for doing something so outrageous. Were we really going to be fucking in the woods? The thought of stopping made me want to cry in frustration. I knew I could. All I had to do was tell him I wanted to stop and he would, but it didn't seem right. Well okay, it was right to stop, we probably should. It wasn't what most people did, but I had been dreaming about this moment too long to stop now.

His hand struck my right ass cheek with a sold whack. It made me jump. The pain sent waves of pleasure running down to my pussy. God it felt great. "That's one." he said chuckling behind me. I needed this. We had worked on it for so long trying to get it right. Okay, that was an excuse. I loved to have him spank me. I just had to have this. To feel him strike my ass while I was bent over holding onto a tree.

Three more times he struck my ass, counting each one. I groaned with each hit. The pain sent pleasure coursing through me. I was only getting wetter with each one. The next hit was on my left cheek. I was glad that he was being mostly gentle. The time to find out how far we could push the spanking without turning it into something too rough for me to handle was not today. I needed this more than he did, I think, though he had said repeatedly that he enjoyed seeing my ass redden.

Before I knew it my ass was burning my hands were getting sore from holding onto the rough bark of the tree and I was dripping down my legs. I hadn't expected to get this turned on by just the spanking, but the combination of spanking and being outside where anyone could come across us was too much. I was going to cum whether he told me I could or not, and I didn't have the energy to ask him if I could.

I just needed one more swat but it didn't come. I glanced back over my shoulder to find he was standing there watching me, his cock out and in his hands. He was slowly stroking it. "Kneel." he said his voice as husky as mine would be if I could speak.

I let go of the tree and turned, feeling like I was going to fall at any second and very surprised that I didn't. I knelt in front of him, knowing that he was going to follow the game plan and keep his clothes on. I looked up at him wanting to taste him.

"Take me in your mouth." he said, his face full of lust. God it was wonderful knowing he wanted me as much as I wanted him. It was purely intoxicating.

Leaning forward I ran my tongue over the tip of him, drawing a groan from him. I knew that what we both wanted was for me to plunge right in and take him in my mouth, but I wanted to torture him a little for the wonderful hell he was putting me through. Slowly I licked his whole dick. Taking my time, making him groan over and over again. When I couldn't stand it any more I slide the head into my mouth feeling the fullness of it.

After letting it just sit there for a second I started moving my head. Slowly at first until I couldn't stand the rhythm either. I finally gave in moving my head faster and faster over his dick sucking with all my might. I couldn't touch him. It was part of our deal that I do it all with only my mouth. Every once in a while I looked up at him to see him staring down at me. I knew he loved the sight of me on my knees in front of him. I knew it looked sensual with my tits swaying with my motions. If I moved too quickly they made little slapping sounds against my chest, making his cock twitch in my mouth.

Just when I thought my knees were going to give out he groaned out, "I am going to cum hold still." I stopped moving my mouth for a moment letting him get back a bit of control. Of course I only waited long enough to make sure he wouldn't cum in my mouth. Not that I didn't love when he did. God did I ever. I loved the feel of his dick exploding in me; I loved the taste of his cum but that wasn't the plan today. It would have to wait for another time.

I moved my head back slowly drawing him with me at first, before I stopped sucking and let him slide to the end of my tongue. I keep the head there just on my tongue. I looked up at him to find his face flushed with desire. I wanted to groan, the scent of him was driving me nuts. I could feel my own orgasm very close to the surface.

"Just a bit longer." he breathed out watching me on my knees. I wanted to touch him. Hell, I wanted to touch myself too just to get one of us to the edge. "You want to taste my cum don't you." he asked me. He knows me too well. I didn't dare move my head or his dick would fall off my tongue. So all I could do to answer was smile up at him.

He groaned. "You want to taste it don't you?"

I smiled again. I wanted to taste it, but I wanted what we had planned more.

"Too bad." he grinned down at me evilly. He moved back from me letting his dick hit my chin when he pulled it from my tongue. "Say it."

"I want to taste your cum." I wanted his dick almost as bad. I wanted him inside me so badly that I ached with it. I wanted to feel him in me in some way.

"Tough, get up." his words startled me for a second. I thought for sure we were going to have sex. If we were leaving now, I would throw a huge fit

I stood up, my knees aching from kneeling for so long. "Turn around."

I turned around, my back to him. I could feel the breeze kick up. It felt so wonderful against all my skin instead of just my hands and feet.

"Bend over." his words were hard and clipped like he is having a hard time controlling himself.

I bent over grabbing the tree again for support. I winced at the bite of the bark in my already abused hands. What the hell was he planning?

I feel his hand strike my ass again. God it felt wonderful, making me jump. It hurt but the pain shot right to my pussy making me almost cum. Twice more he struck me before stopping. I glanced over my shoulder expecting him to be far behind me, but he was standing between my spread legs.

Before I know what to say, his dick was pressing into me. I wanted it more than I could say. I had to feel him inside me. The head slid, in pressing me open. God I am so wet. I know he wanted me to hold still for him, but I couldn't. I thrust my hips back against him, forcing him in all the way. Oh god it felt so good. I wanted him to pound me.

Instead of stopping me he presses into me. I can feel his dick twitching in his own pleasure as much as my pussy is throbbing, wanting to slam back against him. God I want him to pound into me so bad, but he is moving slowly, taking his time moving back until he is almost out of me entirely. I could cry. I want it so bad. I had to feel him in me. I had to have him in me all the way. I had to feel full with him. But he was moving slowly. I wanted to flip out. But I promised to wait to hold still, but it's so hard I have to feel him. God he is making me nuts. I can hear the cries coming out of my throat. I sound so needy to my own ears despite myself.

He finally moved forward filling me, making me almost cum from the sensation of being so full. God I want this more than I can say. I look over my shoulder to see his head is back and groans are coming out of him. God he looks so sexy. The site of him in such ecstasy is almost my undoing, but I don't want it too end too quickly. I turned my head back around to stare intently at the tree. I tried to concentrate on my palms and the pain in them from gripping the naked bark but it didn't work. He felt too good moving in and out of me.

Before I know it I am grinding my hips against his when ever he comes in close, trying desperately to push myself over the edge. I can feel the tensing of my pussy that tells me I am so close to the edge. One right move and I will be there cumming harder than I have since we last saw each other. But he kept moving slowly, drawing it out like we discussed on line for all those months. During the conversations we had talking about it, I didn't know it would be so good; that I would need it so hard so soon to when we started.God help me I was going to start begging if he kept up this pace. I don't want to. Whenever I do end up begging him he just smiles at me and moves slower, but I need it so bad.

He kept up the pace past my endurance but luckily not much past it. Suddenly he was slamming into me, filling me to the hilt with him. God that was it that was all I needed. I was lost in sensations. The feeling of his dick inside me, the feeling of the bark against my almost raw palms, the breeze across my skin, the feeling of his jeans pressing into my ass cheeks. Hell even the left over heat in my ass. I was lost, my mind blanking out leaving me cumming all over him. I can feel my juices running out of me, flowing over him and down my thighs.

He has always teased me that I came too much. That I made everything wet when I had a mind blowing orgasm. I have to admit that part of me was really embarrassed when I did, but somehow knowing that I was cumming hard enough to wet his pants and make him walk back to the house with my juices on his legs made me cum just a bit harder.

It took me a moment to realize that he hadn't cum yet. I look back over my shoulder to see him gritting his teeth looking at me. Slowly he pulled back from me, his dick sliding out to smack his stomach with how hard it still is. "On your knees." He says his voice shaking with how hard it is to control his own satisfaction.

Quickly I turn around and kneel before him ignoring how hard it is for me to move. I know what is coming. God this too is part of what I have been waiting for. Using one hand he slowly moves his dick closer to me. "Open your mouth."

I opened up and he slid his dick into my mouth. God I loved sucking on him almost as much as I loved having him in my pussy. The taste of my pussy juices on him made me even wetter. I could feel it dripping down my thighs. God I loved it. It's so dirty to be kneeling there in front of him in the woods without a stitch of clothing on while he is fucking my face with his dick covered in my juices. Oh god I was going to cum again.

He only lasted a few minutes before he was yanking his hips back from me, his dick coming out of my mouth with a small pop. I hadn't expected it, so I hadn't started sucking. I look up at him just as he starts cuming on me. A spurt landed on my cheek dripping slowly down to my shoulder. The next landed squarely where he wants it on my chest sliding down to my tits. God it's so erotic, him cuming on me, I couldn't help myself I had another small orgasm, more of my juices running out of me. God if I got any wetter I was going to float away like he is always teasing me.

When he has finished cuming he put his dick away trying to look calm. I don't say anything but I could see his hands were shaking. I couldn't blame him, he came hard enough to warrant it. I start to stand up only to have him put his hand on my head and press down enough to let me know that he wants me to stay on my knees for a few more minutes.

"Stay there." he said, his voice shaking as hard as his hands. He moved around the clearing while I watched. He turned off the camera and put it away in the case. Then he picked up the bag that held the blanket. I expected him to come over to me to get the blanket I am kneeling on but instead he moved over to my clothes. I expected him to bring them to me, but instead he stuffed them into the bag.

Now I was confused. He moved back to the camera and picked it up. He came back over to me. "Stand up." I stood, not knowing where this was going, but it's starting to worry me a bit. He motioned me off the blanket. He picked it up, shaking it out to remove the dirt still clinging to the underside, and stuffed it into the bag too. He turned and starts heading back to the house.

"Hey, were are you going?" I called out to him, moving to catch up but I twisted my ankle. It hurt bad enough to make me stop to take the wait off for a second and catch my balance. "Where are you going?!" I yell louder. This isn't funny.

"Back to the house. See you there." He said before disappearing into the trees.

I stood there, stunned, long enough for him to get out of ear shot. Now I am mad. I am in the middle of the woods, naked, with his cum dripping down my body and mine dripping down my legs. This isn't funny. I looked around surprised to relize that this place doesn't look any different than when we started. It was an earth shattering experience for me. Not only had I sucked on him while kneeling in front of him. I had asked him to spank me and had his cum all over me. I know that I asked him too but still it was amazing to me that I had begged him to do it all. That not only had I begged for it but I had done it on tape. God I was still naked in the woods. Outside where anyone can come across me. I figured that I had better try and catch up to him or at least get to his house before one of his neighbors came across me by accident. Of course that would be really hard to explain.

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