In Theory


"So, I've got this theory," Jack paused to take another sip of his rum and coke. "You know how when you're lying there in bed, just starting to drift off, you can sometimes hear voices?"

David sat staring half blankly at his long time friend as they occupied a couple of seats at the hotel bar. They were in town for a movie convention and this was the first time they'd been in the same state in over five years. He nodded slowly as he wrapped his alcohol-riddled brain around what his friend was getting at.

"Anyway. So my thought is...what if...those voices are souls of other sleepers?" He took another sip. "You know, like they are floating around calling each other out to come play for the night. Which would explain why sometimes you wake up more tired than when you went to bed. Right?"

"Um, sure Jack...that's interesting." David said in a distracted drawl. His mind obviously focused elsewhere.

Elsewhere, being that shapely Brunette over by the dance floor. He was trying desperately not to stare, but his eyes were drawn to her like a magnet. She turned slowly as if she felt his eyes burning through her...and smiled dreamily, his own grin spreading across his tired face. Her eyes were like melted chocolate, as her gaze penetrated through his defenses and grabbed him by the core of his soul. And held fast.

Unable to break the trance, for fear that she was an illusion and might well evaporate if he chanced to look away, he slowly rose from his stool and set his screwdriver precariously atop the bar.

"I'll be right back, Jackie...I've got to go fall into those eyes for a moment," David said in a haze.

He slowly picked his way through the crowd of conventioneers. A brief image of a hunter wending his way through the forest while stalking a deer flashed through his mind. He mused to himself that for once in his life, he wasn't the prey. But rather, the predator. She kept her eyes boring into him and the longer he maintained the contact the more he started to feel like he knew her. His brow furrowed slightly as a glimmer of thought quickly turned into a brakeless truck. In his mind, it felt as if he'd known her since the dawn of time itself.

The band on stage was doing a cover of Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" but his ears could do nothing but ring as his brain went instantly erect. Is that even possible? He thought to himself for the briefest of instances. He sidled up to her table and she rose up before him, feet planted firmly. He thought for a split second of something witty to say, but before he could pull out even one cheesy pick-up line, she took his face in her slender hands and drew her lips to his in a lingering, passionate kiss.

Instinctively his hands gripped her slender waist and pulled her to him possessively. Or perhaps, it was to steady himself as the bones in his legs became non-existent. He threw himself willingly into her affectionate kisses. Everyone else in the room faded into the blackness as glimpses of two timeless lovers spiraled through his mind. Centuries of passions tossed him about in the storm of that kiss.

She took him by the hand and led him out into the lobby and past the front desk. They fell once again into each other's eyes as the elevator took it excruciating time getting to the ground floor. Hand in hand they stepped between the doors and before they even had time to close, she pinned him to the wall in another obsessive kiss.

He reached back and hit a hand full of buttons, surely one of them would be the right floor. Not that either of them cared. Nothing else existed right now. Again their arms ensnared each other in frantic embrace. Lips burned and eyes flared like a supernova. The tiny elevator echoed with feral grunts, gasps and whimpers of lust. The double doors chimed open and David took his eyes away for a brief second to check the floor. She nodded to him that this was her floor and she led him into the narrow corridor. She pulled her room key card and swiped it through the slot.

They stepped into the cold dark room with nary a glance and it was his turn as he took her by the wrists, pulled them above her head and slammed their bodies against the door. His lips devoured her hungrily, tongues dancing wildly, nipping at her full pouty lips. Her moans filled his throat as she ground her heat against his thigh, his cock raging in anguish against the restraints of his slacks. As his lips and teeth nipped at her throat, she wrestled her hands free and grabbed at his dress shirt. She ripped it open, sending buttons flying about the tiny alcove.

Her eyes shot flames through him as she lowered herself enough to take his nipples in her mouth, licking and biting and pulling at each in turn. Her slender fingers clawing urgently up his ribs as he gasped wildly. While she unbuckled his belt, he took his moment to rip open her blouse and kiss and nibble at the portions of her breasts that heaved above the seam of her black bra. She unbuttoned his slacks and pulled the zipper hastily, between gasps of pure insatiable pleasure. Within moments the rest of their clothing was thrown down and shaken off in a crumpled pile next to the door.

She gave him a heated look and pulled him into one more kiss, full breasts mashed against his broad chest. His rigid cock pulsed threateningly against her thigh. She released him and made for the bed with a natural grace. Putting her knees on the bed she bent forward with her tight round ass in the air and shot him with a come hither stare over her shoulder.

Any man, no matter how dense, would get the hint. Her pink velvety folds spreading naturally as she lowered her back and raised her ass in slow grinding taunts. David stalked toward her and without hesitation stuck his face right into her wet yearning pussy. He grabbed her thighs and his tongue flicked across her aroused clitoris; then he drove it deep into her as she moaned and urged him on.

She bucked and ground against him, wild moans escaping her lips as the first waves of electric orgasms wracked her body. She rolled over, chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes were alight with desire as he poised his throbbing cock at her slick wetness. David gave one slow push and slid deep into her and she gasped in pure pleasure. They ground together in slow thrusts.

His pace becoming frenzied as she urged him toward his own orgasm, slamming hard against her thighs, deeper and deeper. He withdrew his cock just as he reached release and shot his hot ribbons of cum across her belly. With the most wicked of grins, his eyes ablaze, he leaned forward and with a slow teasing tongue, licked his seed from her. She reached up and took him by the neck, pulling him into another fanatical kiss. His cum mingling with saliva as they kissed.

The heated fucking out of the way, he fell to the bed and held her tight to him. They kissed and embraced desperately as each regained their breath; grateful to have someone to hold onto as the earth shook beneath them.

Soon the gentle writhing in each other's arms brought their arousal to peak and his cock sprang to life once more. His kisses trailed down her neck as he explored her, tasting the perspiration and feeling each subtle texture and nuance on his lips and tongue. Her body quivered beneath his vigilant attentions. She rolled him over onto his back and straddled him, taking his pulsing cock in her hand and guiding him into her. She lowered herself onto him and took him deep into her core.

With slowly rising and falling sweeps they made love to each other for what seemed like and eternity. Time and space shifted before their eyes. Visions of timeless lovers flickered through their minds. The Roman guard and the Egyptian slave. The Scottish lord and the scullery maid. The Spanish conquistador and the Native American. On and on the visions came and were felt deep within, all the way back to Adam and Eve in the garden.

They stole each others orgasmic moans as their lips met once again and David pressed hard against her quivering sex as he released his seed deep within her. She collapsed atop him, gasping for breath as she held tight to him in satisfaction. They both drifted off into the haze of exhausted sleep.

A shrill whistle cut the silence and David's sight came back from the blackened void to find fingers snapping in his face. Jack was staring at him puzzled.

"Where'd ya go buddy?" Jack said with a perplexed smile. "You all right?"

David just smiled with glazed eyes and nodded slowly.

Across the room by the dance floor, Lilly watched the man at the bar and smiled dreamily to herself in recognition...

© Jay Phantym 2007

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