tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn Training Ch. 01

In Training Ch. 01


When Liandra awoke, the first thing she was aware of was that she was lying on a soft surface. Then she became aware of other things. The room she was in had very little light, and there was a cool breeze blowing softly on her naked skin. Naked?! When she attempted to move, she discovered her arms were bound above her head and her legs were bound in a similar fashion, so that she was lying spread-eagled on the...she guessed a bed. She was slightly chilled but not really cold. How had she gotten here? She tried to think. The last thing she remembered was being at Natalie's house. There was a party going on, and she had been having fun. She had met a really handsome older man there, although she couldn't really remember what he looked like now. He had been very attentive to her, and she had been flattered, when he kept bringing her drinks and talking to her as if she were and adult, not just a nineteen year old girl. She had started feeling dizzy and he had offered to help her get some air. She had agreed, and then everything else was a blank until she woke up here...wherever here was.

Now Liandra tried to concentrate on her surroundings a bit more. She realize that she could make out vague shapes of furniture in the room, which appeared to be rather large from what she could tell. She could lift her head slightly but that was all. The bindings around her wrists and ankles were not uncomfortable, but they were tight and firmly held her in place. She tried tugging at them, but to no avail. She could hear nothing in the room at all, but she could smell a faint scent of incense or candles, she wasn't certain which. Nothing like this had ever happened to her before, and she began to be frightened. She was a good girl, never in trouble, and still a virgin. She had fooled around slightly with guys before, but not too much. She wanted to know what was going to happen to her, and why she was here. "Hello?" Her voice was tentative.

"Ah, good, you're awake." A voice filled the room. Liandra realized it must be some kind of intercom system, as there was obviously no one in the room besides herself. "I'm sure you're wondering what you're doing here, aren't you my Sweet?"


"Well, you were so exquisite at the party, you were the one I had to pick. So very sweet and innocent. Just the type of girl I'm always looking for. You are lovely, my Dear. I believe I'll come in and look at you again, now that I can see all of you."

Liandra heard the door to the room open in a few minutes, and a figure stepped in. He was nothing more than a large dark shadow, his features hidden in the dimness. He walked over to the bed, and stared down at her. She was a lovely young woman, indeed. She was a petite thing, only 5'2", and built to match. Her long chestnut hair fell down to her bottom and her cobalt eyes were wide and clear. Her lips were soft and very kissable, and her heart-shaped face was almost elfin, with its high cheekbones. Her breasts were the perfect size for her frame, and dusky rose nipples tipped them. Her sweet innocent sex was hidden by a light dusting of brown curls, which the man suddenly combed a finger through. She whimpered.

"This will have to go. Sandy, bring me the implements, please."

The door opened again, and another shadow moved in, bringing a tray which he set on the bed. Liandra felt something cold and fluffy against her pussy, and cried out. "Oh, stop, you silly girl, it's only shaving cream," he admonished her, and proceeded to slowly shave her mound, until she was as bare as the day she was born. She had begged and pleaded the entire time he was shaving her, and he had laughed at her. Now he looked down at her again, and smiled. She could see the gleam of his teeth in the darkness. "Now, that's better. Much more enjoyable." He ran his fingers over the now-smooth flesh, and she began to scream in panic. He chuckled.

"Scream all you want, Precious. The room is sound-proofed, so no noise will escape. It's better that way."

The man moved away from the bed now and toward the door. "Best to get some rest now, Liandra, before our guests arrive."

The door closed behind him, and all was silent again. Liandra finally managed to stop shrieking, knowing that if she was to get out of the situation she was in unharmed, she had to keep her wits about her. She had no idea what was going to happen yet, where she was, or even who her captor was. She shivered, her bare puss feeling odd without its normal covering of curls. The fear that she was feeling was draining, and she felt herself growing drowsy, despite the seriousness of her plight. Her eyelids flutter closed, and she slept again. After what seemed like hours, she awoke again to the sensation of lips kissing over her shorn mound. Soft, tiny kisses rained down on her, feather-light. "Oh no," she moaned. "Please, please stop." There was no answer, only the feel of the mouth moving over her skin. Lifting her head, she could see a large, dark shadow at the foot of the bed, leaning over her lower body. His mouth moved from the top of her slit, to down lower, all over her nether lips and down to her perineum, then back up. He kissed, and kissed, and kissed some more, and then finally she felt his fingers pulling her labia apart, and his tongue began lapping lazily at her folds.

Liandra tried to fight, but she couldn't. She was too well bound to the bed. Tears began to slide down her cheeks, as she begged him again. "Please don't....I don't want this...." In response, his tongue moved into her, exploring her innermost self, and then his lips closed around her clit. He sucked softly on her little nub, making her hips buck upward, for she couldn't deny it felt good, even though she was not agreeable to being molested. He tongue-fucked her gently at first, then with more force, sucking hard on her clit until she exploded in his mouth. While she was still crying out from her orgasm, she felt him begin kissing over her pussy again. He continued the same routine until he brought her to orgasm four times, then he sat up. He made a motion with his hand, and the lights were completely extinguished. She felt him move up her body, and then his mouth fastened over hers, and she tasted her own cum as he shared it with her, letting it drip into her mouth from his. She felt him stand, felt the bed shake, and a few moments later, something warm and sticky covered her bare breasts, as he groaned. His mouth was suddenly wet upon her breasts, his tongue cleaning off the cum he had spilled on her, and he forced her to take that from his mouth as well. She heard him move away from the bed, and say something in a voice too low for her to hear, then the door opened, and the dim lights reappeared. Her captor entered the room, and shook hands with the other man.

"Well, Mr. X, how is she?"

"Delightfully sensitive. I am most appreciative of being the first to taste the virgin juices, and to play with the innocent body. When her cherry is popped, I will pay handsomely to be there."

"So you shall be, my friend. It will be a little while before she is deflowered, for many will pay well just to taste a virgin pussy."

"Indeed. I must go for now, but may I return tomorrow for another drink?"

"As long as you pay me, my dear Mr. X, you may return as often as you like."

The customer left. Liandra had been too stunned by the exchange to speak, but now she found her voice. "Who are you and why are you doing this to me?"

Her captor moved back to the bed, and slowly ran his fingers over the girl's tear-stained cheeks. "Who I am is of no concern to you, Precious. I choose to do this because I can, and because I can make a great deal of money from your delicious body. Men, such as the one that just left, will pay just about anything for a taste of young virgin pussy, and you will provide that. You will do whatever they want, whenever they want, in time. You're mine now."

His hands moved down her throat and onto her breasts, and he thumbed her nipples, making her gasp. "You will be the tastiest little piece of tail that I own. I'll have them beating down the doors to get into your tight little cunt, and the one that finally does is going to pay a fortune to do it. Even after it's done, they're still going to pay an arm and a leg to get into your pants...not that you'll be wearing any from now on." He laughed, continuing to massage her breasts.

"How can you do this to me? To anyone?" Her voice was breathless, for he knew how to touch a woman quite well.

"It's easy, Precious. Just find someone like you, that's gorgeous and a little shy, and chat them up...drug them....and bring them home to the stable." His hands wandered further down, testing her soft skin, then moving to her inner thighs, making small circles there, getting closer and closer to her moist pussy. "See....you want it again. I can smell you from here." He laughed, dipping a finger into her slit and bringing it to his lips, sucking her nectar off. "So welcome to your new home, little girl. You're going to learn to serve me and anyone else that will pay me for you. Your training will begin soon. Now get some sleep."

He moved out of the room, and soon after the lights were shut off again. Liandra had no idea of the time or of anything else. Crying softly, wondering how she could ever escape, she drifted into a restless sleep.

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