tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn Training Ch. 02

In Training Ch. 02


Liandra awoke very slowly, not knowing where she was at first, then it all came back to her in a rush. She was a prisoner, soon to provide whatever sick and twisted sexual favors men would pay for. Only a few moments after she awakened, she heard the door open and a figure moved into the room. She could tell by the size it was the attendant that had brought her captor the tray the day before when he had shaved her. The man said nothing to her, but came over to the bed carrying another tray, which he set down on a table behind him.

"Please," Liandra said, softly, begging. "Please help me." Not a word. The room was deathly quiet, as the man ran his hands over her body, in a very clinical fashion. He grunted, then moved back to the table. She could see him picking up what looked like a bowl, and then he moved back to her. In moments, she felt a warm, somewhat sticky substance being applied to her underarms, mound and legs. "What are you doing to me?" She was alarmed, and even more so when he would not answer her. He stepped back and seemed to be waiting. She could feel the substance slowly harden on her body. After what seemed like forever, she felt his hands move over the covered surfaces again, as if testing. Then, she began screaming as he ripped a strip of the hardened goo from beneath her arm. Dimly she realized he must have applied wax to her to remove the rest of the hair on her body, and it was more painful than she could have imagined, as he pulled the strips from her. By the time he was done, she was a weeping, shivering mess. He left the room again, and she began to scream in pain and frustration at her captor. "How could you do this? You're a monster! Let me go, you Bastard..."

Several hours after she had quieted down and been left alone, Liandra's door was opened again, and this time, her captor came in. He ran his hands over her body, much as the assistant had done, only his touch was designed to tease the girl. "Very nice. Soft and smooth, just the way a young woman's body should be." She glared at him, and he laughed. "Oh, such a look, on that pretty face. I suggest you remove it at once....the consequences could be very painful." His tone became cold enough to frighten her, and she found herself smoothing her brow. "Much better, Precious. Mmmm, so very fuckable you are. I can scarcely wait to whore you out so I can fuck that delectable cunt of yours. For now, it shall have to wait though. Time for your bath, Dearest." He slid a dark blindfold over her head and completely covered her eyes, then he unlocked her wrists, locking them behind her back, to keep her helpless. She felt him unlocking her ankles, then his hand cupped her elbow and he led her from the room.

After a short walk, Liandra was taken into a room, and she could feel the warmth and steam surrounding her, assuming she was in a bathroom. She was pushed forward and the shackles were lifted above her head and attached to something, so that her arms were lifted and she was barely standing on her tiptoes. She heard water running, and then felt warm spray hitting her body and head. She heard the door open again, and soft footsteps moving into the room. "Ah, girls...so nice of you to join us," she heard him say, and then the sound of a hand slapping bare flesh twice. "Wash her for me, my Beauties....you know what to do to prepare her." Two soft voices answered in chorus.

"Yes, Master."

The next moment she felt two pairs of small soft hands rubbing over her body, slick with water and soap. One washed her back and bottom carefully, while the other washed every crevice of her front, then her hair was washed as well. As soon as the soap was rinsed from her, she felt the hands begin to explore her body now. One pair moved slowly over her breasts and played with her nipples, teasing her. The other pair slid over her firm ass, pulling it gently apart, and cupping it. She heard her captor say, rather breathlessly, "Mouths, my Darlings...use them." Then a warm mouth was kissing over her breasts, and another was nuzzling between her thighs. Tongues slid over her skin, tasting her, and she began moaning, unable to help herself. A kittenish tongue slid in and out of her slit, diddling her clit and making her scream. In the background, she heard the man say "Offer yourself to me, Jenny," then in a moment, "Yes, that's a good little fuck toy." Neither mouth moved from Liandra then entire time, and she felt herself cumming hard beneath their kissing and touching. She heard the man groan out his own orgasm, and then the girls moved away from her, and she was left hanging there, the water cascading down her body.

He pulled her down and dried her off, blew her hair dry, rubbed lotion into her skin, and aroused her again, then took her back to the bed, where she was re-chained. Now the blindfold was removed and she saw the gleam of his white teeth again. "You look lovely, Precious. Now, your visitors will soon be here. Rest until then. After you are done tonight, you may eat." He left the room, and Liandra was left with nothing to do but wait in the dim light, her body tingling from the thorough touching her kidnapper had given her as he had applied her lotion. She fell into a light doze, but was awakened when the door opened and two dark shapes moved into the room. They both stood in the shadows, looking her body up and down for a very long time before they moved to the bed. The lights were raised slightly, and she saw that they were both wearing masks that left only their nostrils and mouths free. The eyeholes were covered with a material that allowed them to see out, but did not allow her to see their eyes at all. Other than that, both were naked. "Mmmmm, W," one said. "Look at that. A fine little piece of tail indeed, wouldn't you agree?"

"Oh, yes, V. She will taste incredible tonight." They laughed, moving toward her and stroking their cocks. Both were quite well-endowed, the one on the right larger and thicker than the other. "Where shall we begin on her?"

"Hmmmm.....how about her sweet lips? Let's kiss her first, then move down."

"A fine idea."

"Please gentlemen..." Liandra couldn't help herself from begging again. "Please don't. Don't you know this is wrong? I'm a person...with feelings...please....help me. Let me go."

Liandra's heart sank as they moved forward, and each took one side of the bed, kneeling beside her. W took her mouth first, with his clumsy, wet lips, his tongue thick and probing, pushing its way past her lips. As he kissed her, V stroked his own cock, watching. When she was breathless, V took over, his lips thin and unpleasant. Now, both sets of lips touched her cheeks, and moved down her throat, over her collarbone, and lower. They kissed all over her breasts, soft kisses that aroused. By the time they took her nipples, she was squirming on the bed as best she could. They suckled her hard and fast, and then slowly and easily, stroking themselves the entire time. Moisture was pouring from her slit, coating her labia and wetting the bed beneath her, and she was moaning. They began nipping her a bit, teasing little bites that became harder and harder, until her pleasure was mixed with pain.

"Pussy time..." She had no idea who had said it, but their mouths slid down over her hips and tongues entwined over her nether lips, taking turns diving into her, sucking at her clit. Their hands were rough on her nipples, tweaking and pinching, as W moved to slide his cock up and down her slit, and V moved to the head of the bed, and began slapping her face with his cock. When she opened her mouth to moan, he shoved himself between her lips and started fucking her mouth. W moved on top of her, teasing her and sucking on her nipples again. He would let the head of his cock brush the inside of her pussy, but did not dare go further, for her owner would kill him if she lost her virginity yet. Liandra was being driven mad with all the sensations assailing her nubile body. Her pussy ached to clamp around something, and she felt her muscles try to pull W's cock inside her when he slid just the head in. She couldn't fight her own body's need, and let the orgasms rush over her, gagging as V spilled his seed into her mouth. When he had finished, he moved to change places with W, who began fucking her mouth slowly, as V licked her pussy at the same speed.

Liandra felt it building again. She wanted to stop it, but couldn't. She didn't realize that all this was designed to train her innocent body to crave sex so much that anytime a man even touched in any way, she would spread her legs for him. Her captor wanted to use her in so many ways, and this would be just the first step. Now her mouth was filled again, as she reached the pinnacle herself. After W finished filling her mouth with his cum, he climbed off of her, and both men moved to kiss her again. The kisses were infinitely tender and deep, and she couldn't help but respond. They each kissed her breasts again, then the lights were lowered and they left the room.

Outside the room, the Master asked the two how they had enjoyed the girl. "She is outstanding, Sir. We shall be back very soon, and we shall wish to fuck her when you have offered that privilege." Smiling, Liandra's new owner sent Sandy in with food for the frightened girl, knowing he was going to enjoy this one even more than usual.

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