tagMind ControlIn Training Ch. 15

In Training Ch. 15


Liandra's eyes fluttered open and she stretched, cat-like, after her rest. Her head felt fuzzy again, but this had become the 'normal' state for her, so she thought nothing of it. She sat up, vaguely remembering that she was in a new place now. Looking around, she saw the room was clean and pleasant, with a lamp that gave off warm light sitting on the nightstand by her bed. The bed was very comfortable, king sized and with plush coverings, and her pillows were very soft and fluffy as well. She had a dresser that matched the night stand, both appearing to be hand carved, and made from cherry wood. They were polished to a high shine. The carpet on the floor was so thick she sank into it when she rose from the bed. It was a rose hue, and quite pretty. She had a small table with two chairs, also made from cherry wood, and she saw three closed doors. One she quickly discovered was her closet, and it was huge! She was amazed at the amount and different types of clothing she spotted inside. A light came on automatically when she opened the door, which made her giggle for some reason. Another door led into her private bathroom, which was tiled in Italian marble and held a sunken sauna tub, a glassed in separate shower, two sinks with a long counter between them connecting them, and a toilet that was discreetly in its own little room. There was a linen closet in the bathroom that contained a number of fluffy towels and washcloths, and the drawers in the cabinet between the sinks contained every type of makeup one could imagine, along with lotions, creams and soaps to make one smell and feel wonderful. She found a blow dryer and other hair implements in a cupboard beneath one of the sinks as well. She wandered back out into her bedroom and found that the third and final door was apparently the locked door of her room.

Walking back over toward the bed, Liandra now noticed the note that Steven had left her.


I hope you had a nice rest. You certainly seemed to need it. I am so glad you weren't truly harmed by our escapade yesterday and I'm looking forward to tonight. When you awaken, go ahead and shower and get dressed for me. I've put the clothes I'd love for you to wear on a hook inside your bedroom closet door. Wear them and ONLY them. I'll see you soon, my love.


Liandra sighed happily and kissed the note, imagining his fingers touching it gently the way he touched her. How could any one girl ever get so lucky? She was definitely getting conditioned, as she gave no thought to the fact that she was a prisoner here, and could only leave the room by Steven's whim. All she saw was that he took great care of her and loved her. She opened the closet door again, to see what he had picked out for her to wear and found a deep blue velvet top with shear long sleeves and a short matching skirt, also of velvet. He had set some silver high heeled sandals decorated with small sapphires near the door and it was obvious they were meant to be worn with the outfit. Leaving the clothes hanging up, she moved into the bathroom and decided to soak in the tub, using some honeysuckle scented bubble bath she found. She slipped out of her clothes and watched the tub slowly fill, enjoying the slight draft of warm air on her naked flesh. Someone else was enjoying her naked flesh as well, for Steven had cameras installed everywhere in the house, but so discreetly that unless one knew they were there, one would never find them. He watched the girl take off her clothes and admired her taut and sexy body as she waited for her bath. "Oh yes, pretty pet, you will be one hot ticket tonight..." His cock grew as he watched her, imagining how his friends were going to enjoy her that evening. He knew he was going to need to set up an auction soon, for he was growing impatient to have her pussy. He would decide after tonight when the time would be right and get it arranged. He hoped to acquire a couple more fillies by that time as well, so he could make extra money off of their virginity as well.

Unaware that she was being observed, Liandra slid into the warm water and let the bubbles surround her. She hummed to herself, using a bath pouf on every inch of her radiant skin. Her own fingers on her body felt very good and she found herself getting aroused just from her bath. She ran her fingers slowly around each nipple, teasing them, and gasped a bit. Watching her on camera, Steven pulled his cock out of his jeans and began idly stroking himself, grinning. He would be interested to see if she would bring herself to orgasm or stop before that event as she should. Her right hand slid below the water, out of sight, and then he knew she was touching herself by the look on her face and the movements she was making. Her lips were parted slightly, and she licked them periodically. She teased her nipples, pulling at them and pinching them, moaning aloud. He could imagine her thumb sliding over her slick clit, pleasing her slowly and inching her closer and closer to the edge. He stroked harder and faster watching her do the same. Her breath was coming in quick gasps now, and he knew she was close to release. He certainly was, feeling his balls tighten in anticipation of letting go. She was thrashing her head back against the tub, moving it back and forth, and her face was contracting. She bit her lip, teeth digging in slightly, then she appeared to scream. He had not turned the sound on to the cameras, so all this was happening in silence. At the sight of her face, Steven gushed forth with his own orgasm, cum spurting in thick streams over his hand and down the fly of his jeans. By the time he looked back to Liandra, she was lying back against the side of the tub, smiling slightly, her hair curling about her face. He grinned back, nodding a little. He would wait until she had eaten and was completely under his control again before he punished her for her 'indiscretion'. He didn't want her lucid mind knowing anything more than she had to, and he knew when she was drugged she wouldn't question how he could know what she had done.

Liandra felt wonderfully satisfied for the moment, as she finished her bath. She took care of all her personal grooming needs, got in the shower to wash her long thick hair, then blew it dry. It fell in shining curtain around her head when she was done. She applied a light bit of makeup, just enough to enhance her eyes and lips, but nothing overly heavy, and then went to get dressed. The clothes Steven had selected for her were very tight and very short. The velvet band of the top ended just below her breasts, and the neckline was plunging, showing off quite a bit of her cleavage. The skirt ended just below her hips. He had not put any undergarments out for her, so she didn't put any on, although she wondered about it, but he had specified she was to wear only what he chose for her. Just as she was slipping into her shoes, she heard her door open and Steven came in, smiling and bearing her dinner tray. She smiled brightly at him, her eyes shining with love, and moved toward him. "Let me just set this down, darling," he said, "And then I'll give you a proper greeting." Placing the tray on the table, he turned back to her. "You look stunning, Liandra!" He took her in his arms, enjoying the fresh scent of her hair and the way she melted into him. Her body felt wonderful against his own, and he wanted her immediately.

"I'm so glad to see you, Steven!" Liandra hugged him again, and he bent and kissed her tenderly, his lips moving gently over hers. He felt her draw a deep breath against his lips and couldn't resist deepening the kiss, wanting her to crave more. She moaned slightly, pressing into him and he cupped her ass, pulling her against his crotch, letting her feel how hard he was for her. He felt her hands moving over his back, caressing and holding him tightly. When he pulled back, her face was flushed and her lips were puffy. "Oh, darling, I want you so much...." Her voice was soft and her eyes were pleading.

"I know. Soon, hopefully, we can be together. For now, I want you to eat. I brought you some chicken parmegian for you, and some delicious new potatoes. Come on and eat."

The food did smell very good and Liandra found she was quite hungry, so in no time, she had partaken of her meal while they talked of inconsequential things. He assured her that so far no one had an inkling of where they were, which relieved her considerably. He pretended the same relief, but in reality, he had known it would be that way. Once again, he was glad he had not revealed the location of this house to anyone, not even his closest friends. He glanced at his watch, and saw it was getting close to time to go get his friends. He looked over at his pretty plaything who was beginning to get the familiar dazed look in her eyes. She looked back at him adoringly. He gave her a stern look and her gaze faltered.

"Liandra, my sweet slut, you've been naughty today, haven't you?"

"N. . .naughty? I don't think so. . ."

"No? Not at all? Perhaps you should think carefully before you answer your Master." He rose from his chair and walked toward her, holding her eyes with his own the entire time. A puzzled expression clouded her face as she struggled to make her jumbled brain work.

"Let's see . . .I got a bath, like you told me. . .got dressed. . .and then you were here. . ."

"Didn't you do SOMETHING, while you were in the bath?" Steven was now standing behind her, and he let his hands rest lightly on her shoulders. "Didn't your hands. . .wander a bit?" He felt her tense suddenly.

"Oh. . .oh that. Well, yes, but. . ."

He gripped Liandra's shoulders very tightly suddenly, making her wince in pain. "Your tits, your pussy and your ass do not belong to you, girl. Do you understand that?" He gripped harder, pushing down on her, making her yelp. "They are MINE. You will not touch them in any way, except to cleanse yourself, unless I give you permission to do so first. Do you understand me?"

Liandra was trembling beneath his grip, frightened out of her wits. "Y. . .y. . .yes, Master. I do understand. I do. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again."

Grinning to himself, Steven bore down on her shoulders again. "That's right, you won't, slut. If you do, the consequences will be more than you ever want to find out." He let go of her shoulders and plunged his hands into her neckline, surprising a shriek out of her as he grabbed her nipples and twisted. Just as quickly, he yanked his hands out and moved over to the drawer where he had stowed his jar of cream for her nipples and clit. "Lay on the bed."

Liandra scrambled out of her chair and rushed over to do as she was told. "Spread wide." She did so, then gasped as he rubbed a large dollop of the cream into her clit. It was about twice what he normally used on her. She was going to be in hell tonight, and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. "Lift your top." She pushed it up and he rubbed a large glob of the cream into each nipple, then put the jar away. He stood looking down at her, watching as the cream began to do its dirty work. She was squirming about on the bed, aching to touch herself or have him touch her, but she dared not ask. He looked down at her, enjoying her discomfort.

"What's the matter, my sweet slut? You need something?" His tone was mocking. Leaning over, he blew lightly on each nipple, making her need increase twofold. "You want something?" He blew again. "So sweet and delectable when you're like this. In pain and need. Needing a cock or a tongue or a finger so very badly. " She was making mewling noises, reaching towards him with her hands in supplication. He grinned. "Get up girl. I need to put something on you for tonight, and then I have to go get our guests." Reaching into his pocket, he drew out a blue velvet choker with an inscribed silver plate. Liandra had managed to get to her feet somehow and she watched him, puzzled. He moved towards her and bade her to lift her hair. Doing as she was told, she felt him slip the band around her slender throat and then she felt the click of a tiny lock on the back of her neck. He moved back. "Lift your head, Liandra, I want to see how it looks." She did so, her fingers going up to touch the piece of jewelry. "Perfect." He took her hand and led her over to the mirror on top of the dresser, moving to stand behind her. She saw how the choker matched her outfit perfectly. The inscription was backwards in the mirror, and she tried to make it out, but it was written in script and she was having a hard time. "It says 'slut'." He looked into her eyes in the mirror. "I've collared you, Liandra, and that means you are mine. Body and soul. You will do nothing without my approval. You will go nowhere without my say. You will ask my permission for everything you do from this point forward, do you understand?" Slowly, she nodded, looking almost hypnotized. "The collar is locked on you and I have the only key. I am the only one who can remove it from you."

Steven moved away from her, and picked up the tray. "I want you to come with me." He walked out of the room, followed by a very uncomfortable Liandra, as the cream was doing vile things to her. He moved down the hallway to the room with all the toys. "Come in here. Move over to the shackles." She did as she was told, trembling. He fastened her wrists above her head and her ankles so that her legs were spread. Stepping back, he took a look at her. Satisfied at the way she was presented, he nodded. "Now, my sweet, I am leaving. I am going to get our guests who shall enjoy your charms tonight. We will see you when we return." He stepped back towards his prize and kissed her deeply, letting his tongue fill her mouth. He pressed his crotch into her, and let his hands wander down over her breasts and then beneath her skirt. She was moaning again when he stopped. "We shall return before too long. In the meantime, imagine all the cocks and hands and mouths that will be on your whore's body before the night is done...." Turning his back on her, he exited the room. She could scarcely believe he'd truly left at first, then after several moments when he did not reappear, she realized that he had left. She began to feel frightened. What if a fire broke out? She wouldn't be able to escape. What if someone broke in? She'd be helpless. Horrible scenarios ran through her brain, each one more frightening than the last, enhanced by the drugs he was giving her. She began to weep softly, her head hanging, her hair falling like a curtain around her.

Steven whistled to himself as he headed out. This should be a fun and profitable evening for him. He knew his friends were excited to have a bit of time with the hot piece of tail he'd been keeping. Tyler wouldn't be joining them that night, but his friends and former roommates Jimmy, Mark and Thomas would, as well as new guy they had met by the name of Robert. Robert also brought a prize to the group, for he had a beautiful 18 year old step sister who was a virgin and he lusted after her. After hearing about Steven's 'stable to be', he had said he'd be happy to help Steven snare his sister, Kelsey. Steven smiled to himself, remembering the description he'd been given of the girl. She was said to be petite, around five foot three, with a figure to match, red hair, green eyes and the pale complexion of a true redhead. He could hardly wait to see the photo that Robert was supposed to be bringing tonight to this little shindig of his. Before leaving, he checked to make sure the windows on the van were solidly covered, so that no one would be able to determine the route. He would stop pick up the man he had hired to be his 'bouncer' as well before he picked up his friends. He was soon at the man's house. He took out a cell phone and punched in a number, and when the phone was answered, he said "Come outside. It's time." In a few moments, a large man came strolling over to the van, and climbed into the passenger seat. He was at least six foot three inches, built of solid muscle and had a shaved head and cold dark eyes. "Put this on." Steven handed him a blindfold and the man did as he was told without a word., then sat back in the seat, with his hands resting lightly on his massive thighs. It was obvious he was relaxed but at the same time, should trouble arise, he would be on it in a moment. The large man was clad from head to toe in black. He had a large scar running down his right cheek. He was definitely not someone you'd want to run into in a dark alley. The only name he had given Steven was Dieter. He would be paid in cash, so Steven didn't really need more information than that.

Steven drove to where his friends and the new gentleman were waiting for him, just outside of one of the Starbucks in town. They climbed into the van and were immediately instructed to sit in the back, two in the very last seat and two in the seat ahead of that one. Steven had them show him their cash, and count it out for him, even though he trusted them. Satisfied, he pressed a button on the dashboard and a specially installed piece of black plexiglass slid across the van, blocking the view from the windshield from his passenger's gazes. He then began driving toward his Palace of Pleasures, taking a round about way so that no one would be able to find them and to confuse his passengers. He had had a microphone installed in the van also, so that he could hear every word of any conversation that went on in the van, but they would not hear him unless he wanted them to. He slipped an earbud into one ear and clicked the sound on, glancing over at Dieter, who had not yet moved. As he drove, he listened to his friends talking about how great the night would be and how much they were looking forward to what was to come. He grinned as he listened to the other three assuring Robert that Liandra was worth whatever Steven asked for, even if they didn't get to actually fuck her. At last, he drove into the long driveway and around to the garage entrance, stopping to punch in the numbers that would open the door, then driving the large van inside. Once the door had closed again, he removed his earpiece, turned off the sound, and spoke to Dieter, telling him to remove his blindfold. The big man did so, waiting beside the door leading into the playrooms. Steven opened the plexiglass and smiled at the other men. "Gentlemen, we have arrived. Ready for some fun?"

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