tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn Trouble with the Boss

In Trouble with the Boss


It's been six months since I started at Andrews Consulting. I couldn't have dreamed of a better opportunity, everyone here has been amazing, both my co-workers and our clients. Succeeding here could really set me up for really big opportunities in the future, but even with all the support I've got I can't seem to stop fucking things up. It's not because I'm slacking off, I'm busting my ass but at the same time I'm pretty overwhelmed. So far I've been able to cover missing some meetings but the heat just got turned up.

What a way to start a Monday. I slowly walk back to my desk after a rough meeting with JDK. They were the first client I was managing on my own so it was all on me to deliver the bad news that their latest site update was going to get delayed by a month because we left a feature out, because I fucked up and forgot to get the requirements to the developers. When I finally sit down I'm exhausted and shaking like a leaf, then I see the meeting invite...



From: Paul Andrews

Subject: JDK delays

Time: 5:00-5:30PM Tuesday May 28, 2015

Aubrey, we need to talk about the latest mishap with JDK. I'm running out of options here and we need to get to the bottom of this.



The next two days are a nightmare, although we make some really great progress with JDK, and even gain a week back, I'm pretty much a useless bundle of nerves. By 4:00 on Tuesday the minutes feel like hours and I was tempted to pack up my desk before I meet with Paul. As 5:00 comes I hope for the best and head to his office.


"You wanted to see me Paul?"

"Aubrey, come in, sit down."

"Paul, listen. I'm sorry. I know I've been..."

He waves his hand for me to stop.

"We're making a lot of progress and faster than we ever expected..."

"Aubrey. Stop."

And with that you could hear a pin drop.

"Aubrey, listen, we took a big chance on you... I took a big chance on you. I thought you could cut it and even with all the support we've put in place you've dropped ball after ball. Now like I said, I'm running out of options and I'm running out of them quick."

I tear up. "Paul please... I can't..."

"Aubrey" he stops me, "You're down to you last strike here now go home, get it together, and we'll talk more tomorrow."

With that he turns his attention back to his laptop and I silently let myself out.


Well I didn't get fired but I can't have much time left.

When I get back to my desk there is a little black box on it. Its curious, but at this point I just need to be anywhere but here so I throw it in my bag and head home.

After a hot bath and a few glasses of wine I turn my attention back to the little black box.

"Fucking asshole."

I'm overcome with a mix of emotions. I'm both pissed and completely shocked.

Inside are a pair of panties, a note, and 3 photos.

The panties are pale pink cheekys with black lace trim and an open heart in the back held together with black laces.

The note reads... "Aubrey, this is your last chance at a big opportunity. Tomorrow you will wear these along with a short black skirt and black heels. You'll see me at 5PM sharp for an inspection and I expect the panties to be soaking wet. Remember this is your last chance."

And the photos, fuck, the photos. They are some I took for, or with, my ex-boyfriend. The first is of me naked in a dressing room, my panties around my knees, the second I took while using my vibrator, and the third is me sucking his cock. How did he get his hands on these?

"Fuck him! This is illegal and I can't do it. I'll own his ass for this and I won't do it."

Trying to calm down, I check some emails and watch some TV before heading to bed ready to go in and own his ass tomorrow but through all of that I can't shake this nagging feeling. With the economy and crushing student loans do I really have any other options?

When I get ready for work the next morning I swallow my pride as I follow the instructions in the note.


Unlike the day before Wednesday goes by in a blur and all of the sudden its 4:30. The office is practically empty and I find myself in the server room with the lights off watching porn on my phone. My hand finds its way in between my legs, caressing my lips through the pale pink satin. My clit tingles as the girl on screen gets fucked by two guys and I pull them to the side and slip a finger in between my dripping wet lips. I rub my clit and slowly finger myself to a timid and nervous orgasm then rub my panties against my wet hole.

With that I sneak out unnoticed and take the long walk to Paul's office.


"You wanted to see me Paul?"

"Aubrey, please come in."

I go to take a seat and he speaks up.

"Oh no Aubrey, no sitting this time..." as he pats his desk, "now please come around here and bend over."

"Paul. Please."

"Now." he demands.

I walk around his desk and bend over laying across it.

"Well, black heels and a black skirt you're off to a very good start Aubrey."

I bite my lip and fight the urge to scream at him as he caresses the backs of my legs and slides the skirt up over my ass.

"Now to the important part."

And I feel his fingers in between my legs.

"Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey. I'm impressed. I didn't think you had it in you but you've managed to get your little cunt deliciously wet. I don't know what you did in the server room but it worked."

He rubs me through them and I feel myself start to tingle as he pulls them down and rubs my clit. He plays with my little patch of pubic hair and starts to finger me; swirling one finger in my dampening pussy then adding a second. As I fight back an orgasm he abruptly pulls his fingers out and slips my skirt back down, then he instructs me to step out of my panties.

Standing there I'm terrified as he folds my panties up and slips them in his bag. When he turns his attention back to me he says... "You were very good today Aubrey."

Then silence.

"Now have a good night..." and he nods toward the door.

I can't get out of the office fast enough as I take the walk of shame back to my desk, my juices slowly creeping down my thighs.


I need to go home but need a drink even more so I immediately head to the bar across from the office. I was hoping to decompress on my own but run into Jen from work and one drink turns into four and a late dinner. I finally make my way home and am greeted by a familiar black box waiting at my front door.

Sitting on the sofa I open it and am greeted by a second pair of panties, another note, and three more pictures.

The panties are a lacy royal blue thong with a wide lace waist.

The photos are more from college. The first is of me and my roommate topless at the beach. The second is kind of blurry, but it is of me laid back while my ex is fucking me. The third was taken with me on my knees, still holding his cock, with cum all over my tits.

The note reads... "Aubrey, I was quite pleased with your progress today, you're definitely making the most of your last chance. The expectations for tomorrow will be the same as today; you are to wear the blue thong with a dress that matches it. I expect to see you in my office at 5PM for your inspection and I expect the panties to be soaking wet. PS. As cute as your little bush is, I expect you to come in tomorrow with your pussy shaved completely bald."


The next morning I wake up a little earlier than I expected, Paul may be an asshole, but if I'm being honest yesterday did feel good. I pick out a blue and white striped t-shirt dress and then hop in the shower. Shaving myself bare feels better than I expected, naughty and so sexy. So much so that I couldn't not start to caress my silky smooth pussy; the hot water running down my body as I tease my clit and push my fingers inside my aching hole. With one hand teasing my nipples I finger myself to a knee shaking orgasm. After that I slip into my new blue undies and head to work.

If I thought Wednesday went by fast that was nothing compared to Thursday. Being stuck in meetings all day makes it tough to get anything done. After running around all day I finally make it back to my desk and try to do a little catch up and thats when I get the alert that my meeting with Paul is in five minutes. Fuck! I may be making good progress on the project but I don't need a set back with Paul and whatever his kinks are.

Unsettled and out of options 5:00 comes and I head to Paul's office and hope for the best.



"Aubrey, please come in and shut the door behind you."

I shut the door and just stand there not knowing what to do next.

"Well Aubrey, you look fantastic today dear. Now if you wouldn't mind coming around and bending over for me."

Nervously I walk around his desk and bend over in the same spot I was in yesterday and feel that tingle in between my legs as he slides my dress up over my ass.

"Well these look amazing on you." He says as he runs his fingers around the blue waist band and then down my ass on his way to my pussy.

His hands feel amazing.

"But Aubrey, have you forgotten all of your instructions?"

"Paul. No. It's just today was really busy, and..."

Then out of nowhere I feel the hard sting of his hand on my ass.


"Your instructions were simple Aubrey."


"You seemed to follow directions so well yesterday."


"Mmmmmmmmmmm" I moan. "But. But P. Paul, I had to. I had to work on..."



"The expectation is these would be wet Aubrey." He says as he teases my pussy through my panties. "I thought you were getting better at following instructions."

"I'm sorry. Mmmmmmmmmm. Paul..."

"Did you follow your other instructions Aubrey?"

"Mmmmmm, yes. Yes I did."

"Then turn around and show me."

With that I stand up and turn around. I reach under my dress and slip the thong down and let it slide to the floor, then pull up my dress. He pushes me back against his desk and responds "Mmmmmm, Aubrey, your pussy looks magnificent." as he teases my smooth mound and begins to rub my clit.

"How does it feel to be shaved completely bald?"

"Mmmmmmmmm. It. It feels goood Paul." then he slips a finger inside me. "Mmmmmmmmm. It feels naughty being so bear."

With that he pushes me back further and I sit on his desk. In one swift movement he spreads my legs and leans in to start licking me. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck" I respond as I feel his warm, wet tongue running up and down my smooth lips. I feel the blood rushing in between my legs as he begins to attack my clit with his tongue, swirling it around in tight little circles. His tongue exploring the silky folds of my aching pussy. I hold his head and moan louder as his tongue pushes inside me. This is the tongue fucking I've needed for so long, Paul deep in my wanton pussy licking up the juices as they flow out of me. Electricity flows over my skin as he takes his attention back to my clit and slips a finger back inside me and "Mmmmmmm, fuck. Fuck me Paul" is all I can muster as an intense orgasm washes over me.

"Mmmm, you dirty girl." he responds as he sits back up, his fingers still gently teasing my lips. "You want more?"

"Mmmmm hmmmmmmm" I respond as I bite my lip.

"Well Aubrey, as tasty as your little bald cunt has been, I have a dinner I'm already running late to. I'm sure you understand."

I pout. Hoping that will change his mind.

"Oh Aubrey, pouting won't work here" he responds. "Now if you'll see yourself out I need to wrap up here before I head to dinner. I'll see you again tomorrow at five."

I yelp as he smacks my ass one more time as I head to the door and I give him one last peek at my ass before heading out. As I walk away I hear, under his breath, "Little slut".

When I get back to my desk there is another familiar black box. At this point I'm tired of playing Paul's fucking games but I grab it and my bag and head for my car. In a moment of defiance I throw the box in the parking garage's trash and head home.


As I get ready for work Friday morning I can't help but wonder what was in the latest box, but like I said I'm tired of playing games and I slip into a red and blue striped trapeze dress and head to work.

I've got shit to do today and I'm getting it done despite all the meetings and Paul's numerous emails which I've simply replied "I'll see you at 5."

After a long day and numerous request to cut out for an early start to the weekend the clock hits five and I head to Paul's office. I walk in and shut the door behind me and before he can barely get out "I thought we had an agreement Aubrey." I slip the dress over my head exposing my naked body. My nipples stiffen as I walk toward him and all he can whisper is "Fuck me" to which I reply "Oh Paul, I intend to."

I climb into his lap and feel his lips wrap around my nipple as his hands cup my ass. I moan as my nipple hardens in his mouth as his fingers run down to tease my open wet pussy. His fingers feel so amazing as they rub my aching clit and I begin to slowly grind as he slips them inside me. It feels amazing as his fingers exploring the inside of my needy hole, slipping and and out, then rubbing my g-spot.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck." I cry out. "Yes, mmmmmmmm, touch. Touch me right there."

Massaging it only makes me want him more. Then I let out a gasp as he slips his finger out and and runs it up beginning to rub my tight ass. It feels so wonderfully naughty to let him touch and tease my virgin ass, overcome with desire I let him continue until I can't take it anymore and I slide down onto my knees.

Paul's thick, hard cock springs out of his pants as I slide them off of him. Stroking his swollen shaft I lick up the beads of glistening precum one by one. I tease and lick his swollen cock, kissing it up and down from its head to his balls.

"Good girl" he responds "Lick up every last drop"

"Mmmmmmmmmm" is all I can respond with.

Finally he takes a handful of my long blonde hair he forces and pulls my head back.

"Are you ready for a mouthful?" He asks.

"Mmmmmmmm, yes sir."

And with that he forces my mouth onto his cock, my lips wrap tightly around it and Paul makes me take every inch of his thick member.

"Such a good little cock sucker"


Then he pulls my head back and asks "Are you enjoying yourself Aubrey?"

"Mmmmmmm, yes I am Paul."

"And do you want more?"

Licking the head of his cock I reply "Mmm, yes. Please Paul. Please give me, give me more."

"Not yet" he replies as he forces his cock back in my mouth. My pussy drips and i reach down to tease it as Paul forces me to suck his hard cock. My moans muffled with a mouthful of cock as he forcefully fucks my face.

He finally pulls my head back and I gasp for breath.

"Such a good girl."

Then he pulls me up and lays me back on his desk his tongue attacking my soaking wet cunt. Wasting no time he spreads my lips and his tongue swirls around my clit over and over and over again. I run my hands up my body, teasing and pulling on my nipples as his tongue continues to work my hot little fuck button then he spreads my lips wide and his tongue enters me. My body spasming as I soak his face with an intense orgasm.

He stands up and I spread my legs wide hungrily anticipating him filling me with his thick cock. He stands there caressing and teasing my silky bald pussy as i gently grind my hips.

"Is this what you want?"

"Ohhhh yes. P, p, p, pllllllease. Yes."

He teases my wet lips with the head of his cock. "Such a sexy cock starved slut. Now tell me what you need Aubrey."

"Mmmmmmm Paul. Stop. Stop teasing and fuck me."

With that he pushes his cock deep inside my needy hole, filling and stretching me. Holding my hips he pumps his hard cock in and out of me and I run my hand down to tease my throbbing clit. My pussy grips him tight as he jackhammers away at my tight fuck tunnel and I feel a second intense orgasm building from deep inside me.

Suddenly he pulls out and says "roll over."

"Yes sir" is all I can muster as I follow his command. I spread my legs wide and grab my feet as his thick cock slips back in. He massages my ass and I feel that familiar sting as he spanks me.

"Mmmmmmmmm" I reply.

"Such a bad girl" he says as he smacks my ass again.

"Mmmmmmmm, yes. Soooo. So bad" I reply again as he continues to fuck me hard and deep.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, ohhhhh FUCK!" I moan as I feel his thumb begin to tease my ass. I want to resist but at this point i'm fully committed to anything that keeps him fucking me. I drip as his finger teases my tight ass and his cock fills my pussy.

Finally "Ooooooh FUCK!" I cry out as I feel his finger enter my ass.

My ass squeezes his finger tight and I cry out completely shocked by my reaction to him using both my holes. His thick cock pulsating in my dripping pussy and his finger furiously going in and out of my ass feels amazing. I've never been interested in anal but the feeling of Paul double penetrating me quickly changes my mind.

"Mmmmmmm, more" I cry out.

"Oh, fuck. You dirty girl." He replies as he slips a second finger in my ass.

With that an earth shattering orgasm washes over me, every muscle in my body tightening as my pussy floods his cock and my ass grips his fingers tight. Paul continues to fuck me hard and deep then pulls his cock out of my loose used hole and erupts hot ribbons of cum all over my ass. He squeezes my hips and gives me one last spank before collapsing back in his chair. I sit up and feel the cum puddle between my ass and his desk.

He rubs my legs and says "I guess we'll need to keep you around after all Aubrey."

"You fucking better" I reply as slip back into my dress and head for the door.

Walking out I turn back around and say "See you Monday Paul. Five o'clock as usual?"

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