In Uniform... In Mom


I just shook my head.

"You've never been with a girl?" she asked.

I shook my head no as I said, "I've kissed them... you know, necked ... other stuff...just not..." My voice trailed off.

"What other stuff Bobby?"

I didn't have to fake my nervousness or my blush now. "Just stuff... touching ..." I stammered.

"Becky's breasts? Her..." Mom didn't finish but her eyes quickly flicked downward to her groin.

"No, not there! Maybe her breasts a couple of times," I admitted shyly.

"You do like girls don't you?" mom asked as she placed her hand on my upper thigh.

It took me a second to understand mom's suggestion. "What? Of course I do!" I spat out as my face reddened. "You don't think I'm a homo do you?"

"No sweetie, of course not," she quickly answered. She then gave my thigh a quick squeeze as she added, "But Bobby, whatever you are or aren't you will always be the person I love the most in this world."

"I know mom."

"You better," she answered as she lifted her arms and engulfed me in a hug.

"I love you too," I said and then lightly brushed mom's lips with mine. It wasn't a lover's kiss but neither was it a son's kiss.

"It's just I'm surprised, I thought," she said when we pulled apart, then started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I asked, pretending to stay angry at her even as my eyes slid down onto her chest. I'd just kissed my mom! Felt her tongue for a second.

"I've been feeling sorry for myself...for months," she said between giggling laughs. "Thinking you've been...well, you know-"

"Doing it," I suggested.

"Yes.... while I've been wiling away the hours at home alone."

"And why are you home alone?" I challenged. "You're beautiful. Don't you like sex?"

'Don't try to change the subject young man, we're talking about you tonight," mom said even as a blush came to her cheeks.

"I masturbate...I mean a lot, an awful lot," I finally admitted shyly.

"I know you do."

"You do?'

"And who do you think washes your sheets, your underwear, young man?" mom asked with a grin. "It's a small house Bobby."


"But I still thought you were But what about your friends? Like Charlie. Or Joe. Sam. Are they-"

"Virgins?" I finished for her. Seeing her nod I answered, "About half and half. It's just that...I don't know...I want to ...but it doesn't ever seem to work."

"What doesn't work? Your penis?" she asked as her eyes darted downward. Yes I knew she was teasing but there was also a bold, husky tone in her voice I'd never heard before. And for mom even to mention the word penis...

"Ha, ha. My approach mom. I think I'm too nice. This works fine," I insisted as I highlighted the bulge in my pants with my fingers.

"Don't be crude young man," ma ordered. "Women aren't impressed by boasters or show-offs. Having a large penis doesn't mean anything."

"Yuck...Maaaaa! That is so gross," I said even while loving the way our conversation was going. Then I challenged her with, "Do you really think it's big?"

"CHARLIE!" she admonished but I couldn't help but sense the sexual excitement behind her words.

"I'm hard all the time... horny ... I dream of stuff...every night...I just wish Becky would..." I mumbled as I circled my now bone-hard penis right through the thin cotton and moved it so that it was pointing towards mom.

"You know Bobby, maybe you are too nice," she said musingly as her eyes jumped back and forth between my eyes and my penis below. "Sometimes a man has to be...well he has to force the issue a bit...."

"You've always taught me to respect women, to," I started, then was interrupted by mom.

"I don't mean force that way honey...I mean be more manly...Marine your father, your grandfather. Take charge."

"I don't think the whole Marine Corps could get through Becky's defenses," I joked ruefully.

"Aren't you a good dancer? Your dad certainly was. And a good kisser," mom added.

"He was?" I said, a hint of surprise in my voice, then added, "I think I'm sorta okay...I mean...well sometimes Becky complains."

"About what?" my mother asked.

"Who knows? She's always complaining about something."

"She is? She's lucky to have you, to have a man as nice as you," mom said indignantly.

"Not according to her. She says I don't really have rhythm."

"Show me," mom suddenly demanded as she jumped up from the couch. She reached down and grabbed my hand, then urged me upward.

"Show you what?" I asked as I let her pull me up.

"Show me how you two dance." Then, still holding my hand, she turned and walked over to the CD player.

"C'mon mom," I complained, trying to keep the eagerness out of my voice.

"C'mon what," she asked as she pushed a CD into the machine and then turned and faced me. Her nipples were hard and erect under her thin top.

"We're in our pajamas," I answered as the music started up. "God, what's that?"

"Your daddy and I used to dance to it...years ago," my mother said as she took my hand and then moved into my embrace.

"To that?" I asked with a fake grimace on my face.

"The night before he left...for the last time...we danced, right in this room," mom said as she slipped an arm around my neck.

"You did? Where was I? Grampa?" I asked as I tentatively put my arm around my mom's back.

"Your grandfather took you away for the give us some privacy," she answered with a far away look in her eyes, clearly remembering the night. "You're taller than your dad," she said softly as she nestled her head into the crook of my neck.

"I am?" I asked as I felt my mother's breasts brush lightly against my chest.

"Uh, huh...and taller than your granddad too," she added as she released my hand and put both hands around my neck.

"Well you're taller than fit me better too... much better," I answered even as I realized how well our bodies fit together. I tentatively pulled her just a little closer.

"When you're dancing with her do you talk to her?" she asked, making no attempt to move away from me.

"Not much," I admitted, "we just sorta dance. The music's loud. We don't usually dance close like this." My cock was hard. Throbbing as it reached outward toward mom. I pulled back as though scalded when it brushed her thigh.

"You don't tell her she's beautiful...that she smells nice...or that you love the feel of her hair....or?" she asked, her face now turned towards me, her lips just inches from mine. "Do you pull her closer to you? Take charge. Make her feel what a man you've become?" She moved closer to me as we continued to dance, just close enough that her breasts continually came in contact with my chest. Again and again as we danced slowly together my hard penis came in contact with her body...her stomach...her thighs...her mound.

"Becky comes with a force field ma, you don't get closer than about a foot," I joked.

"Your father used to hold me so close Bobby," she invited.

"Like this?" I asked as I pulled her against me.

"Uh huh ... it was so nice. He was so strong... like you." My cock was throbbing!


"'re a man now. Strong...and big." Her eyes were lovingly staring into mine.

"I am? Big? My..."

"Can I tell you a secret?" mom asked. Her lips were just inches from mine. I nodded eagerly. "You can't ever tell anyone," she instructed.

"I won't," I quickly agreed.

"Your daddy and I...that last night... in this very room... to this song," mom whispered wetly in my ear.

"Yes," I encouraged.

"We danced naked."

"WHAT! You did? No clothes at all?" My hands tentatively slid down and onto her bum. Caressed...squeezed lightly...explored. My cock was standing erect between our two stomachs. There was no hiding my excitement now.

"Uh huh," she answered dreamily, her body now plastered against mine. "Just both of us topless at naked breasts against his bare nipples...."

"Your nipples what?" I whispered as I moved my hands upward, first off her bum and onto the small of her back, then up and under the soft cotton cami she wore. As my fingers moved upward the cami slowly rose with them. Finally up over her breasts.

"He liked feeling them like that...hard, poking him," she remembered as she released me for a second and lifted her arms over her head, her invitation clear. I lifted her top up and off her. Topless, she quickly grabbed my tank top and pulled it over my head. I watched spellbound for seconds, mouth open, my eyes locked on my mother's naked breasts. Full, round breasts.

"Jeeesus," I mumbled as she moved against me, pushing her hard nipples into my chest. We stood locked together, swaying to the music, my impossibly hard cock trapped now between our stomachs. I caressed my mothers naked back, then slowly moved my hands downward and slipped them under the material of her shorts and onto her bum. Her tongue probed moistly into my ear as I slid a finger down her anal crack.

"You and Becky have never done this?" mom asked softly as she rubbed her breasts back and forth against me.

"She has little padlocks on every bra she owns," I answered as I cupped mom's ass in my hands and then, while squeezing her firm skin, pulled her cheeks apart.

"It was so sexy with your daddy that night."

"Was it?"

"The second dance we were totally naked," my mother purred into my ear.

"You were?" I asked as I grasped the top of her shorts and pushed them down over her rear and down her thighs. "Like this?"

"Uh huh," she answered as she stepped out of her shorts. I craned my neck to try and see past her bare breasts to her pubes below. She quickly knelt and pulled my cotton sweats down, releasing my throbbing erection. Then before I could see much of anything she slipped back into my arms.

"Becky's a little fool," mom said as she thrust her body against mine. We danced...or maybe a better description would be that we stood interlocked in the middle of the room, hardly moving. I was afraid that my naked cock, rubbing against the silken skin of my mother, would explode at any second.

I pulled away from mom when the song ended, urgently trying to forestall the ejaculation I felt building at the base of my penis.

"What's wrong honey?" ma whispered.

"You're so beautiful," I gasped as I let my eyes drift over her perfect body, eyes that stopped only when they reached the dark triangle of thick pubic curls at the base of her stomach. Mom moved back into my arms and trapped my erection between us.

"What did you do after you and dad finished the second dance?" I stammered, knowing I couldn't last much longer.

"Your daddy simply bent, picked me up in his arms and carried me to our bedroom."

"He did? Like this?" I asked as I lifted my mother up into my arms.

"Yes honey," she answered as she pushed her hand down between our bodies and slipped it around my cock. "Then we made love all night."

"Ohhh Mommy," I groaned as I rushed from the room with her in my arms. Seconds later I laid her down on her back on the soft eider down comforter that covered her queen size bed. Then, my prick still grasped in her insistent palm, I crawled up between her legs and knelt between her thighs.

"Hurry baby...hurry...hurry for mommy," my mother urged as she pulled my engorged shaft, already dripping out a thick drop of precum, towards the trimmed triangle at the junction of her legs. Her pink slit and insides, peeking through her dark hairs, lured irresistibly. A spasm of excitement rippled through my body when mom slowly rubbed my cockhead up and down her moist channel.

"Right there," mom instructed when she'd positioned my cock. Tentatively I pushed its heart shaped head between her protruding lips, then felt them close behind it as the head was swallowed by her sticky insides.

"It's so feels so good," I mumbled wonderingly, stunned by how much different, how much better it felt than anything I'd imagined.

"You're big baby," she groaned, then moaned out a deep, long, "aaaaaaaahhhh," as I thrust more inches of my shaft inside her. Her legs curled around my back.

"Unh...unh...unhhh," I groaned, each grunt made in unison with three quick thrusts of my hips, each one pushing my cock deeper than the last. And then, the second I'd completely buried my penis inside her, I felt the first eruption of my sperm as it rushed up my bucking cock and then spurted out into my mother's womb.

"I'm sorry...I shoulda ..." I stammered as I moved to pull my still hard and spurting shaft from mom's pussy.

"Don't...leave it there's perfect," mom promised just before her lips found mine. Her legs locked around my back trapping me.

"But," I started to protest, sure I'd completely failed in my first attempt to make love. But my protest was stilled by the moist tongue that pushed insistently between my lips.

"We'll do it slower this time," my mother whispered when our lips finally separated.

"Slower? We're going to do it again?"

"Uh huh. And longer...and harder...and bigger...and wetter," she promised as she rolled us so that I was on my back and she was left straddling me. My ridged cockhead kept me anchored inside of her. "Then we'll do it a third time," mom promised as she started to move.

"Shouldn't I put on a condom?" I asked even as I wondered if it wasn't too I wondered if my first premature load of cum hadn't already put a baby inside of her. Was it possible to get pregnant the first time I asked myself even as mom lifted her hips up and then down over my long erection.

"I'm on the pill sweetie," she groaned out as she started to move on top of me. Only later did I find out she was lying. But by then it probably wouldn't have mattered. I quickly found my rhythm! We both did. That sounds simple but it's exactly what happened -- in seconds we'd metamorphosed from two separate thinking entities into a mindless, unified being bent on satisfying the primal desire that was so deeply encoded into our genetic makeup.

I pulled her down and our lips met in a desperate hunger. Her hanging, pink tipped gourds brushed repeatedly across my chest as my hips arched again and again upward off the bed to meet the grasping lips of her sex.

It was a highly sexed woman who hadn't had sex in over a year paired with a horny boy who'd never done it before but who had the sexual energy that only the young possess.

There was no need for foreplay, no need for exotic positions, and no need for instructions or dialogue.

Instead we made love. Fucked! Hard and soft... mother groaned out her repeated orgasms... I grunted out mine... SEX! Pure and simple.

I finally was doing the things I'd been dreaming of for years...

And I found out later that mom was doing what she'd been hoping would happen since grandpa had died. Who hadn't allowed a penis inside her during that time as she waited to see if I could, and would, satisfy her sexual hunger.

I came five times... I think! We weren't counting or talking or even thinking as we rolled intertwined on mom's brass bed ... the bed she'd taken over when her father had died.

We finally slept. Entwined. Sticky. Spent. Wide smiles on both our lips. I was a man!

Saturday, 1:03 p.m. March 15th 2008

The ringing of the bedside phone woke me just after one the next afternoon. I watched as mom's eyes opened, then felt her as she leaned over my body and stretched to grab the receiver. Smiled as I remembered where I was... at what we'd done. I slid one of my hands onto her bum. Then reached between her legs.

"Oh hi Becky," I heard mom say sweetly as I slid a finger lightly along her crack. "No dear, I don't know why he's not answering his cell. He's around somewhere...Let me see if I can find him dear," she added but then with her free hand grasped my penis and directed it towards her slit. Then rubbed my cockhead slowly up and down her nether lips.

"Have you two been arguing honey?" mom asked my girlfriend as she adjusted her legs and slipped me inside. "Oh, it was just some thing Bobby said last night dear," mom explained to Becky's question over the phone. As Becky answered mom, and in quite great detail apparently, mother rode me like a jockey, bouncing up and down atop me even as she muttered various encouragements like, "yes dear", "I'm sure he likes you honey", "boys are different sweetie", etcetera, etcetera.

"Oooh, I think he's cumming now dear...hold on a sec...yes he's definitely cumming now," my mother announced down the line just as my cock erupted deep inside her. When I was done she handed me the phone and then slipped down my body.

"Becky?" I asked just as I felt mothers tongue slide onto my sticky cock.

"Where were you?" my girlfriend whined down the line.

"I was in the shower...thinking about you actually... touching myself... my cock," I said boldly even as my eyes captured my mother's which smiled back at me from inches above my shaft, my cockhead already engulfed between her lips.

"That's disgusting! Where's your mom? Did she hear that?"

"Don't worry, she's busy now."

"She is?" Becky asked.

"Yup... she's eating ... you interrupted her breakfast," I said as I watched mom's tongue catch a strand of creamy cum as she licked up my shaft and then over my cockhead.

"Why's she getting up so late?"

"I think she was out with her new boyfriend... she looked really bushed when she wandered into the kitchen twenty minutes ago." Mom gave me a dirty look, stuck out her tongue, and then took me back into her mouth. I felt her teeth lightly bite into my shaft.

"Your mom has a boyfriend? Since when?"

"I think they were doing it last night," I said.

"That's gross," Becky said even as mom let my penis slide between her teeth. "Who is he?"

"A Marine... from the base... I think he's like eighteen or something ... our age," I invented. "I think they did it in his car."

"Your mother had sex with a Marine? In his car?" my stunned soon to be ex-girl asked.

"She's a healthy woman Becky. She needs sex. Not like someone I know," I added sarcastically. I moved my hand to the back of mom's head as I talked. The head that was bobbing in my lap.

"She's not married!"

"I have to go hon... mom's calling me... telling me I have to cum right now," I said down the line as I winked at my mother.

"Will I see you tonight?"

"I can't Beck, I promised mom I help her with some stuff," I said as my cock jerked out a first urgent string of cum. I pressed the END CALL button.

"You're terrible," mom said with a saucy laugh after my softening penis had slipped from her mouth.

"She called you a slut," I lied.

"That little bitch," my mother said as she started to slide up my body.

"I'm hungry," I said.

"I'm full," mom teased, then let some of my sperm slip over her bottom lip. "Full of Bobby's cum," she laughed as she brought her lips to mine. I tried to protest even as her tongue pushed some of my cream into my mouth. Our lips stayed glued together for second after second as our tongues dueled.

"I'm still hungry," I insisted when we finally broke apart.

"Eat mommy then," my mother near ordered as she climbed up my body and planted her hair covered mound over my face. So I did! I ate her until her cries of need and screams of pleasure started to echo around the room in a wild, almost feral cacophony of sound. I held her writhing form over my tongue until she spewed her orgasm into my waiting mouth.

"Since you've been such a good boy maybe I'll go cook your breakfast now," mom offered as she slid out of bed.

"Naked," I insisted when she bent to pick up her panties from the floor.

"So you're not such a good little boy after all are you?" my mom asked as she let the soft cotton slip from her fingers. I gave her a quick swat on the butt in reply. There was a happy grin on her face as she danced from the room.

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