No one could believe what actually happened. It was advertised as "Adult Entertainment," which was something completely unheard of here in the backwoods of Virginia, so Andy thought he might see what the commotion was all about. For many of the townspeople of Pike and War Eagle it seemed like the dark, evil world had descended into the quiet mountain landscape of their community. Of course for others it was a welcome diversion into the 20th, not to mention the 21st century. For people happy with the peaceful existence they found in the nearby hills and mountains of western Virginia, West Virginia and eastern Kentucky, the idea of big city nightlife was either a welcome break or a portent of doom.

Andy, a local sportswriter with a struggling newspaper, read the latest editorial and the subsequent response from the readers with considerable amusement. It seemed that only "in VA" this could happen, certainly not in West Virginia or Kentucky. Even though the state lines slithered through the sparsely populated towns they considered the local community, the distinction between the states remained significant. It was as if living 10 feet on one side of an invisible line could somehow affect your true inner being.

So as Andy stood in line to enter the show at the local meeting building and movie house he could see the traffic slowly pass, the drivers looking in disgust at the decadent proceedings. Of course there were people from all three states in line that evening, but it was those that belonged "in VA" that were attending. After a while the line began to move and the people shuffled past the ticket booth and rolled in the heavy, wood doors with the leaded glass inlays.

Once inside Andy noticed the musty smell wondering how the heavy fabric of the curtains and wall covering, along with the fabric seats had survived all these years. The building was air conditioned now, but the first ten years it was opened it only had heat so the material must have sucked in a lot of moisture from the humid air. Even though he figured his allergies would be a pain for the next few days, Andy moved on into the theater and found a seat.

A number of people spotted him, calling out his name and waving. As one of the few positive voices about the dismal local football teams he had accumulated a number of fans. Of course he had a few detractors too, those that disliked his more liberal views towards the other sports, especially the women's programs in the area.

When the theater finally settled down, the lights went out and the "adult entertainment" began. It was basically comprised of a number of different comedians wavering back and forth between sexy funny jokes and those that were simply in bad taste. Several people walked out, either in a planned display or perhaps simply bored with the proceedings, Andy really couldn't tell.

Finally, just as Andy was about the write the entire evening off as a complete bust, a small man walked out onstage and asked for a few volunteers for an experiment in hypnosis. Though Andy wanted to sit back and watch what happened here, a number of the people in the area surrounding him called over, goading him into volunteering. Figuring it might be interesting to give it a try he raised his hand.

Walking up to the stage Andy did notice that only men had been selected. Once up on the stage, the hypnotist's lovely assistant led the group offstage for some instructions. She then returned to the stage to get set up, leaving them alone for a few minutes until the hypnotist could come talk to them.

The group sat in silence for a few minutes until one of them asked Andy, "Hey, you gonna write up something on the show?"

"Well, it's not really sports, but I might put something together, give my viewpoint in an essay on the evening and see if the editor will run it."

Another man leaning on the wall in the shadows chimed in, "What an egotistical Blowhard this writer is. I'll bet this essay sucks worse than the shit this moron writes."

Andy immediately recognized the language here, sure in the newspaper they printed the censored version of letters to the editor, but Andy got to read the letters before they were censored and he recognized this man from them. He looked over to the man and said, "Harry, after all this time we finally get to meet."

Giving the absolute ignorance of most of this reader's comments, Andy always figured he was responding tongue in cheek, acting like a complete idiot simply to find some problem with anything Andy wrote. He stood up and moved over to the man, holding his hand out to shake. He wanted to meet the man able to so convincingly act like the complete moron he always accused Andy of being.

"Why I'm not gonna touch you, you sick bastard," the man said walking away from Andy.

Rubbing his hand on his pants, Andy retreated back to where he had been waiting. Looking back to the rude man Andy asked, "Just out of curiosity Harry, just where are you from, I mean your letters never say."

"None of your cow fucking business," he replied with a snort.

"Cow fucking?" Andy had never conceived of a time when those two words would ever be associated with each other, but there you go.

The hypnotist appeared from the stage and said, "I want to thank you all for participating. Now the entertainment was advertised as adult and I want you to know this will be a bit racy, so if you are uncomfortable you are free to leave right now," he paused looking around the group. "Okay, so you all are ready. Let me explain what we'll be doing.

"I am going to use my watch, it's bright and shiny in the lights and although we don't really need it, it will focus attention on us as we work. Some of you will go under easily and quickly, others will not. Don't worry if it doesn't work on you, it normally doesn't work on everyone. Some of you will only go partway under, you'll do a few of the things I ask you to, but when what I ask seems too strange or uncomfortable for you, you'll simply snap out. Others of you won't snap out until I snap my fingers three times. Okay?"

Everyone in the group nodded.

"Once up on stage all you need to do is follow my instructions as I hypnotize you. Once you are under I will say 'Begin.' Once I say 'Begin' you are only to do what you want to do, if you don't want to do it simply sit down. Don't feel distress about sitting down, that is part of the experience, learning what level you will reach. Now are there any questions."

One man raised his hand and asked, "Isn't a person's susceptibility to hypnosis based on their intelligence? Shouldn't the more intelligent people be harder to hypnotize?"

"Intelligence is a factor in hypnosis and what you say is very true, but there are many, many other contributing factors, like how tired, thirsty or hungry you are. There are others, but we really don't have time to discuss them now. Are there any other questions?"

The volunteers were silent.

"Okay, here we go. Please follow me."

Once onstage the hypnotist turned his attention to the audience, and while his lovely assistant got the eight volunteers seated in chairs arranged in a half-circle facing the audience he explained briefly what he was going to do. While sitting down on one of the end chairs, Andy noticed that Harry sat in the chair at the far end.

After a short speech, the hypnotist turned to the volunteers and pulled his watch out of his pocket. No sooner than the light hit the watch that Andy noticed Harry slump down a bit in his seat. When the hypnotist looked at Andy, he nodded toward Harry. He looked at him and looked back at Andy whispering, "Like I said, some of you will go under easier than others."

Thinking about what they said about intelligence, the ease at which Harry went under confirmed something in Andy's mind. After a few moments the hypnotist asked the volunteers to stand up. He then looked them over and said, "Begin." Andy didn't really feel much at the time but remained standing and looked over the rest of the group. Most of them seemed completely focused on the hypnotist.

"All right gentlemen I want you to avert your gaze from my assistant as she undresses. Remember, she is a beautiful woman who is removing your clothes and you, out of politeness to her are averting your gaze so she doesn't know you are looking."

He stepped back and pointed to his assistant who simply stood motionless, and fully clothed on stage. Andy looked over at the other volunteers and noticed several of them starting to giggle a bit as they slyly peeked through their fingers. Glancing over at Harry, Andy couldn't help but notice the man's pants tenting out.

The hypnotist spoke, "Those of you who can't see her naked, please sit down." Andy the three other men sat down. One man sat down and then looking back at her he immediately stood back up. The hypnotist continued, "Gentlemen I please notice how my beautiful, naked assistant has bent over," he pointed to her as she turned sideways to the audience, spread her legs a bit wider and bent over at the waist.

While the woman's costume was somewhat skimpy, when Andy looked at her it was really no more sexy or provoking than most any woman reaching for something. Nothing was really revealed and though the pose was perhaps a little provocative it was nothing erotic or obscene. Looking over at the hypnotized men Andy saw that pretty much all of the men had erections.

"Gentlemen, this woman wants you..." as the hypnotist spoke Andy heard Harry moan and noticed a large wet spot appear in his pants. The spot grew quickly as the tent slowly subsided. The hypnotist continued, "...she wants you to step up behind her, grab her waist and to slip yourself into her."

The hypnotized men, all except for Harry, pantomimed grabbing a woman by the waist and then began to rock their hips back and forth. "Now gentlemen, you need to pull out because she wants to do something else."

Andy watched the men grimace as they pulled their cocks out of the assistant's pussy and stood, awaiting her next move. Once again they all stood their, their cocks creating grand tents in their pants, all except for Harry.

"My lovely assistant now is kneeling down, kissing you and taking you in her mouth." Some of the men moaned, they all arched their backs acting as if they were receiving the best blow job imaginable. Moving quickly to avert any other messy problems, the hypnotist then snapped his fingers three times.

The men suddenly slipped from having an incredible blow job to standing up on stage, their hips contorted forward and their cocks stretching their pants outward. All of them quickly sat down, all except for Harry, who, upon seeing the mess his premature orgasm had made, rushed off stage.

"Please, I want to make one additional comment," the hypnotist said, "ladies I want you to understand that before I came up onstage I hypnotized all the men here and convinced them that they were single with no attachments. Please don't interpret their actions while under the spell tonight as them wanting any relations from anyone other than their spouse or significant others. Once again they were convinced under hypnosis so that they would put on a show for you."

Andy knew it wasn't true, but he wasn't about to spoil the cover the hypnotist created. There was no way he could even consider writing a story about the hypnosis and expect to print it anywhere except in some porn magazine or website somewhere. He sat and watched the hypnotist finish introducing the volunteers by first name and then bid the audience goodbye, "...Steve, Andy and let's not forget Harry. In VA, I've heard it called here, well let me thank you from in VA for your attention and applause."

The bright lights onstage went dark. Andy thanked the hypnotist and the assistant shaking both their hands before wandering through the crowd out of the theater. He drove home and once there he immediately headed up to his office and turned on his computer. He knew he couldn't write a story for the local newspaper, but he could write up something for a porn magazine, perhaps a review of the hypnotist and his sexy assistant. When the program started he looked at the screen and began typing: "No one could believe what actually happened..."

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