tagNonHumanIn Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 07

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 07


In Which an Elven Servant Suffers a Succubus to Live in Her Home

Chapter 7


"Master?" I tap on the half open door and poke my head in.

"Come on in, Lorelei. Did you bring a glass?" he asks, standing and looking down at a book on his desk.

He'd asked me to grab an empty glass from the kitchen, apropos of nothing. I nod and hold it up.

"Excellent," he says, picking up the book and tracing something closely with his finger, before clapping it shut.

"What, um, is it for?" I ask, perking my ears a bit.

"You'll see," he gives a reassuring smile, "how is Lucy doing?"

"Out of it, but sleeping peacefully. I hate to admit, but I'm a little worried about her, after that display up there," you know, the one where you teased me into a frenzy.

"Don't be, everything is well in hand," he puts a few books back onto the shelf, "demons don't have the same concerns about health as we do. If something were to happen, she'd simply return to hell. You can't die when you aren't 'alive' to begin with, in the traditional sense. Of course we don't want that, either, but we'll get her back to her old self, shortly."

I place the glass down on the desk, watching him put the books away, "Weren't we going to be looking for that solution in your books?"

"No need. I may have not been completely up-front about my understanding of the subject. I had my suspicions about what was needed, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being duped. I've already confirmed what the problem is," he unbuttons the top of his shirt.

"...And?" I'm almost afraid to ask.

"Semen," he says, very bluntly.

"...Sorry, what?"

"Semen," he repeats, "ejaculate. Specifically from a human. It might apply to other earthbound sapients, as well, but since we have a male human on hand, it's not something we have to worry about. Succubi have physical needs to keep their forms stable on earth. Keeping her in denial has almost certainly had some effect, and letting her cum would probably improve her condition, but ultimately, she needs to consume a man's semen to return to normal health. It can actually be absorbed through any orifice, or even through the skin, but the fastest method will be through ingestion."


"Master! You're not going to let her put her lips on your-"

"Something wrong with that?" he quirks an eyebrow.

"I... well, I mean, it's your choice, I just think that, um..." stupid mouth getting ahead of me.

He chuckles, "I'm not going to. Not today, anyways. I think Lucy's too out of it for the process."

He was just teasing me. Because of course he was.

"I'll be having you get the sample and give it to her, Lorelei."


Say something, stupid.


I snap out of it, "Yes, of course, master."

"Come, sit with me," he finishes unbuttoning his shirt and sits on the leather couch in the library.

I nervously follow him.

"The glass, Lorelei."

"Right!" I go back and grab it, then promptly sit at his side on the couch, biting my lip while I watch him unbuckle his belt.

"So, you do want me to... I mean, I have permission to..." for some reason I'm nervous again. Even though he had me bend over a desk, grinding against me, not fifteen minutes ago. Humans' effect on me is strange.

"Unless you don't think you're up to it?" he says, probably teasing me again.

"No-no-no! I'm up to it! Very up to it!" don't sound like a slut or anything, Lorelei.

He smiles and unfastens his pants, freeing his already swelling cock. I swallow and just watch it a moment. He grabs my hand and wraps my fingers around it with a pleased sigh.

I grasp it with my other hand too. Human cocks are generally a two handed job for elves. I don't know that master is any larger than average, but 'average' for humans a lot for an elf. I suppose it's good that he didn't decide to take me in Lucy's room, because now that I think of it, I'm not sure I would have been able to walk back over to the library.

His hips push up a little and I'm reminded that I'm not here to just admire his cock, I have a job to do. I start stroking him up and down, feeling the heat of his flesh under my fingers. I carefully watch his face for signs that I'm doing it right.

And I need to stop second-guessing myself. I can do this. It's been awhile, but I know what I'm doing. Pleasing a human's cock is basically the primary duty of elves, and it's not something one just forgets. Practically in our genes. He wouldn't have asked me if he thought I wasn't up to the task.

Of course, if I was a human woman, this would probably be better for him. My little hands struggle to cover enough of his member, but a human would have no trouble. Probably stronger, too. She'd grip him tight and cover most of his length with her hands.

I know some people fantasize about their partner being someone else. Is it weird to fantasize about you being someone else? Because here we are.

I imagine a tall, leggy blonde woman, with a set of those great breasts that human women can get, sitting where I am, hands all over master's cock, squeezing and pumping it while she leans in to kiss him.

Would he let me kiss him right now? If I tried? I look at him and blush. No. He might let me, but I should stop thinking of myself. I have a job to do.

She'd get him writhing and moaning and thrusting his hips against her hand. She'd be kissing and licking and biting all over his skin. She'd probably put a leg around his thigh and start rubbing her bare cunt over his leg. Did I mention that she's naked? Cause she's naked. And her pussy is dripping wet and her nipples are standing at attention. And she rides his thigh while she firmly coaxes the cum out of master's body.

"Enjoying yourself?" master says with a grin, between heavy breaths.

I finally notice how intently I'm watching his cock while I run my hands up and down and all over, like a priestess in some kind of ritual. And of course, my hips are twitching around, and my thighs are rubbing together, my needy little pussy screaming to get out of it's cage.

"I.. um, yes..." I grin and blush, "Are you close?"

He just gives me a nod and starts running his fingers through my hair.

She'd finish and make him spray everywhere, in thick, copious amounts. Way more than any silly elf could ever get out of a man. His seed would splatter all over her skin and his. Then she'd beckon me over, and I'd run my little tongue all over them both, licking master's cum from their bodies. Then I'd clean his cock thoroughly. And with a mouth full of my masters' thick, creamy cum, she'd decide what I'd do with it. Maybe she'd demand that I kiss her, and she would take it from me, as is her right. Or maybe if she thinks I've been an especially good girl, I'd get to swallow it myself.

I'm snapped back to reality again as master taps on my shoulder, his fingers sliding all over my shoulders and chest as he nears the edge. I rush to grab the glass and get it ready.

I'm torn between watching his face and making sure my aim is right as he peaks over the edge. His cock twitches and throbs, and his whole body shudders, his eyes rolling back. Few things get more aroused than watching a human orgasm. It's beautiful. I make sure to increase my speed and force as he cums. I'm well acquainted with ruined orgasms, and it's not something my human master should ever have to endure, so I make sure I'm as firm and thorough with my motions as my little elf hands are capable of delivering.

It's a large amount, even by human standards. Not that I'm overly familiar with elf males, but I know enough that the small amounts of thin dribbling of semen are a far cry from the thick spurts human men are capable of. Attributing the amount he came to myself is probably a little presumptuous, but I still feel a little pride. Then the scent hits me, and I feel dizzy. The scents of humans are always a lot for elves, but when they orgasm, the scent of their fluids is just overwhelming.

I giggle a little and bite my lip as I watch master lean back and catch his breath. I glance down and see the little drips that didn't quite make it to the glass, sitting on the head of his penis.

"Master, can I...?

"Hm?" he quirks an eyebrow.

"May I clean you?"

He leans back again and nods, and I dive down to kiss the head of his cock, and I catch that drip before it gets away. If the scent was a lot, then the taste is indescribable. I mean, I wouldn't say the taste itself is necessarily great, but something about the experience, maybe it is just the pheromones, but even just feeling the little droplet hit my tongue and slide down my throat makes my whole body shiver.

I gently squeeze his penis from the bottom up, and force out any spare traces of semen from his body, and greedily swallow them. The hellspawn might be getting the rest, but I got the first taste.

I kiss and lick around the head of his softening cock, probably more than is necessary. I consider taking the whole thing into my mouth, or at least the amount that I can fit - I can't really deepthroat a human man like a human woman could, I simply don't have the anatomy to fit all that in my mouth - but I think better of presuming that I'm allowed to. He's clean, that's what matters.

I take a moment to bask in master's afterglow, before I remember that my job isn't done.


"Lucy, I've got something for you," I pull back the covers and she lazily covers her eyes from the light.

"Sit up," I tell her, but she doesn't respond.

"Come on, this will make you feel better," I try to bring the glass to her, but it's a futile effort.

She's really out of it, I'm not sure I can even get her to drink it like this. As much as part of me wants to see her gone, I can't let that happen, master would be upset. And she's already this fargone.

I spend a few more minutes trying to get her to sit up, or get the glass to her mouth, only for her to wiggle this way or that, or just lay back like a lump.

Guess there's no helping it. I take the glass and pour its contents into my mouth.

Once I get over swooning from the sensation of master's seed on my tongue, I grasp her head with both hands and tightly press my lips to hers. Parting her mouth open with my tongue, I release master's cum into her mouth.

I finally part my lips from her, and it takes a long moment, but her eyes slowly open, apparently realizing what I've given her. She just stares at me while her throat moves and she downs the seed. Finally she sighs and leans her head back in relief.

I just watch her for a few minutes, hoping it's taking effect. She looks more peaceful, but still exhausted. And then I feel a hand reach up and grope my left breast.

Yeah, she's fine.

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A new level

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