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In Yer Dreams


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A Revised version.


Del always gets a charge out of seeing Kimberly Mac Dermotts in the morning at school. This has been a near ritual for years, well since she moved to Missoula four years ago with her professor dad and mom. Her close friends call her Kim. Del isn't one of those.

At 18 Del is one of the few virgin guys in school and horny as hell. He knows Kimberly just turned 18 and it would be quite 'safe' for them to screw now. Oh what fantasies teens harbor!

Kimberly is tall and not too thin with thick long wavy natural blond hair past her shoulder blades. She has penetrating brilliant blue eyes. Her breasts have developed quite nicely to firm, cone shaped B cups without a bra. She was instantly popular .. and unavailable to all the guys. That doesn't keep Del and many others from dreaming of her and hitting on her all the time.

Dreaming is something Del loves to do. They're in vivid color, very active and lately very gooey. With such spacious Technicolor dreams it's hard not to love dreaming. Lots of girls and space, futuristic stuff. They're so fine video games and much of TV is ultimately boring. Not nearly so realistic as his own dreams. They are his own fantasies after all. Products of his own fertile and creative mind.

Fantasy dreams is one of his favorite pastimes and he's always waking up late, barely making it to school on time. Fortunately he lives close to school.

Occasionally they are a bit horrifying but for the most part he really loves his dreams .. especially with women in furs .. it's so REAL. His shorts are soaked with cum in the morning, if he doesn't awake with the dream to catch it.

Del's main social problem with girls is his less-than-popular status. He's tall and reasonably well built with dark, longish curly hair and blue eyes. Very brainy and it isn't that he's not good looking but the best 'looks' wouldn't help his geek status.

Despite this status Del has never suffered the average geeks feelings of social inferiority that most of his buddies suffer. He has great support from his parents and a healthy sense of self worth.

He doesn't dream just of making love with girls in fur but it is certainly his main preoccupation and obsession. Del has always loved fur and has a small fur stash for his personal enjoyment. He's been able to gather these including his nice parka with big real Fox ruff over time.

He also has a magazine collection, not unlike many guys, of women .. only his are all in furs and not all are nudes .. though he likes those the best.

Kimberly has fed Del's fantasies by wearing a couple of modest bunny, lamb and shearling jackets and coats but yesterday she was wearing an incredible hooded light tan Fox. He isn't sure what type of Fox it is but he has a picture of a nude woman in an enormous coat in the same fur from an old Hustler he found at the used book store. One of his favorites for his furry relief and enjoyment.

Like so many other guys, Del has struggled over asking Kimberly out. Finally the day after he first saw her in the incredible Fox he saunters up to her in his parka at her locker. She's wearing THE FOX!!

"Kimberly ... stammering .. You look .. incredible in your new .. fur."

"Thank you Del." with a sweet but distant smile.

It isn't the first time he has spoken to her and she does know who he is. But her being the beauty and he the geek it isn't like they are in the same club or universe for that matter.

"Would you like to go to the Waller party with me this weekend?"

"In yer dreams!!" slamming her locker door she walks away swinging her glorious Fox and blond hair. She knows what she has and she flaunts it.

Del isn't crushed or surprised. In fact he would have been floored and speechless had she said yes. Just more fodder for his dreams and a guy can dream!

Del sees her leaving school that afternoon and waves to her. She sneers, flips her head and hair with her Fox parka shaking and rippling softly and seductively. She knows what fur does for her and doesn't mind showing off, regardless of how little she thinks of the guy.

Kimberly has a sexual rush every time she knows a guy has been turned on by her in fur, not just her alone. She also has a strong desire to mix sex and fur, dreaming of being seduced and loosing her virginity to a guy while they both wallow in furs. Most guys loose out with her because they are just too crude.

Though she has a basic disdain for Del-the-Geek, her private nick name for him, she got a sexual twinge when he complimented her on her fur beyond her normal little rush, like he somehow knows her secret? He might be a geek but she knows he's honest and very observant. Maybe more sensitive? It certainly is a more sincere compliment than one of the jocks. The idea of being with Del? Get real!

Del gets home and is jerking off with his play furs to his favorite picture, the beautiful blond laying in the Fox and imagining her to be Kimberly. His mom gave up on trying to curb his 'unnatural' habit.

"Not all that unnatural .. really." she thinks to herself thinking of her own desires and her sex with her wonderful husband. She secretly hopes her son can have it as fine as his parents.

The sex counselor told her it was perfectly natural for a boy his age to do this. Fur was not mentioned.

Del's Mom has a nice Mahogany Mink and sheared Beaver that Del takes advantage of when she's not home. She can't wear both so he's always able to get that special full furring from time to time. If she knows that he does with her furs she hasn't confronted him about it. Dad doesn't know anything about this.

Del is a very nice boy in all other respects with nearly a straight A average. His father is mildly disappointed he didn't do any sports but he'll never have to worry over him succeeding at something worthwhile.


Mom and Dad fly to Hawaii for a sunny and long weekend vacation. His dad is a successful construction contractor and managed to make a break in his schedule for a long deserved vacation.

Del is left home with both furs and that evening he goes to bed very early with both wrapped around his nude body. After prolonged masturbation and fantasies with his many pictures all laid out at once he falls asleep almost instantly from exhaustion and sexual gratification.

Deep in REM Del is suddenly very alert and aware of even greater fur sensations than his mother's furs. Nice as they are this isn't close to the sensations he is experiencing and, indeed, the furs around him are his favorite Fox as a huge spread and what he knows to be Sable as a second spread wrapped around his nudity.

Beyond the very large bed it's pitch black and a dim, soft, warm light in the immediate area of the bed. Not quite like any dream he has had and he is much more alert, not the dream-like unstable state of mind he's so use to. This is much more real. Indeed, very real!

Laying next to him is a girl with beautiful wavy long natural blond hair laying in the furs with her back to him and wrapped in a Golden Sable spread perfectly matching her hair. Reaching over he tugs at her shoulder and she rolls over facing him. It's Kimberly!! She has a totally shocked and astonished look on her face, gasping in horror. Quickly sitting up facing him, she looks around her in disbelief clutching the Sable tight to her body. She's both horrified and excited with the fur stimulations. A look of utter confusion washes over her face.

"My god Del!! Where are we ... what's this all about? What are you doing in my dream?" she says in astonishment, groping for meaning while furiously fondling herself with the Sable and increasing her excitement.

Del gets a grip and since this is a dream, after all, he's not about to miss a furry experience like this one .... "Finest dream of MY life!! .. and we're both nude in furs!!" he says to her, reaching over and fondling her hair with the Sable .. sliding closer to her.

Kim moans softly and leans into his hands like a cat being petted. She's muttering "No .. no .. this isn't right .. you're not the one .. no Del."

Del doesn't push her but is slowly and softly fur fondling her head and shoulders. He slides around behind her and starts lightly kissing her cheeks and nuzzling into her hair from behind.

She's turns her head to look at him and is softly speaking in a near whisper.

"Please don't do anything to hurt me Del." throwing her head back .. exposing her wonderful breasts to him. He has them wrapped in the Sable in an instant, softly fondling her firm tits and watching her nipples swell bigger than ever.

Kimberly has dreamed of loosing her virginity for some time now and has been looking for the one to take it from her. On the other hand she has thought nothing about how it would go or how she would like it to happen .. just the furry sensations and dreams of how it might feel.

Brainy/Geeky Del has fantasized in great detail having spent much time and research on what making love to a woman entails. Many times in his dreams he has gone through the scenario of seduction and coitus, knowing all the biological parts and elements of it.

He's encouraged with his initial moves which has Kimberly in a very willing mood despite her words. He isn't forcing anything but is letting her body responses tell him what to do next. His passions are running hot and fast. He doesn't want to loose control and do something he knows he will regret even though this is a dream, certainly the most realistic dream he has ever had in his life.

With lots of experience at holding back his ejaculations while fondling his tool with furs for the ultimate ejaculation sensations, Del feels he is well prepared to totally satisfy Kimberly's deepest desires.

"Are you sure you want me to stop Kimberly?" he asks for confirmation even though it is a dream. She softly moans with her tits being softly fondled with the Sable not saying anything for long moments. She presses her face to his as he kisses her neck and cheek while Del fondles her. Long pause with her soft moans and sighing .. "Del .. oh Del .. you are so good to me ... please don't stop .. it's so fine what you're doing to me even if it is a dream. Why am I dreaming of you?"

With his squeezing her tits and pinching her swollen nipples her vagina is twitching with new sensations and has her way over anything she's ever done for herself.

"I did complement you in your fur today. I think you liked it more than you want to admit to yourself? You did say .. In yer dreams so you selected the place."

Del reaches further around her with furs and pulls her into a stronger embrace. She tilts her face further back to him in a willing and eager display for a kiss. Del opens his mouth and pulls her lips in for a passionate tongue flicking kiss .. like they are playing out how she wants him to take her. It's like the TV shows and movie kisses they have both seen only a lot better. It's happening to him and Del is finding it harder and harder to believe this is just a dream.

In his research Del had come to the conclusion after reading all about women and sex that brute force was the last thing she or he truly wants. Kimberly is clueless over any of this in her total lack of considering the reality of getting laid though this is a dream and she can do anything she wishes. She finds herself wonderfully submissive to his moves on her. It's like he knows just what she likes and wants.

Del fur fondles her further and further down her chest and stomach to her crotch and thighs with encouragement from Kimberly.

"Yes Del ... I love the furs .. oh yes fondle me anywhere you wish." getting ever so close to her wonderfully soft muff and labia.

"I love your muff Kim." he dares call her that and without protest but with deeper and louder moans of encouragement.

Slowly and cautiously he runs the fur over her muff increasing the pressure. Kimberly moans loudly, pressing even harder back against Del and kissing even more passionately.

Kimberly has decided she has nothing to loose having this happen in this wonderful dream.

Del slips his fingers through the fur and slowly strokes her muff and labia lips. Kimberly moans and kisses with more and faster tongue thrusts like she's telling him what to do next.

Kim had no idea kissing could be this thrilling but kissing Del and having him fur fondle her this way is way more exciting than any of her dreams or fantasies!

"Yes Del."

Del does as instructed ... slipping one then two fingers between her labia lips. Slowly and easily he slips them in and out up and down, massaging her labia.

With Kim's big groan and soft moans Kimberly is in heaven having a guy do to her what she most loves doing to herself and a whole lot more. Her level of excitement is through the roof. It's all she can do to control her urges to launch into her own proactive attack on him .. very much to her surprise.

Kimberly quickly swings around facing Del. She's first shocked then a soft smile runs across her face when she gets to see Del in all his glory. She had been thinking she was going to pick one of the Football Team to loose it to, thinking they would be the best hung and strongest fuckers. She just changed her mind.

Del is very well hung indeed and so very sensitive to her desires. She reaches down and holds his stiff cock in her hand with the furs and fondles it like it's a precious artifact. "Oh my Del! I had no idea!" and she is very eager for his attentions to her. Del fondles her while she strokes her new discovery with delight contemplating how all this is going to happen.

Del begins fur fondling her butt and pulling her closer yet .. his cock nearly touching her labia lips. Kimberly is leaning forward kissing Del like it is an Olympic event. This is having a very stimulating effect on him with his cock like a power pole.

Del sits up in bed with a start as he is barely able to toss his mom's furs aside in time to keep from hosing them down with the biggest ejaculation of his life. It's moments of pumping pulse after pulse of his thick cum shooting and oozing everywhere. "Oh my god ... it was sooo real!!" He cleans up the mess and falls asleep.

Kimberly shakes and twists with her awaking from her deep dream with pounding heart and super sexual excitement. She instantly masturbates herself to a totally inadequate orgasm with her fingers .. shaking and moaning .. reaching for the same thrill and sensual excitement of her incredible dream. She gets up and walks around her room in complete frustration, trying to calm down enough to fall back to sleep. Exhaustion finally overtakes her and it is late Saturday morning before she awakes.


After wolfing down a big breakfast Kimberly decides a trip to the Mall is just what she needs for a distraction. She can't believe how hungry she was getting up this morning. Like she had been playing basketball all night.

Del is so sexed up and wanting to see girls! from last nights dream. He decides to go to the Mall. It's the only place on the weekend he is certain to see some good looking chicks.

Del's in and out of the department stores seeing some gorgeous chicks but is vaguely unsatisfied with who and what he sees. He's wandering through one of his favorite smaller clothing stores for teens with a kind of jungle decor which one can either hide in or get lost in. Great clothes and the teens love it.

Del is getting his chick fix when he runs smack into Kimberly, nearly knocking each other down. Del is stunned and Kimberly is a gasp ... literally gasping. She goes completely flush and Del has an instant and very visible super boner. His tent makes Kimberly even redder.

"I .. I .. I'm sssorry." she stammers out.

"Oh my .. nno .. I'm sorry." Del replies.

Kimberly then gets the most incredible sexual rush she audibly gasps like in her dream. Del grips her by the arms and pulls her up straight remembering the gasp from his dream?

"Uh .. you OK Kim." he says. She has this sudden feeling of total nakedness in front of Del.

"I have to rush home .. I'm late for an important event." and she rushes out of the store. None of the Kimberly haughtiness or sexual arrogance.

All the way home Kim's heart is pounding like awaking from her dream.

"The size of his cock is no dream!" she mumbles to herself somewhat quizzically.

She mumbles incoherently to her parents on her way upstairs to her room about emailing friends. She checks her windows to see if they had been opened. They were shut, locked and the sticks snug in their tracks. No way Del could have gotten in last night. Besides the alarm System her dad insisted on having ..!

Kimberly relaxes and figures it has to be a very peculiar set of circumstances and a way too vivid of a dream. What did she eat last night? Meat loaf and broccoli .. one of her favorites. Not nightmare food!

She just veges out in front of TV after dinner. She finally gives up and goes upstairs to her bed and falls almost immediately to sleep.

Del goes home to an empty house and flops down in front of TV.

After awhile the thoughts over Kimberly at the Mall and the dream last night has him with another major boner so he gets mom's furs and strips. He does something he's never done before. Laying out the Beaver he sits in it, wrapping it around and pulls the Mink over himself and settles in to watch TV in the family room.

His thoughts soon drift to Kimberly again as his boner grows and gets fondled with mom's Mink while his mind drifts to last night's dream. It isn't long before he's ponding his pub with the Mink over those images of Kimberly's nude body wrapped in fur and in his arms. It was so incredibly real!! After shooting off several times the drone and flickering of the TV becomes hypnotic and he drifts off to sleep.


While Kimberly is stroking his cock with Sable Del is still fur fondling her wonderful tits with the Sable then reaches behind her gripping her butt and pulls her closer yet to him.

His cock nestles in her soft muff and leaves a wet track in the hair from his precum.

"Oh yes Del!" with even more fervor and commitment than before like they are reading each others mind.

"Before what?" runs through both their minds with the stimulation, like there was no break, yet they both remember there was a break. A break from what .. to what. With the sexual tension and excitement such questions are relegated to the truly mundane.

With one of Kimberly's hands and one of Del's hands they grip and move his cock up and down between her labia lips with Kimberly moaning and squirming in the furs to the sexual stimulations. Best masturbation either has ever had so far.

Del begins to push it in and out just a very little bit with her eager encouragement and small humping/rocking motions. He slowly pushes his cock bit by bit into her twat as she shakes with even more powerful excitement.

"Oh Del .. kiss me again." They vacuum each other with their kissing. With passionate eagerness Del's cock slips deeper yet into her. She moans louder yet only to be muffled in their kissing.

"Are you OK with this?" Del says with a short disengagement from their kissing.

"Oh YES Del. Please do." and with that he rolls forward slowly thrusting his cock deep into Kimberly's warm and tight virgin vagina, ripping through her hymen.

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