tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn Yer Dreams Ch. 02

In Yer Dreams Ch. 02


The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you're under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it's entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

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A Revised version.


Del and Kim are making out in the light of the Eagle Nebula gas clouds while viewing a projection of Kim's parents making out on the wall of their bubble. They have a mountain of Sable to pleasure themselves with.

Back home Kim's parents have a new Silver Fox spread on their bed and both are in full fur coats. The Professor is ravaging his "student" tonight in her new hooded Shadow Fox coat. She is beside herself gripping his big hooded Beaver coat as he relentlessly thrusts into her. She's thrashing about and groaning with words of encouragement.

Their picture is projected on the wall of their bubble as Kim shakes with her orgasms in sync with her mom. Del is thrusting deep into her soft womb flooding her with his essence.

The young couple relent after awhile and watch her parents still in the throws of intercourse.

"IT .. why do you let us look in on my parents like this?"

"We want you two to know all about the pleasures of a life joined forever."

"That isn't all is IT?"

There is a long pause for her question asked too soon.

"There are others." and the bubble is covered with so many images of couples copulating it has to expand and the starry sky and gas clouds beyond are obscured. They are all from their age to their parents age.

"Why IT?"

"To colonize a new planet with, hopefully, better results. It's a new method we have come up with for possibly better results."

Kim and Del sit in the furs stunned, still looking at all the couples copulating. They begin to recognize a few and they point them out to each other.

"So we get dropped off on some bare rock planet to fend for ourselves and create a new world?" Del snips.

"Not at all. There are many of you much like yourselves that will be fully capable of creating a new world filled with most of the basic comforts of your old world and then some. You have a chance to not make the same mistakes and you won't be doing this without our help. The best and most necessary parts of your world will be transported or replicated."

"So when and how does this happen?" Kim asks.

"Very soon if you are willing. Slowly and in small groups on a kind of periodic vacation at first. You will need to work on key installations requiring attention to design and implement each stage and element."

Suddenly Del sees his parents screwing like teens in their furs. "My parents?"

"It's often genetic links that work best. Not always but in yours and Kim's cases it is deeply genetic. Yes your mother knows Del."

"So where is this planet?" Kim asks. The bubble clears and a small bright red circle appears around a seemingly small star in the 'upper left' clear edge of the clouds. The image expands as they zoom in at astonishing speed with the objects around them seeming to warp and distort. they are soon in a solar system and quickly around a planet looking a lot like Earth. They zoom in closer yet to cloud level and move around the planet seeing all the features they are familiar with from looking at their GOOGLE Earth travels and other satellite images of Earth, only no cities or human development.

Looking into the night sky from the dark side the sky glows faintly at the west horizon with the colored glow of the gas clouds and two moons, one slightly bigger,slightly closer and one smaller, further away than Earth's moon, their crescents glow brightly in the night sky. Earth 2 in many ways.

"Can we go down there now?" Kim asks.

"So you want to be Eve?" IT asks.

"Adam and Eve!" Del says.

"Only for a brief moment." IT says and their bubble lands on a bluff much like Big Sur. A hole opens and they step out to a scene with heavy pounding surf below and a cool ocean breeze caressing their nude bodies. The coast line curves and wraps around to their left to the end of a huge mountain range plunging into the ocean with a string of Islands running out into the ocean beyond. All much bigger than any on Earth One. Like Mt. Everest on the coast. One moon is setting while the sun is still high in the sky. The air is fresh and clean, unspoiled by man.

"This is Paradise Del!"

"Where is the Serpent?"

"The only Serpents are in your mind." IT says to them.

"Where have our fertile eggs gone?" Kim asks.

"To yet another planet for a new race of you, bred from primitive hominids. Your true Adam and Eve persona's."

"Is that how those other planets developed?" Del asks IT.

"Those and many more. Yours was one of many before you."

"You mean we came from other human beings somewhere else?" Kim asks.

"Before that and before that, many times over."

"So where did you come from IT?" Kim asks.

"From one many many times before. We developed without destroying ourselves until we collectively ascended."

They get back in the bubble.

"Can we see the cold part." Kim asks wrapping up in the furs.

"Certainly." IT says and they fly quickly over the tree tops to the edge of a forest of evergreens and a running stream coming down from tall surrounding mountains. Much like winter around Missoula. "Is this where you would like to live?" IT asks.

"That's a trick question right? It's too early to make those decisions isn't IT?" Del asks.

"Yes but we know you two would like this best and yes you can and you will have furs."


It's early morning and they are in Kim's bed together with Del's clothes beside the bed.

"This is different?" Del remarks.

"Let's see if my folks are still at it?" as they dress and slip down the hall. They hear moaning from their room.

"Yeah, I think so." Del whispers and they peek past the partially open door. Her mom and dad are wallowing in their new furs like they're having a great deal of fun.

"Gonna be fun teasing them." Kim whisper to Del. They go to the kitchen and begin fixing breakfast.

It isn't long before the Professor and his student show like Bears coming out of hibernation looking for food. Kim laughs at them and their efforts at modesty.

"So how do you two like making out in your new furs?" Kim inquires.

Her mom and dad are stunned at first.

"What do you mean Kim?" her dad asks feigning casual.

"Oh we saw you. Don't try and pretend you aren't!" she says. Mom is snickering by now. "Peeked in and the Silver Fox looked like it was alive and running all over you two."

"Well a hump uh what uh you're not suppose to look in on us!! What's Del doing here this time of the morning anyway?" her dad stammers desperately trying to remain fatherly.

"That's OK dad. I know you and mom screw a lot! I'm proud my folks still do that. besides Del and me were screwing like minks in furs last night and this morning too."

"WHAT?" he bellows and mom breaks out laughing. "What are you laughing about? This is serious! Where were you two last night! I demand to know!!"

"On another planet." Del says.

"Don't you get smart with me young man! Where were you?"

"I said we were on another planet at the edge of the Eagle Nebula. I'm serious."

Kim's mom is rolling with laughter.

"What are you laughing about Betty!!" He never calls her by name unless he's really pissed.

"Be quiet and listen! she says. Kim and Del have been literally fucking out of this world. I didn't believe her when she first told me either. That is until I sat beside her bed one night and watched her vanish before my eyes. She returned much later with her twat full of cum. Oh yes dear, I'm also pregnant."

The Professor sits in stunned silence. Speechless for once in his life.

"We actually were on our new world last night Mrs. Mac Dermotts. It's wonderful. A lot like Earth and we will be living there not very long from now. You two also. It's one of many like it."

"It was like we were Adam and Eve." Kim says.

"Yeah .. we can grow just Sables and Chinchillas. Maybe some Fox." Del says.

"Mink for every day." Betty says.

"WAIT JUST ONE DAMN MINUTE!!" the Professor says This is some kind of big joke right? OK what's the punch line?"

"You're going out of this world dad and we're going with you .. well you're going with us actually. We've already been there."

Del has his arms around Kim by now and is kissing her hair and stroking her face the way the Professor does his favorite student. He's stunned with a reality he is unable to accept.

"OK. I can take that my daughter is having sex with a very nice guy who clearly likes her very much. Just don't try to obscure it with a big joke .. OK?"

"OK daddy. Just don't say we didn't warn you. Well you'll love it when you find out you're really really wrong. Just imagine your own University?" and she takes Del by the hand "Let's go to the Mall while we still can." and they leave.

"Honey! Kim is really getting out of hand. I don't even mind her making out with Del but the other stuff is just too much. What's this about you're being pregnant?"

"Yes dear and what I said about Kim dripping with cum returning from god knows where is absolutely true. It's when I knew our intercourse was successful. Kim and I locked wet cum covered fingers in a way only two women could know the truth. Mother and daughter yet."

The Professor sits totally stunned.

While at the Mall Del spots Shelly and Vince. Two of the ones in the bubble projections.

"Hi Vince!" Del calls out. They turn and come over. Kim and Del sit on a bench in the middle of the Mall with Vince and Shelly. They are both kind of popular but not so snobbish they would ignore Del. Shelly is actually a long time friend of Kim's.

"So did you two have fun last night?" Kim asks with a coy smile. Shelly knows right off what she means and blushes big.

"Oh! That good huh Vince?" Del says.

Vince unconsciously grips Shelly's hand tighter.

"How do you know?" Shelly whispers.

"You'll find out soon enough and some of your deepest fantasies will come true as well." Stroking Shelly with her Fox sleeve as she wraps an arm around her. Shelly lets a soft whimper knowing Kim really does know. "We do it all the time 'that way' now Shelly." squeezing her with her furry arm. Shelly moans deeper.

"Why don't you try sleeping in your own beds apart and dream of each other tonight? It may open new doors." Del suggests.


That evening Del and Kim are together as usual in their bubble floating closer to the Eagle Nebula again when they see two other bubbles near by. It's Kim's mom and dad in one, still asleep. Shelly and Vince are in the other one apparently just awaking. Both bubbles turn from view.


"Vince! Where are we?" gripping a big bundle of Sable to her in fear.

"Oh my god Shelly! We're in outer space! Oh shit .. what incredible furs!!"

They are almost instantly screwing wildly despite their fears.


In the other bubble the Professor awakes with a start. He rubs his eyes and shakes his head violently then looks again .. his mouth gaping wide. Betty awakes and slowly begins stroking him with their Silver Fox spread which is laid over with another huge Shadow Fox spread. The Professor is soon distracted by his student softly sucking his cock and fur fondling his balls with furs. As the Professor shudders with a major ejaculation he looks up and sees Kim and Del looking down on them from their bubble also engaged in coitus.

He falls on her mother and thrusts deep into her womb. She smiles sweetly as she looks up seeing her daughter and Del screwing softly and sweetly, wallowing in huge piles of Sable.

Kim and Del's bubble turns as Vince and Shelly are shocked, look up seeing them making love.


Kim and Del find themselves instantly in his bed still in coitus but in his mom's furs. Kim is in the midst of a large moaning orgasm with Del's mom looking on. Kim makes no effort to stop or modify her actions, following it through to her gasping and shaking finish. It seems Del's late for school.

"So how long has this been going on!" Del's mom sternly asks as the two roll apart, Del's cock dripping with their juices and Kim still breathing, shaking and moaning heavily from her orgasm. "Oh Del .. you're sooo good!!"

She waits for them to calm down, sitting in a chair beside the bed. Del wraps Kim in his mom's Mink and holds her close. "For awhile now Mom. Only this is the first here like this." His mom is surprisingly calm.

"So you're protected Kim?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes." she replies.

"Well you are or you aren't! It's no a sort of thing."

"In our case mom it is. All of our fertile eggs are taken and apparently Kim's been adjusted to make a ton of them every time we screw."

"This is all too crazy Del. I don't mind you two having intercourse. It was inevitable that you found someone. God you've certainly fantasied having a woman like Kim long enough and I don't even mind you doing it in my furs but you've got to take care of yourselves!"

"Have you and Mr. Jennings done it in your furs before Mrs. Jennings?" Kim asks with a coy smile.

She's stunned with the question as her hand slips between her legs unconsciously with an open mouth reaction of surprise.

"So you and dad do it too mom? Wow my mom and dad doin' it in furs Kim!" in feigned surprise and a big smile.

In a valiant recovery effort .. "You two .. out of bed and to school right now."

"Can I wear your Mink to school Mrs. Jennings?" trying to unhinge her again. She waves Kim on as she dresses and slips into her Mink. It's clear this excites Del's mom seeing her fur clad son off to school with the blonde woman of his dreams wrapped in her own dark Mink. How much more approval could she manage? smiling broadly with pride of her son's success and obvious satisfaction.

Inspired by her son and his girlfriend she spends a bit of the morning fondling her nude body with her sheared Beaver dreaming of how she will seduce Del's father tonight, quietly in orgasm. Seems Del comes by his fondness for furs honestly. Del's dad's eyes never wander and Del has listened to his parents moans and laughing at night for as long as he can remember. It's always made him extraordinarily comfortable to know of his parents love for each other.

Kim is a hit in 'her' Mink at school. She has an incredible feeling of .. not exactly conquest .. maybe completeness? of having Del's mom recognize and accept them so completely. The feeling continues to grow throughout the day when she finally runs into Shelly.

Shelly is beside herself seeing Kim dressed in Mink at school! She runs up to her and hugs her like a lover.

"WOW Kim. You're going all out."

"It belongs to Del's mom yet!"

"What happened last night Kim?"

"Get use to it. You'll probably be there every night from now on. Del and me haven't missed a night since it started .. well one but that's another story."

"It's certainly something we'll have no trouble getting use to. I still would like to know what this is all about. I sure didn't get any bad vibes."

"The word is IT or that's what we started calling them. Just speak out to the air when you are in your bubble to IT by name. It's complicated and simple at once so just do what I tell you. You'll have all your questions answered and experience total sexual gratification. You can make love in the most magnificent furs you can imagine. In fact imagine or ask for what you want and you WILL experience it. You'll also be totally protected now."


Del didn't quite get all of his fathers best physical qualities. His height and dark hair is about it .. oh yeah .. his sex drive and equipment. His father has a major athletic build and an inch taller. That extra inch ended up in Del's tool kit to Kim's delight.

His mother is quite the opposite. She's a well endowed five eight blonde. Del didn't go too far off his mom as an ideal with Kim.

For her modest efforts with his dad, Bill, he hasn't quite gotten the message yet. One reason she was unperturbed discovering her son screwing Kim in her furs has been her monitoring him since puberty. Seeing her son fulfilling his fondest fantasies and fully recognizing each other has her very excited.

She's actually very happy and very turned on with her discovery. This has driven her to take Bill in a very serious effort in furs now. With a visit to the furrier to spend some of that nice bonus she is well prepared tonight to fur ravage Bill. Motivated by her son it's time Bill gets with her program. She spends the late morning and afternoon at several furriers.

Bill finishes up his last emails for the night. Debra and Del have been in bed for some time much as most other nights. Del is already with Kim in space.

Bill is thinking about how it was several years ago when he and Debra couldn't wait to get to bed and screw half the night away every night. He has never had a moments thought of another woman .. sexually at any rate. "Soon now" .. he's thinking as he wanders into the bedroom.

The room is dark and as he stumbles his way to the bed, not wanting to disturb Debra. Sitting on the edge of the bed he is suddenly overwhelmed with softness as Debra pulls him into the new Cross Fox spread. She spreads her new Lynx lined cape over herself as she swings over his cock. Seems Bill has volunteered his stiff erection on her command.

Dropping down on his stiff pole Debra begins her ride and Bill has forgotten everything else about his life save the beauty of his wife, the incredible sensations of her warm womb and the soft furs she is fondling him with. Bill is soon ejaculating quite uncontrollably to Debra's sexual and sensual sensations.

He has lost all control of reality. He finally musters up the where-with-all to roll Debra over to their favorite position of him thrusting up into her from behind.

Realizing there is even more furs he wraps himself in a huge cape of Shadow Fox. She eagerly and willingly rolls over face and bare tits sliding in the soft furs.

Bill finally gets it. He begins fur fondling his lovely wife in ways he figures she would most like along with himself. WOW what a thrill, when he looks up to the gradual increase in soft colored light bathing them in their increasing pile of wonderful furs to see a huge Nebula cloud overhead. At first he's curious and hasn't slowed his thrusts into Debra, still quite carried away.

"Debra!! we're not in our bedroom anymore!" She slowly props herself up from the furs and looks around. Slipping away from Bill she turns and hugs him wrapped in their furs, looking around at the spectacular view in total awe.

"What happened Bill?"

"I don't have a clue? I think it's real unless we are both suffering from the same hallucination."

Kim and Del had been trying out doing it doggie style for a change of pace. Del is fuck pounding Kim like crazy when his parent's bubble floats close by.

"Debra!! Look!! Del and Kim screwin' like wild dogs!!!"

"Aren't they beautiful Bill?" grabbing him and rolling on top again.

Bill has always been a pushover for Debra being on top. He loves seeing her squirm and twist on his cock. Wrapped in these magnificent furs she seems even more gorgeous. Seeing his son humping Kim has him lit off like a Roman Candle as he thrusts up into Debra, totally mindless of their situation. Like father like son!!

"Look at your parents Del." waving to them as Del energetically thrusts deeper into Kim. She finally rolls over and separates from Del. "Let's do that more often honey." she entreats Del. "See your parents?"

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