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In Your Dreams


Given the amount of beer he'd consumed that night, Ken was surprised the dream came again. The buzz of alcohol in his blood just seemed to soothe him into the hazy scenario that much more easily. The girl was lying naked on her bed, as usual... or he assumed it was her bed, anyway. The details didn't mean much to him just then, not while watching her fingers spread her pussy lips and dance on her clit in a wanton display he could watch forever.

A moan of irritation rose from her and he tried to step forward to help, but something in the dream held him back. He wasn't restrained in any comprehendible way, but yet he couldn't go to her, his dream girl.

"Damn you," she moaned, to his surprise. He hadn't thought she had seen him yet.

Peering closer he saw her eyes squeezed shut; he was right. She wasn't talking to him. Blinding fury burst in his veins so suddenly he grunted, even though the sound never reached his ears. He was restrained in more ways than one. Who the hell was she talking to, if not him? Ken couldn't believe the rage seething through his veins. She was just a dream girl. So why did it irritate him so fully to think she was imagining another man?

"It's not fair," she panted, still rubbing the hood of her sensitive clit for all she was worth. "Fuck! I can't do it!" With another moan her body slumped, defeated, her fingers pulling away from her reddened flesh.

The anger in his veins cooled instantly when he realized she was frustrated without his help. The pleasure that replaced the fury made him tingle all over. Dream girl or no, he couldn't imagine feeling this happy about anything else ever, real or imaginary. His eyes ate up the sight of her, lying spread out on top of her quilt, knees spread, hands limply resting on her stomach for lack of energy to move them further. He licked his lips and felt the fog lift; he could speak. "You just lack incentive," he purred, surprising them both with the heat in his voice.

The brunette's head flew up, brown eyes wide, her stomach tightening to pull her shoulders off the mattress as her arms struggled weakly to find positions to support her. Elbows propping her up, her face quickly melted from surprise into heat. He could practically feel lasers raking up and down his body as she looked him over. She had to lick her lips twice before she could make her lips form the words, and he enjoyed every glimpse of her tongue. "It's so late I thought you weren't coming," she panted. She couldn't still be out of breath from her abandoned masturbation session, could she?

Ken felt his chest tighten at the idea of missing out tonight, even if the thought had crossed his mind when his coworkers dragged him out to dinner and more. "I was out," he found himself tell her honestly. What did a dream girl care about such things? He felt the truth bubbling to the surface anyway. "A couple friends were trying to cheer me up because I haven't been sleeping well lately and apparently I'm so moody it's starting to affect my work."

He could see the curiosity in her expression at his first words squashed by the smile that blossomed across her face. "Oh?" she purred, and his cock jumped at the sound. He hadn't realized how painfully hard he was until that moment, and watching her lick her lips again didn't help things... it wasn't to moisten dry lips, that was for damn sure. Her brown eyes sparkled at him as she shifted her elbows, propping her naked torso up further and making her breasts thrust out at him. Her nipples were flushed and hard, standing out almost half an inch from her milky tit flesh. "Trouble sleeping, hmm?"

To his delight when he tried to move forward he found he could, nearly stumbling in his haste to leave the shadowy fringes of the dreamscape and climb between her wantonly spread thighs. Her eyes laughed at him as he barely managed to keep his feet, taking the two steps to her bed and crawling onto the mattress at her feet. "Sleep isn't the problem," he murmured, grinning at her. "It's this dream I keep having."

"Oh?" She smiled and tossed her head, making the golden strands in her wavy brown hair catch the light. "Bad dreams?"

He couldn't stand her teasing, he didn't care how much fun it was. Foreplay be damned, he wanted her now. Ken scrambled forward, roughly pushing her flat in his haste to cover her body with his. His cock landed flat against her own personal furnace and he clutched at the quilt on either side of her, burying his face in her shoulder to hide his fraying control. Her scent... he rubbed his nose in her neck, smelling a combination of her flowery shampoo, sweat, and of course her arousal which completely filled the room at this point.

His dream girl wrapped her arms and legs around him as soon as he reached his place atop her. When she tilted her hips, sliding slick wet heat against his cock it was more than he could take. With a groan he pressed his body up so he could glance down and aim his cock. As always, she was tight, almost too tight for his wide cock head to enter. Tonight he couldn't handle the slow torture of slowly readying her velvet sheath for him. He bent his head, clamped his lips over hers, and slammed his hips home.

Shrieking into his kiss her tongue slithered forward to claim his. She raked fingernails up his back, gripping his shoulders tightly enough her nails probably broke the skin. Her legs tightened around his hips, locking him in place as she broke the kiss and panted for breath.

Even in his drunken haze he saw the flicker of pain cross her forehead. "I..."

"It's okay," she panted, clutching him tightly. One hand moved from his shoulder to the back of his head. She pulled him down into another kiss, every bit as feverish as the first. When their tongues fought he thought he could feel echoing ripples in the silken walls gripping his cock. If he weren't already full to bursting he could've sworn his cock hardened yet further. This time they were both panting when they broke apart. Her brown eyes burned with fire. "You just surprised me. Don't let it stop you, lover."

Something about the passion in her eyes sent shivers through his body. It didn't matter that this was a dream, that she wasn't real. The animalistic part of his brain kicked into overdrive and his hips pulled away abruptly, just as quickly pounding back down and sheathing himself in her wet cunt once more, establishing a brutal pace that would leave bruises in a real encounter.

She cried out, arching against him, and dragged his lips back down to hers, but that didn't stop her cries of delight. Muffled against his mouth he could hear each moan and whimper. Tilting her hips to force them up against him drove him deeper into her and he groaned at the feeling. Fuck, he'd never felt such a perfect cunt. "Oh!" she cried, and he felt it too; he'd reached every inch of her and it was amazing. Her muscles rippled around him as she quickly jumped towards orgasm, breath catching in her throat. "Oh, fuck!"

The obscenity from her innocent lips made Ken shudder, a ripple of pleasure flowing all the way to his toes. His balls began to tighten and he thrust faster, all control of his body lost as the quaking started deep down inside him.

Her response was to arch against him, her nipples scraping his over and over again as she pushed her hips into the mattress and up to meet him, entire body bouncing to get the force she so desired. "Yes!" she shrieked, bucking harder.

Oh shit. Her muscles rippled and then clamped down on his cock so hard it made his blood pound in his ears. A wordless grunt broke from him as his own orgasm rushed full speed ahead. He felt the wave hit, all his energy zapped into thrusting erratically, keeping the delicious friction going on his cock inside her grasping wetness. The first jet of his cum rocketed from his balls with such force his whole body trembled, crushing her beneath his weight when his arms couldn't hold him any more. His next thrusts didn't have the same force, but her muscles milked him of every drop he could give her anyway.

His shattered sanity slowly started collecting, and when he realized he didn't know how long he had been lying heavily on her, he used what little energy he had to push himself off her, groaning as his softening dick pulled out of her. At least her own groan mirrored his. It was some small boost for his mood. How could he have taken her so roughly? If he didn't have bruises on his hips, he was a girl. Though he wanted to bury his face in her neck and let the simmering pleasure dissipate at its own slow pace, he grunted and rolled away, lying next to her with a huffed breath. He really didn't want to be away from her yet.

He could feel her racing pulse when he fumbled for her hand, taking it in his own. "I can't believe you," he whispered, turning his head to eye her. "I've never felt like this with a woman."

Her eyes shone. "You really are everything I could dream of," she whispered. "You even know exactly how to make me feel loved. Why can't you be real, dream lover?"

He tried to open his mouth to reply, to laugh that he wasn't the dream, but once more he was frozen in place. No. Not yet, he cried mentally, but still, his body did not respond.

"I think I've fallen for you, and you don't even have a name," she whispered, her face already fading into the fogginess that heralded him awakening. Her eyes lingered a moment longer than the rest of the dreamscape, but the moment was far too brief.

Ken woke in his own bed, feeling exhausted. "No..." he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut and willing himself to fall back asleep. To return to her side. It wasn't working. When he realized as much, he growled, gritting his teeth. How could a dream encounter with that sexy thing leave him feeling so drained? It was like he had actually been... the ache of his hips made him sit bolt upright, throwing back the sheets to reveal bruises already forming on his hip bones.

No fucking way.

This was random... what can I say, orgasms make my imagination kick into overdrive. Was it worth getting out of bed to write down at four AM? I think it was, but I'm still riding the high, I could be a bit biased at the moment.

Let me know what you think. Are these characters worth developing? This could easily lead into several more chapters, if you all think it's worth the effort. Thanks for every vote and comment!

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