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In Your Dreams


I think I just had sex for the first time.

It's a strange sentence, I know, but give me a moment to explain. It's crazy to say, but I'm pretty sure it happened in a dream. I've even got proof, I think. She has to be... Wait, I'm going too fast. Lemme start from the very beginning.

First thing, this dream was super vivid. I looked off into the distance and saw the tiny silhouette of what looked like a woman in a loose dress. The next instant, she was right next to me, squeezing her body into mine, her excited blue eyes practically drilling holes into my head. She was grinning a sly little grin, and completely naked save for a blanket that she was holding over her body. I could only barely get a good look at her face before she giggled and threw her blanket over my face, and then tackled me to the ground.

I fully expected the impact to jolt me awake, but it didn't. It wasn't anything like the impact I thought it would be. Like a big, soft cushion rather than a concrete floor. When I pulled the blanket off, she was right on top of me, drawing circles on my chest with her finger and licking her lips. She leaned in and kissed me, and kept kissing for what felt like hours. Between the warmth of her kiss and the eagerness of her whole body pressed against mine, I couldn't help but get extremely turned on. My cock sprang up, just barely brushing against the inside of her thighs. She quite clearly noticed, since she let out a tiny little moan, but she didn't break off the kiss. Instead, she pushed her legs together around my cock, and then shifted her body down just a tiny bit – no more than an inch. My cock became rock hard, harder than it's ever been. Not because of the squeezing, but because her sweet, delicate pussy was resting directly on top of my shaft.

If she had shifted just a bit more, I would have come on the spot, and apparently my face reflected that. She stopped kissing me, moved her legs back apart, and slowly moved her body down mine, excruciatingly dragging every inch of her warm, sexy body along the entire length of my cock. When her lips reached it, my shaft was almost trembling. She gave it a single lick all the way up, giggling at how much it twitched when she did. Finally, mercifully, she took in her mouth and started to work her tongue around it. Her left hand was firmly around my cock, while her right seemed to work its way down her body, working a finger or two in and out of her pussy. I was reaching my limit, and my involuntary gasps and spasms just about coincided with hers. I probably should have warned her that I was about to cum, but she didn't seem to mind. I blew my hot white liquid into her mouth, and she just shut her eyes and swallowed it. When she was quite sure that I was finished cumming, she released my now-limp cock, breathing heavily and looking at me with the naughtiest, sexiest grin I've ever seen. Her hand was still on her pussy, and before I could even attempt to move, she grabbed my shoulder and did something I couldn't really comprehend. She somehow pushed me AND spun me so that, in a split second, her dripping wet pussy was mere inches from my head. Thinking back on it now, that one can probably be chocked up to the whole thing being a dream, but I had more important things to think about. She looked down at me with a piercing stare. And I mean a PIERCING stare. It wasn't a "Aww yeah, we're gonna have sex, and it's gonna be great" stare; more like "oh god oh god I fucking need someone to fuck me RIGHT NOW FUCK FUCK WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR I NEED THIS JUST FUCKING DO IT FUCK HURRY UP AND FUCK ME FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". She jammed her plump, wet pussy into my face, so I did the logical thing and started licking it. Immediately she let out a brilliant pent-up combination of gasps and moans, which only grew in intensity when I licked harder. Her hands kept alternating between pulling my head closer to her pussy and squeezing her perky tits, both of which were driving her ever closer to the edge.

It was only then that I had noticed her powerfully erect clit just below my nose. I flicked my tongue up and around it. She screamed through her pleasure. Her legs started to shake. I wrapped my lips around it and gave a single gentle suck. Apparently that was too much for her, and she came all over my face. Her legs twitched, her breathing steadied, and she removed her pussy from my face, revealing a thick coating of her own juices all over it. Out of curiosity, I licked my lips a bit, trying to find some sort of taste in her beautiful pussy's juices. Strangely enough, it tasted like fresh raspberries.

She stood up, finally letting me see her whole naked body. She looked fucking amazing. Long brown hair, shimmering blue eyes, big perky breasts, nicely toned legs, and an ass you could bounce quarters off of. She was perfect. The noticeable wetness of her pussy only made her look sexier.

I stood up next to her and whispered the only thing I could think of, "You taste like raspberries."

She smiled, "You taste like chocolate." Her voice was irresistible: smooth, bubbly, demure, and just a little bit lusty all blended together. I couldn't help but snicker at the thought of ejaculating chocolate.

She swung her arms over my shoulders and leaned in close for a kiss. It felt like another one of those hours-long kisses that never seemed long enough. Eventually she pulled her face away from mine to lick her lips for a moment with an inquisitive stare.

Before I could ask about it, her stare melted into an excited grin, "That's raspberries alright!"

All I could think to do was smile and hug her tight. Without missing a beat, she nestled her head in my shoulder and gave a satisfied sigh.

"I think I like you," she suddenly said, no more than three seconds into the hug, "Wanna fuck some more?"

I was thrown by the request, but my cock hardened anyway.

She glanced down and smiled, "I'll take that as a yes!" She giggled again, "Now don't move."

She moved my hands over my eyes, "And no peeking!"

About ten seconds later, she exclaimed, "Okay, look!"

She was on a huge, probably king-sized bed with her ass in the air just a foot from my head. She looked back and shot me a naughty grin, "C'mon, make me yours."

I couldn't hesitate. My raging erection wouldn't let me. Immediately I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into her wet little pussy. She gasped and visibly grabbed at the sheets. With every push and pull on her hips, I felt every bit of her tight little pussy, and she felt the whole length of my cock. The two seemed to fit perfectly, like they were made for each other. Between her pussy and her lustful moans and screams, it wasn't long at all before I was at my limit.

"Fuck," I managed between thrusts, "I'm about to-"

She cut me off, only barely containing her pleasure, "Me too. On three?"

I didn't bother to go to the trouble of agreeing with her. Seeing her writhing and squirming with ecstasy was pushing me too close. I thrust forward forcefully, "One..."

She screamed, clutching harder at the sheets. I thrust again, "Two..."

Her head fell forward. She was squeezing her mouth shut, but couldn't help but let out a long carnal moan of pleasure.

I thrust one last time, ready to cum, "Three!"

And then I woke up. At first I thought it was all a dream; it wasn't the first time I had woken up with cum all over my boxers. Then I looked at my hand and noticed a bit of handwriting scrawled across it that said "Next time will be kinkier ;)". Just when I read it, I swear I could faintly smell raspberries in the air.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I need to buy some sleeping pills, as many as I can get.

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