tagMind ControlIn Your Eyes

In Your Eyes


They were light brown in color, almost golden. Perhaps they were golden. Reflections of candlelight flickered off them, making them seem to change color just a little. The flickering light in them made them seem large and luminous. A face framed them, a gorgeous, pale face with black hair cut in a pageboy style, but the face didn't seem important next to the eyes. Nothing seemed important next to the eyes. Jada wasn't sure if they didn't blink, or if she was just blinking in unison with them and forgetting. Jada was vaguely aware of her own body, of the vacant slackness of her facial expression, the tiny bit of drool at the corner of her mouth, but the woman's eyes held her own like magnets. Jada tried with all she had, but couldn't move her own eyes even a millimeter away from the stranger's.

She could just manage to remember what had happened to her if she didn't try to look away. Looking away took effort. Thinking took effort. Everything took effort except looking straight into the stranger's eyes and letting all her thoughts go. But Jada could just barely remember the restaurant. She was pretty sure she was still there. Her peripheral vision didn't extend very far, the eyes drew all her attention in, but she thought she'd remember moving.

Jada was manager at the restaurant, although she didn't feel too "in charge" at the moment, and she'd been getting very irritated at Tara, one of the waitstaff. It was a busy night...still? Jada suddenly realized she had no idea how long she'd been sitting here, just gazing into the eyes of this strange woman. There was a blissfully timeless quality to her gaze, a sort of serenity that just crept over you, leaving you perfectly at ease in the stillness, just...lost...

A thought surfaced again, but Jada didn't know how much time she'd lost just in that last hazy moment. She felt someone's arms reaching around her. It didn't seem to matter, not while she was fighting to keep a thought, any thought, in her head. She stuck to trying to remember. She remembered Tara. Pretty Indian girl, very good at her job. Jada didn't normally have any complaints about her section, but tonight, virtually everyone she sat there complained that the waitress was neglecting them. Eventually, as the complaints became more frequent, Jada had decided to go over and find out exactly what was keeping Tara so busy.

Where was Tara now? The thought popped into Jada's head. It seemed like Jada could only keep one thought in her mind at a time now. Those eyes, those beautiful golden eyes, seemed to crowd everything else out. They just seemed so...important. She didn't remember the strange woman speaking at all, but the eyes spoke volumes to a part of Jada she'd never known existed. They burned into her mind, just seeming to broadcast the message that it was easy to look, easy to watch, easy to not think. Gaze at us, they seemed to say. Lose yourself in us. Melt into us.

Tara. Where had Tara gotten to? Was Tara the owner of the hands that were running up and down her front through her blouse? Jada didn't know and couldn't find out. She couldn't look away from the eyes, couldn't turn her head and see who was behind her. The stranger had caught and held her in those eyes. Jada couldn't even summon up the strength to ask if Tara was behind her. Her mouth hung open, either in dazed exhaustion or rapt amazement. Possibly both. The eyes were so beautiful, fighting them was so hard. Jada knew she had to look. Knew she wanted to look.

She'd spoken at first, when she'd gone back to the secluded booth in the back corner of the restaurant and found Tara there with some customer. Tara had been naked, her legs spread, her eyes vacant and half-lidded, her fingers pumping in and out of her cunt. She'd been staring at the strange woman with an expression like...Jada remembered her childhood, spent in a bad neighborhood. She remembered the look on a junkie's face once, when he'd injected himself with heroin right in front of her. The rush had hit him, made him look rapt and mindless in the thrall of chemical bliss. Tara had looked like that. Jada was pretty sure she looked like that right now herself. Except she wasn't naked.

But Tara had been. She'd been naked and masturbating right there in public, and Jada had been seconds away from throwing a tablecloth over her, frogmarching her back to the kitchens, and firing her without a second thought. But the woman had looked up. Had trained those eyes on her. And then somehow Tara's behavior didn't seem as important. "Your eyes..." Jada remembered saying that.

She remembered them seeming dark, then. Not like now, when they seemed to glow. The angle was different, perhaps. Jada realized that remembering the way the eyes caught her was a bad idea, that it just melted her willpower away further, deepened the intensity of her surrender, but the allure of remembering the way she gave into the power of the stranger's gaze while she was giving into it further was just too potent to resist. Surrender multiplied upon surrender, bliss transcended by bliss. She remembered falling into those eyes. She'd expected the woman to say something, but she just sat there with a tiny, triumphant smile on her face, while Jada sank deeper into the bottomless darkness of her eyes.

The hands--Tara's hands, maybe--had unbuttoned her blouse now. They were pulling it off. Jada offered no resistance. She was already finding it hard to remember what resistance exactly was. The eyes offered no answers. They offered bliss, they offered surrender, they offered mindless blankness and sleepy, rapturous pleasure, but they didn't tell her how to resist them. When Jada had first looked into them, she'd felt all the strength just drain out of her legs. They'd become weak, rubbery. She'd had to sit down before she fell down. It had all happened so fast. Then time just went away.

Jada felt the person behind her pull her arms around behind her back so that the hands met. They wrapped something around Jada's wrists...probably her own blouse, she felt buttons...and knotted it tightly. It wasn't necessary to stop her from fighting, Jada already felt like every muscle in her body was limp and useless, but it made her feel even more helpless, and she understood that was the intent. Jada was supposed to feel helpless. Jada did feel helpless because Jada was helpless. Bound and dazed and mindless and helpless. And aroused, she realized as she felt her bra slip off her shoulders. She was so very aroused.

The eyes seemed to grow larger in Jada's field of vision, but some part of her realized that the woman was inching closer. Jada felt the heat of the stranger's body now, close enough to touch. They were touching. Jada felt the silken fabric of the woman's blouse brush against her nipples. And brush. And brush. And brush. In a rhythm. Pulsing in time to her breath, her heartbeat, the...the throbbing in her cunt. With every touch, she felt resistance slip away further. With every touch, she felt thought slip away further. With every touch, she wanted to sink deeper into those eyes.

A voice whispered in her ear. Tara's voice. So it was Tara behind her. "You want to obey," Tara said.

Pressure welled up inside Jada's mind, the need to speak. Her lips felt numb and stiff, but she managed to husk out, "i need to obey..."

"It feels so good to obey."

"it feels so good to obey..."

"You need to sink deeper into her eyes."

"...i need to sink...deeper..."

"Fall into her eyes."

"...eyes..." Jada couldn't vocalize it all, the concepts seemed too complex for her empty, horny brain, but the eyes were the important part. The eyes were the only thing that were important. Everything else faded away but the eyes and the touch and the sexy, whispering voice.

"Lose yourself in her eyes."

"...in your eyes..." Tara was speaking, but Tara wasn't important either. Jada understood that Tara was merely repeating the same mantras that had enslaved her, that the stranger just used Tara's lips to deliver the words because it pleased her to do so. Tara wasn't enslaving her. The stranger was enslaving her. And it was working.

"Feel the pleasure in her eyes."

"...pleasure..." Jada felt fingers in her twat, rubbing at her throbbing clit. She dimly realized that she was totally naked now, but she didn't remember losing the rest of her outfit. She didn't remember when her feet had been tied together, didn't know what had been used to bind her, didn't remember when she had been hogtied. The thought of being that blissfully mindless gave her an erotic shiver.

"You want to be a slave to her eyes."

"...slave..." Jada felt resistance leak out of her body, out of her mind. Those eyes just consumed everything except pleasure and obedience.

"A horny slave."

"...horny slave..." The throb in her clit was like a second heartbeat, now, and the pleasure just got more intense as she stared deeper and sank deeper.

"A mindless slave."

"...mindless slave..." Jada felt like she was drowning in pleasure now, and she was. Her conscious mind had already been engulfed by the pleasure in the stranger's eyes, and it was going down for the third time now.

"A mindless slut."

"...mindless slut..." Jada felt the beginnings of a massive orgasm now, just drifting along on the ragged edges of pleasure, waiting to be commanded. She felt like her pleasure was an offering to a goddess, a goddess with hypnotic eyes, eyes that would drink in her orgasm and her surrender.

"A hypnotized mindless horny slutslave lost in her eyes."

"...a...hyppno...hypnotized..." Oh, goddess, that was the command, and every word, every syllable, every letter of the mantra was like an orgasm bursting in her mind... "...mmindless... hohhhHH... horny... slutslave..." Oh, that word was the perfect word for her now, not even a real word but it described Jada like it was etched onto her soul... "lossst...in...Your...eyes..." She slumped back, tied and helpless and bound and hypnotized, lost in the eyes of a goddess and loving every minute of it. She understood now. This was her destiny, this was her life, this was bliss and pleasure and obedience and she never had to stop.

Suddenly, the stranger's eyes left her own as she heard the voice of Brandy, one of the other waitresses. But Jada still felt the image of them in her mind, knew that they would never leave her now. Jada was truly lost in her eyes forever. "Jada? Are you back here? The...ohhh...your eyes..."

Jada knew what was going to happen next.


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