tagIncest/TabooIncense of Incest Ch. 02

Incense of Incest Ch. 02


The next day Jill woke up around ten o'clock in the morning. Nobody was home. Jack must have gone out to Sara's. The parents would have left for work early that morning. Jill wanted to spend time looking for apartments. Although her and Jack were in their twenties both were still living at home while they went to the community college here in town. She had a computer of her own, but decided to use Jack's. His was better for net-surfing anyway. She had uploaded about a million and one games onto hers and it slowed everything down. She opened the door to Jack's room dressed only in a t-shirt and panties and felt a little kinky. She tiptoed over his dirty clothes and sat down at his desk. She turned the computer on and opened the browser. She began her apartment search. Having worked at McDonald's for four years now she had saved up a good amount of money. She found three or four that looked pretty good, printed out the pages and was about to leave when she got that kinky feeling back. She wanted to snoop around on his computer and see what dirty stuff might be on it. She began by checking the history - but everything seemed normal there. Then she checked the cookies. Jackpot! There were thousands of sites listed that all sounded dirty. Recently he had been to a site called TeenSex69 about twenty times. She clicked it. Immediately about five pop-ups all came up advertising adult dating sites and sex toys. She closed those and saw the real teensex69 site. It was a giant grid of kids licking, sucking, and drinking each other. She was pretty amused, but simply scrolled down the site taking it all in and almost getting bored. She had been to a few sites like this one. They looked good up front, but really it was the same thing over and over again. If you looked carefully you would see the models repeat, and even the pictures themselves started to appear over and over again. It grew tiring pretty fast.

She opened up the "cookiejar" again and scrolled down to find something more interesting. Most of the porn sites looked the same - then she saw a site called IncenceOfIncest101. Was Jack trying to say something here? She opened the site. Amazingly there were no pop-ups for this one. The front screen had the site's title in large print, and it looked like it was dripping with cum. She clicked the title and it took her to the main forum. It was organized like a blog with separate frames that held a picture in the upper left corner, and then began with a story about the user's incestuous relationship. Upon clicking on the pictures Jill was taken to whole galleries. Some of them only contained the one photo, but others had hundreds of pics that supposedly showed the people's incest acts. You could tell some of them were fakes (probably most of them were) because the actors looked too much like...actors. But upon reading the stories she found that they were very erotic, and seemed to leave out very little detail. She got caught up in the first story and began imagining the characters to be Jack and herself. She started fondling her pussy and made herself wet.

Dan and Danna had been brother and sister for 25 year and that was far too long to go without taking advantage of their special situation. Both had equally strong and sensual bodies that perspired at the mere thought of having sex...

This story was poorly written, but nonetheless it was turning Jill on.

On their 25th birthday they decided to have sex. They confided in each other - it was what both of them were wanting, what both of them had dreamed about for years now. Their sexual fantasies could cum to life - any time they wanted. Dan had his own apartment now. Danna said she would cum over any time he wanted. Dan agreed. They had sex three times that first night. First on the floor, then on the bed, then in the shower. They loved it so much they did it again the next morning in reverse order. After the last sex act they had to take one more shower. They didn't have sex then, but simply admired each other's bodies in the steaming little bathroom.

"Boy this story sucks." Jill said, but she had come into her hands anyways. She was about to close the window when something else caught her eye. An add for "incense of incest", it was only 5.99! She clicked on the picture of a little incense burner. It claimed that it spread an aphrodisiac aroma and that any siblings in range of this powerful odor would become like putty in your hands. They would want you more than ever. (implying they already did). She thought it was stupid and closed the window. Before Jack got home that morning she had gotten back on to the web (on her own computer this time) and placed an order for the stuff - rush delivery.

Later she wondered if she had gone completely insane. This was JACK she was thinking about. Jack, who she was thinking about fucking. It made her mad. She spent the rest of the day in her room confused and mad at herself - but even more so at Jack and Sara.

Jack went to class that next day in a daze. He felt like he and Sara were moving in a new direction. Moving "up to the next level" in their relationship. They had been dating a while now, and they had never really had sex like that before. Before this week he had a kind of obsession, imagining what it would be like. He had seen lots of porn on the internet, but was too scared to ask Sara for anything like that. He figured she would tell him when she was ready. He was glad she did - he wasn't sure how much more he could take. Missionary style had gotten so dull it felt like they were just holding hands. After class he met up with Sara for lunch. He wanted to talk to her about it.

"Not now, Jack...not during lunch, please!" She said, taking a bite of her burger. Jack had been planing on asking for more. If she was ready - he had a few other things on his mind. But now she was chomping away without giving him so much as a second glance. He felt pressure in his pants out of pure desire for attention. She was even sexy while she ATE he was thinking maybe a quicky before she left for her next class. They had a little more than an hour after his class and before hers. He just sat and watched her eat waiting for her to be done. She slurped the last of her drink, and Jack noticed a clock. They still had forty minutes.

"Sara - I think we should talk about this. It's like we've reached a new level of..."

"Of what? Commitment? Please Jack, don't give me that bullshit." Jack was shocked. "I know you just want in my pants again."

"But you're the one who started..."

"I know, Jack, but that doesn't mean - argh! Men! Are you all this way?" Jack nodded, and shrugged his shoulders.

"Really, Sara, I've been waiting...a long time now. I wanted to wait for you to be ready. I don't want to rush-" She grabbed his arm and jerked him out of his seat. They went straight for the bathroom in the little burger bar. It was a one person bathroom, and there was a lock (thank god).

"Right here, ok? Now...come on Jack, what's the matter? Don't you want this?" Sara said in a shrilled voice, hiking up the front of her skirt. She was wearing pink and white panties, but they didn't seem to be doing much good right now.

"Sara, I didn't mean for it to be like this..."

"Oh no? You didn't want some sex before I had to go? Some...pussy?" She used her other hand to lower her panties, exposing herself.

"Well...I, ah..." Jack was turned on, but there was something in her voice that said if you touch me now I'll rip your balls off and feed them to the customers outside. Jack remained silent. Sara dropped her skirt and raised her panties again.

"Uh huh - I thought so...MEN!" She unlocked the door and stormed out. There was a table of guys that all watched them as they left the rest room. They were grinning ear to ear.

"Shut up." He said to all of them, but he didn't stick around to talk. Sara was already outside and heading for class. Man, he really blew it that time.

When Jack got home his parents were still gone. Seemed like they were never around any more. Jill had locked herself in her room (wonder what her problem was THIS TIME). He got online and immediately pulled up his favorite porn site (teensex69). He remembered Sara's mouth on his dick as he looked at all the pictures. She hadn't tasted all that bad either...he thought. He'd like to do that again for her...if she'd ever let him. He rolled his eyes and kept on jerkin.

Sara was very pleased with her performance that day, and really hoped that Jack would be insanely horny the next time they met. Tomorrow was a free day for both of them. Jack would probably think that Sara was going to ignore him, but really she wanted him to be especially surprised. She went home and got out her new lingerie she had bought just for them tomorrow. She tried it on, admiring her figure in the mirror. Then she sat down at the computer. Sara also had gotten into the porn thing online, but the same old sites didn't interest her any more. She had the real thing...well, there was one site that intrigued her. She had first come across it at Jack's house. One night while he was taking a shower she was doing some innocent internet browsing on his computer and found a site about incest. She started imagining Jack and Jill together...it really turned her on. She was reading all these incestuous stories...did people really do those things? Maybe Jack and Jill had already begun their taboo relationship...it made her so hot to think about it. Jack got out of the shower earlier than she had expected. She closed the browser and Jack never suspected a thing. Now she got back onto that site and began reading, once again imagining Jack and Jill...

Greg and Milly were extremely close siblings...extremely close. Ever since they were 21 they had basically moved into the same apartment...the same room...the same bed. They were out of state so they could tell everyone they were boyfriend and girlfriend (instead of what they really were) and no one ever suspected anything. Greg even changed his last name so they could get away with it. At least three times a week they were having sex. But that was just the beginning. They would play games with each other...for a day or two they would have to devise something new...something...great. And then everything would explode as their torturous wait came to an end and their sexual climaxes overwhelmed the both of them...

Sara was wondering if this story was really true or not. The premise of the site (InceseOfIncest101) was that all the stories were true...it's what really turned her on at first. But now...now she didn't know. Maybe this one was true, but the writer was really poor in his (or her) talent. But whatever...Sara didn't cum that evening. She found the lack of credibility disenchanting. She almost slept in the lingerie, but decided against it. She could wait until tomorrow.

Jack and Jill's parents had some idea with what was going on and decided to let things play out...it was better for the kids this way. They called early the next morning (after Jill would have gone to school and before Jack woke up). They knew Jack wouldn't be waken...they could leave a message for them on the machine. They made up some story about leaving town for a few days. They both worked for the pharmaceutical company. Their latest work had got them a fair amount of attention and they decided that they could go and promote this new drug while their children worked things out. It was called Leipzig Phenylethylamine, but because that sounded far more complicated than it need to be they simply called it Incense of Incest.

((note: Leipzig is a town in Germany where there was a documented case of adult consenting incest...and Phenylethylamine is a possible aphrodisiac in chocolate, so my creative name for the drug is derived - in my crazy head - "incestuous aphrodisiac"))

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