tagIncest/TabooIncense of Incest Ch. 03

Incense of Incest Ch. 03


Jill lay in bed naked...imagining Jack jerking off to his porno. (His...incest porno?) Could it be that he was really thinking about an incestuous relationship? She let her hands slowly cover her body, brushing gently at the skin underneath her cloths, and after a while she started stripping them off. It was only nine at night, but she didn't plan on coming back out of her room for the evening. She took off her pants first,and then let her hands slide under her shirt and unstrapped her bra. She arched her back and brought it out from underneath her shirt. She started massaging her breasts, feeling her nipples between her fingers as they started to get hard. Then she let her hands slip down into her panties, slid past her pubic hair and dove into herself feeling out her clitoris. She was getting a little wet and slipped out of her panties entirely. Jack was probably fifty pages into his porno fantasies by now. About to cum into his shorts, or maybe directly into his hand. She left her shirt on but kept her right hand fondling her breast underneath. She looked up at the ceiling and for the first time in her life she wished she had a mirror up there. She wanted to see something. She wanted to see what it looked like to look onto herself masturbating...as if from someone else's perspective. She closed her eyes and dove deeper into her crotch with her left hand. Her fingers were sliding easily in and out of her now. Jack was probably looking at guys and girls having sex...oral sex, or maybe doggy style sex. She thought about the different poses and about Jack looking at them all - building in his own hands a sex-bomb of unimaginable size. She thought of him growing in anticipation, and then in a cry of desperation jumping up from his chair - with his crotch still in his hands - breaking open the door to her room, looking her in the eye with his juicy and ready cock ready to explode, and just pouncing on her. That did it, she came all over the bed in a wonderful orgasm. She couldn't help but let out a soft cry as her pelvis thrust itself.

She opened her eyes. Unfortunately she was still alone. Jack wasn't there. He was still in his room enjoying his porn, if he hadn't cum already. She took several deep breaths before her breathing returned to normal. She had to decide what she was going to do about these urges...if she was going to do anything at all. They were pretty taboo, after all. Having just came she felt she was returning to her senses.

The next day was a brand new day for everyone. Jack and Sara had both gone through the night after watching a ton of porn. Jill had felt herself up and enjoyed a rather unique fantasy that she had never indulged in before. And Jack and Jill's parents - far away from home - had also had a great night of sex, hoping that their kids would be doing alright without anyone else there to "spoil their mood". Today was the day Sara was going to make it up to Jack. It was also time for Jill to confront her strange fantasy. And it was the day Mr. and Mrs. Hill were going to prepare their largest attempt yet in selling their great new wonder drug. Mrs. Hill was sure it was going to have to sail the black market first, but Mr. Hill had seen to it that it was marketed through the internet with sufficient warning labels. The FAA hadn't really caught on to them yet and they believed they would have a few months before they did. If they could sell enough Incense of Incest during that time then it wouldn't matter what the FAA said. The drug wasn't lethal, after all, there had been enough testing for that. But the effects were certainly questionable. It didn't matter, he said, they wouldn't turn down a billion-dollar drug even if it did kill a few of the buyers...they had done it in the past, after all.

Sara packed a bag with her lingerie and two or three sex toys. She also had a bottle of lubricant, and a camera - if things got that quirky. All this buildup was making her wet already. She had been thinking about Jack non-stop. When she got to Jack's house she skipped up to the door, noting the soft "squishy" inside her pants. She knocked, and thought about stripping right there at the front door. She knocked again. Maybe he was busy jerking off (it made her a little sad to think about it...she wished he would save himself for her...but she had turned him down pretty bad the other day - so she could forgive him this time. She knocked a third time. Still no answer. She walked around to the back of the house. She could see in through the windows there - and the back door was unlocked half the time. She waited a little longer, but no, she would have to do some sneaking...

Jack and Jill had gone out for lunch. That morning Jill had come out of her room (bravely) and Jack thought she was just tired of being cooped up in her room. He thought of it as a kind of peace treaty (though he didn't know what he had done wrong this time). Jill wanted to suggest some things after they ate. She wanted Jack to have a full stomach when he heard what she had to ask. They went out to a wing's place that he liked, and she even paid. He was getting in a really good mood. She wanted to ask him so bad...ask him for sex. But she couldn't. That really drove her crazy. She got herself in a bad mood, and Jack was noticing it on the way back asking (now what have I done?). When they got to the house Jack commented on the lock. "I thought I locked the front door." He said, walking in. Jill didn't pay attention. There was a package on the ground - it was the "incense of incest", Jill knew, and she picked it up with little commentary. She would have to try it out later...the moment was fleeting, and she was loosing her edge. She didn't think she could ask him for sex any more. He was already inside, heading for the bathroom. She went inside and began to sulk again. She wanted him so bad...at least, she thought she did. It was all too confusing. She went up to her room and shut the door.

Sara was actually in Jill's room when she came in. She was going though her drawer...admiring the dildo collection she found there. When Jill came in and closed the door it startled her. She spun around holding a long green dildo.

"Sara? What are you doing here? What are you..." She saw the dildo in her hands (it was quite obvious). "Hey...that's...come on, give it to me!" She held out her hand and approached.

Sara laughed and handed over the over-sized toy. Jill brushed by Sara, stuck the dildo back in her drawer and closed it loudly. "What are you doing here anyway?" Jill asked. "I thought you and Jack were..."

"Breaking up? No way!" Sara smiled slyly. Jill narrowed her eyes and sat down on the bed ready to hear the story.

"I knew if Jack thought I wanted to break up with him, he wouldn't be able to stop thinking about me...about us. I wanted him ready...for something else." Sara didn't know how much she wanted to tell Jill, but from the look on her face it looked like she didn't need to say any more.

"I'm going over to John's house!" Jack called from downstairs. "I'll be back around 5." He added before slamming the door on his way out. Sara showed a great disappointment. She had come here for him...Jill could tell. It was written all over her face. But now, since she had been busy poking around in Jill's room - she too had missed her chance with the guy of their...of her dreams.

"You can still go after him..." Jill said.

Jill could tell Sara really wanted to, but for some reason she wasn't bringing herself to it. "You know, that's not fair." Sara said instead.

"What do you mean?" Jill asked.

"I mean - it's not fair to you." Sara smirked. She reached into a bad she must have brought with her. It was sitting on Jill's bed, half opened. She pulled out a bean attached to a wire...attached to a button. It was a vibrator. A dirty one! Jill felt herself blush. She was glad she was wearing all of her makeup, she didn't want to let Sara know how she felt (and how instantly she had felt it!) She tried to act cool, and curious.

"You don't mean..."

"I mean, since Jack is gone and I'm hornier than hell, and you're the only one here...I'd like to fuck with you."

"Well if you're sure then..." Jill wated to see if she could catch Sara off guard any...but it didn't seem so. "Ok, let's have fun!" She finished. Sara dropped the bag and stretched out the vibrator towards Jill.

"Let's see you go first!" Jill snapped back, already unbuckling her studded belt. Sara didn't waste a second. She slipped out of her jeans, turned her bum around to show Jill, lowered her panties and put the vibrating end of her toy into her hole. She turned it on before Jill walked up to her and started breathing hard.

"I'm gonna cum before you get your pants off! Hurry up!" She was playing with herself and Jill was still unstrapping her belt. The sight was amazing. Sara's small rear was beginning to perspire. She imagined that she saw the small vibrations coming out from her mound and shudder her entire ass. Once her own pants were off she began playing with her own pussy. She was now standing next to Sara, and bent over to make their bodies align. She could feel some of the vibrations. With her pussy up close to hers she moved her hand out from between them, and wrapped it around Sara and began fondling her from the front.

It was too much for Sara. She came as soon as Jill touched her. She felt her own juices slide down her legs, some of them went onto Jill, but most dripped onto the floor. She hoped Jill wouldn't mind too much. After she came the first time she realized she wasn't near done for the day. Jill was so sexy with her pants removed and everything else on. She squirmed in Jill's hands and turned to face her, still keeping their genital areas as close as possible. She slipped her hand between them both, and pulled out the vibrator, moving it to Jill's pussy. Jill's eyes shot wide open and her mouth remained a smile. The each came once more before putting the toy away. After their sexual exploits they laid across the bed next to each other, each dreaming of starting their sex engines again. But their talk wasn't on each other...it was all about Jack.

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