Author's warning: 'Incest' is not a 'nice' Salteena story. I am as guilty as anybody is of making incest romantic. Sometimes it is like that. Brother and sister, father and daughter, mother and son, or other close relatives get together in a loving sexual relationship and no harm is done. Even the 'risks' are less of an issue in these days of widely available birth control. But, sadly, for every single loving incestuous relationship, there are ninety-nine others resulting from the abuse of familial power. Or from just plain taking advantage of someone who has not got the mental capacity to understand what is happening to them.

If the object of your incestuous desires is not a respected, equal partner and 100 percent willing right from the start, you are on the left-hand path.

* * * * *

It starts out with 'accidental' touching. Maybe you are finding it hard to get a girlfriend. Or maybe your girl has just dumped you. Or maybe you have a girl, but no matter how hard you try, she won't put out for you. But there is this chick right here on your doorstep. At 18, she's usually younger than you are. Probably she is not the high school prom queen. She may be a little plump, or is too skinny, has to wear glasses or her skin isn't smooth and clear like it is in the TV ads. Or she may not be doing very well in class at school. Whatever it is, something there makes her feel less than good about herself. And that 'something' gives you an edge.

Like most teenagers, you and your sister are expected to do chores around the house. The most common job is clearing the table and washing the dishes after family meals. The kitchen is not very large. There are many opportunities to let the back of your hand brush on your sister's butt as you walk past. When she is doing the washing up and you are drying, you lean close to her while you are fetching a plate from the draining rack and let your front press against her.

Your sister doesn't seem to mind. Sometimes she giggles and tells you to stop fooling around. You even start to build the impression that she likes it. Then one day, you go a bit too far and grab her tit.

Your sister yelps and drops a dish on the floor, smashing it into a hundred pieces. Your mother comes into the kitchen to see what has happened and your sister tells her, "(Your Name) touched me on my chest and made me drop it!"

A questioning session ensues. You deny everything, calling your sister a rotten liar and say that she is only making her accusation up so that she won't be punished for breaking the dish. Woman believes woman, they always do. You are sent to your room in disgrace to wait for your father to come home from work and deal with you.

You are mad at your sister and vow to make her pay. But at the same time, the memory of the fleshy, soft, rubbery texture of your sister's breast lingers in your fingertips. You push your jeans and underwear down to your knees and stroke your cock hard as you imagine your sister naked with her legs spread, begging you to stick it in her tight little snatch. Your hot cum spurts up over your belly. You only just have time to clean up before your father comes into your room and threatens you with a good hiding if you ever molest your sister like that again. You are grounded for a week, fuelling your desire for revenge.

You bide your time. The storm blows over. Everybody forgets the incident except you. Every night you jack off in bed imagining scenario after scenario. In every scene, your sister does unimaginable things and debases herself in unimaginable ways to get your hot dick in her belly, in her ass or in her mouth.

Your sister probably curves nicely in some of the right places. Maybe she has nice tits, or a tight rounded ass. Or maybe she has a tight waist and flaring hips, or fantastic legs. But, in your mind, she now has great 'everything' and you are determined to have her; just like in your imaginings.

Your parents are going out for the evening with friends and will not be back until late. You and your sister are old enough to be left in the house on your own. Your parents have left the two of you like this before. You are sitting watching TV, or maybe a video. Your sister is sat in an armchair a few feet away. You look over at her, at the way she is sat curled up in her chair, at her ass, at her tits. Your sister is wearing jeans and a tank top. Her top is tight around her boobs, as are her jeans around her ass. You can see the lines of her bra and her panties underneath the cloth. Your cock tingles and starts to stir in your pants.

You stand and walk over to her. You kneel over her in her chair, your knees on either side of her hips. "What are you doing (Your Name)?" she asks you. There is alarm in her voice and in her eyes. Your cock is a thumping bar in your pants. You are not concerned about her fear. You will make her even more afraid after this.

Your sister tries to push you off, but you are much stronger than she is. You force her hands back behind her head. In that position, you can use your superior weight to hold both her hands there with just one of yours. Holding her arms back and up lifts her breasts tautly. Her nipples are sticking out under her top, not with desire, but from fright. With your free hand, you raise her tank top up over her chest at the front. She wails, "No! Please (Your Name) don't!"

You ignore her. She says, "I'll scream!" and you tell her that there's nobody to hear her. When she threatens to tell your parents, you tell her that you doubt it very much. Then you lift away your sister's bra and set her tits free.

They look and feel exactly like you imagined. You squeeze and rub the smooth, resilient flesh in your palm. You roll her nipples between finger and thumb, and tug at them. Your sister turns her head to one side. Her eyes are tightly closed. She is biting her lower lip and crying. And she is deeply ashamed that her nipples are responding to what you are doing to them.

You feel the urgent tingle in your groin become more acute. You are going to cum, but you don't want to soil your underwear. Quickly, you unzip your chinos and get your throbbing cock out. It looks red and angry in your hand. You rub it urgently in your fist and the excruciating blasts hit you. Your jism spurts out of your balls in hot sticky streams and lands all over your sister's tits and ribcage. She shudders with horror and the knowledge of what the slimy fluid is, but you take no notice. You milk out every drop and rub the slippery tip of your cock on her skin.

You get back to your feet and look down at her. Your sister is still sobbing. Her eyes are still tightly closed. Your sexual slime covers her skin in glistening streaks. You put your cock back in your pants and go to the kitchen. You fetch paper towel for her to clean herself with. You also bring the long, sharp carving knife.

You force your sister to open her eyes and look at you. You tell her that she needs to be careful doing the washing up. Perhaps a sharp knife might slip and cut off a finger or two, or perhaps something else. A large damp patch appears on her jeans between her legs. It is not caused by desire for you. Your sister has pissed herself with fear. To reinforce your threat, you nick the underside of her tit with the point of the knife. A tiny trickle of her blood runs downs her chest and mingles with your sperm. You both agree that you will look after her and make sure that such terrible things do not happen, just as long as she says nothing about anything you do to her to your parents.

She takes the paper towel from you. Holding it against the mess on her chest your sister runs sobbing to her room. She stays there for the rest of the evening. You sit down in the chair she has just vacated and carry on watching whatever is on the TV screen. You are satisfied, for now.

The next morning, you catch up with your sister just before she goes into the kitchen for her breakfast. You hold up your hand with just the little finger and the one next to it extended. The other two fingers and your thumb give the impression they have been severed at the middle joint. The terrified look in your sister's eyes tells you that she will heed the warning. Smiling brightly as if you haven't a care in the world, you walk into the kitchen with her and greet your mother.

You constantly remind your sister that you are there. When nobody is watching, you take a handful of tit and squeeze it roughly or you pinch and pat her ass. One day after school when she has not yet had the chance to change into her jeans, you slip your hand up under her skirt and cup her snatch in your fingers. You press her back against the kitchen counter and rub your thumb back and forward in her groove, forcing her cotton panties up inside her. And always, you remind her about the knife.

The next time your parents say they are going out, your sister begs to be allowed to go and stay at a friend's house. But your parents can see no good reason, especially as the next day is Sunday and you all have to make an early start in the morning to go and visit your grandparents. You sidle up to her afterwards and murmur that you think she has been very disloyal, and for that, you must punish her.

You are sitting in the lounge after your parents have left. You sister is quaking in her chair. You can almost smell her fear. You make no move on her. Let her tremble for a little while longer, there is plenty of time! She begins to think she is safe. She gets up warily and leaves the lounge. You know that your sister is going to her bedroom. That is precisely what you want her to do!

After a few moments you go to the kitchen and get the carving knife. Your sister's bedroom door is shut, but it cannot be locked. You turn the knob and push the door open. She is hiding in the dark. The light from the hallway illuminates her, sat with her back against the bed head and her knees drawn up to her chest. She sees the light glinting off the blade in your fist and she moans softly.

You put the knife on the floor by the doorframe. The threat of it is just as ominous there as it would be closer to her. Plus, the thing is well out of her reach should she suddenly get brave. You walk up to her bedside and snap on the lamp. Soft light floods the room. Your cock is hard. It sticks up inside your pants, pushing them out in front. You take hold of it and your balls in your fist and shake them obscenely in her face.

"Please leave me alone, (Your Name)," she begs faintly.

Your only response is to tell your sister to take off her top. She begs again, but you insist. Reluctantly, ashamed, she accedes, pulling the baggy cotton tee shirt she is wearing off over her head.

"Now the bra!" you order her.

With her face a deep pink, your sister reaches behind her back and unsnaps the hooks. You flick the straps from her shoulders and the cups fall from her tits. Her nipples crinkle in the cool air.

"Now my pants!"


You look towards the knife, gleaming by the doorway. Her eyes follow yours and she sobs under her breath.

"Do it!" you tell her.

She undoes your belt okay, but your sister's hands are shaking so much she is unable to undo the fastening at your waist and you have to help her. Her tits jiggle and bounce as she unzips your chinos and your cock surges harder than ever. While she pulls your pants down your legs, your reach down to grasp the warm dangling cones in your fists. Your leaning forward brings the hard shaft inside your underpants up against her cheek. Your sister tries to pull her head back out of the way, but you release one breast to clasp the back of her head and hold her there while you rub yourself on her cheek. She lets out a sobbing cry of protest, but to no avail; you are implacable in your lust.

You only release your sister to tell her to pull your underpants down. She closes her eyes and turns her head away, but she does what she is told. Your heavily bobbing cock almost bangs against her cheek and you consider rubbing it against her again, this time bare flesh to bare flesh. But then you decide to leave that until later.

You tell your sister to lie down on her back. Meekly, she acquiesces. You kneel astride her chest and mash her tits in your palms like you did last time. Your pre-cum drips from your knob and dribbles onto her chest. And like before, her nipples harden and swell in reply to your attentions.

You tell her to take hold of your cock and jack you off. "Nooooo! (Your Name), don't make me do that, please!" she wails. So you grab her wrists and carry her hands to your shaft. You clasp her fingers around it and teach her how to massage you. It does not take long for her soft hands to bring you to a climax and you shoot your sticky load all over her.

Your cock is starting to go soft, but you are hungry for another cum. Your sister thinks that now you have done your business you will leave her alone, but she is wrong. You move up astride her face and press the tip of your cock against her lips. She squeals and tears her mouth away, but you grip handfuls of her hair and force her to make her mouth accessible.

"Open up!" you demand.

She shakes her head and makes a moan through her clenched lips of "Noooo!" or at least that is what it sounds like. You wrench her hair fiercely, making her scream with pain.

You shove your cock into her open mouth. "Bite me and I'll cut your whole tit right off!" you warn her. "Now suck!"

Your sister sobs unendingly. Her tears soak her pillow, but she sucks on your knob and brings you back to stiffness. And then you fuck and fuck her face until you pump your salty sperm against the back of her throat. Only then do you release her.

Before leaving your sister's bedroom, you take the knife and nick her under the other breast as a reminder of what you will do to her if she tells anyone. Lying in bed and reviewing the night's exploits, you hear your sister take a long shower and then brush her teeth for a good fifteen minutes. You drift off to sleep thinking 'But, this is only the beginning my little darling! Just you wait until next time!"

In the morning, you make sure to meet your sister before she gets to see your parents. You stare into her eyes and grab hold of and lift her tit. You circle it around the side and base with the point of your index finger and draw your breath in a sucking/slicing sound through your front teeth. She is very subdued for the rest of the day. Your mother asks your sister if she is unwell, but, conscious of the searching look you have focussed on her, she says that she is okay.

You get bolder. Your parents are downstairs watching TV. You are undressed and ready for bed in just your boxer shorts. Your cock is already hard with anticipation. You hear your sister go to the bathroom to have a pee and clean her teeth. You know she will be dressed in her pyjamas, or maybe a nightie. The bathroom has a lock, but there is no key. The unwritten rule in your house is if the bathroom door is shut, someone is in there. If in doubt, knock before entering. You know your sister is in the bathroom and you do not bother to knock.

The tinkle of water in the toilet bowl stops abruptly as you slip inside and close the door behind you. Your sister is sat on the toilet seat with her pyjama bottoms and her panties around her ankles. You press your index finger to your lips and say "Shhhhh…don't mind me."

Your sister is horrified that you have violated such a private moment. Her face is bright red with embarrassment. You walk right up to her and hook her clothes away from her ankles with your foot. Then your push your legs in between hers and force them apart. Your stiff cock bobs inside your boxer's just inches from her face. She cannot tear her frightened eyes off it. You look down at her hairy little snatch. Making her spread her legs has stretched her pussy lips open and her hood is sticking out. She has tiny droplets of pee clinging to her cunt hairs. You tell her to dry herself and you watch her while she does it.

You move back and tell your sister to go and clean her teeth. She tries to retrieve her pyjama bottoms and panties, but you kick them away from her to the other side of the room. With downcast eyes, she makes her way to the washbasin and rinses her hands. She reaches for her toothbrush and the toothpaste, but before she can use it, you move right in close behind her and press up against her peachy little ass.

You slide your hands up under her pyjama top and take hold of her bare, unfettered tits. She knows there is no future in trying to protest. Your sister supports herself with her hands on the top of vanity unit and lets you fondle her.

You press your cock into her ass crack. Her warmth and sexy firmness gets to you through your boxers. You tell her to reach behind her and take you out. She murmurs, "Please stop, (Your Name). Why are you doing this to me?" but she undoes all of your buttons just the same and your cock pops free. You press your hot flesh into her deep cleft and hump against her. Pre-cum dribbles from your knob providing lubrication and your shaft slides up and down making sticky sloshing sounds on her skin. It feels fantastic!

Your sister's tears make plopping noises as they fall on the vanity top. You twist her nipples between finger and thumb and order her to tuck your cock between her legs. "Oh God! No!" she moans desperately, but her fingers take hold of your tool and point its slippery head into the gap at the apex of her thighs. You press in, rubbing your cock against her pussy lips. You simulate fucking her, but it is very unsatisfactory. Your lubrication is not enough, and you sister's snatch is very dry.

You know it won't be long before one of your parents decides to come upstairs to check on you both. You pull away from her and your sister breathes a sigh of relief. But it is premature. You tell her to go and sit on the toilet seat again. Quickly, you shuck off your boxers so that you are completely naked and walk up to her. You stand astride her legs and present your cock to her mouth. Your sister knows there is no escape. She opens her jaws and lets you push your cock inside. You know that she can taste and smell herself on your flesh and hairs, and that makes it doubly exciting. When your cum finally shoots from you, you hold her head and force her to swallow. Then you leave her to finish her ablutions and go to bed. From your room you hear her retching into the toilet bowl, trying to vomit up your sperm.

Your parents have to go to a PTA meeting. They will only be gone for an hour and a half, but that is time enough.

Your sister tries to hide in her room, but you go and get her to come to the lounge. You sit in your favourite chair with her standing before you. You get your cock out and begin to stroke it. First, you point at her tee shirt. She flushes bright red, but she takes it off. Next, you indicate her bra. She closes her eyes and frees her breasts. You tell her to play with her nipples, "Make them hard!" She complies. Her teats swell and darken under the stimulus of her fingers. A pulse hammers at the side of her neck.

You order her to take her jeans and panties off. Moving like a zombie, she obeys. You have broken your sister's will to resist. You tell her to hold her arms out wide and turn around so that you can look at all of her. You tell her to face away from you and bend over to touch her toes. Then you tell her to stay like that, but to reach back and pull her ass cheeks apart with her hands. You lean forward and examine the hairy, plump folds of her snatch and the brown-pink little star above in minute detail. She can feel your breath on her and goosebumps appear on her skin.

You run your fingernail lightly over her little puckered shit hole, making her jump, and ask her if she would like you to stick your tongue in there, and afterwards, your cock.

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