tagIncest/TabooIncest Daughters Ch. 01

Incest Daughters Ch. 01


Pepper Sanderson walked out of the house, happy to be out from under her mother's watchful eye. She had played it safe and worn her long leather coat over her outfit. As it was a chilly night, her mother wouldn't question it. Had she seen what the 18-year old strawberry-blonde was wearing underneath, she would have been locked in her room until her 21st birthday, or quite possibly, her 25th.

Pepper liked living on the edge and being a risk taker. That's why she had started working on her 15th birthday to earn enough money for her own MG. Every penny had been scrupulously saved so that she could buy the car all on her own. She wanted a car that was going to be a blast to drive and not one that her parents approved of. If she got a ticket, she would pay it. However with a body like hers, tanned, strawberry-blonde, long-legged and overtly sexy, she knew that she could flirt her way out of it. And she had -- 4 times. One of the officers was really cute and she had been great in bed.

Even her sex life was lived on the edge. From the time she was 16, Pepper had prospects of men -- and women, she played for both teams -- eager to be her first. It was almost a contest and whenever she went out with friends, she never spent any of her own money. If that made her a spoiled brat, fine. Some traded on their intellect. Not Pepper, she knew where her fortune lie. On her fun and upbeat nature and the legs that looked good in a short skirt. Pepper's mother didn't approve of the way her daughter dressed and she could never understand why. She'd seen photos of Brandi at that age and she was gorgeous and leggy herself. Truth be told, at 41, she could still wear a mini and garner some attention.

Pepper walked down the street to her apartment, the one that her mother didn't know about. Her high heels clicked on the concrete as her mood began to brighten. She was going to have a fun evening; she always did when she got out of the house. Life was too short to live it in the dour mood that always seemed to plague her mom. She enjoyed life and being upbeat and playing. Of course, sex was a big part of her play. She had started fucking as soon as she could and that was what had led to her current situation. Pepper wore an amused smile. How funny that something that had been so very embarrassing had turned out so well for everyone involved.

Pepper had been out dancing and met up with this really gorgeous jock named Larry. She wasn't seeing anyone seriously at the time and Pepper was horny. Since the discovery of how good sex felt, that was an everyday occurrence.

She looked at Larry with her pretty blue eyes and tilted her head to one side. "My parents are out of town for the rest of the week," Pepper remembered telling him. "Do you want to come back to my place and fuck?"

Larry looked at the gorgeous teenager with the wavy blonde hair, sexy legs and high heels. At 24, he had six years on her but he wasn't dumb. She was young, flirtatious and willing. His girlfriend was away with her friends for Spring Break, leaving him alone. Pepper wasn't looking for a commitment, just a hot fuck. He could give her that and maybe get a few more out of her while Beth was in Miami.

Pepper moved in closer to Larry and let her body do the talking. She knew that she was one of the sexiest girls in the club that night, even some of the other women had been giving her the eye. At that point, she had yet to be with another girl. It was on her "to do" list though.

"Sure babe, sounds like a plan," Larry had said casually, although Pepper had seen the eagerness he was trying to hide. "You want another drink before we go?"

Pepper had been nursing one or two drinks for most of the night; she didn't want to be drunk while looking for a fuckbuddy. "No tiger, all this girl wants in her mouth is cock -- your cock. Let's get the fuck out of here so you can fuck there," she said as she patted her pussy through her dress. Larry got the hint immediately and they got out of the club and back to her home as fast as they could.

The pretty, strawberry-blonde cherub had given him some of the best head that Larry had ever had. He had told her that. He ate pussy better than any of her previous lovers had done. Pepper thought that she might just stick with college or university guys from now on if they were as good as Larry. He had fucked her once very nicely and her legs were in the air as he drilled her again when her father walked in and caught them.

To his credit, Patrick Sanderson didn't freak or make a scene. He went into the kitchen while Pepper helped Larry find his clothes. The jock high-tailed it out of there while Pepper got her clothes back on and went to apologize to her dad. She wasn't actually sorry for fucking Larry, only for not taking it somewhere else. She was an adult, after all. She walked into the kitchen where her father was making coffee. After the drinking and the sex, she could use some. "Daddy, I'm sorry that I ..."

Patrick put up his hand. "Stop sweetheart, you don't have to apologize. You're an adult, I'm not angry with you."

Pepper wasn't sure if she was blinking or not as she stared at her father. "You're -- you're not?"

"No sweetheart, you're an adult now and besides, how can I get angry at you for doing the same thing your mother and I did years ago?" He chuckled.

"You -- you and mommy ...?" Pepper knew that her parents had sex or else she wouldn't be around, but she never pictured them being sexually adventurous at her age. "You and mother used to ...?"

"You can say fuck around me Pepper, I'm not your mother, it's only a word," Pat laughed. "Yes -- in the days before your mom's body was locked up tighter than Fort Knox, she was quite the little hellion. I wasn't the only guy she was with either, I just happened to be the best. Of course, it didn't hurt that my family had money," he smiled.

The sweet-faced beauty was now certain that she wasn't blinking. Her mother had been naughty and liked to fuck? What had happened to Brandi since then? Her father's assessment had been on the money; Brandi was one of most straight-laced women she knew. She was even on the church's committee for various charities. Pepper would almost have bet her parents stopped having sex after she had been born. Poor, poor Daddy! She gave him a hug. "Thanks for being understanding Daddy, and I'm sorry about Mommy. Maybe it's her Nordic background that makes her so frigid," she laughed. Her father joined in. "I don't know why mom's so cold, if you were my boyfriend, I'd never let you out of bed. You're still good looking and I bet you could teach a girl a thing or two," she grinned. Pepper's mind wandered a bit. If a college guy like Larry knew so much more, didn't it stand to reason that someone her father's age would be even more experienced?

"Thanks sweetheart, an old duffer like me likes to hear that every once in a while," Pat sighed as he sipped on his coffee.

"You're not old, you're only 46 and in great shape," Pepper countered. "Why did you leave the cottage and come home anyway?"

"Okayyy -- well, the two of us were up there alone, I was feeling amorous and your mother ... well, do I have to paint a picture?" Patrick said to his daughter with a loud sigh.

"No, you've painted one that is quite vivid daddy, sorry," Pepper commiserated with father. "I'm so sorry that this is happening to you, have you ever thought about getting a mistress?"

Patrick nodded and his face wore a sheepish smile. "I have to admit that I have, yes Pepper. I'm only human and I need sex and affection and even some conversation every once in a while. There's a small problem with that," he told his daughter. "I would have to find someone that I could trust implicitly. I wouldn't want it getting back to your mother and I certainly couldn't afford to be blackmailed if things ever went south. I'd also want someone young, which would probably cost me a lot of money. I'm rich but I'm not Donald Trump. For now, I think a mistress is out of the question."

Pepper remembered thinking very fast and on total impulse. "Maybe it isn't, daddy. Here's a really crazy idea, I know it's out there, but you could fuck . I'm a great fuck daddy but I'd love to learn even more. I'd love to know all the sexy, wonderful things an experienced, older man could teach a girl like me."

Pepper remembered that her father looked as if he was about to faint. "Pepper sweetheart, that's insane. Do you know what they call that, people doing things like that?"

"I'm young daddy, but I'm certainly not a child," Pepper said defiantly. "You could see that earlier. Yes, they call it incest and you know what? I don't fucking care. I'm attracted to you. All little girls are attracted to their daddies, but mine is handsome and kind. I think you're getting a raw deal daddy and I think we can do something about that."

Patrick looked at Pepper as if she had lost her mind. "Try to look at me through new eyes, Daddy," she told him, letting her voice grow husky. "I'm blonde, perfect, sexy and I have great legs and a great ass. I love sex daddy, I fucking love it and I'm the kind of girl who will try anything once. Doesn't that sound like the kind of young woman who would be a perfect mistress? I'm trustworthy, young, affectionate and a little bit of a slut," Pepper giggled. "Face it daddy, I meet all of your criteria."

Patrick wished now that he'd made a good, stiff drink instead of coffee. Everything his daughter was saying was true and there was one other point, something that even she didn't know at the time. He had long thought his daughter was a sexy little bitch and had she not been his daughter, nothing would have stopped him from taking her up on her offer.

"Daddy? Daddy, look at me -- take a good look at me," Pepper said to her father. He turned around and saw that she had struck a provocative pose. All at once, he knew they were going to do it. He was going to fuck his gorgeous daughter and they were going to become lovers. She walked to him and before she could complete the sensual little saunter, he had pulled her into his arms and they were kissing. Her lips were sweet like honey and the thought that those lips were soon going to be sucking his cock aroused him to no end. "We can never, ever let your mother find out about us," he cautioned her as she pulled away. "This has to be our little secret."

"Mom won't hear ever find out anything from me," Pepper smiled. She thought "I might not keep it a secret though, a lot of my girlfriends would love to fuck him and I'd love to get with a few of them, so a little tit for tat ...?"

"My bedroom or yours?" Patrick asked his daughter.

"Both -- I have a feeling we're going to make a pretty big mess tonight," Pepper giggled. He looked at her with astonishment.

"You were with that young man and ... well, you know ... and you still think we're going to get that wild and crazy?" He asked incredulously.

Pepper moved away from her father and began to move up the stairs. "Oh, I don't think it daddy, I know for sure. I'm a hot, nasty little slut and I need a lot of sex to keep me happy. You look like you have enough cock to keep a girl happy," she smiled as she ascended the stairs. Already she could feel his eyes staring holes into her body.

Pepper had not lied to her father about her sexual appetites. Once again, she let her clothes fall to the ground. This time, the man who gazed upon her nude form was far more sophisticated and worldly than Larry could ever be. She watched with unashamed admiration as he got out of his clothes. If her mother was stupid enough to give him up, Pepper was smart enough to claim him for her own. He began fumbling with his belt and trousers and she went over to him. "Let me handle that," Pepper told him in the softest, sexiest voice she could summon. She got his pants off and saw that as big as Larry had been, he was no match for her daddy. She ovaled her mouth and popped his enormous manhood into her mouth. She thrilled at her father's astonished reaction as she started to suck him off. It only took 5 minutes before the perverted teen had a mouthful of creamy spunk. She swallowed every drop to her father's great astonishment.

"Holy Christ baby, that was incredible, but I'm done in for a while," Patrick gasped.

"Not when you're fucking with me, you're not," Pepper said with her jaw firm. "Mom might be satisfied with second-rate sex, but not me. You've got a mouth -- I suggest you use it. Quid pro quo in this relationship daddy -- you make me cum and I promise I will get your wonderful fucking dick hard again." Patrick looked at the sylph-like strawberry-blonde who was removing her clothes and her pretty, white high heels. He had no doubt that she meant every word that she'd said to him. Pepper moved close to the bed in anticipation of what was to happen next. Her own gorgeous daddy would be demonstrating how a real man took care of a woman.

Patrick stretched his gorgeous woman-child out on the large bed and looked at her now as a woman and not as his daughter. She would always remain his daughter and perhaps that would always be part of the thrill, but now Pepper was his playmate, his whore! He was free to command her to do anything he chose and he parted her long legs and stroked the downy fleece above her adorable cunt before he started licking her. The stirring he felt in his nether regions let him know that her earlier assessment had been accurate -- there was no man that could be in bed with this sexy angel and not be aroused.

Her body was slender and tanned and perfect. Her eyes held a mischievous, merry twinkle that he had never noticed before. The way she was talking ...!

"Oh daddy, so good, so FUCKING good, you wonderful fucker, you're eating your own daughter's pussy, you perverted fuck, sucking her cunt and you love it, don't you, you fucking bastard?" Pepper was crying out. "Lick that cunt, don't neglect my clit ... oh daddy, daddy, I'm CUMMING!!"

Pepper came with a thundering climax and her strong thighs held him in place. When he was able to come up for air, she saw her flushed, excited face looking down at him. He didn't think he'd ever seen a sexier sight in his entire life.

"You're a nasty old fucker daddy, but you sure know what a girl likes," she sighed. "Mommy's loss is my gain. I have got to have that horse cock of yours in my cunt daddy, put it inside my snatch and fuck me senseless!"

"God angel, do you know what hearing you talk like that does to me?" Pat groaned as she got on her back on the bed and spread her long legs wide open.

"Of course I do daddy, I'm your evil little slut, I'm going to learn every trick I can to keep you turned on," she grinned. "I might even come up with some new ones. Even if mommy does want to fuck you, I'm going to keep you so well fucked that you won't have the energy. I'm one of the hottest pieces of ass you'll ever meet, so get ready for me to prove it."

It was a challenge the slender young blonde intended to live up to and as her father eased into her body, she made sure that she kept her promise. He began moving in and out of her tight pussy and once she got in tune with his rhythms, she began to thrust her body back against his. Pepper's pussy felt so full of cock that it almost hurt, although she supposed she would adapt in time. Daddy's massive pole was the best prick that had ever been inside of her, she didn't ever want to stop fucking him. In and out he moved, his eyes meeting her blue ones and seeing the satisfied, yet evil, smile on her pretty face. In some ways, he was fucking two women, his gorgeous daughter and a succubus sent straight from the bowels of hell to seduce him.

Pepper had already had her first orgasm from her daddy's fucking of her tight pussy. He had likely been fucking her too hard to notice and she wasn't about to complain. She wondered how he would stack up against other lovers and once she'd bedded some other men, she would have a basis for comparison. Although she was now officially her daddy's whore, she wasn't his property and she was sure he knew that. She intended to find others to share her bed when he wasn't available. Pepper had a needy little pussy and she wanted it to remain filled as often as possible.

Patrick couldn't believe his daughter and the sexual energy she seemed to possess. His hard cock was battering her little pussy and aside from a whimper here or there, Pepper wasn't complaining at all. She was taking it all and begging for more in the most obscene language. She had to know how much it was turning him on, how much he craved her sweet, supple young body!

Pepper knew and had known for some time the effect her body had on horny men. When her next orgasm hit, she moved away and smiled at him. "What next, daddy?" She asked him, he lips curling in an enigmatic smile. "Is there something you want to do, something that mommy won't let you do or do for you?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "Yeah, there is. I always want your mom to take more control in the bedroom; I love to fuck a woman in the cowgirl position. Would you do that for me, baby? Would you get on top of daddy's cock and fuck his brains out?"

Pepper nodded and quickly mounted her father. He couldn't have known it, of course, but since she discovered sex, "girl on top" had been her favorite position. She loved the feeling of control that it gave her and it also gave her a workout that was almost like an aerobics class. The sexy teen began working her body against her father's, rising and falling as his thick shaft plunged the depths of her pussy. The poor bastard still had no idea just what he had gotten himself into. Harder and faster she thrust herself against him, loving how he felt deep inside of her. She felt the complete little slut and was thrilled that she was able to give pleasure to the father that had given her so much. "Cum daddy, cum inside of me, I know you can't make me pregnant," Pepper panted. Her mom hadn't wanted any more children. "Fill me with you lovely, hot cum!" Those words sent Pat over the edge and his load discharged inside his daughter's depths. When he finished cumming, she got off his dick and licked it clean.

Pepper and her father spent the rest of the weekend fucking and talking. All plans had been made by the time Brandi returned home. Pat owned an apartment that he had been leasing for a while and the tenants were moving at the end of the school year. Pepper could have the apartment for herself and use it to entertain anyone she chose without her mother ever finding out. He also provided her with a generous allowance for bills, entertainment and of course, some extremely naughty outfits. Pepper accepted all of this treatment graciously, knowing that her father would always be the most frequent guest in her apartment and bedroom. The sex-crazed teen was already hooked on daddy's fucking big cock and how good it made her feel. Not that she intended to be a nun if daddy wasn't available. A little teenaged slut like Pepper needed as much fucking as she could possibly get.

As she went through the front door of the apartment complex, the doorman nodded hello. He was a nice man, about 40 or so, and always kind to Pepper. On more than one occasion, she had thought of inviting him up for a drink and a fuck. He bet if he had known she was wearing only a lace bra, thong and stockings under her coat, his smile would have been broader. She knew that daddy would be smiling tonight. He would be smiling a lot when he saw the surprise that Pepper had waiting for him inside of her apartment. As a matter of fact, Pepper was smiling already.

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