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Incest in the Kitchen


Before you read any further let me tell you I am 60 years old and my wife is 59. We have three children and three grandchildren. Sue works part time four mornings a week (Tues thru Friday) which she enjoys. I am retired. My oldest daughter Jean is 40 and recently divorced has no children. She is about to move back home with us. My wife Sue and I are in pretty good shape, still enjoy sex and have fucked and sucked each other for 42 years. It never got tired for either one of us. My wife is still a very attractive blond with a great body even today. We spice up our sex by watching porn together. The porn gets us so hot you would think we were 20 years old and it sure feels like it. Believe me you can really enjoy sex at any age, I know we both do. To be honest I would like a lot more but Sue does not. I now spend many mornings watching porn on my computer and I still jerk off. I do it three or four times a week. Sue does not know I jerk off.

The incident I am about to relate began two weeks prior to this morning. Knowing Jean was moving back in two days made me fear that our afternoon porn sessions would be put on hold for awhile. So Wednesday afternoon I put on a DVD in the den that we could watch after lunch. We had a drink and I told Sue that I was horny as hell and she looked so sexy that I was going to make love to her right on the kitchen counter top. I started out kidding but the more I joked about it and the more I thought about it, the hornier I got. I told her it was a fantasy I always thought about. The DVD and our sex talk were getting both of us in the mood. The actors on the DVD were fucking the life out of each other. I finally grabbed her and started kissing and feeling her up. In between kisses, Sue coyly kept telling me I would never make love to her in the kitchen. As we played, I described to her that in my fantasy " she would come in after work and I was waiting to rip her clothes off and throw her on the counter top and devour her sweet pink pussy". From the look in her eyes I knew she was getting excited. We both knew there was no stopping now. She was as hot as me. I finally pulled her skirt off, carried her into the kitchen and lifted her to the island counter top as she removed her blouse and bra. I started sucking her tits and rubbing her blond hairy pussy which was tinged with streaks of gray. I worked my way down to that gorgeous pussy and I really got into it.

I heard a faint sound and looked up with my mouth and face glistening with Sue's pussy juice. Jean was in the doorway. My wife did not and could not see her. I froze and momentarily stopped lapping my wife's juicy cunt. I was shocked when my daughter winked and put her finger to her lips for me to keep quiet and continue.

She shook her head no and mouthed the words, "Don't stop." Oh fuck! She wanted to watch. She wanted to see me eat her mother's pussy. Holy shit I could not believe it. My wife, unaware of jean's presence, pulled my head back between her legs and playfully scolded me not to tease her. She started to fondle her tits. I rose to heights of passion I never before experienced knowing jean was watching. I sucked and licked and nibbled my wife's pussy as she writhed with pleasure. She was moaning as I was driving her over the edge. I strained to look up as I sucked and licked. I saw my daughter put one hand in her shorts and her other hand massaged her tits. Motherfucker I thought I was going to cum right then. She started masturbating faster and faster.

My wife came and screamed like a thunder clap. As I pulled her to the edge of the counter to fuck her I saw Jean shudder and orgasm and it was a beautiful sight. I was standing and slipped my prick in Sue's sopping pussy. My wife said, "Oh Fuck that was great. Honey we have to do that again. I could get used to this. Wow! I feel like I'm twenty years old."

I looked up as my daughter backed out of the door way and was gone. While we were catching our breath Jean made believe she just came into the house. Sue and I grabbed our cloths and struggled to get dressed. Sue was flustered and was trying to make small talk but she was speaking incomprehensible drivel. Her face was flushed but she looked beautiful. Jean smiled and kissed her mother on the cheek and told her how beautiful she looked. She kissed me on the cheek told me how good I looked. I could swear she softly and secretly let her tongue touch my cheek and taste her mother's pussy. I wasn't sure.

Jean moved back home with me and her mother two days later. She did not mention the kitchen episode. All weekend long I desperately wanted to speak to her about it. While I was uncomfortable I wanted to know how she enjoyed the show and why she wanted me to continue. How could I safely bring it up. I played a thousand different scenarios in my mind. I decided to just ask when my wife went to work Tuesday morning. It was going to be awkward speaking to Jean about what occurred but I had to know what was going through her mind. Let's face it; I also was intrigued about the possibility of where this might go. As soon as my wife left for work on Tuesday, I just asked her outright. She knew I was nervous.

She put me at ease and said "It was the most beautiful and yet hottest thing I ever saw. Mom spread eagled on the island countertop and you crouched over with your head buried between her legs was so sexy I had an orgasm. It was beautiful. Mom and you should make a porno tape. If my husband had done that to me we would probably still be married."

I blurted out, "If I wasn't your father I would love to do that to you." I cringed after I said it unsure of what her reaction was going to be.

She looked at me for what seemed like an eternity then whispered, "Don't let that stop you. I would never tell Mom. It will be our secret. I know we both would really enjoy it."

I said, "I will lock the door if you really."

I was closing the kitchen shades and locking the door as she removed her robe. I did not need any porn or pill today. My hands were shaking almost uncontrollably. She climbed up on the island counter in the center of the kitchen and spread her long slender legs invitingly. She placed a throw pillow under her ass as I dropped my shorts. I went to the island and planted a wet kiss on her abdomen and started licking her slender body and settled on her small tennis ball size tits. Her dark nipples were already standing at attention. She had goose bumps on her arms and legs. We finally kissed and sucked each other's lips and tongues as my hand massaged her thighs, belly, chest and crotch without penetrating her beautiful pussy. I was panting and breathing heavily and she began purring like a cat in heat.

I licked her neck and ears and she was responding with soft moans and groans. I worked my way down her smooth belly and paused as I looked at her pussy lips which were beginning to swell in anticipation of my mouth and tongue which was about to devour them. Her pussy was already discharging love juice as I gently kissed it.

My tongue flicked at her sweet tight little ass and I began licking her from her ass to her mound of Venus. My wife's pussy is hairy and I like that but a clean shaven cunt is a gourmet's delight. Her pussy smelled like heaven as I sucked each lip into my mouth in turn and finally drove my tongue into a her fuck hole. Her love juice was as sweet as her mother's and flowing like a spring. I fucked her with my tongue both fast and slow so we both could enjoy it. It was delicious and my head was beginning to pound. My cock was throbbing. She was unashamedly begging to have her pussy sucked by her father. I finally concentrated on her beautiful clit. I softly and gently sucked around the hood clockwise and then counter clock wise.

I gently and lovingly used my soft inner lips on her exposed cliit. I gently rolled it around with my lips and finally gave it a blowjob as though I was sucking a tiny prick while I occasionally gently used the tip of my tongue to lightly tease her clit. I knew she wouldn't last long. She exploded with an agonizing scream. Her torso and legs were shaking uncontrollably. She trapped my head and neck with her legs and refused to allow me to stand up until her orgasm was complete.

We both slipped to the cool tile floor but we were boiling and never noticed the coolness...The feeling as I penetrated her was excruciating and exquisite. I guess because it was my daughter it was a feeling I had never experienced before. It was mind boggling. Her pussy was boiling. It was white hot. I groaned helplessly.This is what your first time should have felt like. Her eyes were half closed and were smoldering. Every stroke of my prick was like a mini orgasm. When I came my entire body convulsed. We were exhausted but kissed and sucked each other's lips and tongue. When my strength returned we somehow managed to get to a sofa in the den. We agreed it was the best sex ever and neither one of us felt remorse or shame. Jean said this is our secret and we are going to enjoy this numbing incestuous relationship for a long time.

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