tagIncest/TabooIncest Island Ch. 03

Incest Island Ch. 03


It was now August. Will and Bristol had continued with their incestuous relationship on the island without their parents finding out now for an entire month. They tried to swap cabins every night, so as not to raise suspicion. Bristol and Will were nude almost all the time, keeping to their half of the island and remaining nude, having sex out in the shrubbery sometimes, wandering the island at night, fucking without any inhibitions.

"Will, do you think we should let mom and dad know what we're doing?" Bristol asked him innocently, as they lay on the beach together nude on blankets, their tans spectacular. Both had gone from pale to nicely browned, but not too much. Neither had any tan lines and their lack of body hair enhanced the look even more. Will looked over to his sexy, compact, now somewhat skinny sister, noticing that some ribs were now showing and that her already small breasts seemed to be getting smaller. Her smooth pussy was looking like hair had never grown there, and she was sporting the cute innocent face of a teenager younger than her 19 years. Will had noticed that he was losing weight, gaining a bit of muscle mass, and was getting nicely toned by all their 'activities' and daily exploration of their reasonably sized island.

"I think they might freak out if we did. Do you think they would handle it well?" Will replied honestly.

"Will, you're my mate. You and me just fit together right. We are not going to find anyone who matches better than each other. I think we should tell them so that we can be open about it. I love you and want to be able to tell our own parents." Bristol explained passionately.

"I know all that. Do you think they would really accept us deciding to be husband and wife though? They are not the most open-minded people. After all, they seem to think that we stay in our separate cabins and study all day...." Will begun with bluntness.

"Hey mom and dad, Bristol and I want to be husband and wife. Oh, by the way, we've been nudists, masturbating each other for almost a year now, having sex since Christmas, and she has let me do her up the ass every couple of days for the last two months." he continued. Bristol looked at him and giggled.

"No. Not like that, silly." she said happily.

"I was thinking that we could conveniently 'get caught' by them. Maybe on a day when they come back from the shore? Pretend like we didn't know they would be home when they get there... Oh, by the way, I love to take my brother's big hairless dick into my tiny little bald pussy every day! If we can, I'll take him in my mouth and up my bum too, then some more in my pussy! I love to fuck him! Mom and dad, I love him so much!" Bristol added, playfully. Will looked at her seriously for a moment, then laughed.

"I think I might be fucking you a little to hard sometimes..." he remarked sarcastically. Bristol grinned and smacked him gently.

"You haven't fucked my brains out, brother. You've made me into your naughty little sister toy for you to get pleasure from. I'm all yours. What I want for us now is our parents to accept that we are a couple." Bristol told him quietly.

"Sounds like a plan... Aren't they off the island right now?" Will said calmly, smiling at her. Bristol beamed back at him, then grabbed his hand. They were soon walking to the main house without any clothes on and a handful of condoms.

Bristol and Will watched from their parent's bedroom window as their parents returned to the island by small boat. They saw their parents get out of the boat and unload onto the dock.

Will straddled Bristol's chest, Bristol instinctively taking his dick into her warm, wet little mouth and sucking him off, bobbing her head back and forth, taking his eight inches into her throat down far enough that his hairless balls rested on her chin. Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! She sucked her brother hard, getting him ready.

Bristol felt her twin brother's stiff cock leave her mouth, so she expertly slide a condom on it and spread her thin legs wide, leaving her hairless little pussy open for him. Will climbed on top of his beautiful twin sister and kissed her, poking her pussy with his tool. Bristol moaned into his mouth as she felt her pussy stretch open around his prong once more, tiny nipples on the tips of her equally tiny cone-shaped breasts wobbling back and forth, back and forth. She gasped and grabbed at the sheets under her, her pussy clenching on her brother's cock, taking him balls deep.

"Oh Will! I love it! Keep going!" Bristol whimpered, knowing that their parents would soon catch them. Will smiled and kept going, building to a steady pace, pounding his sexy twin sister's inviting little hole with his big dick, feeling her pussy muscles rippling around his tool rhythmically. He was breathing hard and enjoying it, each thrust in all the way until he felt the base of his cock press against his twin sister's hairless pussylips. Over and over again, in and out, in and out.

Bristol was getting close. She looked over at the bedroom door, then smiled. Their parents were standing in the doorway, mouths open wide, watching their two oldest children nude, having sex on their bed.

"Hi mom and dad!" Bristol moaned happily, as Will kept on working her tight little pussy. Will looked over then, seeing their parents there.

"Hey guys! We thought we should let you know about what we're doing." Will added, smiling at them as his cock was wrapped in his sister's pussy deep.

Their parents watched as Will and Bristol finished. Both climaxed, Bristol squirted on Will's lap, causing their parents to stare at her with amazement, then Will filled the condom with cum after his sister's amazing pussy milked it like a hand, rubbing him off from inside her firm little body. Will pulled out and Bristol promptly removed the used condom, emptying it into her mouth, her little tongue sticking out as she dripped the naughty contents into her mouth, both of their parents watching.

"So, Bristol and I have been having sex for a while now and we thought that you guys should know." Will began, sitting beside his sister on their parent's bed, both nude in front of their fully dressed parents.

"We can see that... For how long?" Dad asked them, not surprised.

"You know when we started to get good grades?" Bristol suggested, smiling at Will.

"Oh, that explains everything! You two naughty kids! I saw that you're using protection any ways." Mom commented, smiling at her nude children.

"Are you mad at us?" Bristol inquired quietly.

"No, not at all. In fact, it's good that you two have each other. You two should feel lucky to have someone to love in this crazy world... It's like when your mom and I were kids." Dad begun, as Mom stopped him with a stern poke in the arm. Will and Bristol looked at each other curiously, then looked at their parents.

"Um... You know how we told you that your grandparents on my side died in a plane crash? Well, actually, they are dead, but you know them." Mom confessed calmly, her children gasping with surprise.

"You mean that it's fine that I have sex with my brother because you have sex with your brother too and your brother is my father?"

"Yes Bristol, I am your mom's brother, but I'm also your father... Do you think we love you any less or differently because of that?"

"Daddy, how could you keep this from us for so long? Will and I deserve to know about our parents."

"That's cool though... Do you guys want to be nudists like Bristol and I?"

"Sure, we've always wanted to do that, but your mom was afraid that it might mess you two up somehow. I suppose the damage is done now..."

"It's alright by me too. Your father and I used to be nudists before you two were born. I'm glad that you two embrace being in your natural state as much as we do."

Bristol and Will stood-up and followed their parents to the living room. They remained nude while their parents were clothed, as they had a long talk.

That evening, Will and Bristol returned to Bristol's cabin. They were quiet, laying together on the bed as usual, close to each other. Bristol cuddled against her brother and they fell asleep.

In the morning, they awoke, but it wasn't the same. Bristol didn't want to have sex first thing. Will wasn't perpetually hard. They looked at each other sadly.

"I love you very much, Will. And now we're allowed to do whatever we want now, all the time, wherever we want to..." Bristol told him honestly, as they ate breakfast.

"Being told that our own parents are brother and sister is a lot to handle, then they say that we are over eighteen so we can make our own choices... Bristol, I think I want to be with you for the rest of my life. There is no doubt for me about that. I think it's good that we did what we did yesterday." Will replied, sounding more positive than she did. Bristol looked-up at him and smiled.

"Do you think they are going to get Toby and Jenna to come out here after their summer semester is over?"

"That might be cool. We missed their eighteenth birthday."

"They missed our nineteenth birthday." Bristol giggled, returning to normal.

"Maybe they are a couple too." she added, getting up from the table and taking her dished to sink. Will stared at her firm little tanned ass, feeling an erection coming on.

"So, what are you doing today?" he asked her, going behind her and poking her in the back with his hard-on. She smiled and kissed him.

"Whatever you want to do, my sweet brother!" she answered, hopping up on the counter, grabbing a condom that was strategically placed, wrapping his cock with it, then pulling him into her wet hairless pussy.

Will held Bristol's slender hips as they kissed, his cock sliding back and forth within her tight little bald pussy, slowly and deeply. They held together, their tongues playing as they kissed passionately, moving together. Bristol's tiny pink nipples hardened and she shivered, her pussy stretched around her twin brother's cock just like she wanted it to be, fitting perfectly.

"Oh yeah! Will, I love you!" Bristol moaned happily, rocking her boyish hips against him as he fucked her slow and deep.

"I love you too, Bristol. And I love your hot little body too. Will you be mine forever?" Will replied as they built to a mutual climax. Bristol shook as her pussy had a spasm around the cock deep within her and squirted, at the same time as Will filled the condom with his cum. Both were kissing, muffling their moans of pleasure. Will kept sliding back and forth inside her until he softened and had to pull out. Bristol unwrapped his cock as normal and drank her brother's warm tasty cum from the used condom. She then hopped down from the counter and they went to work on their reading for their classes in the fall, being good students. The pile of text books on the table was fairly high.

A couple days later, it was time for Toby and Jenna to get picked-up from their school. Will and Bristol went to their parent's house in the afternoon to go talk with them. Being greeted by their nude parents. Will and Bristol smiles and looked them over. Both were looking very good for their ages.

Their father was just about to turn 40 and was an older version of Will, same height, weight, hair colour, and good looks. Bristol noticed that his semi-hard cock wasn't nearly the size of her brother's, five inches. He was neatly trimmed down there.

Their mother was 38, five feet four inches tall, about a hundred and ten pounds. Her brown hair was shoulder length, and her eyes were blue. Will took notice of her firm and perky B-cup breasts with their hard small pinkish nipples, as well as her landing strip. Her ass was firm and small. She looked like a woman of 25, not 38. Will smiled as he looked his mom over nude for the first time.

"Hi kids, your mom and I decided to let you two go and pick-up your brother and sister." Dad said, as they all sat down in the living room.

"Really? I don't want to be away from here for two weeks though..." Bristol remarked, sounding unhappy.

"Well, someone has to go pick your brother and sister up. We have a lot of work to do and really can't afford to take the time away from it." Mom explained.

"I can go by myself. I'm comfortable with that. Sis, you can stay here. Will you be alright without me around?" Will volunteered. Bristol looked and mom and dad, then blushed.

"We can take care of her until you get back." Dad answered, eyeing his daughter. Bristol giggled, noticing how he was looking at her.

"I'll be alright, Will. You go and have fun." Bristol said quietly.

"Well, anything that happens is alright with me, sis..." Will begun, noticing their mom eying his sister too.

"Bristol has a really high sex drive. She might need someone to play with while I'm away." he added, looking at his smiling parents.

"We know that son. I'm sure she will not suffer while you're away." their father replied, grinning.

"I think that might be pretty cool, daddy. Both of you?" Bristol spoke, shy, her little nipples getting hard.

"Both of us, baby. That is, if you like." their mom informed her.

"That's alright with me. Will, is it alright with you?"

"Sure, sis. It's whatever makes you happy." Will told her with a smile.

They had dinner together as a family, something they had not done for a few weeks. Then, Will and Bristol returned to their cabin, Will preparing for his trip and Bristol getting what she would need to stay with their parents for two weeks, not comfortable staying in the cabin by herself anymore since Will usually was with her at nights now.

The following day, Dad dropped Will off on the shore. Will took the motor-home with a trailer on the long drive back to the family house. Then, Dad returned to the island and joined his nude wife and daughter for breakfast. Bristol was looking pretty comfortable and relaxed, her parents glancing at her firm compact body frequently.

"So, what are we doing today?" Bristol asked after breakfast.

"Whatever you want to, darling." Dad answered, seeing her blush bright red afterwards.

"Daddy, are you sure?" she replied innocently, Mom leaving the kitchen to get to work.

"Yes, I'm very sure... What do you need me to do?" he said with a warm smile.

"Well, Will and I usually have sex this time every day. I have a toy that I can use, but it just isn't the same as the real thing... Would you like to have sex with me?" Bristol asked, sounding a little embarrassed.

"Really? Are you sure?" her father questioned, grinning happily, his cock hardening at the thought.

"Yes. I'm sure. Is there anything I can do for you? Maybe something that mom won't do?" Bristol replied with a naughty smile.

"Your mom hasn't let me up her bum. You said that you let Will have anal sex with you? If you would like, can I do that with you?" her father remarked, moving next to her, patting her firm little bum gently. Bristol giggled happily.

"Oh course, daddy! You can do whatever you want to!"

Bristol knelt down and started to suck her father's dick, about five inches, not the eight inches that she was used to, but she liked it. She looked up at her father innocently, bobbing her pretty head back and forth on his dick, slurping and sucking it. He moaned with pleasure, holding her hair as she gave him a good deep blow job, taking him balls deep in her mouth, her nose in his neatly trimmed pubic hair, her skilled tongue swirling around to stimulate the organ in her mouth.

"Oh Bristol! That feels so nice! If you don't stop, I'm going to cum in your mouth!" he said with excitement, Bristol keeping the pace-up. She was rubbing her smooth wet pussy with her hands, her mouth pleasuring her own father. She bobbed her head back and forth in long strokes, licking and sucking the entire length of her father's cock eagerly, feeling it twitching in her mouth. Pre-cum leaked out and suddenly was followed by a large load of her father's cum. She slurped it up, sucking and licking his cock, hearing him groaning happily, his hands holding her head on it, her mouth filling with cum for several gulps before her dad let her go.

"That was great! I haven't had a blow job for a couple years, darling. Daddy really likes having you home." he told her, looking down at her as she licked his cock clean of cum, her pretty eyes glancing up at him innocently.

"I like giving blow jobs, daddy. You taste good too." she answered, getting up and laying on the kitchen counter with her slender legs spread wide. Her father followed her and knelt down, licking her hairless little pussy. She felt him slide a finger into her pussy and one into her bum, working them in and out gently and deeply, making her moan and gasp happily, her body tingling all over. His tongue tickled her clit and teased it, the fingers in her holes setting her off like a rocket. Bristol thrashed around on the counter, kicking the air, almost screaming out with pleasure, her pussy suddenly squirting her father's face, surprising him. He licked it all up, tasting his own daughter for the first time. The smoothness of her body making it easy to manipulate her parts. She looked down and saw her father licking her pussy and fingering both of her small tight holes, her tiny nipples hard on top of her almost non-existent breasts. Bristol lay back, her pussy and bum on fire, writhing around trying to press her pussy against her father's face more, rubbing it on his nose and tongue.

"Oh daddy! You eat pussy really good! I think that I will be giving lots of blow jobs if you will eat me like this every day!" Bristol moaned happily, just as she let out a laboured sigh, squirting her father's face once more from her trembling pussy.

"Daddy, will you make love to me now?" she whimpered quietly, pouting at him.

"Of course, baby. Anything you want... You know that I had a vasectomy about ten years ago, so I can't get you pregnant. If you want me to wear a condom, I will." he answered, standing-up pointing his hard cock at her wet bald pussy.

"You don't have to wear one then, daddy. Please just make love to me!" Bristol mewled while scooting to the very edge of the counter and spreading her legs as wide apart as she could. She lay back on the counter, her father's strong hands on her tiny breasts, kneading them like dough as he slide his dick into her moist tight pussy. Bristol moaned happily, feeling her pussy wrapped around a man's shaft. She wiggled towards it, rocking her slender hips to rub it around inside her. Her father pressed the base of his five inch cock against her bald pussylips and rubbed her clit with one hand, while the other one played with her tiny hard nipples. Bristol moaned and her breathing was getting deeper.

"Oh daddy! That feels so good!" she gasped, wrapping her slender legs around his waist. Bristol felt her father start pumping her pussy with slow shallow thrusts, keeping himself almost buried in her at all times while his fingers teased her clit. He watched his very sexy daughter lay on the kitchen counter nude with his dick buried deep inside her, taking him into her tight little hole.

"Bristol, do you like daddy's dick?"

"Yes daddy! I love it"

Bristol moaned as she gasped, her firm little body trembling and pussy getting wet. Her hands grabbed the edge of the counter and her hips kept rocking, her father's cock bringing her pleasure for the first time. She playfully squeezed her tight pussy muscles around him, massaging from within on the way out, releasing them so that he could slide all the way deep inside her on the way in.

"Darling, I love you too! You feel so good! Your pussy is just so tight and strong too!"

Dad kept working his daughter's tight little pussy, rubbing her hairless crotch and playing with her tiny hard nipples. He watched as his cock slide back and forth, harder than ever before because of the sexy little angel he was pleasuring. The tingling in his cock was almost sending him over the edge, as it moved around inside her unprotected.

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