tagIncest/TabooIncest Island Ch. 2

Incest Island Ch. 2


Sherri thought she would just die from embarrassment when she lifted her pussy smeared lips from Darla's dripping cunt to see the handsome young man staring at her nearly naked body with a lusting smile on his full, sensuous lips. Not only were her bare boobs and well sucked pussy fully exposed to his leering eyes, but he had obviously observed her ravenously making lesbian love to his beautiful sister. She frantically tried to cover her exposed body as she twisted out of Darla's grasp and tried to stand.

"Ah, don't mind him," drawled Darla. "That's just my horny brother. He won't bite… At least I don't think he will, anyway. It wouldn't be the first time he's walked in on me getting it on with some gorgeous chick or another guy. And it probably won't be the last," she grinned.

"Well it's the first time anyone's ever walked in on me," exclaimed Sherri, still trying futilely to cover her body and hide her furious blush. But she wasn't having any luck with either endeavor and the grinning Chet had no intention of averting his eyes from the beautiful. and obviously flustered older woman.

"Tell you what, girls," he said. "I'll just mosey on into the other room and take a shower and you two can get back to what you were doing when I so rudely interrupted. I found your stupid car abandoned by the road and figured that you'd either broken down or run out of gas again and you had to catch a ride or walk home. So Charlie and I put some gas in your heap and I drove it home for you. But I managed to spill some gas all over me and I stink like a pig, now."

"You always stink like a pig," giggled Darla. "Go take your shower and we'll tell you all about it when you come out. Want a hit on this joint before you go? Oh, by the way, you didn't happen to notice a couple of dead bodies by my car did you," she asked with an innocent expression on her face. "Sherri tried to kill a couple of pukes that were giving me a hard time out there."

"Nope, no bodies," laughed Chet, as he inhaled deeply on the "j." "But this is a story I can't wait to hear. I swear, Darla, you get yourself into some of the damndest messes." And still chuckling, he headed off towards the bathroom.

"Isn't he a trip?" asked Darla. "Here he walks in on us eating each other out with our bare tits and asses exposed to the world and I tell him I almost got raped and you tried to kill a couple of goons and he just calmly laughs and goes off to shower! He probly don' believe a word I said, the big jerk."

"Well he has to believe what he saw with those big, brown eyes of his," said Sherri. "I don't think I've ever been so mortified in my life. The first time I finally get it on with a girl and her handsome hunk of a brother has to catch us in the act. I better get out of here before I make a bigger fool of myself than I already have."

"Ah, relax, Sweetie. I guarantee you he enjoyed every minute of it. If you hadn't been so busy trying to cover up your boobs and cunt and hiding your face you'd have noticed just how much he was enjoying it. He loves watching me get it on with another girl… Or a guy for that matter," she grinned. "That ol' horsecock of his was just about to bust the fly on his jeans, I swear it was."

"That's not the point," stormed Sherri. I'm not used to putting on a public display for anyone, and certainly not for a gorgeous hunk like him."

"Yeah, he is kinda cute, ain't he? And I know he liked what he saw too," said Darla as she reached to draw the still resisting Sherri back onto the couch. "I know I do! Was that really the first time you made it with a girl? I'd never have guessed. You flat blew me away I came so hard," she breathed as she again began to play with Sherri's breasts and slide her hand under her skirt.

"Stop it Darla," whispered Sherri, trying without much success to divert the young woman's renewed assault on her still aroused tits and wet pussy. "He might come back in here any minute," she tried to say. But Darla's lips and tongue were once again playing lightly over her own mouth and lighting a renewed fire in her loins that she was having a very difficult time ignoring.

"Oh, stop worrying, silly. You can hear the shower's still going. Hey! That's a thought! You said you wanted to take a shower – why don't we join Chet and scrub his back for him? I bet that'll blow his mind! 'Course it might be a little crowded in there with all three of us," she giggled.

"It's not his mind that I'd like to blow," laughed Sherrie, shocked at herself for the lascivious fantasy that had suddenly popped unbidden into her head. "God, it must be the dope," she thought. "I've never been this horney before. That's some powerful stuff! I am stoned out of my gourd." And she had to admit, (to herself, at least), that she really would like to suck and fuck that gorgeous guy with the soft brown skin and laughing eyes.

"Alright, you're on!" she told the smirking Darla. "Let's do it! Christ, I can't believe I said that. Or that I'm actually going through with it!"

But Darla didn't give Sherrie a chance to change her mind. Taking her by the hand, she lifted the older woman from the couch and quickly slipped her blouse, bra and skirt off and dropped them to the floor. Peeling her own remaining clothes off as she pulled the still uncertain Sherrie down the hall to the bathroom, she called to her brother, "Hey Chet – We decided we needed a shower too, so move over and make room for us! We're coming in."

"Come on in," he grinned. "The water's hot and there's plenty of soap."

As Sherrie stepped in front of the handsome, young stud her eyes took in every inch of his finely muscled body and she reached out to stroke his silky brown skin. She took the proffered bar of soap and began to work up a lather, starting at his chest and giving particular attention to his hardening nipples. His sister, meanwhile, had climbed in behind him and was giving his back and his tight ass a similar treatment.

Chet closed his eyes and tilted his head back as Sherrie began to work her way down to his rapidly hardening cock and his cum swollen balls. She began slowly stroking the full 8" or so of his now fully engorged cock while gently cupping and squeezing his huge balls. Behind him, Darla was lavishly soaping the crack of his ass and invading his tight sphincter with first one, then two fingers as he pushed eagerly back against her.

"I think it's clean enough to eat" said Sherrie, as she rinsed the suds from his stiff manhood. And with that, she dropped to her knees and began to lick and suck on his tightening ball sack and running her lips and tongue the full length of his magnificent penis. She was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to swallow all of that monster, but she promised herself she'd do her damndest trying.

Chet groaned as Sherrie tried valiantly to deep throat every inch of his thick cock and he wrapped his fingers in her hair and pulled her voracious mouth tighter against his black, curly pubis, forcing himself deeper into her willing throat. He began to rapidly fuck the beautiful redhead's face in and out and thrusting his ass against the deeply probing fingers of his lusty, little sister. Within minutes he let out an animal like bellow and began pumping huge amounts of cum deep into Sherrie's mouth and throat.

Sherrie had always prided herself on her cocksucking ability, but she had never been so nearly drowned in cum in her life. Chocking and sputtering, she pulled back from the gushing prick and continued jerking him off, splashing more cum on her face and hair and down her swollen tits.

Slipping her fingers out of Chet's abused anus, Darla joined him in licking the big drops of steaming cum off of Sherrie's face and boobs.

"Christ, that's just about the best blowjob I've ever had," breathed Chet. "Most women and damn few men can swallow me like that! You good girl!" he laughed as he gathered her in his strong arms and lifted her to him and wrapped her shapely legs around his narrow waist.

Sherrie was pleasantly surprised that he didn't seem to have lost any his hardness at all and as he held her tightly against his body, Darla began to stroke his cock and rub the head of it back and forth through Sherrie's slippery pussy lips. Then she held it against Sherries vaginal opening and Chet began to lower the now whimpering woman onto the full length of his swollen penis and just held her there, not moving while both he and Darla ran their hands over every part of Sherrie's wonton body, caressing her tits, pinching and gently twisting her nipples and rubbing her engorged clit against the top of Chet's immobile cock.

Darla dropped to her knees behind the coupled lovers and began to sweep her tongue and lips over Chet's balls and the part of his cock that wouldn't quite fit into Sherrie's tight and gripping pussy. As Sherrie whimpered in ecstasy, Darla continued her ministrations and ran her soft but stiff tongue through the cheeks of Sherrie's ass and twirled it around and into the older woman's anus, probing as deeply as her tongue would go into her tight hole. Replacing her tongue with first one, then the other of the same fingers she had fucked her brother with, Darla started rhythmically probing Sherrie's tight asshole as her brother began rapidly thrusting in and out of Sherri's sopping wet cunt. With an ear splitting scream, Sherrie's orgasm broke over her as she came and came, again and again, with an intensity she had not experienced since the first time she had fucked her father. With a final shudder, she dropped her head to Chet's shoulder as Darla slowly and gently removed her fingers from Sherrie's previously virgin ass.

Chet carried the now satiated woman out of the shower and lowered her feet to the floor as Darla began to dry each of them with a warm towel. Then the three lovers moved to the bedroom and fell exhausted onto the king sized bed, entwined in each other's arms.

Stretching her arms languidly over her head, Sherrie chuckled, "Well, this has been one helluva day of 'firsts' for me! It's the first time I ever stopped a rape in progress, the first time I tried to kill anybody, first time of making love to another woman, first time of being fucked by a black guy, and, with the exception of family, the first time of having sex with more than one person at the same time. Quite an experience, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah, I guess so," replied Darla. "But with the exception of trying to kill a couple of goons, you might want to make a habit of those other 'firsts'. You're so good at it," she laughed.

As Sherrie reminisced about her meeting of Darla and Chet and the love and friendship (not to mention the sex) the three of them had shared over the years, she also remembered that Darla hadn't been left out that glorious afternoon either. Once Chet and Sherrie had rested and recuperated a bit, they had both turned their undivided attention to satisfying the appetite of the younger woman. As Sherrie was lavishing Darla's sweet young pussy with her now practiced tongue, Chet was vigorously pounding his turgid cock deep into her asshole; an activity that the young woman particularly loved. Later, as the two girls licked and sucked each other's pussies in a lesbian 69, Chet managed to introduce Sherrie to the pleasures of anal fucking as well…

Watch for further "Incest Island" adventures cumming soon.

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