tagIncest/TabooIncest Island: Mommy Letters

Incest Island: Mommy Letters


From the desk of Dr. Aikio Proctor:

Attached are several letters and my advice to possible applicants to our sanctuary.. This is an Island off the coast of Japan known as Lot's Cove or to the locals as Incest Island for being the subject of a major anthropological research institution in. I have included my responses and their entire email chain for the records of the institute.

Dear Dr. Proctor,

My husband and I have been arguing a lot of late, and only about one particular issue. We have always been very liberal about nudity and sex. It's not like we are nudists, but we've always been an open book about sex. So now and then, I go around topless when I think no one is home. The only one who has ever caught me (other than my husband) was my daughter Dawn, who acted she didn't even notice and helped me finish laundry a few times.

My son Dylan caught me a few weeks ago doing laundry. Most of the time, I just stay in the laundry room and read, then I put on my favorite bra when it's warm. I do have large breasts (36, double D's) so it's often hard to find bras that fit. He stumbled in with a load of clothes. I looked up from my book as naturally as I could and told him to knock next time. Dylan just couldn't stop staring. He finally asked when I would be finished. I told him I'd come get him.

My husband has noticed the attention our son has been paying to me of late. I understand his concerns. It's not like I'm oblivious to my son's urges. But he wants me to start dressing like a Puritan around the house, especially after what just happened. I do notice if I'm wearing a bathrobe in the morning, Dylan stares pretty hard at my tits. He's 18 though and about to leave for college. It didn't seem worth the awkward conversation. But he has been "accidentally" barging in on me in my room, catching me changing, and honestly... I kind of enjoy it.

Then a few days ago, I had just finished a load of towels and was wearing just some bikini briefs. I didn't know Dylan was the in the bath, and I dropped the towels in surprise. He didn't have any bubbles or anything, so I could see every inch of his penis. He was stroking it! I was shocked! I couldn't believe how big my son's cock was. I just stood there, my mouth wide open, watching as Dylan masturbated.

I asked him if he needed anything, and he just said he was enjoying the view. He pretended to be cleaning himself for a second, and then his hand went back to his dick. I let him look a bit longer but left before the finale.

I find myself wishing I had watched more. I keep thinking about my son's dick. I've had several fights with my husband about it, who think things have already gone too far... but now I'm find myself deliberately teasing our son. I bent over him yesterday, wearing nothing but yoga pants, letting them slide down a little in front of him. I've even started showering with the bathroom door open! What should I do Doctor? How do I talked to my husband about this?


A Concerned Mother

Fresno, CA

Dear Mommy CA,

Let me start by assuring you that this sort of behavior is perfectly normal. Mothers often have a special bond their sons, particularly with their youngest. It is my opinion that even if you tried to stop, eventually this behavior would continue. It's very easy to find yourself putting on a show again. So before things progress any further, you need to have an honest talk with your husband.

While I do not know his feelings on incest, the conversation needs to be about how far each of you is comfortable with going. If your husband is fully onboard, there are many ways to slowly increase this sort of interaction with your son in a consensual way. While you may find yourself wanting more, I always recommend starting slow when changing such a powerful family dynamic.

If you go slow your husband will be assured his feelings are considered, no matter how he feels about this new aspect of your relationship. As time goes on you can demonstrate the difference between a mother's love for her son and your love for your husband in a considerate and mutually beneficial way.


Dr. Aikio Proctor

Dear Dr. Proctor,

I took your advice and talked with my husband. After several shouting matches, we managed to get to the root of our issues. Much in the same way that I have an interest in Dylan, my husband has an interest in our daughter Dawn.

She's been away a year at college, and I think the fact that Dylan and I were so close really reminded Martin about how close he and Dawn were. Every month they did have a special Daddy/daughter date that kind of fell by the wayside once she started at Berkeley. Part of me is certainly worried about the same thing happening with Dylan when he joins his older sister at college in the fall.

My husband said he was okay with things escalating. He confessed that once, during the summer before Dawn went away to college, he touched our daughter's ass during a dance. We are both pretty young (early forties), so everyone on the dance floor thought he was just some old dog running around with a college student. He said that far from minding it, Dawn kissed him (tongue!) after, but they never talked about it before she left for college.

I think Dylan knew something was up last night. Probably because I kept walking around in a open robe, wearing only a thong and panties underneath. He said (with an obvious hard-on) that he was going to take a bath. Without saying a word, I followed him into the bathroom. I told him I wanted to help. He asked if it was okay to get naked, and I said I'd seen everything before. I got to watch my only son take off his clothes in front of me. I'd never seen him like this. He has this beautiful soccer body, all lean. He shaves everywhere, keeping his penis nice and smooth. His cock is a little longer than his father's, but a little thinner, except for his big, pink head.

He also has a butt like a girl's. It's all curvy and smooth. I gave him a little slap on the rear like a coach as he got into the tub. He doesn't use any bubbles, so I got a full view of his prick in the water. We talked about our day, and other nonsense, until I said it was time for me to get down to business. I started with a washcloth, moving it down his chest slowly, feeling every inch of his body, before moving down past his waist.

I used the washcloth as first on his dick, which had already started to grow. He got hard quickly as a rubbed the washcloth up and down his cock. He started to moan louder, and I asked him if this was helping him relax. He said please don't stop Mom. The next thing I knew, he was ejaculating under the water, his milky white stream shooting directly into the full bathtub in front of me.

I think he was embarrassed or ashamed after. I told not to worry, but he couldn't make eye-contact with me. I hope I haven't gone too far! Of course, he's still taking peeks at his mother so he must be interested still. But I think both of us are feeling a little ashamed of ourselves. Do you have any advice?

Martin thinks we should have a family meeting when Dawn comes home for the summer break, but I kind of want him to have some one and one time with our daugher first. What do you think Doctor?



Sacramento, CA

Dear Mommy CA,

It seems like things have been progressing in the way both you and your son wanted. A lot of families feel a sense of shame at first when first experiencing a sexual relationship. Talk about it with your son. Let him know that this is a perfectly acceptable way for both of you to express your love. Then ask him what he would like to do next.

As for your husband, why not do both? Have your husband take your daughter out for a date, and then have a family meeting about what this mean for all of you. I have enclosed information on Lot's Cove with this letter. Please do not consider a life of indulging in forbidden or taboo practices as isolating. There are many people in our community who are happy to identify with your family through their own circumstances who can help walk you through what can be a difficult transition for many marriages and families.


Dr. Aikio Proctor.

Dear Dr. Proctor

Wow! A lot to get to in this letter. But thank you! And I want to thank everyone at the institute. We have been in contact (all of us, my husband Martin, me, my daughter Dawn, and son Dylan) with the resident's of Lot's Cove and let me say that they have been incredible in helping us through our transition into a taboo family.

First things first, I took your suggestion and talked with my son. He was concerned he had gone too far. He had asked a number of times if I was okay. It was very sweet. Then I asked him what he wanted to do. He told me he wanted to give his mommy a bath!

I let him draw the water and put on a robe for myself. I was afraid that having to deal with a bra would make me chicken out. My breasts are much larger than his sister's, but I'm getting ahead of myself. He eye-fucked me the entire time as I pulled off my robe and stood naked in front of him. He asked if he could touch my boobs (his ex-girlfriend had very small tits), and I told him to wait for the bath.

I also told him I wanted to be his Mommy-slut. I love how he says yes Mommy! I asked him what part of my body he liked the best. Dylan said it was hard to pick between my ass, cock and pussy. I made him pick. He said he liked Mommy's breasts the best. I decided to add a bunch of bubbles to the bath to tease him, and had him rubbed the soapy bubbles all over my MILF body. I don't mean to brag, but I keep in shape.

He enjoyed working his fingers up and down my body. He spent extra time making sure my nipples were squeaky clean, then he massaged both my holes. It was all I could do to keep from shoving his fingers inside my tight little butthole as he teased it, or into my vagina as he moved over my lips. His fingers touched my pubic hair and he slowed down for a second. I told him I would wax it if he liked that better, and he said no, he loved my MILF vagina. Then he started to play a little with my clit.

I giggled, and as his other hand played with his mother's breasts again, pretending to clean them, I told him I wanted to show him how I masturbated. He told me he didn't know I did that. I took out the shower head, and turned it on high, spreading my legs so my pussy just barely came out of the water. Dylan went wide-eyed! I arched my back and started to moan, mostly because my son's hands were all over my nipples.

I told me he could take his dick out. He moved his right hand to that big cock while pinching my nipples with the other. Any pretense or pretending was over. I told Dylan I needed to cum. He said he wanted to see his mommy cum more than anything. He told me I was "fucking hot" and that there weren't any girls in college as hot as his mom. I came right there, my back arching, my whole body convulsing as I came.

I don't know exactly how it happened next. Maybe it's because when I sat up, the head of my son's cock was only a few inches from my face. But I put my son's cock into my mouth. I could barely open wide enough for his big pink head. After that it was easy. I gagged a little, but I wanted to be so good for my baby. I had him deep-throated in a few seconds, his dick all the way down my throat. He wasn't that much bigger than his father!

God, at points I started to tear up! I wanted to be a good Mommy-slut for my baby though, and I swallow every inch of my son's dick. I let him use me as hard as he wanted, only occasionally stopping for a quick breath. He was fucking my mouth like a pussy for a while. His hands on the back of my head, forcing me to take more and more, faster and faster.

He told me he was about to cum, and I asked where he wanted it. I know it's a little wrong, but I told him I was his Mommy-slut and he could use me in whatever way he needed. He said he'd never had a girl who let him cum on her face. I told him he had a Mommy-slut now who would please him however baby wanted.

He put his cock in my mouth, mostly the head now as he stroked his shaft. I could feel him getting close, then he started to twitch in my mouth. The first spurt I let hit my lips and run down my cheek, onto my tits. The next shot hit me in the eye. Thank god I had it closed! I felt more cum splashing against my nose. Another shot landed on my cheek. Then he rubbed the head of his cock all over my lips, letting me swallow the cum from my son's cock.

He watched eagerly as I cleaned myself up in the bathtub, washing his cum from my face and breasts. He told me he couldn't wait for our next bath. Thank you so much for the advice and help Dr. Proctor! Martin has a Daddy/daughter date set up for next week and our family couldn't be happier!

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