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This is my third story for Literotica fans. In my early stories, I have told you how I involved in sex with my boy friend Imran and then with my elder sister (Baji). I and Sana (My elder sister) continued lesbian sex for few days after our first encounter. She was so sexy and hot during sex that I never thought before. She introduced me to new horizons of sex.

One day I wake up at night. I was feeling thirsty, so I got up from my bed and went out of room to drink some water. I was in my night suit, and when I came out of my room I saw Shehla bhabhi and Sana baji standing out side of Shehla and Zahid bhayaa's room. They did not notice me while I was going towards kitchen to have some water.

Suddenly I heard Shehla saying to Sana, "Aawo Sana aaj thumharay bhayaa peer se garam ho rahay hain, aur chahtay hain ke hum dono us ko tanda ker dain. Wesay dil mera bhi bahot ker raha hay aaj tho socha ke thum ko bhi bula loon."

SANA: Uuuffff bhabi thum ne tho meray dil ki baat keh di, mera bi aaj bahot dil ker raha tha masti kerne ko, chalo acha huwa thum dono bhi thayaar ho. Thanks bhabi. Main apnay room ki light off ker ke aathi hoon.

Saying this, Sana went to her own room while bhabi went in her own. I remained standing at kitchen door and was thinking at their conversation. What they said was very much shocking for me. Did they want to say that Sana baji is doing sex with bhabi and bhayaa at the same time? But how it was possible? But if this was not the case then what other meanings could be given to what they both said. In the mean time Sana came out of her room after switching off the light and went to bhabi and bhayaa's room. What I have heard, put me in great confusion and I decided to now the reality.

After taking this decision, I quickly went to bhabi's room door but I found it locked. Suddenly I remembered that there is a back side window of their room which opens towards backyard. I went into backyard and reached near their window. I peeped inside through the widow and I saw both Sana and bhabi were sitting on the bad and were talking on some topic but I can't hear what they were saying. I worked to find out an open window and I founded it. Windows in our home were made in such a way that the glass windows were at out side, opening outward, while on the inner side there were net windows which opened inward. I slowly opened the glass window and left the net window closed as I could see through it. Now I could also hear to what they were saying.

SANA: Bhayaa ne kafee der laga the hay bathroom mai lagtha hay aaj koi khaas kisam ki thayaari kerne wale hain.

BHABI: Kerne do us ko thayaari bahot maza aaye ga.

Saying this she grasped Sana around her west and pressed her with herself. In the mean time bath room door opened and bhayaa came out from it. He was only in his underwear and I saw him half naked for the first time. His body was very beautiful and muscular. There were little hairs on his chest and legs which add to his manhood. He watched towards Sana and bhabi and smiled. In response they both also gave a some what strange smile. Bhayaa came to bed and set near to them.

ZAHID BHAYAA: Lagtha hay aaj meri tharaah meri dhono randian bhi full masti main hain, Q kuch galat tho nahi kaha meri pyaari randio?

Saying this Zahid bhayaa hold bhabi with her long hair and pulled her towards him in a very rough way, and kissed her lips in way which looked to me much harsh. His words jolted me from top to bottom. He was calling Sana, his own sister, and bhabi as Randian (bitches). Then Zahid bhayaa sat at a sofa in front of them while Sana and Shehla bhabi were sitting close to each other on the bed.

ZAHID: haan tho meri randion aaj kia program hay?

SHEHLA: program kia hona hay, wahi hay jo aksar hotha hay, yani aaj hum dono theree randian banain gee. Q Sana main teek keh rahi hoon na?

She watched towards Sana with a lustful smile. Sana replied with same lusty smile and grasped Shehla in her arms. I became nearly mad to hear the little conversation among them, because it conformed my thought about their secret relations. I was still standing behind the window while they continues there conversation.

ZAHID: thum dono randion ko yaad bi hay ya nahi ke aaj tuk main net hum dono ko kitni martaba choda hay?

SHEHLA: mujay tho yaad nahi q kay mujay tho thum shadi se pehle se chod rahay ho, shayed 100 se tho ziada baar thum ne meri mulayeem choot mari hay aur 50 se ziada maar meri gaand maar chukay ho.

She said this without a bit of shyness at her face. She was talking like she is telling some thing very usual and common. Now it was Sana's turn to tell about herself.

SANA: lekin mujay tho sub achi tharaah yaad hay bhayaa. So main batha sakthi hoon k thum ne mujay kitni baar choda hay.

ZAHID: tho batawo haram ki jani, madarchod barrwee randi kitni baar main net hum ko choda hay?

This all just shocked me. I cannot imagine even that Sana and Zahid bhayaa could talk to each other in such a erotic way. But more than that it was also unbelieving for me to hear that Zahid bhayaa has fucked so many times his own real sister Sana, and Sana was acknowledged it without any hesitation. I know that Sana is very sexy, she not only did sex with me but she had been fucked by her many friends individually and collectively, about which she told me during our different lesbian sex encounter which I will tell you sometime later. In reply to Zahid bhayaa's question she replied.

SANA: aik baar tho bhayaa aap ne mujay akailay choda tha, yaani pehli baar. Jub ke bakee her dafa thum ne mujay bhabi ke saat meel ker choda hay aur aaj thuk thum ne 10 dafa meri choot mari hay aur 3 dafa main ne apni gand thum se marwayee hay.

ZAHID: is ka matlab hay hum apnay program main abhi thuk kafee progress ker chukay hain. Thum dono ko achi tharaah yaad ho ga ke hum theeno ne begherthi ka ye khel kis waja se shuru kia tha?

SANA: haan bhayaa bahot achi tharaah se yaad hay. Is ki waja hamaray begherat maan baap hain. Thum ne hi pehli baar hamain bathayaa tha ke hamaari mom bahir ke logon se chodwathi hay aur dad ko na sirf in sub baton ka patha hay balkay wo mom ki dalali bhi kerthay hain aur apnay dostoon aur business partners se hamari maan ko choodwathay hain. Peer hum thenoo ne un ko kayee baar ye sub kerthay bi deka aur us ke baad hum ne decide kia ke aghar wo ithne begherat ho sakthe hain tho hum is puray ghar ko begherat aur besharam bana dengay. Us ke baad thum don ne mujay choda aur peer ye decide huwa ke Zara aur Shahid bhai ko bhi is begherthi mian shamil kerain gay aur akher main mom aur dad ko bhi. Kia main sahi keh rahi hoon?

Sana explained to Zahid bhayaa the reasons due to which they were involved in this lustrous relations, and both Zahid bhayaa and Shehla bhabi shook their heads in affirmation, while I was near to become mad to hear all this lustrous and erotic things about all my family members from my own elder sister's mouth and especially when she talked about me and shahid bhai, it make me nearly to go out of senses, but somehow I controlled my self and attentively listened to their conversation.

SHEHLA: wahh Sana thum ko tho sub kuch achi tharaah se yaad hay aur suna bhi aisay rahi ho jesay koi secretary daily meetings ki report apnay boss ko sunaathi hay.

They all laughed at what Shehla bhabi said, and in response Sana grasped her in her arms and kissed at her chicks.

ZAHID: Acha ye tho bathawo ke thum dono ko ye sub kerne main maza bhi aatha hay yaa sirf mom dad se revenge lenay ke liye ye sub ker rahi ho?

SHEHLA: Mujay tho bahot maza aatha hay. Main ne aik saath kayee logoon se kaye baar chodwayee hay magar jo maza apnay shohar aur Sana ke saath aik saath chudai kerne main hay us ka tho koi jawab hi nahi hay. Aur wesay bhi thum dono ko tho patha hi hay kay mujay zabardasthi ki chudai pasand hay aur wo main ne sirf thum dono ke saath ki hay. Qasam se jub thum thono mil ker muj per zulam kerthay ho aur mujay kisi bazari kutyaa ki tharaah isthimaal kerthay ho, meray mammay nochthay ho, meri galoon per, meri gand per aur meri choot per thaparr marthay ho aur bedardi se meri choot aur gand marthay ho tho mujay bahot maza aatha hay. Main thou b thum dono ke siwa kisi aur se chodwanay kay baray main soch bhi nahi sakthi hoon.

I was shocked to hear that Shehla bhabi like to be fucked harshly and she like BDSM and bhayaa and Sana used to fuck her in a submissive way. I think this was a totally shocking day for me today and I prepare to listen some more shocking news from them.

ZAHID: aur thum Sana kia kehthi ho is baray main?

SANA: bhayaa thumhay tho patha hi hay ke aap se hodwane se pehle main ne apnay kai dostoon se apni choot marwaayee hay magar jo maza aap ke saath chudai main hai wo kisi aur ke saath kerne main kahaan. Aur peer ghar ki baat ghar hi main reh jaathi hay is liye aur bhi maza aatha hay.

ZAHID: Acha tho peer aaj kia program hay. Sirf batain hi kerain gay yaa chudwana bhi hay?

SHEHLA: Mera tho aaj peer se kanjri bannay ko dil ker raha hay. Lehaza pehlay thum apni is sagi behn ko chod lo peer mujay apni slave bana ker chodna.

SANA: ye tik hay magar bhabi mujay bhi aisay maza nahi aatha thum bhi bhayaa ke saath mil ker meri garmi nikalo peer main aur bhayaa mil ker thujay kutyaa ki tharaah chodain gay tik hay na bhayaa?

ZAHID: haan ye tik hay. Pehlay main Sana ko chodon ga aur Shehla is main meri madad keray gi. Peer main apnay lun ki knjri slave ko khoob tharpa tharpa ker chodoon ga aur Sana is main meri madad keray gi.

After their program has been decided, Zahid bhayaa stood up and went to the bed. He sat near to Sana and pulled her towards himself. He sat her in his lap. His hands were around her waist while her hands were around his shoulder. Zahid bhayaa put his lips closer to Sana face and started kissing her chicks and all over her face. She was also responding bhai with same passionate kisses at his face. They both were rubbing and pressing each other bodies as well, while Sana was moving her GAND (Buttocks) above Zahid bhayaa's LUND (Dick). She was also pressing her MAMMAY (Boobs) against the nude chest of Zahid bhayaa.

Shehla, who was watching sister and brother making love with each other, moved closely towards them and started removing the KAMEEZ (a loose and long shirt) of Sana and soon she succeeded in her efforts.

I was able to watch clearly the fine shaped clean body of Baji (Elder Sister) which I had already saw and loved so many times earlier as well. But that day she was not with me, rather she was in her elder brother's lap who was only wearing his under wear while her Kameez had been already removed by our bhabi Shehla. Now Sana Baji was only in her SHALWAR (a loose pant) and a black bra. While I was watching them from the window and now my patience was near to end.

Shehla bhabi now opened the hooks of Sana's bra from the back side and removed her bra from her breast. Now I could clearly watch the beautiful and tight boobs of my sweet elder sister who was sitting in our half-nude elder brother's lap and they both were kissing each other. Sana was now rubbing her own nude Tits with Zahid's strong chest, while he was fucking her mouth with his tongue. Zahid bhayaa was moving his tongue to and fro in her mouth while Sana baji was sucking his tongue.

After kissing each other for a few minutes, bhayaa laid her down and he himself came above her and started kissing her tight boobs. He was pressing her one boob with his one hand while took her other boob's nipple in his mouth and started sucking her nipple. Sana was now moaning in low voice. She pressed his head against her own boobs and her body was shaking due to pleasure. I know that she loved to be sucked at her nipples and when ever I had sucked her nipples she always reacted very much emotionally and today she was doing the same thing.

On the other hand Shehla bhabi removed the underwear of Zahid bhayaa who was lying above Sana baji and was kissing her nipples. I saw Zahid bhayaa completely nude for the first time and this scene was breaking my patience. Still I had not watched his LUND and at the moment I could only watch his buttocks which were strong, round and firm.

Shehla bhabi was now pressing his GAND and then started licking his Buttocks. While Zahid bhayaa has changed his targets and now he was sucking the other nipple of Sana baji, who's moaning was now became loud and was now encouraging Zahid bhayaa.

SANA: "Uuuuuuuuuufffffffffff bhayaaaaa bahot maza aa raha hay. Aaaaaaahhhhhh choos lo meray mammon ka sara rus aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I love you bhayaaaa... uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm."

Zahid bhayaa increased his sucking speed and her moaning changed now into sweat cries. She was desperately rubbing and pressing his head against her breasts and was encouraging him to do more to her through her nasty language.

SANA: "Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh meray sagay bhayaa, meray Behnchod bhai, chooos apni sagi behn ke mammay chooos. Pee le apni sagi behn ka saraa dhood. Begherat, Barrwe, Motherchod, harami choooossss aur zor se choooossss...."

What ever she was crying made me out of control and I removed my own KAMEEZ and Bra and through them at ground. Now I was nude at the top and was standing behind the window in darkness and watching them making love with each other. I started pressing my own Tits and watched bhayaa who was sucking Sana's nipples. Shehla on the other hand has now opened Zahid bhayaa's Buttock and she was now sucking at his Ass Hole. This all made me wet and I could feel wetness in my CHOOT (Pussy) now. I was now creasing one of my nipples and it heightened my emotions and was also giving immense pleasure. Along with their physical sexual activities, their oral commentaries were also continue.

SHEHLA: "Hiii meray sartaaj, meray jism ke ashiq, kia zalim Gand hay their, kia khoosh bu hay there is mast mast Gand ke suraakh ki, Hiii mai qurbaan jowoon theray is behnchood Gand ke." Saying this, she entered one of her fingers into Zahid bhayaa ass hole and started fucking his ass hole with her finger.

After remaining in these positions for some time, bhayaa stood up from Sana, due to which Shehla bhabi's fingers went out of his ass hole. He then went forth and sat at Sana's Tits. His dick was now near to her mouth and it was the first time that I was watching LUND of my own brother. Oh my God, he has got an extra ordinary tool, which, in my opinion, could lean and plead any girl or women in front of him. My CHOOT was becoming wetter and was throbbing hard inside my SHALWAR. In order to make her calm, I opened my SHALWAL and dropped it into my feet. Now I was nude from top to bottom as I had not wearing bra. These SHALWAR and KAMEEZ were also of my night suit.

Zahid's Lund was now touching at Sana's lips and he was rubbing it against her lips.

ZAHID: "Moon kol meri kanjri behn. Aur apnay sagay bhai ke sagay lorray ko apnay moon main aanay they, aaj main theray is bhaichod moon ko randi ki tharaah chodoon ga, moon kol haram ki jani, motherchod."

In response to his erotic order, Sana opened her mouth and brought her tongue out of it. First she liked at the top of his LUND, then she took his LUND in her mouth and sucked it hard. Zahid bhayaa now started moving to and fro and was fucking his own sister's mouth. He was increasing his speed gradually. Shehla bhabi was now removing Sana's SHALWAR and soon she did that. Now Sana was also fully nude like Zahid bhayaa. Shehla bhabi opened her legs wide and was rubbing Sana's CHOOT gently.

SHEHLA: "sssssssssss kia haram ki jani CHOOT payee hay thoo ne Sana. Bhai ki randi, theree is CHOOT ki narmi ne tho mujay diwani bana diyaa hay. Dil kertha hay ke kaash mai mard hothi tho qasam se theree is KOOS ka burtha apnay LUN se banathi."

Saying this she entered her two fingers at a time into Sana's Pussy hole and started fucking her Pussy. Now Sana was in hot waters as her two holes- Mouth and Pussy- were being fucked at once. I know that she will be enjoying all this. And this all made me also out of control and I was now fucking my own CHOOT with my fingers. Zahid bhayaa increased his speed and his LUN was going in and out of her mouth. He was fucking her mouth deep to her throat, and his TATAY (Testis) were touching her lips when he enters his dick fully in her mouth.

On the other hand Shehla bhabi was now sucking Sana's CHOOT with her mouth. She was also fucking it with her tongue. I could see her tongue going in and out of Sana's Pussy hole.

All this was increasing my emotions and I was now fucking my Pussy much faster. I wished very hard that how wonderful it will be if I also joined them and bhayaa also fuck me as he was fucking Sana. But at the moment I cannot take initiative to do that. I have to wait still they will seduce me as they have planned in their conversation.

My thoughts were broken when Zahid bhayaa removed his DICK from Sana's mouth and went towards her PUSSY where Shehla bhabi was sucking it. Zahid bhayaa kept Shehla bhabi at her hairs and pulled her harshly from Sana's CHOOT, and then slapped at Shehla face.

ZAHID: "Hut kutyaa, jub deko kutyaaa ki tharaah chatthi rehthi hay. Mathercod barrwee. Chal apnay kaprray uthaar aaur uther Sana ke moon per apni CHOOT rak ker bet jaa shabash."

Zahid bhai was treating Shehla (His wife) very harshly and I think it was due to the fact that she herself likes to be treated like that, as she has revealed her intentions and showed BDSM as her favorite sexual style during their earlier conversation. However, Shehla was now removing her clothes, while Zahid bhayaa sat in between Sana's legs. He opened her legs wide and then he put his "LUND TOPI" at the entrance of her CHOOT hole. Then he pressed his LUN against her Pussy and his LUN started entering her hole. He kept his Dick moving inward and at last stopped when it fully entered into his sister's Pussy hole. Then Zahid bhayaa pulled his dick back from her CHOOT and again entered into her Pussy. Then he started fucking Sana continuously.

Shehla had now removed her clothes completely and now she was nude from top to bottom. I was watching her for the first time and her round and sound body attracted me very much. As directed by her master (Zahid Bhayaa), she fixed her Pussy hole above Sana's face and then sat down. Shehla CHOOT came exact above Sana mouth and Sana, who was already emotional and hot due to increased speed of Zahid bhai's LUND into her CHOOT, started sucking Shehla's Pussy hole passionately.

Now the situation was very much hot and active. My elder sister Sana was lying down on the bed. Her legs were wide open and her own brother Zahid was sitting between her legs and was fucking her Pussy hole with full speed. While her brother's wife Shehla has put her Pussy hole above her mouth and Sana was sucking her Pussy. I don't know why, but I was feeling very much emotional to see a brother fucking his own sister and more than that was the fact that these were my sister and brother.

ZAHID: "Kia raseeli choot hay meri sagi behn ki. Kasam se lun ko aisay galay laga rahi hay jesay janam janam se is ki pyaasi ho.. hi meri kanjri behna kia Rand CHOOT hay theree. Qasam se is ko chodne se tho dil hi nahi bhartha,"

SHEHLA: "Uuuuuuuuuffffff Sana thu tho choosne main bhi barri mahir ho gayee hay, Qasam se mera pani tho abhi se nikalne laga hay."

ZAHID: "khabardaar kutyaa agar thu ne apna saara pani abhi nikaala tho, jaan se maar doon ga, abhi tho main ne thujay tharrpa tharrpa ker chodna hay mather chod."

To stop her CHOOT went out of control, Shehla bhabi came down of Sana's face and then started caressing Sana's Tits, she was also sucking her nipples, Sana was, as I know, in very much pleasure. She was now nearly shouting and encouraging her brother.

SANA: "Chod meray behnchod bhai chod apni sagi behn ki naram CHOOT ko. Chod apni sagi maan ke yaar CHOD mujay.. OOOhhhhhh barrwe main ne thuj se ziada begherat mard aaj thuk nahi deka jo apni sagi behn ke saath ZANAA kertha ho. Aur zor se chod meray pyaaray bhayaaaaa,"

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