tagNovels and NovellasIncest Neighborhood Ch. 02

Incest Neighborhood Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - Kelli's Situation

Kelli Anne Valentine sipped on her 3rd Pina Colada while waiting for her sister-in-law to show up and join her for lunch. Lacey had many endearing qualities, but punctuality was not among them. Her sister-in-law had been 15 minutes late for her own wedding.

Kelli contemplated having a 4th drink and getting totally sauced. She didn't want to go back home to 291 Fischer Drive and to her husband, Ewan. She knew they would just rehash the same old issues. Her spending, his obsession with sports and their sex life. That was the top of her list, the sex she had enjoyed with Ewan had fizzled to a few times a month. When the high school sweethearts had finally given in to their urges all those years ago, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Now she wasn't even sure she wanted to stay married to him.

She wasn't sure if she should share any of this with Lacey, even though they were best friends. Ewan was Lacey's brother, after all and she had followed him around since they were all kids. It was odd, because Lacey Spicer had married Kelli's older brother Gus in a lavish double wedding. Their parents were thrilled and held barbecues and family get-togethers as often as everyone's schedule would allow. The girls had grown up together, had classes together and been BFF's as long as anyone could remember. You rarely saw Lacey without Kelli close behind. Ewan sometimes grumbled his sister and his wife were too close, but nowadays there wasn't much that Ewan didn't grumble about.

Kelli sighed as she saw Lacey entering the pub. She waved her hand to signal her sister-in-law and knew she would likely confess her marital woes. She and Lacey had shared every secret they had since childhood. Why should this one be any different?

Curvy and luscious, Lacey commanded attention wherever she went, even dressed casually as she was today. Kelli's best friend might only have been 5'2" in height, but she packed a wallop. Her 34DD-26-34 figure was always on display, Lacey's attitude had always been "I've got it and I'm flaunting it." Lacey had developed early and used it to her full advantage. In high school, Lacey had never lacked suitors or tutors. Lacey laughed about not being the smartest kid in school, but joked "with a rack like mine, who the fuck needs brains?"

Kelli stood up and gave her sister-in-law a hug. She was in a pair of shortie-shorts and a sheer black top that ended just under her breasts, which were nicely displayed. A waiter appeared as if out of nowhere to take their order.

"I wish I could get Ewan to react like that," Kelli sighed.

"Things still not good at home?" Lacey questioned, sipping her vodka Martini.

"Awful," Kelli replied. "I know he's your brother and you love him, but I'm not sure how much longer I can stay with a man who would rather watch football than have sex with his wife."

"He's an idiot, although you do tend to be a bit conservative when you dress," Lacey told her. Kelli was wearing a nice white blouse and black skirt which fit her nicely, although it was a far cry from Lacey's daring attire.

"I don't flaunt myself in public, but if you were to look underneath my clothes, you'd find I'm wearing a very sexy bra, tiny black silk thong and real silk stockings," Kelli told her as she ordered the much-needed 4th drink. "I love expensive lingerie but Ewan never seems to notice that I wear this stuff for him."

"I usually put on something sexy for Gus after the big game and we go at it," Lacey smiled. "He says it drives him crazy having to wait until after sports for sex, but watching the game is a ritual in our family. What are ya gonna do when you have a football coach for a dad?"

Kelli chuckled and flashed a toothy grin at her sister-in-law. "I don't mind that he likes sports, but it isn't the only thing in the world."

Lacey recoiled in mock horror. "Sacrilege! I can never get your brother to watch more than 15 minutes of a game with me and he's always bugging me to be sensual and romantic in the bedroom."

"Too bad we can't switch husbands," Kelli sighed as the waiter arrived with her drink.

"Yeah, too bad," Lacey smiled. "Hey ... why can't we?"

Kelli looked at Lacey like the girl had just lost her mind. "Well, for one thing, the guys would never agree to it and for another, we'd be fucking our brothers! In case you hadn't heard, that's incest!"

Lacey nodded. "I think the guys would agree to it and as for Ewan and me, it actually wouldn't be the first time."

Kelli couldn't believe what Lacey was saying to her. "You-you've fucked Ewan?"

Lacey nodded and kept her voice low so they wouldn't be overheard. "Yes. Before he was dating you and going out with Julie ... you remember her, the bitch ... he came home one night horny, frustrated and more than a little bit drunk. He managed to strip and crawl into bed and I walked by his room and saw him. His cock was almost rock-hard and he was moaning Julie's name. My desire overcame my common sense and morality, so I snuck into his room and in his state, I fucked him while pretending to be Julie. The next day, I acted like nothing had happened and I'm sure Ewan thought he'd had an erotic dream, but it was no dream. My brother is one helluva fuck!"

"He can really give it to a girl, yes, but he doesn't have a lot of finesse," Kelli sighed. "I'd like a lot of foreplay and some appreciation for me as a woman of sensuality."

"Then you should definitely fuck your brother," Lacey giggled. "He's all about the build-up, sometimes I wish he'd just get down to business and fuck the shit out of me. I'm no fragile little China doll, I won't break. Toss me around a bit, I can take it!"

"I love the build-up," Kelli sighed. "Oh, what are we going on about? We can't do this, it's insane!"

"Baby, you know you want to. I've been your best friend long enough to know when you're thinking about something," Lacey laughed. "We'll have a little barbecue this weekend, just the four of us, wear sexy dresses and change into skimpy swimsuits. We'll get the guys a little buzzed and let nature take its course."

Kelli wasn't sure if it was sexual frustration, overwhelming curiosity or the 4 Pina Coladas, but she found herself agreeing to Lacey's crazy scheme. They set it up over lunch while catching up on the other events in their lives.

The girls plotted to wear their sexiest outfits. Kelli wore a gauzy black skirt with a slit up the side and when Lacey arrived, she was in a leather mini and tight top that showed her best asset. Ewan couldn't take his eyes off his sister but Gus's eyes weren't far away from his sister's sensual body either. The girls had spent the better part of the day marinating ribs, making potato salad and rich desserts, although the best dessert would come much later. Kelli had to fight off the urge to have drinks to calm her nerves, she wanted the guys a bit blotto and herself as sober as she dared to be. Ewan and Gus got on well enough, chatting and sharing several beers while Kelli and Lacey kept an eye on things. "Whatever happens later, just follow my lead," Lacey told her sister-in-law. Kelli had no idea what was going to happen, but she trusted Lacey and she was sure they'd all enjoy themselves.

The guys put away enough food to get them nice and relaxed and after dinner, the girls suggested they go for a swim. Kelli and Lacey went inside to change and came out in bikinis that would get them noticed. Lacey's metallic swimsuit hugged her hips and ass and exposed as much of her lush 34DD tits as the law would allow. Kelli had bought a new bikini for the occasion, it was black mesh and showed off her tits nicely, but also her best asset ... smooth, shaved, tanned legs that didn't seem to end. The men were watching their every move as the two women dove into the pool. The men didn't join them and sat at the side watching their wives.

"Remember, follow my lead," Lacey whispered to Kelli as she swam close. Her sister-in-law nodded and was then startled when Lacey kissed her for a few moments. She broke the kiss and swam away, leaving Kelli totally non-plussed. Kelli swam over to where Lacey was swimming.

"What was that?" She asked Lacey. The curvy ash-blonde wore a naughty grin.

"Guys love to see girls kissing and making out," Lacey explained. "I'll bet you they haven't taken their eyes off of us since it happened. Look and see."

Kelli turned around and saw that Lacey was right. The men were watching them with obvious interest. "Kiss me back," Lacey suggested. "That ought to blow their minds."

Kelli had never kissed another girl before, not even as an experiment, but decided it hadn't been too awful kissing her best friend. She kissed Lacey again and the tinier girl pulled her close and leaned into the kiss. When they broke apart, the men were staring at them with blank looks on their respective faces.

"What was all that about?" Ewan asked his wife as she wrapped a towel around herself and stretched out in a chaise lounge by the pool.

"Chill, big brother, we were just talking the other day about how neither of us had ever kissed a girl and we decided to go for it," Lacey said, spinning her little white lie. Kelli winked at her as Lacey said "We're all consenting adults, why not have a little fun before we have kids tying us down?"

"She's got a point, Ewan," Gus said to his brother-in-law. He had always thought his sister's husband needed to lighten up a bit, he never seemed the type to think outside the box. He and Kelli had always marched to the beat of their own drums.

The girls sidled up to their brothers. "Don't you dare tell me you didn't enjoy watching us," Lacey patted her brother's cheek. She reached down and her hands squeezed him through his swim trunks. "Your wife is one hot bitch, can you blame me if I think she's desirable? I've always thought so."

Kelli was a bit taken aback by her friend's revelation, although she wasn't sure it wasn't just for effect. She was further stunned when Lacey kissed her brother passionately and began tugging his trunks off. Ewan wasn't fighting her off, he seemed just sauced enough to go with the flow.

"What the hell is ...?" Gus went to stop them and he in turn, was stopped by his sister. Lacey pulled him in close and gave him a kiss that matched the fire with which Lacey was kissing Ewan. She couldn't believe how soft his lips were and how warmly he began kissing her back. His arms encircled her and before she knew which end was up, Gus was carrying her inside the house. "I've always thought I had the hottest sister on the planet and I've always envied Ewan for getting the chance to fuck you every night," Gus said as he deposited his sister on her bed. "I'm really not sure what the hell is going on here today, but I'm not stopping it. I might go to hell for this, but just this once, I'm going to fuck my gorgeous kid sister."

"Do a good job and it won't be just once," Kelli grinned, surprising even herself. Had she been sublimating her own desire to fuck Gus for a long while? It seemed so and as his lean, tanned body came into view, she opened her arms wide. He came to the bed and began touching her body with sensual appreciation, the way she had always needed. He looked at her beautiful blue eyes, the cute dimples on her face, the way her wavy blonde hair framed her face and thought that Kelli was absolutely perfect.

Outside, Lacey was busy sucking her brother's cock. It was thick and meaty and in the intervening years since she had last tasted it, she was certain that he had grown a significant amount. His body was still hard from all the sports he enjoyed and his face had a few more lines, but it made him seem all the more rugged. Lacey sucked and slurped and saw the delighted look on her older brother's face. She wondered how Kelli was doing with Gus?

Gus was mesmerized by the sexy, blonde beauty that was his sister and he did his best to show it. He ran his hands all over her body, starting by giving her a foot massage that had her cooing in pleasure. It was nice to be with a lover and take his time, he enjoyed pleasing his partner and seeing how she reacted to his touches. He liked hearing the soft sighs and whimpers his sister made while being caressed. Her eyes were closed as he leaned in and began adding gentle kisses to his caresses.

Lacey was grinding her cunt against her brother's licking tongue. He was really getting in there, not fooling around but diving for her pussy and sucking her clit. She shrieked in joy and hoped none of their neighbors would hear them, although she really didn't give a fuck if they did. Sex this good deserved to be celebrated. Her twat was dripping now and she couldn't wait to feel her brother's thick, fucking cock inside of her again. She wanted to be fucked like a bitch in heat and she was sure her brother was macho enough to get the job done.

Kelli was in world of heightened sensations as her brother adored her body. The feelings he was imparting to her had been denied for far too long, every nerve ending tingled and her nipples were stiff as erasers. Kelli's pussy hadn't been this wet in years, nor had her sex craved a cock the way she craved Gus's. There was a part of Kelli that didn't want to wait, that wanted to spread open her legs and let him in, but she knew that the longer she waited, the better everything would be for the both of them.

"Okay, you motherfucking, big-pricked stud," Lacey snarled to her brother. "It's time for you to fuck me the way you did all those years ago, screw me and give me another great memory!"

Ewan's face went pale. "Oh shit, you mean that wasn't a dream, I really did ...?"

"Fuck me? You did and I've never forgotten that night, it was some of the best sex I've ever had. Toss me around, make me your toy, big brother, fuck the hell out of me and make me howl until I can't take any more!" Lacey commanded.

If Ewan was disgusted by his sister's revelation, it didn't show. She was a gorgeous, big-titted, hot piece of ass and there were few women that compared with her. If she wanted his cock and wanted it bad, he wouldn't deny her. She got on all fours and wiggled her great ass at him. He sunk his prick deep inside of her cunt and began fulfilling all of his perverse desires and Lacey's as well.

Kelli felt as if she were floating on an erotic cloud. Her entire body was both relaxed and aroused at the same time. If she had known Gus was this good at lovemaking all those years ago, she would never have married Ewan. Taboo be damned, Gus could have had her as mistress, wife, whore or cock-slave because no one had ever given her this kind of sexual adoration. She sat up and pulled his face to hers. His brown eyes looked into hers and she kissed his face, not minding the slight bit of stubble. He smelled a bit of lavender soap and his brown hair looked cute all mussed up. If Kelli had her way, it was going to get more mussed in a short while.

"I-I want to please you, is there anything you'd like me to do?" Kelli said, unable to keep the nervous tremor out of her voice.

Gus lay on his back and his erection was growing. "I love oral sex, giving and getting. If you would suck my cock, that would make me happy. Don't rush sis, everything's fine the way it is."

Hearing Gus call her "sis" hammered reality home, but she no longer cared. As far as Kelli was concerned, she would be having sex with her brother as often as she could. It all felt too damned good to deny herself these pleasures!

Lacey was being hammered and battered from behind, her brother's strong hands were mauling her tits and she loved every excruciating second of it. Ewan gave her the kind of fucking she craved from Gus, raw and primal and intense. She wanted to keep fucking her brother, he made her feel like such a slut and that's what she craved. Being a good girl was no fun, sex was supposed to be dirty and nasty. She hoped someday she could make Kelli see the light and knew she wouldn't rest until she had bedded her best friend. It had been an unspoken fantasy for years and from the way Kelli had kissed her back earlier, a tiny seed of mutual desire had been planted. Ewan continued to pound into his sister's cunt, loving the way she was so active during a fuck. His sister might well have been the greatest lay he'd ever had.

Kelli's lips left her brother's cock with a soft "pop" and she saw his gentle, relaxed smile. He pulled her close and on top of him. She was thrilled, Ewan didn't like it when she rode him, he liked full control. She wiggled her lean, tanned body down and began rolling her hips while Gus's hands occupied themselves with the rest of her body. Kelli hadn't felt this alive in years, her mind and body were sharing the totality of lovemaking with her gorgeous brother. Gus didn't miss a trick, she had enjoyed two cums already and they hadn't even finished making love. She felt that with him, they were making love, although she knew they were fucking as well. With Gus, it seemed as if they were one and the same.

She threw her head back and emitted a loud scream, a third climax ripped through her body. Gus followed suit, filling her pussy with his cum. Playfully, she licked a small dollop away as she heard screams coming from poolside. It appeared as if Lacey had gotten what she wanted as well. She cleaned up a bit and went outdoors to find her sister-in-law. Gus and Ewan began clearing away the remnants of the barbecue.

"You're not getting him back, you know," Kelli giggled. "I don't want to trade back."

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing," Lacey sighed. "We really got it on and I want more."

"Hey, why don't we?" Kelli suggested.

"Are you serious? Now who's insane?" Lacey asked.

"Who would we be hurting? If we're discreet, no one would be the wiser. Besides, from all the rumors I hear about this neighborhood, we're not the only kinky people around. Think about it Lace ... we wouldn't have to divorce and we always go to family functions together, so no one there would find out. Once in a while, we could even switch back, just for kicks. Why shouldn't we all have what we obviously want?" Kelli asked Lacey.

Thinking of the new opportunities, Lacey wore a lusty grin on her face. "I'm willing to give it a try, if the guys will go along with it." Lacey then remembered one more thing that she wanted from Kelli. "Tell you what, why don't you come over for lunch tomorrow and we'll talk it over a little bit more. There are a few more things we might need to work out." Lacey told her best friend.

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