tagNovels and NovellasIncest Neighborhood Ch. 04

Incest Neighborhood Ch. 04


4 - Her Mom's A Cougar

by BrettJ © 2011

If people expected Kristina Hobbs to sit around moping after her husband left her for another woman, they were going to be very disappointed.

If they expected her to mourn the loss of a 20 year marriage to a man she had known and loved since high school, they were going to be in for a rude awakening.

If they expected her to become bitchy and gripe about her ex and what he done to her and their daughter, they might as well forget it.

"I love your father, but he's an idiot," Kristina told her daughter over coffee a few weeks after Terrence had moved out. "Yes, she's younger than I am, but I doubt she's better in bed than I am. There aren't too many women who are as wild a fuck as your mother!"

"MOM!" Audra squealed and laughed. "I've never heard you use that word before."

"I've used it before, but only in bed," Kristina grinned. "Your father didn't like me to speak that way, he said it wasn't ladylike. Fuck him and his expectations, if he thinks he can come back into my life 6 months from now when he realizes Miss Thing doesn't have what I've got, he can fuck himself!"

Audra laughed. She and her mother had always been close, although she loved her father. He had hit his mid-life crisis and was dating a young woman who had been a friend of hers – a very close friend. Audra was none-too thrilled with April at this moment.

"I'm going to make a few lifestyle changes, baby girl, maybe have a lover – or two," Kristina grinned, making her daughter squeal again. "I might even take a walk on the wild side and try a girl, I was always curious but your Daddy called that cheating. What do you think baby, has Mommy still got what it takes? Know any sexy young things that might like to do it with a MILF like me?"

Audra nodded and sipped her coffee. She wasn't sure she wanted to reveal yet that quite a few of her girlfriends had told her they found her Mom appealing and almost all of her boyfriends. Yep Daddy, you're a fuckwit, Audra thought to herself.

Her opinion that her father was a fool was only heightened a few weeks later when she met her mother for lunch. Kristina had always been in marvelous shape and swam in their pool near-daily, but she had joined a gym and was working out and that wasn't all. Her brunette hair was now golden-blonde and she was wearing a miniskirt that would have been daring on Audra herself, never mind her 41-year old mother!

"What do you think now, sweetheart?" Kristina grinned. Her jacket dipped low in front, showing off her 34C tits, barely concealed by a light black chemise. She had obviously been tanning by their pool or using a tanning bed because her skin was now a lustrous golden shade. Audra knew it really wasn't good for you, but seeing how hot it made Kristina looked, it might well be worth the risk. Her 5'10" frame teetered on 3-inch heels and she'd had a small makeover as well. "I asked you before," Kristina said to her daughter "Think Mommy has got what it takes?"

Audra couldn't reveal her real answer or she would have been drooling. None of the sexy women who had shared her bed matched her mother for sexual heat, not one of them! "Um yeah Mommy, if you didn't before, you sure do now!" She gushed, hoping she hadn't made a fool of herself. "You look sensational, I really like the makeover!"

"Thanks baby," Kristina said as they sat at their table. The waiters were practically stumbling over themselves to get the opportunity to serve the mature, sexy blonde and her equally-sexy blonde daughter. "I thought I'd better amp it up a notch if I'm going to attract the young stuff."

Audra looked quizzically at her mother. "Young stuff? You're not going to date men your own age?"

Kristina rolled her eyes. "Christ, no! I learned my lesson with your father and he was only 6 years older than I am. I've got a great body; I'm going to fuck lovers in their 20's until I settle down again – if I ever do." Kristina's comment attracted a few sideways glances, but if she noticed them, she did not comment.

"Lovers?" Audra picked on her mother's choice of words. "So you were serious the other week, you're still thinking about sleeping with a girl?"

"I'm done thinking about it," Kristina grinned. "I want to do it, life's too short for regrets! You sleep with girls and you seem to be a happy, well-adjusted young woman!"

Audra nearly choked on her coffee. She was stunned because up until that moment, she had not been aware her mother knew of her bi-sexuality. "Mommy, you knew that I ..."

"... was sleeping with some of your girlfriends? Of course Audra, I'd have to be blind not to notice that." She chuckled as she watched her daughter's face go beet-red.

Audra sighed. "Mommy, I've got lots of girlfriends I could set you up with, but I wouldn't want there to be anything funny between us if things didn't work out. A few of my girlfriends have hinted that they think you're hot."


"Okay, they've come right out and said it!" Audra smiled. "I'm glad you're not angry at me for being sexually experimental."

"Goodness, why should I be?" Kristina smiled, patting her daughter's hand. "You're young, blonde and sexy, live a little before you settle down. As a matter of fact, if you don't want to settle down, don't! Live your life by your own expectations, not what anyone else expects of you."

Audra was thrilled to hear her mother speak so openly. Wheels began spinning in her brain and she knew just what her next course of action had to be. She excused herself and went to make a private phone call. When she came back to their table, Audra was all sunshine and smiles.

"Mom, would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow?" Audra asked. "My treat."

"Two days in a row, well, I certainly don't mind skipping the dishes," Kristina chuckled. "Sure darling, where would you like to eat?"

Audra named an Italian eatery they both enjoyed and left shortly after. She felt very naughty about what she had done, but if it made her mom happy, it was worth the work. She got home and rummaged through her drawers, finding her book with phone numbers. Audra made 5 phone calls that day and not one person turned down her request when they heard what it was.

Audra and her mother met at the restaurant the next day. They had barely been seated 5 minutes when Brittany strolled by. Brittany had done her work, Audra noticed, her friend looked smashing in a short skirt, high heels and gauzy, cream-colored blouse. She had let her long, chestnut-brown hair fall loose and was made up perfectly. Brittany "accidentally" spotted Audra and went over to greet her.

Brittany was oozing out the charm in Kristina's direction. It didn't take but another 5 minutes for the young brunette to be invited to join them for lunch. Brittany began her subtle flirtation, although not all of it was subtle. From time to time, she would brush Kristina's face or touch her hand and she also let the honey ooze from every word she used. Audra could tell her mother was smitten with the young brunette.

Kristina and Audra excused themselves so they could go and freshen up. Once they were out of view of Brittany, Kristina gave her daughter a big hug and giggled. "You naughty little bitch, you set me up!" She laughed.

"Yes, I did, are you angry?" Audra smiled.

"GOD, no!" Kristina said, fanning herself. "If I'm going to start with a girl, she's the kind of girl I'd like to start with. She's yummy from head to toe."

"You look pretty yummy there yourself, Mom," Audra told her mother. Kristina had chosen a silver miniskirt and black silk top and worn kicky, out-of-character GoGo boots. It made her look very young and vibrant.

"I'm certainly not going to give you or Brittany a run for your money, but I ..."

"Don't sell yourself short, Mom," Audra chided her. "I've watched Brittany through the entire lunch, she's drooling over you and she can't stop checking you out. When lunch is over, why don't you find a way to invite her to your place for a drink? I'll check back with you in a couple of days to see how things went."

"If you think I can handle it darling, I'm going for it," Kristina smiled as they returned to their table. "I want to get my hands all over that hot body of hers." Brittany smiled at both women as they returned, but it was simple to see that she only had eyes for Kristina.

Audra didn't sleep particularly well that night or the next. She had images flitting through her mind of her tanned, sexy mother and gorgeous Brittany all tangled up in an erotic pile of squirming, naked flesh. It made her body tingle and she ached with want. Several thoughts went through her mind over the next few days. She thought about calling one of her regular playmates and getting a roll in the sheets herself. She could call Brittany and hear all the details and use one of her favorite toys to get herself off. Neither of these would suffice. She wanted to hear the details from Kristina herself, it would be more arousing to hear them from the source.

She went to her mom's place for breakfast on Saturday. After a nice indulgent meal, the two women lay out by the pool. In a teeny-weeny black bikini, Kristina's body was on full display. Audra couldn't fathom why her mom thought her body wasn't as good as her own. From toe to tip, Kristina had a figure women half her age would envy and the entirety of it was tanned and toned.

"So Mom, are you going to give me the details as to what happened between you and my friend?" Audra asked her.

"Oh, that," Kristina teased her daughter. "I really shouldn't, a woman shouldn't kiss and tell."

"MOTHER! If you don't give with the details, I'm going to come over there and rip out your pussy hair by the roots!" Audra groaned.

Kristina pulled her bikini bottom to one side. "Too late, see?" She had indeed had herself waxed bare. Audra thought it looked delicious.

Kristina told her daughter the story...

She and Brittany had gone back to Kristina's home for a drink, but no one was actually believing that story. Once inside the door, Brittany pulled the tanned blonde close and hit her with the kind of kiss that could convert a woman to lesbianism forever! Kristina was panting for more as the brunette broke their kiss.

"Wow, you're one fucking hot bitch," Brittany said, licking her lips. "I've always told Audra if her mom ever wanted to walk on our side of the street that she should give me a call. I always thought it would only ever be a fantasy, who knew you were such a hot slut after all?"

Kristina couldn't think of what to say at first. "Our side ... don't you do it with men after all?"

Brittany shook her head. "No, not anymore. I think they're useless. Ever since my Dad bailed on us, I haven't bothered with men. Why should I? Women can really get you off and there are so many varieties to choose from. Short and tall, different body types, different ages and I love eating pussy and tribbing and sucking gorgeous tits. You have gorgeous tits; I can't wait to suck on those babies!"

Kristina's hand linked through her new friend's. "Then let's not waste any time. I've got a lovely, big clean bed upstairs that hasn't gotten enough use lately. Why don't we go upstairs and mess up the sheets?" She hoped her show of bravado would cover her terror over this new experience. She led Brittany up the stairs to her bedroom and felt a flush of pride as she realized the younger woman was watching her body move. It certainly felt nice to her to be openly admired.

They were inside the bedroom when Kristina felt the brunette shove her gently on to the bed. She was pleased when Brittany jumped right in and joined her, hovering over top of her body. Brittany lowered her face to Kristina's for another passionate kiss, this one involved lots of tongue. Fortunately for her, Kristina knew she was a good kisser and responded in kind.

"Oh baby, you are so fucking hot," Brittany sighed. "The things I am going to do to you ..."

"So DO them already," Kristina panted. "I can't wait!"

Brittany grinned and sat up a bit, shucking her pretty blouse. Underneath that, she wore lacy black bra and as she got out of her tiny, barely-there skirt, the thong she wore underneath that matched. Kristina didn't resist the temptation to reach out and touch the girl's legs; they were as smooth as silk. A gentle sigh escaped her lips; it did not go unnoticed by Brittany. "I take good care of my body and personal grooming," Brittany told her sexy blonde lover. "It's nice when someone notices."

"How could I not? You're so fucking gorgeous," Kristina continued as her hands reached out to touch the exquisite creature now sharing her bed. She was still nervous, but none of it was over the taboo of being with another woman. That had vanished from Brittany's first touch back at the restaurant. The pretty brunette's hands were flitting all over her own body, removing her clothes. She openly expressed her delight at Kristina's toned and tanned body.

"Fuck, Audra was right, half the women I've been with haven't measured up to you," Brittany complimented her. "You are fucking gorgeous yourself." She filled her hands with Kristina's beautiful breasts and massaged them before running her tongue over both nipples. Kristina shivered at the wonderful sensation and enjoyed it even more as Brittany began moving down her body. She was glad her belly was smooth and flat, Brittany's kisses there were giving her chills. "You're keeping these stockings and heels on bitch, men aren't the only ones who dig sexy lingerie," Brittany told her. Kristina just nodded in response and let Brittany do whatever she wanted. What Brittany wanted most of all was to eat this gorgeous blonde's sweet cunt, so she pulled away Kristina's thong. She was thrilled to see bare pussy and found it hot how this older, still-sexy blonde was embracing her sexuality. She parted the dark pink lips and began lapping at Kristina furiously. Once Brittany's tongue began licking at her pussy, Kristina knew she would never again be without a woman to share her bed. No one had eaten her pussy with such precise skill or with such vigor! Brittany tongued Kristina's cunt with an eager passion, she licked and dabbed and swabbed her tongue all over the sweet flesh. She didn't neglect the rest of Kristina's body either; her hands were still moving above her head and caressing the silken, toned flesh. Kristina's hands were tangled in Brittany's dark locks as the younger woman slurped from the horny well of her cunt.

Kristina's orgasm was loud, thunderous and seismic. She felt as if an earthquake had hit and hoped she wouldn't throw Brittany off of the bed with its intensity. She needn't have worried; Brittany was hanging on for dear life and still sucking the delicious pink slit. She didn't stop until she had given her new friend a second climax.

"So, I guess we can say you liked it?" Brittany teased as she lifted her head from between the blonde's legs. She moved up to kiss Kristina and the blonde realized she was tasting her own juices. How very naughty, she thought to herself.

"LIKED it?!" Kristina exclaimed. "Oh, you fucking lezzie bitch, what do you think? I just hope I can do things to you that you like."

"I'm sure of it," Brittany grinned. "I'm multi-orgasmic, just enjoy my body, eat me slowly, pay attention to my clit and you should be fine." She lay out on the bed and spread her legs and let Kristina have her first taste of another female. A few hours ago, Kristina might have been apprehensive and afraid she wouldn't be able to please Brittany, but no longer. Her overwhelming desire to taste and conquer the younger girl's flesh made her confident she'd be able to bring the slender brunette to climax.

She went to town on Brittany. She found everything about this girl sexy, her dark eyes, her soft lips and her slender figure. So why not kiss all of those spots as she explored the girl? That's what she did and had the younger woman squirming in under 10 minutes. Brittany was babbling incoherently and her nails raked Kristina's back as she encouraged the older blonde to do more. That was no problem and soon, Kristina was eating cunt for the first time. It wouldn't be the last, she loved the flavor and the naughtiness of it, she loved having power over this younger girl. Seeing her writhing and twitching and hearing her scream, sex had never been like this for her – not ever!

The two women had another climax, seeing what she could do to Brittany triggered another in Kristina herself. Brittany instructed her new lover in '69' and they made love that way for another hour before showering and calling it a day.

"She's spending next weekend with me," Kristina proudly told her daughter before jumping into the pool. "I can't wait," She called out to Audra as she began swimming laps.

Kristina's description had been very visual and Audra had been able to picture it all. Her vibe would get a good workout tonight. She got out her cell phone and made a call. Mom wasn't out of her clutches just yet...

Randall showed up about an hour later. He was a classmate of Audra's and the two of them had fucked a few times. He worked for a landscaping company and also serviced swimming pools. He gave his friend a hug and his eyes nearly bugged out when he saw Kristina swimming in the pool.

"Man Audra, I knew from the photos you have that your Mom is a MILF, but they don't do her justice," Randall told his friend.

"They're old shots, she's been working out and swims every day," Audra told him.

"It shows," Randall said as he gawked at Kristina's still-swimming figure.

Audra got her mother out of the pool and explained that Randall had offered to help them out. As Kristina's ex had always done the yard work and maintained the pool, both were in need of sprucing up. Randall would do both and Audra explained to her mom that she and Randy would work something out later. She smiled at Kristina and told her mom she had to go as she was working that evening.

Her plan worked almost as well as any clichéd scene in a porno movie. Randall cleaned up the yard, trimmed the hedges and then got the pool sparkling. While working, he got a bit warm so off came his shirt. Kristina's eyes roamed his body and liked what they saw. After an hour, any pretext on the part of both parties was lost. They went inside with no illusions as to what would happen.

Randall practically ripped off Kristina's bikini and his hands were all over her body. He was almost mauling her, but that was okay. She'd had gentle and attentive with Brittany, now she wanted to feel hard and masculine. "Christ, I love young cock," She smiled as she dropped to her knees. "I haven't had young cock since ... well, since I was young."

"You're not exactly old," Randy groaned as she fumbled around in his pants for his cock.

"Thank you dear, but I am old enough to be your mother," Kristina told him.

"Damn, if my mom looked like you, I'd never leave home," Randall groaned as the blonde started fellating him. She was even better than her daughter, his cock sprung to life in minutes and all he wanted to do was fuck her. He was sensible enough to know a lot was riding on this, so once he felt he'd had enough, he picked her up and put her on the couch. Randall went to work eating one of the sweetest snatches he had ever tasted. Kristina appreciated the fact this young stud was giving her lots of attention, her ex hadn't bothered much in the past year. She felt her confidence swelling – if she could attract sexy young people like Brittany and dark-haired, muscular Randy, the sky was the limit.

She didn't bother hauling him up to her bedroom. Instead, Kristina had Randall get on the floor, on his back on her thick carpeting. A little rug burn would be worth it for the fuck he was about to get. She straddled his hips and lowered her cunt down on to his cock and began to fuck him for all she was worth. Randall's hands reached out and he began to play with her body while she fucked him. It was hard for the 24-year old stud to decide who was the better fuck, the mother or the daughter. He didn't have to make that choice, thank God.

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