tagIncest/TabooIncest Stripping Ch. 01

Incest Stripping Ch. 01


Note: For those of you that read a story to look at the grammar, please don't read! Press the back arrow right now. I'm serious! You read a story to enjoy the content and make a creative picture in your mind of what is happening, not to bitch about grammar! I am not an English professor nor do I ever plan on being one.


I heard yelling and screaming coming closer to my room. It was coming up the stairs and went right past my room. SLAM! My parents door was just about taken off of it's hinges. My mom and dad were at it again. They now seemed to be arguing every other day. This time it didn't sound good in the least bit.

My name is Billy and I am probably one of the nosiest people on planet earth. I love to sneak out into the hallway, put my ear up to my parents door and listen in on their arguments. So, I did the same this time. Only this time, it sounded as if my dad was more furious than normal. Their arguments are usually about "The Money". My mom spends and spends and spends all day long and my two sisters have taken after her in that aspect.

"I am sick and tired of you and the two girls!" screamed my dad. "This has to be the most disgusting thing any of you three have ever done. I am ashamed to be your husband and their father. Sleeping with your personal trainer! You fucking bitch! And then getting the two girls involved and sleeping with him too. I want a divorce right now!"

"Please, honey, no. I'll do anything. Please! I am so sorry for what I have done and it's not the girls fault. It's all mine. I'm the one who pushed them to sleep with him." My mom sobbed.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My mom and my two sister had slept with my mom's personal trainer. My two sisters were both older than me. I was 18, while Kim was 19 and Melissa was 23. My mom was a little chubby, but not fat by any means. She just had a little grab to her. She would have been a knockout if she had lost another 15 pounds or so. She also had big boobies. Probably in the DD range. Melissa took after my mom, except her boobs were a little bigger. Kim must have gotten everything from my dad's side. She was skinny and may have had C cup boobs, but an ass to die for.

I suddenly heard my mom scream. "Don't, please not this!"

"Your going to get what you deserve, cunt!"

I cracked the door open and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My mom was standing in front of the bed with her back to me. She wore only a bra. I could see her pale shapely ass. My dad bent her over the bed and starting spanking her ass. He then told my mom to spread her legs further apart. She did so without complaint. This made a better view of my mom's ass. Not only could I see her entire ass, but now I could see brunette pubic hair between her ass cheeks. This was heaven. As my dad kept laying down smacks on her ass, she bent lower and lower, which in turn made her ass stick out even further. As she got lower, her pussy became more visible through her pubic hair. I soon was able to see her clit. At this point, I had a hard-on and was jerking off to my own mother's pussy. My dad suddenly swung her around on the bed, so she was on her back. Her pussy hair was trimmed nicely around her cunt. My dad then spread her legs apart, and spanked her pussy as hard as he could. I could see my mom's entire pussy spread out before me. I just wanted to get in the room and stick my cock in her pussy. My dad laid a few more smacks on her pussy before stopping.

"Lay their and think of what you've done, bitch. I'm going to call the girls and get them home right away."

I hurried down the hallway to my room and closed it as fast as I could, before my dad came walking down the hallway.

My dad opened my door. "Billy, get downstairs right now. We are going to have a family meeting in a few minutes."

I went downstairs and saw my dad on the phone.

"Get home right now. No excuses! Now!"

He must have been on the phone with my sister. They were out together shopping at the mall, like usual. We only lived about five minutes away from the mall, so they would be home shortly.

About 25 minutes later, my sister's strolled through the door with about ten bags full of clothes.

"Where the fuck have you two been?" My dad insisted.

Kim replied, "We were shopping, daddy."

"You two get in the living room right now!"

My dad then screamed to my mom to get downstairs immediately. My mom came slowly down the stairs, holding her ass. It must have hurt badly after dad's spankings. She had put her clothes back on.

"Did I tell you that you could put your clothes back on?" screamed my dad.

The girls were shocked to hear this.

"N...o." replied my mom.

My dad grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the couch. He then pulled her pants down and gave her pussy a slap as he was standing back up. My sisters looked at each other in shock. My dad then threw my mother on the couch and told her to lift her legs up in the air and spread her legs. This gave all of us a full view of her crotch. I could see her dark pubic hair through her white see-through panties. My dad then began spanking my mom's pussy over and over. She began crying.

"Do you like this? Getting your cunt spanked in front of the kids. I'll bet Billy is getting off on this, dear."

That took my by surprise. I didn't even notice that I had a bulge coming out from my shorts. My sisters also looked at my cock in surprise.

Slap....Slap.....Slap.......Slap. My dad was continuously spanking my mom's pussy.

Just then, the doorbell rang. My dad told me to get the door. So I went and opened the door and it was three of my friends. I completely forgot that they were coming to pick me up this afternoon. Now, I was humiliated with what was happening behind me.

"Who is it, Billy." My dad asked.

"It's Rob, MIke and Ricky."

"Invite them in."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I invited them inside. When we stepped into the living room, my mom was covered with a couch pillow, so nothing looked out of the ordinary.

"Did you boys want to see what happens if someone's not honest with me?" My dad asked.

My dad then threw the pillow off my mom and raised her legs in the air and spread them. He then brought his hand down hard on my mom's pussy. She screamed in pain. My friends were in shock at what they were seeing. They were also seeing my mom's pussy hair through her panties and watching my dad smack he pussy over and over.

My dad then stood my mom up and ripped off her shirt. Her enormous boobs went swaying from side to side. There was a lot of cleavage going on inside her bra. I looked down at my friends and they all had hard-ons, as I did.

"Do you boys want to see what Billy's mommy's boobies look like?" My dad asked.

All of my friends shook their heads up and down, still shocked by what they were seeing. My dad then unstrapped my mom's bra and let in fall to the floor. The boobs were amazing. They were pale white and the aerola had a nice peach color to it and took up about a third of the boobs. Her nipples were very small for the size of her boob. They hung, but not too much for the size that they were. She was still quite perky for being over 45 yrs old. I still couldn't believe I was seeing my mom's boobs hanging in front of me and my friends.

My mom was sobbing at this point and didn't know what to do, so she just kept quiet and went along. My dad then pulled her panties to the ground, uncovering her neatly trimmed hairy pussy.

Rob asked, "Can I touch her?"

My dad replied, "Sure."

My friend, Rob, walked up to my sobbing mom, looked her in the eye and kissed her. He then grabbed her boob and began to play with her nipple, making it hard. He kissed her down to her boob and started sucking on her nipples. Then he kissed down her stomach until he reached her pubic hair. He then spread her legs apart, then stuck his finger up her pussy and fingered my mom's pussy.

"Do know how long I've been fantasizing about this, Mrs. Arnold." Rob said. He then laid her on the ground, spread her legs apart and shoved his mouth deep into my mom's hairy pussy.

"You two girls, stand up!" My dad screamed.

Kim stood up, but Melissa refused to stand. My dad walked up to Melissa grabbed her boob and stood her up. She fought with him the entire time and got free and sat back down. My dad was furious now and grabbed her legs and ripped her pants off. Melissa screamed. I stood shocked too see that she wasn't wearing panties. I got a quick glance of her bald pussy before she covered herself. My dad grabbed her and threw her on the ground on her stomach. He got on top of her and spanked her naked ass. He then spread her legs apart and stuck his finger in her pussy. She screamed. He took his finger out and licked it.

"Is this what mom's personal trainer did to you?"

My dad then got a hold of her clit and pinched it continuously. I could see her entire bald pussy, along with my friends. I was getting overly horny right now and needed some attention by myself or someone else. I looked at my mom who was on the ground getting her pussy eaten by my friend and sobbing at the same time. Then I looked at Kim. I walked over to her a put my hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. She began crying too.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my dad turn Melissa around and began spanking her bald pussy. My friend, Mike, walked over to my mom, bent down and started playing with my mom's boobs and sucking her nipples. All was going so well today.

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