tagIncest/TabooIncest Twice Over

Incest Twice Over


A lot of you probably think my stories are pure bullshit but every word is true. I did change some names just to be safe (some of this stuff is pretty weird even to me).

Speaking of weird I am reminded of a girl I met at an office party when I was working in Somewhere,On. (Somewhere is about a half-hour drive from Nowhere which is probably as good as Anywhere). I was just hanging with the guys when I saw her - blond curly hair,amazing blue eyes and fantastic tits sitting with her friends. I got her up to dance and found her name was Lori and she was pretty much bored with the whole office party scene. We sat and talked for a bit but it was already pretty late and her friends were leaving so I got her number and called her the next day. She was great on the phone, really friendly and easy to talk to, I made a date with her for Friday night- we would hook up with her brother and his wife and would go see a live band at a local niteclub (the band was Red Ryder-Tom Cochrane wasn't there for some reason- can't remember why).

Everything went as planned, the band was great,Lori, her sister-in-law Jerri and myself were drinking like there was no tomorrow while John was playing designated driver. It's always better being drunk when someone sober has to listen to your drunken bullshit. Eventually the time came for last call and we all poured ourselves into John's car for the ride home. We had decided it would just be easier if lori and I stayed at John and Jerri's house for the night.

Once we got there Lori and I stumbled to the guest room and tried to swallow each other's tongues. She then said she had something she wanted to tell me- I said go ahead and she said don't be mad or anything but she had been fucking her brother for years and she wanted to have a threesome tonight. I was pretty surprised but I just acted cool about it and said sure sweetie whatever you want. She gave me a big kiss and led me out into the living room where John and Jerri were fucking on the couch. John got off the couch and Lori started sucking his cock right there. Jerri unzipped me and started blowing me- the whole scene was really fantastic and my cock was harder than it had been for years. Lori got off her knees and stripped down just leaving on her bra which was struggling to hold the whitest creamiest looking tits I had ever seen. She pushed Jerri away and started sucking my cock- John moved in behind her and was pounding her pussy like a madman. She was an amazing cocksucker and when I grabbed her tits I just couldn't stop myself from blasting in her mouth.

I pulled myself away and John flipped her onto her back and shoved his cock right up her ass while Jerri got off the couch and sat her pussy down on Lori's face. Lori was struggling and gasping when John tensed up and I knew he was shooting in her ass. Jerri made Lori eat her until she came and then we said good night and Lori and I went off to bed. I was getting hard again so I started sucking her tits and jabbed my cock in her ass. The sensation was absolutely incredible-her ass felt like liquid honey on my dick and in no time I blew so hard I thought the head of my dick might come off right in her ass. That was the first time I ever saw my girlfriend fuck her brother but it certainly wasn't the last.

The next strange situation I was in was when I wanted to buy a utility trailer and I answered an ad in the paper. The guy said the trailer was in good shape, good tires and lights and so I got directions to come and take a look at it. Turned out he lived in a stone house about ten miles north of town so I said I would be out in about a half hour(it was a Sat. morning). I drove out in my pickup (the place was easy to find) knocked on the door and almost blew right in my pants when I saw the girl open the door. She was about 19, black hair,gorgeous black eyes and built like an an absolute BRICK SHITHOUSE. Tits that stood straight out under the loose sweater she was wearing and I was pretty sure she wasn't wearing a bra either.

I managed to get my tongue back in my mouth and asked her where the trailer was and she took me down to an outbuilding in front of the barn. I pushed open the door and saw the trailer. It was really a piece of junk- one of those pick-up bed type trailers and this one was rusty as hell. She asked me what I thought and I tried to be nice and said it wasn't really what I was looking for but thanks anyway.

I was turning to go back to my truck when she stopped me and said her dad might have a better idea of what I was looking for and would I just come up to meet him at the house for a minute.

I said sure - not a problem and when she took me back to the house her dad met me at the door, steered me into the living room and handed me a beer.

I thought this was a little much but he was really friendly so I just relaxed and we chatted for a bit. He asked what I wanted the trailer for and I told him it was for my four-wheeler and we got talking about four-wheelers and which was the best and a lot of stuff like that. He then pointed to his daughter and asked me what I thought- I thought he might be setting me up for something so I just said she was a really good-looking girl.

He just laughed a little and said- She's not just good-looking she's the best fuck I ever had.

He called for her and when she came over he said "our friend Trevor thinks you suck a mean cock". She smiled -dropped to her knees -fished out my dick and started gobbling my cock like she was starving.

I was pretty much in shock but that didn't stop my cock from getting hard as a rock in two seconds flat-she really knew what she was doing with a cock in her mouth-Her dad had taken off his pants and was rubbing his cock on her ass. She was twisting and squirming when he gave her a sharp smack on her ass and I saw his cock disappear in her pussy. I really started getting into it - fucking her amazing face and playing with her firm tits- I usually have a hard time coming from just a blow job but she had me blasting a thick load down her throat in no time at all. Her dad wasn't long in coming either- I could see his face screwing up and he was panting like a fire-breathing dragon when he pulled out and shot all over her gorgeous ass.

I had to get some of that so I pulled her close

and sat her on my cock which was not softening at all. Her pussy was pure heaven- it was like a thousand velvet fingers were milking me. I stroked and stroked- looking into her amazing eyes until finally my cock could stand no more and I drained every last ounce of cum I had into her sweet pussy. She was the best fuck I ever had. I never wanted to let her go.

I really wanted to have a relationship with her but I was never able to get her away from her dad.

Everytime I see them in town together I remember that Saturday morning when God reached out and showed me what an angel from heaven really is. Nothing that good could possibly come from anywhere else.

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