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Incested Daughter


This is a true story of a daughter’s gift to her widower father. It was a privilege to write the story for them.


Julie stood next to her father Cliff, her arms entwined in his as they watched the coffin lowered into the ground. Both scooped up a handful of soil and cast it into the grave, a daughter’s farewell to her mother a husband’s farewell to his wife. Arm in arm, they sadly moved away from the graveside.

Later that day, Julie, an attractive 36 year old was busy in the kitchen preparing a meal for which she knew neither herself nor her father would have any appetite, but rationally she also realized that life must go on and they had to eat.

The meal was eaten quietly with only the clink of knives and forks breaking the eerie silence as they moved against the plates. Cliff didn’t finish his, pushing his plate away he sat staring at the spot where his plate had been, tears welling in his eyes.

Julie sat still for but a moment, her heart going out to her father, quickly she moved too him and rested her hands on his broad shoulders, “Come on daddy, I know it hurts but mom wouldn’t want you to be so unhappy. Let me pour you a stiff drink and then have an early night, you haven’t rested properly since she passed on and you really do have to get some sleep.”

Cliff allowed himself to be guided from the kitchen into the lounge where Julie poured a generous measure of whisky into a glass. Her daddy took it from her with slightly trembling fingers, sipping the fiery liquid between his lips and feeling the heat as it coursed through his body. He took another sip and then looking at Julie with plaintive eyes said, “Please don’t leave me on my own tonight, I couldn’t bear it.”

Julie had been toying with the idea of staying the night with her father, understanding his loss and the loneliness that now existed in the house. His plea had now made her mind up for her, she would stay the night and cook him a good breakfast in the morning before leaving for home.

Pouring her daddy another glass of whisky she then went to his room and sorted out one of her mother’s night gowns, nothing special, just a normal pull over nightie that would keep her warm and comfortable during the night.

A little later she’d seen her father off to bed and went to her old room to change and get ready for the night. Putting the cat out she locked the doors and ensured the windows were secure before retracing her steps to her room, when she reached her father’s door she paused for a moment, tapped on the door and entered the room.

Moving over to where her father lay on the bed she bent down and softly kissed him on the cheek, “Come on daddy, it’s been a long day. Get your head down and try to get some sleep. I’ll cook you a nice breakfast in the morning.”

Cliff pressed his tall frame down beneath the quilt his head resting squarely on the pillow, “Julie! Would you sleep in here with me? I don’t want to be on my own tonight,” he begged.

Julie’s mind cast back to all the times she’d begged to be allowed to climb into bed with her mom and dad. She remembered the warmth, the cuddles and how safe she had felt pressed between their two bodies. “Yes daddy of course I will,” she replied without hesitation.

Twice Julie awoke during the night wondering where she was. The first time she heard her father breathing deeply, he was turned toward her back and his hand was on her shoulder just resting softly against her. She smiled to herself, “At least he’s resting,” she thought, placing her hand up on top of his, she drifted back to sleep again.

An hour later she woke again, immediately sensing that something wasn’t quiet right, she lay still, her brain working overtime to take in the situation. A hand was covering her breast, holding it firmly but gently, pressing the soft flesh into her chest. She became aware that her father was now laying spoon fashion against her back but what stunned her more than anything else was the feel of his erection pressing against the crack of her butt.

For long moments she lay completely still, not daring to move a muscle, eventually she whispered, “Daddy?” but the only response was the deep even rhythm of her father sleeping alongside her.

Julie’s heart was beating wildly in her chest, her thoughts and body confused at the developments but gradually she came to realize what had happened. Her father exhausted from lack of sleep, the worry and trauma of the last few days and the generous serves of whisky had put him into a very deep sleep.

Unconsciously he’d sensed the warmth of the body next to him and Julie reasoned that Cliff had reached out for his wife and slept how they normally would have done. Julie accepted that, what she couldn’t understand was the way her nipple had hardened beneath the pressure of his hand and the wetness that was forming between her legs. Even though she loved her daddy dearly, she had never in her life felt anything even remotely sexual for him.

These new sensations that coursed through her body had taken her completely by surprise and was at a total loss to understand what was happening and why. Her daddy moved against her back again making her even more aware of his erection that was pressing against her. It seemed that the length was about average but it also felt very thick, much thicker than any man she’d ever been with.

Above all else, at that moment she felt helpless and trapped, like a kangaroo in the glare of the hunter’s spotlight, blinded, or a snake, mesmerized by a mongoose, knowing that whatever move it made, it was doomed. Julie was helpless in helping herself. Fearful that even the slightest movement would bring about doom and disaster and that this magic moment would be gone forever.

Excited, wet and content, she lay wide awake not moving even the slightest muscle in the loving arms of the man that had fathered her until the dawn’s light glowed in the bedroom window. . CHAPTER 2

It was the following Saturday that Julie visited her father again and her visit almost followed the same pattern as the day of her mother’s funeral. This time she spent the better part of the day dusting and cleaning while her daddy moped around the house. Then she went to a great deal of trouble to cook his favorite dinner and dessert. After dinner her daddy opened the whisky bottle and the pair of them shared a few drinks as they sat by the fire talking.

Finally Cliff got to his feet, sadly he looked at his daughter, “You’ll share my bed tonight?” he asked plaintively. “I hate sleeping on my own.”

Julie remembered the last occasion, she looked down at the floor her mind confused and the mixtures of emotions were driving her crazy. Finally she looked up at the shattered shell of her father, “Yes, alright daddy. I’ll be up when I’ve locked up,” she replied.

When Julie entered the bedroom some half hour later her father was already in bed and appeared to be sleeping soundly. Quietly she slid open the dresser drawer and took out one of her mother’s nighties. With her back to the bed she stripped away her blouse and bra, slipping the button through garment over her head before removing her skirt and panties. Easing herself carefully between the sheets she made as little movement as possible before turning her back to her father, turning out the bedside light and settling down for the night.

For over an hour she lay there wondering if the same thing was going to happen as last time. Ever since the funeral she had thought about what had happened and one night she’d got so worked up she slipped a finger into herself to gain some relief. Finally she dropped off into a deep sleep.

It was the hand fumbling with the buttons on the front of her nightie which woke her, instantly she froze, holding her breath and not daring to move. All she could hear was the deep steady breathing of her daddy indicating that he was indeed a sleep but his imagination and hand were wide awake. Buttons undone, the hand slipped in-between the folds of the soft cotton fabric and closed over her naked breast.

Julie couldn’t help herself; she felt the excitement flush through her body, nipples becoming erect and wetness immediately invading her pussy. Again she was very aware of her daddy’s thick cock pressing into her buttocks which only served to excite her even more.

The fact that is was her daddy that was fondling her and it was strictly taboo blazed in her head, she both wanted to get out of the bed quickly and snuggle up closer too him. She wanted...... She didn’t know what she wanted; she lay there completely still and so confused with her feelings.

After what appeared to be a very long time, her chest tight with excitement and fear, Julie gently turned so she was lying on her back. Almost immediately the caressing hand moved slowly over her breasts, gently feeling the ripe flesh, kneading the orbs and grazing over her very erect nipples. Julie lay there almost sick with excitement. She badly needed to touch her pussy but didn’t dare move in case of waking her father.

She could feel her father’s erection pressing against her thigh, again she couldn’t help but think how thick it was and eventually, her curiosity got the better of her. Very slowly she moved her hand downwards finding the gap in the pajama front and then grasped gently at her daddy’s manhood between shaking fingers.

Julie held her breath as her hand explored the thickness of him and feeling the rigidity of the instrument that had the feel of velvet covered steel. Her breath hissed between her teeth when suddenly, swift movements took her completely by surprise.

It all happened so very quickly Julie had no time to prepare or defend herself from what followed. The hand that was fondling her breast moved down and over the flat of her stomach to the hem of the cotton nightie raising it upward over the stomach and brushing over her pussy on the way. Almost instantly the same hand returned to her knees spreading her legs apart while her daddy rolled over the top of her, crushing her down deeply into the softly sprung mattress.

In her utter confusion, Julie allowed all the moves to take place without any form of resistance, her brain trying to work out exactly what was happening. Only when she felt the tip of her daddy’s cock pressing against her now wet slit, did she realize that she was about to be penetrated by her own father.

She lay stunned as her smaller body was invaded by the thickest cock she had ever taken inside her. It stretched her wider than she could ever have realized she could be opened and seemed to fill every crevice of her love tunnel. Then she was being fucked with long, firm strokes that slammed into her so hard, they jerked whole of her body upwards.

While she offered no resistance, she didn’t assist in anyway, she just lay still, her arms raised upwards while her daddy used her. Finally he drove into her one last time, grunted and then stiffened before he filled her with his incestuous sperm. He lay still over her until the last of his juice pulsed from his cock before rolling back to his former position. His breathing became deep and regular in seconds as he continued his sleep.

Her mind in turmoil Julie quietly slipped out of bed totally stunned by the turn of advents. She set about cleaning the kitchen while turning things over in her mind and by the time the first rays of the sun struck the tiny kitchen window she had made peace with herself.

Again she convinced herself that although her daddy had mounted her, in his semiconscious state he’d believed he was making love to his departed wife. What Julie couldn’t get over however were the feelings that raged within her? She’d allowed her daddy to play with her breasts, then had wantonly felt for his penis and she had to admit to the excitement of his thick tool penetrating her.

The coffee had just finished brewing on the stove when Cliff entered the kitchen. He kissed Julie’s cheek as a father would and sat down at the table, gratefully accepting the hot brew that Julie handed to him.

After taking the first few sips, he placed to cup on the table, looking at Julie he said, “You know love; you don’t half look like your mother.”

Julie’s heart was in her throat, taking a deep breath she decided to bring everything out into the open. “Do I feel like Mom as well daddy?” she asked.

That comment stopped Cliff dead in his tracks, his face turned a lighter shade of white, “Whatever do you mean?” he asked in a barley audible murmur.

Julie quietly explained what had taken place in the bed over the last two sleepovers, finding it very difficult to find the correct words to enlighten him.

Apart from her mom’s funeral, that was the only other time she saw her daddy cry. She listened as he explained with halting words that he’d dreamed of laying with his wife and he thought that’s all it was. He had no recollection of what he’d done to his daughter. Julie’s heart went out to him when he begged forgiveness from her, saying that he’d sooner be dead than cause her so much heartache. He went on to say how much he missed his wife and told her of the love they’d shared together and now.... it was all over... all in the past and gone forever.

Tears in his eyes Cliff stood to leave the room and Julie was unable to bear the hurt in him any longer, “Daddy,” she cried rushing to hold him, “Daddy it’s ok, really, I love you,” she sobbed.

They clung to each other, Julie’s head buried in her father’s chest, her arms up around his neck while Cliff encompassed her smaller body in his arms, holding her and kissing the top of her head. They stood for a long time, bodies pressed together, she in her nightie, he still in his pajamas. Julie looked up at him when she felt his hardness grow and press against her, without warning, his lips met hers in a long, slow passionate kiss. Julie knew at that moment, she was lost.

Boldly she moved her arm downwards, her hand seeking out his erection. She held it firmly and stroked the length a couple of times before she whispered, “Take me to bed daddy I want you.”

In the bedroom Cliff lifted the nightie from his daughter and assisted her onto the bed. Slowly he removed his pajamas, Julie shyly looking between his legs to see what she was about to receive. It was thicker than she imagined it to be, no wonder she had felt so full when he’d pressed it into her for the first time.

This time, Cliff fondled his daughter’s breasts with gentle motions of his hand, feeling the soft under flesh of her mounds and thumbing her nipples erect. His mouth followed where his hands left of, sucking the delicate flesh into his mouth and tongue ringing the proud nipple, teasing it, loving the proud nub.

He felt both light headed and elated at what was happening. The realization that this was his daughter he was doing these things with made it all the more exciting and his cock harder than he could ever remember. When Julie had been but a girl he’d often looked at her with longing but now his dreams were about to become true.

Even before her daddy’s mouth closed over her breast Julie was hot and wet with the excitement. Here was her daddy lying between her legs which she had parted in welcome to receive him and she was about to let him enter her, willingly. The very thought that it was taboo only added a deeper, keener edge to the lust building within her. She and her daddy were about to commit incest and she couldn’t have been happier.

Such was the excitement and pressure within Julie, the moment her daddy’s cock touched her pussy, she cried out and cum shamelessly over the head of his cock.

Cliff watched his daughter in orgasm and could never ever remember her looking more beautiful as she did at that moment. Her eyes were wide open at the wonder of it, her moist lips slightly parted and body gentle trembling as the juices erupted from her. He waited until her orgasm had finished, then watched her eyes open wide as he pressed into her tightness.

No woman would be able to understand what it feels like for a man to be lying over her. There is no greater feeling in the world that to settle your hard angular body over the softness, the heat and the gentle feminine curves and contours of a woman about to be loved. The feel of soft fleshy thighs open, welcoming and embracing, delicate hands clutching demandingly on your muscular shoulders while soft lips trace wet love patterns over your face and soft firm breasts with erect nipples pressing into your chest.

Then the welcoming warm wet sleeve of her love tunnel as it surrounds and caresses the male organ, stretching to accommodate and then holding it firmly within her. Her instinctive reaction to the phallus, the gripping and releasing movements as she instinctively milks the shaft with her vagina muscles inducing the male to ejaculate into her so that she can capture his seed. Cliff felt all this and more but what made it all the more exciting was that it was his daughter lying beneath him.

Julie once more felt the thickness of her daddy’s huge cock slipping into her sheath, touching every part of her insides as it traveled the lubricated path, stretching her, opening her like she’d never been opened before. This time her daddy wasn’t asleep or dreaming, he was knowingly taking her like a woman and breaking the ultimate taboo.

As his cock touched the deepest part within her she lost all inhibitions, soft legs wrapped around his buttocks drawing him even deeper and sharp nails raked at his muscular back. Wantonly she met his thrusts with her own, her cunt gripping tightly at his shaft on each outward stroke and then releasing him to welcome him back home into her softness.

A light flickered on in the pleasure center of her brain and began pulsing out a rhythm. Each hard thrust changed the color of the light sending intense signals to the hot spot between her widely spread legs. Julie heard whimpers coming from somewhere and realized that it was herself making the sounds that accompanied the delightful squishing noise her daddy’s cock was causing in her pussy.

Cliff was now forcibly slamming himself into his daughter, each inward stroke causing his pubic bone to mash Julie’s clit taking her closer to orgasm. Long experience told him that she must be close and he controlled himself well until he felt the tremor pass through her body. Now was the time to inseminate her, spurt his creamy man fluid deep into her womb and trigger the orgasm she was begging for.

“Please daddy...... Give it to me.... I need it badly,” she panted.

He gave one final thrust and collapsed crushing her beneath him. Julie felt his cock jerking and the spurts of hot creamy cum spraying in globs on her insides triggering the biggest orgasm of her life. She heard herself whimpering from the pleasure while her hands and arms flailed in the air at the ecstasy of being brought to such a wonderful climax by her own daddy.

She lay in the puddle of their juices caressing the man that had fathered her and had now taken her for the first time. She wondered dreamily if this would ever happen again but she was worrying needlessly.

Over the coming weeks she would be taken time and time again. Submissively she would endure spankings, the ultimate taboo of her daddy taking her anal cherry and engaging in other sexual games. Julie had always loved her father as her daddy, now she loved him for being her lover.


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