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Incestuous Blackmail


Bored, restless, and impatient to find a way to spice up their meetings, the members of the Baker Street Girls Club had to become creative or start losing members. We had already lost four members to other groups and if something wasn't done, the group would simply disband.

The eight remaining members have all grown up on Baker Street, and have been friends, for the most part, for most of their nineteen years. We're some pretty cool teens who did well in school, stayed out of jail, controlled our drinking, and didn't make sex a competitive sport.

I'm the oldest at nineteen, and then we have Dawn, Theresa, Rachael, Jeannette, Bernice, Diane and Clarice. Most of our meetings are held at Clarice's house or at Rachael's, simply because they had the largest homes and they both have pools and large patios. Their parents are also the least likely to be home or interfere in our conversations or games, which frequently border on obscene. Nudity has never been an issue though to be sure, it had never been the focus of any of our activities; at least until Rachael invented Dare to Bare.

Originally, it was called Dare to Play and it was like a combination of blind man's bluff and truth or dare. One of us would ask another an embarrassing question, usually something that involved the person's sex life, and if they didn't want to answer, they could accept a dare. Little by little, the dares got more daring until it became Dare to Bare and every dare involved nudity, with most of it some sort of public nudity.

The challenge was to pull it off without anyone being arrested and hopefully without anyone being recognized. In Rachael's version, the 'victim' is blindfolded so they have no way to know where they are when they're stripped. The blindfold they wear not only prevents them from seeing, but also conceals their identity. They may also be restrained in some fashion to make it more of a challenge.

In the first game, Bernice was chosen and Dawn asked her if she had slept with any of her ex boyfriends. It was a loaded question, because even though Bernice had denied that it ever happened, we all knew it had.

When she chose the dare, she was blindfolded and taken to the zoo about an hour before it closed for the day. A group ticket was purchased so no one saw her blindfold or the fact that she was being led by two other girls.

She was led to the polar bear exhibit where she was stripped one article of clothing at a time while Clarice took digital pictures of the undressing as the polar bears watched. If anyone approached, she was surrounded by the other girls until they left.

We then led her to the tiger display and monkey island where their reaction was documented in full living color.

We then allowed her to dress so we could leave just minutes before security came to kick us out.

The photos were awesome, especially the ones that showed the tiger climbing up on the bars with drool coming out of his mouth, like he was about to eat her but not in the way she preferred. They were all saved to the computer for future inclusion in an album of our adventures.

When Jeannette accepted the dare a week later, we had trouble finding a place that was open enough for shock value, but easy to escape from. I solved the problem when I suggested that we strip her in a moving car. That was a good idea until Diane pointed out that you can't see into a moving vehicle very well. The answer was to use her full sized pickup with a long bed. Very appropriately, it was bright red.

We put her in the back of truck on an air mattress, naked and spread open with her hands and feet tied to the corners of the bed. We put a thin sheet over her but whenever a truck came by, we flipped it off to show the driver that she was naked. We even did it with a couple of SUV's once we knew it wasn't some little old ladies or a family or something.

After a lot of discussion about our next victim's adventure, I came up with an idea for something new. Theresa, knew even before she played the game that she'd choose the dare and judging by the sparkle in her eyes, she looked forward to it. She wasn't tied up for her journey for safety reasons. We took her to the local fishing pier right at dusk and Dawn led her to parade not once, but twice, past the startled fishermen lining the pier and after she made the first trip, she had to bend over to touch her toes three times. On the second trip, she stopped in the middle of the journey and bent over to touch her toes and once more when she reached the end of the pier. I'm sure the men didn't tell their wives about it when they got home and maybe one or more of them jerked off at the memory of this beautiful naked girl walking slowly up and down the pier. In one of the pictures we viewed later, one of them is staring at her while a fat fish flaps half in and half out of the water on his line. We wondered if he dropped his rod into the water.

We had a lot of fun making up stories about the expressions on their faces and got some splendid shots of her beautiful body in the rays of the setting sun.

For the next several weeks, we used the truck several times in various ways of openly displaying our charms to startled motorists. Strange, no one ever complained about our actions.

We had just about exhausted our ideas and our interest in the game when Clarice pointed out that I had never accepted a dare but I was the one that suggested the various exposures.

"Yeah, Shelli, why is that?" Bernice asked.

"No one's ever asked me a question I wouldn't answer," I said.

We didn't play the game for three weeks due to vacations and visits from out of town relatives, but one morning, after running some errands, I stopped at Clarice's to find Diane, Clarice and Theresa there. None of the other girls were there, but Theresa decided we'd play the game one last time anyway. I wasn't surprised that the only item on the agenda was my turn to be challenged. Someone had been very busy during that time because what happened is something that profoundly affected my life.

"It's your turn," Diane said, "and don't try to lie your way out of it,"

"I won't," I promised, a promise I regretted later.

The girls were leaned forward, anticipating her question and my answer, hoping that at last I would be the one to be placed in a challenging situation.

"Who took your cherry and when?"

I immediately regretted that in a moment of weakness I had confessed to her that I'd lost my virginity to my father when I was thirteen. That was the last time I ever saw him because he was immediately ordered out of our house and out of my life.

She knew it was a question I could never answer. "Dare," I mumbled with my head down.

"It's about damned time," Clarice said. I could see they were excited by the prospect of putting me through some very special challenge but I was fearful because for all those weeks, I had orchestrated one adventure after another. It was time for paybacks and I knew that whatever they planned was going to be something I'd regret later. I was gagged and blindfolded and led to a car, where they piled in behind me. Even with the thick layers of fabric over my eyes and ears, I could hear the giggling excitement in their voices and my fears became more real when Diane asked Theresa if she'd brought the video recorder along and if she had enough memory and power.

I could smell fresh cut grass when they got me out of the car, so I knew that I was in an open area of some kind. I was stripped and spun in circles to get me disoriented before the led me through a course that took many turns. I could hear the sharp click of camera shutters as we walked.

Eventually, we stopped, and I felt someone moving in front of me.

"Here are the rules," Diane said. "You are to do exactly as you are told, without any hesitation. I will remove the gag for now but you are not allowed to speak to anyone ever. Do you understand?"

I nodded and she removed the gag. "If you so much as say one word to anyone or make any sound that might reveal where you are of who you are with, we have another challenge you will be required to take and Shelli, you don't want to go there so be careful. Do you understand the rules?"

I nodded and was led about another ten feet or so before they stopped.

"On your knees," she said. "I got down on my knees, guided to a soft surface like a cushion of some sort. My hands were bound behind my back and I suddenly realized that it was a common position forced on the victim of an execution.

I could feel the presence of someone else close enough that I could feel the heat from their body so I pretty well knew that they were also naked. What in the world was going on, I wondered.

For several seconds, or maybe a minute or so, nothing happened. Then my head was pushed down and forward and I could smell the fragrance of another woman's sex. My face was pushed into her and I was directed to eat her.

"You must eat her through a strong orgasm," she said, "and you are not to stop until you are told to."

I've never had sex with another woman but of course, I knew what pleased me when a man went down on me so that's what I went with. I licked, sucked, kissed, nibbled, and tongue fucked whoever it was, knowing only that she tasted good. I could also tell she was gagged and restrained by the loud groans and gurgling sounds as I touched her in the right place and did the right thing.

I knew the instant she came by the rigidity of her body under me and the gush of fluid that surrounded my tongue.

Since I wasn't told to stop, I didn't until I heard them say I could. My head was raised and a dildo or something was placed in my mouth before being guided into her. Bobbing my head up and down, I brought her to a strenuous orgasm that had her shuddering against me.

I was told to straighten, which I did, and I sensed that she was being moved. I was then gagged and put on my back, with my hands now bound in front of me. My legs were spread wide and my ankles were secured to something. I heard them tell her she was not allowed to speak and they moved her between my legs. A few seconds later I felt her tongue on my slit and shivered at the touch. Now I was one being eaten and whoever the woman was, she knew what I wanted and what I so desperately needed. It took me a few seconds to learn how I could use body movements to show her what I needed. As I approached my orgasms, she sensed it and became quite aggressive. My body shuddered twice and I surrendered to it. I had no more than began to calm when the dildo was pushed deep into me and she fucked me hard and fast to get it over with. I literally gushed around it when I came again.

The dildo was removed and I felt her being lifted up and led away. After a few minutes, I was led, still naked, back to the car to be driven away.

A short time later, I was taken out of the car and abandoned in an open place. Stumbling around, in what I hoped were ever-widening circles, I found a structure of some kind, which I placed my head against to started working the blindfold over my eyes. I couldn't get it all the way off, but I could raise the front enough to see. I wasn't exactly sure where I was and I didn't recognize the building I seemed to be behind.

I didn't see anyone nearby although I always felt as though the girls were nearby and watching. As I sat on the grass, I rubbed my wrists against the course bricks of the building to break the ties that bound them together. When they came free, I spent a few seconds rubbing my wrists to restore full circulation. I worked the blindfold over my head and removed the gag after fumbling for the clasp in back of my head. Crawling on hands and knees to a nearby row of shrubs, I searched for concealment until I could figure out where I was and how I was going to get home or to a safe place.

Hearing the bright giggles of the other girls, I worked my way to an opening in the row of shrubs, seeing them huddled at a table, which I knew to be in Clarice's back yard. I stood and worked my way down the line of shrubs until I could be sure we were alone. At least I thought we were until I started to step from behind and saw someone on a chaise not ten feet from where I stood. Since I couldn't tell who it was, I couldn't risk being seen so I returned to my crouched position.

Now what the hell was I going to do? I was naked, I had no clothes to put on, I was probably grass stained and messy too. I knew the girls were watching for me even though they were trying hard to conceal that from me.

I think they forgot that I'd been in that very yard on many occasions and knew of the bin next to the pool house which I could get to without them seeing me. In that bin, they kept a stock of beach towels. Carefully working my way around the storage building next to me, and, after making sure I wasn't being watched, I reached in to grab two large towels, which I wrapped around me. I suppose I could have just walked around and stepped into the yard, but now that I was covered, I simply walked casually to my house, four blocks away. Oh, I got attention, to be sure, but I was legal and I wasn't naked any more.

Once I got home, I got the spare key and let myself into the house where I showered and changed before returning to where the girls waited with the pictures.

They were laughing hysterically as I walked over to them. Darcy handed me some pictures and I relived the embarrassment of exposure, especially when I recognized the place where I'd been exposed to be one of the practice fields for the college football team, and more than one person could be seen in the stands.

The next photo series showed me with the other woman. They were quite graphic and highly detailed but not one single picture revealed enough of the other woman for me to identify her and the girls refused to give me that information except to tell me that it wasn't any of them.

We finally broke up and everyone headed for home. Jeanette said she had the videos but she would make copies and have them at the next meeting.

I headed for home, wondering how many people had witnessed my shameful actions and who the voyeurs were that watched from the grandstands.

I went to the kitchen to get something to drink and as I sipped on the iced teak I heard something. A whimpering sound that seemed to come from my mother's room. I carefully went to make sure she was alright and found that while the door was closed, it hadn't latched and I could easily move it far enough to peek in. She was lying on her bed, facing away from me, with just the sheet over her. Her hair was still damp from a recent shower and she seemed to be talking to herself.

"Mom?" I said. "Are you all right?"

"Oh my god, you frightened me, honey," she said.

"Are you all right?" I asked again.

"Yes honey, please just close the door and let me rest,." She said.

"Okay Mom, get some rest," I said, as I closed the door and went back to my iced tea.

I was reading in the sun room when she finally came out of her room and went to make herself a vodka something, an act I had never ever witnessed unless she was sharing drinks with a visitor or for a dinner party or something. She is just not a drinker and most definitely not a casual drinker.

I watched as she nearly chugged it and poured another before she came to sit with me, but facing away from me without a word. It was more than I could stand.

"All right, Mom," I said. "I know you don't want to talk about whatever it is that's eating at you, but you always tell me that holding it in only concentrates the hurt so talk to me. What set you off?"

"Are you sure you don't know" she asked.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Mom," I said.

"Were you with your friends when they came here today?" she asked.

"They were here?" I asked. "When?"

"Earlier today after you left."

"Were they looking for me?" I asked.

"No, I thought you might be with them but staying out of sight."

"I took my library books back and ran into Derek and Rich so we got a coke together before I went to Clarice's. They were there when I got there and they didn't say anything about seeing you."

"I don't suppose they would," she said. . "Mom, what's going on?" I asked, but for the longest time she refused to answer.

"I never thought they were such nasty and evil girls," she said. "All the times they've been here I've never given them any reason to dislike me and they never gave me a reason to distrust them. That's all over now. They are never to be on this property again, and I wish you'd stop spending your time with them."

"I'm getting more and more confused," I said.

"Shelli, they tricked me. No, actually, they blackmailed me."

"What? No way. What did they want? I swear, I'll kick their asses from here to LA and back. Did you call the police?"

"No," she said. "they weren't after money."

"Then what did they want?"

"They forced me to do some very foolish and embarrassing things, honey. It's really true that there is no fool like an old fool."

"You said they blackmailed you. What did they have to blackmail you with?"

She took a deep breath before she said anything at all.

"A long time ago, when we kicked your father out of the house, I went on a binge of drinking to drive him out of my mind."

"I remember that," I said, "but you were never really drunk, not totally wasted, and you only did that for a few weeks."

"I was at Rocco's bar with some of the girls from work one night and I met a young couple that said they were from Houston and were here on business. One thing led to another and they told me that they were into swinging, which I always wondered about. They explained what it involved and why they were into to it and after a couple of hours of sexual conversation, they invited me to their room for a threesome. We made love till the next morning and I came home before you got up."

"Mom, you were drunk, you were feeling lonely and you hadn't had sex in weeks so what's wrong with that?"

"They videotaped everything honey, and I do mean everything. I don't know how or when, but trust me it's all there in full living color including close-ups of me doing things I never thought I could."

"So what?" I asked.

"They threatened to put it on the internet if I didn't give them three thousand dollars in cash."

"Did you pay them?"

She nodded. "I gave the money to Theresa and she took it to their hotel and picked up the video. What I didn't know is that they made three copies and she kept one for her own personal use. I have the other two, thinking they were the only copies. I made her swear to keep the secret and gave her a hundred dollars."

"Why Theresa?" I asked.

"I've known her mother for years, honey, and I thought I knew her too. She always seemed to be so mature and nice. When I saw her in Halstead's store, I was trying to figure out how to do what they wanted without anyone knowing and it seemed like a good idea at the time. She told me no one would ever know.

"That fucking bitch," I said. "and she calls herself my friend."

"I didn't want to cause you trouble honey," she said, "and they gave me the other copy. Theresa swears she didn't make any other copies and the other girls have never seen it, she said."

"I'm not sure I can believe anything she says any more," I said. "I'll kill her, I swear."

"No honey, please. Just leave it alone. All you would do is to bring it all out in the open and they didn't hurt me, just embarrassed me and made me ashamed of being so weak."

"You said others were involved though," I said. "If they never saw the tape or anything, how could they blackmail you"

"They came over right after you left with a letter from Theresa reminding me that she had an embarrassing tape and that I had to do whatever the girls said or she'd show it to you and put it on the internet. Honey, it was a long time ago and the couple was in some financial trouble. We've kept in touch and you've met them. They're good people honey. I don't want them or myself exposed on the internet. It was just easier to do what the girls demanded and get the tape back."

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