tagIncest/TabooIncestuous Liaison Ch. 02

Incestuous Liaison Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Delicious Oral Sex between Father and Daughter

Daddy held me tight in his arms, and was sensuously squeezing my body as he carried me down the hallway. I could feel his lust for me running like a current through both our bodies, and I ached for him. Our mouths were devouring each other in a heated passion, and our tongues intertwined, searching for deeper penetration into each others bodies.

I had just seduced my daddy into our passionate first sexual experience, and my clit was literally throbbing for release thinking about what we had just done. I was home from college for the summer, and wanted to finally reveal my feelings of physical attraction to daddy.

I had just turned 20, and felt I was fully aware of what I was about to do. I also wanted to see if daddy shared those same feelings for me. So now here we were, covered in the cum that he creamed onto my body, pressing up against me from behind, hungrily making our way down the hall for our full consummation as lover's. Daddy and I were moving from a father-daughter relationship, to a carnal man-woman relationship, as full lovers.

"Which room is he taking me to?" I wondered. Daddy turned into my bedroom. "Oh, daddy," I thought. "I want you to fuck me so bad with your thick monster cock. To stretch your little girl open and pleasure me deeply." I was dripping wet now, and my pussy was pulsing, but I didn't want to appear too desperate. He had just cum, which relived his sexual tension for the moment, but I was bursting at the seams.

Daddy laid me down gently on my bed, came up beside me, wrapped his arms around me and looked deeply into my eyes.

"Lisa, honey. What we did just now was so beautiful, but I'm not sure we can do anymore. You are my daughter, and this is just not right," he said.

"Oh daddy, why do you say that? It was so beautiful. We love each other, we are attracted to each other, and you just came all over me. Nothing can change that now, and we are lovers now daddy," I proclaimed. "Besides, my clit is about to explode, so I need you to finish me off!"

With that, daddy's eyes grew ravenous, and he began kissing me passionately. Starting first on my lips. I opened my mouth in rapt desire, and began to breathe harder, allowing my daddy to take me. He moved his beautiful lips down lower, and started to kiss and tickle my neck. It felt so good, and started to moan softly.

I could tell daddy was breathing me in as he kissed me, drinking in and relishing my womanly scent. He began to move his lips further down my body, and I could feel him pause as he reached my breasts and nipples. He raised up a bit and began to gently caress and mold my breasts in his hands. Then he went down on my nipples like a ravenous wolf, and began to flick me with his tongue and suck hard on me.

I was in absolute bliss. My nipples shot up erect, hard and long, and filled daddy's mouth. I could feel the sensations dart immediately down to my pussy, further engorging my already swollen clit. I held daddy's head in my hands and drew him further into my body, pressing him into my breasts.

"Oh, daddy. That feels so good! I love you, daddy. Pleasure me more! Pleasure you little girl between her legs! I long for you there daddy. I lust for you as a hungry woman!" I pleaded.

Daddy seemed encouraged by my invitation, but his mouth was too preoccupied to reply. He released my nipples with a loud sucking sound, and moved slowly down to my belly. I instinctively parted my legs for daddy, allowing him access to my aching wet cunt, my full, flowered labia. He positioned himself between my thighs, and looked up at me. I could see he was hesitating.

"Oh baby. You know I love you, but I'm just not sure about this. You're my beautiful daughter, and I want you to save yourself for your special man," he said.

"Daddy! You are my special man! I want you more than anyone else in the world. Eat me daddy! Please eat me!" I pleaded.

With that, I grabbed daddy's head and plunged him into my cunt. It took just a moment for him to begin to devour me, and I was in ecstasy. He plunged his tongue deep within me, reaching into the depths of my pussy with his hungry mouth. I parted my legs even further to allow him deeper penetration.

Daddy was tongue fucking me deeply, and it felt so delicious. I held my hands behind his head and gyrated my hips into his mouth. I arched myself down and forward a bit, straining to plant my clit in the path of his ravaging mouth.

Daddy sensed what his daughter needed, and began to devour my engorged clit. Alternating between flicking it with his tongue, rubbing it between his lips, plunging his tongue deep inside my soaking wet pussy hole, and stretching my labia as he held my flesh tightly between his lips.

The pleasure was so intense and exquisite, and I could not take it any longer. I could feel my pussy walls tighten, my clit twitching, and I started to explode. "Oh, daddy, you're making me cum!" I screamed. "It feels so fucking good! Eat me daddy, eat me!"

With that, I exploded in wave after wave of sheer orgasmic bliss. I was cumming so hard that I was gushing huge amounts of pussy juice into my daddy's mouth, and he was swallowing it down like a hungry animal! His throat was moving quickly to take his baby girl's juice down. The sounds of my wetness filled the air, and seeing our bodies locked together kept my delicious orgasm exploding.

I finally began to feel my convulsions subside. "Daddy, that was so beautiful. Thank you so much for pleasuring me that way! I've always dreamed about you eating me like that, daddy. I can't tell you how many times I've laid right here on my bed, fingering myself to the fantasy of you doing that to me, daddy, and now it's real!"

"Oh baby, you taste to good! I love you, and I love eating my daughter like that! And now I have your sweet nectar swallowed deep within my body. Thank you for giving me such pleasure too, honey!" daddy replied.

"Come here daddy," I returned. "Now I want to pleasure you that way too." With that, I turned my body and positioned my mouth directly next to my daddy's thick cock, being sure to keep my pussy close to his mouth. Daddy was hard again now, and I gently took his huge cock into my hand.

I began stroking his long, thick cock, and he became even harder and bigger. I could see him close his eyes. With that, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the bulb of his cock, wetting it thoroughly with my saliva. I began to squeeze the head of daddy's cock between my lips, and I could hear him start to moan softly.

I briefly removed his thick cock from my mouth, but continued squeezing his wet bulb with my hand. "Do you like that daddy?" I asked. He didn't need to reply. I already knew the answer, and re-inserted him into my mouth. I started to suck firmly on his cock head, and I could feel his slippery precum start to ooze out. I played with it in my mouth, then swallowed it down. It made me so horny to think that I was swallowing my daddy's love nectar.

I felt the lust building again between my legs, and I parted my thighs for him, wrapping my soft youthful legs around his head. He knew what his baby wanted, and responded by burying his face deep between my legs. We were both covered in wetness. He started to tongue me deeply again, licking me from end to end. First, deeply plunging himself into my gaping vaginal opening, then emerging and teasing my clit, sucking on my long labia, then working his way backward, across my cunt opening again, and back to the edge of my anus.

Daddy continued in this rhythmic pattern, repeatedly licking me back and forth. Each time, getting a little closer to my anus. Now I knew what he wanted, and it made me even more horny thinking that my daddy wanted my asshole. I returned my attention to pleasuring his massive cock.

I began to suck on daddy even harder, taking him deeper into my mouth. I took as much of him as I could into me, and down my throat. My jaw felt so stretched, and he felt so deep, but I could see there was even more of his length to take! I so much wanted all of him! I wanted all of my daddy, and I was determined to take him completely down inside me! I opened my mouth even further, relaxed my throat, and pushed my head further down on his massive shaft.

My lips and tongue were working hard to keep him lubricated with my saliva, and I began to drool a little out of the corner of my mouth. I was sucking hard, pleasuring his shaft, and pressing his cock head down into my throat. I was hoping this day would sometime arrive, and I had read in books about what to do next, so I relaxed my throat and let my gag reflex subside. Daddy's cock was so huge, and I loved having all of him stuffed inside of me.

I fully submitted to his huge size, and let him enter my body deeply. It was so fucking hot at this point, thinking that his daughter finally had her daddy's full length within her. Then, I felt daddy's cock start to pulsate.

Daddy and I were now carnally locked deeply together, and our mutual moans filled the air. Our animal sounds were accompanied by the sounds of our wet flesh sloshing against one anothers bodies. I drew my head slowly back, releasing him from my throat, gasping for air, and then began to pump daddy's cock deep in and out of my mouth. He squirmed in ecstasy as I did this, plunging his tongue deeper into my cunt, and then licking my asshole without reservation.

Everything we were doing felt so taboo, so perverse, and the thought of us doing this got me even more horny with every passing second. I ground my hips hard into daddy's mouth and gave him full access to my asshole. He responded by plunging his tongue deeper into my anus, and the resulting sensation shot right through to my insides! Daddy started to savagely lick the rim of my asshole, then he plunged his tongue deep inside my anus, and we both moaned with pleasure!

Daddy's tongue fucking made me ready to cum again. I tightened my thighs around him, and began to grind my pussy hard into his face. Daddy tongued me even deeper in my pussy, and I began to feel my pussy walls contract.

At that same moment, I felt daddy's huge cock begin to contract as well. I knew I had to swallow his cum straight down when he came, letting him shoot right down my throat. I was in full submission to my daddy, and ready to accept his carnal seed.

My pussy began to violently contract around daddy's tongue, and I grinded my clit hard into his lips. My lustful and carnal response sent him over the top, and then my sweet daddy began to cum, spewing his huge jets of warm cum down my throat! I felt so satisfied knowing I was taking my daddy's ribbons of seed deep inside me! The same seed that made me was now deep inside my body! I wanted him to fill every inch of me with his seed. My cunt, my ass, my throat. I thought I could never get enough of daddy!

I quickly swallowed the bursts of his cum down, knowing that if I slowed, I'd begin to choke. I gulped and gulped, taking daddy's huge loads down, deep into my tummy. I had dreamed and lusted for this moment for so long! And now I wanted to taste everything that daddy had to offer me!

Daddy was cumming so much that some of his cum started to drip out the sides of my mouth and down my cheek. I could taste and smell his musky cum, and the carnal scent made me so horny.

At the same moment, I began to cum again myself, gushing my cunt juice into my daddy's mouth, and he was swallowing it down furiously! Here we were, father and daughter, drinking each others cum down, united in carnal and lustful urgency. We furiously grinded our groins into each others soft mouths, both giving and receiving such pleasure! And such profuse liquid!

Our orgasmic contractions began to eventually subside, but we lingered there with each other a little longer, both sucking out the very last spasm of juice from each others body. When the last drop had been milked, we both released our oral grip on the other with a loud and earthly, popping wet sound, and rested our heads on each others inner thighs, both panting heavily.

"Oh daddy," I started, still gulping down the last of his cum.

"Oh baby, I hardly know what to say," he replied, licking his lips, tasting and swallowing the last of my pussy juice as well.

"That was so good daddy! I love the taste of your cum! And now it's deep inside my body, daddy! All the thick ribbons of your horny cum. The horny cum for your daughter!" I exclaimed.

I could feel a bit of his cream still on the side of my cheek, and wiped it with my finger into my mouth. I played with the last of his thick cum in my mouth, savoring the taste and texture. Then I slowly swallowed the last bit down into my body.

"Oh, sweetheart! That was so beautiful, honey! I love drinking your delicious pussy juice down my throat and into my body!" daddy moaned.

"Daddy, you know we're going to be lovers now for a long, long time now! Let's move away from here and pretend to be husband and wife!" I wanted my daddy so badly!

"You know, princess. I never thought it could be possible, but now, I think perhaps it can be! I love you Lisa, honey. Perhaps we can go away to a remote place, even marry, and live our love out in full view. Would you like that honey?" daddy asked.

"Oh yes! Oh yes, daddy! Let's you and me go far, far away. To a far-away land like you used to read about to me. But this time, as a man and woman! I have so much more of myself I want to give you daddy! I want you to fill every inch of my body, daddy. To stretch me open and make be howl with pleasure!" I cried.

We rested our heads down on each others inner thighs, savoring the remnants of each others bodily wetness. The remnants of the torrents of lust that father and daughter had just shared and swallowed down We each wanted to share each others bodies even more, but for now, we drifted off into a deep, sweet, private sleep. Me and my daddy.

The end.

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