tagIncest/TabooIncestuous Liaison Ch. 03

Incestuous Liaison Ch. 03


Chapter 03: Father and Daughter Consummate their Love

I roused slowly from my sleep, feeling my sweet daughter's naked body warmly pressed against mine. She looked so beautiful, so soft, so tender.

Lisa was 20 now, and certainly old enough to know what she was doing when she seduced me this earlier this morning. And I was certainly old enough to have resisted, but I did succumb. My burning lust for my daughter melted away my resistance once she let her true feelings for me be known. And now we lay sleeping as lovers after our lustful lovemaking. I could still taste her pussy juice in my mouth, and could see the last of my cum still covering her lips.

I looked at my daughter as she lay there sleeping, our bodies still entwined. Her curves were beautiful. Her rounded hips, her sensuous ass. Since I was still laying between her legs, I could even see the pretty little curves of her asshole, peeking out from between her buttocks. I began to caress her, and felt the blood start to rush back to my cock.

Her skin was so soft and tender. Supple, and as smooth as a dolphin. It had been so many years since I myself had been that soft, and the contrasting images of our naked bodies was beautiful. An experienced man, rough skinned now, and his lovely daughter, their naked bodies intertwined, united in their love and lust for each other.

I began to stroke Lisa softly, gently caressing her inner thighs, and moving my hands to her beautiful, perfectly formed breasts. I gently cupped each of her breasts, and lightly rolled her nipples between my fingers. She started to stir from her sweet sleep, and her nipples grew long and started to harden. She had fantastic nipples, the longest I had ever seen on any woman. Yet I already knew how long they were prior to seeing her naked, as I have frequently seen them harden under her sheer tee shirts as she moved bra-less around the house. Now I know how much she enjoyed seeing the bulge rise in my pants whenever she did that, although I tried not to acknowledge it whenever it happened.

As Lisa began to stir from her sleep, I moved my hand back to her pretty ass, and began to massage her buttocks. They were so soft and delicate, and it was so beautiful to be massaging my naked daughter's body. I moved my finger between her ass cheeks, and began to lightly stroke her anus. It was puckered and pretty. The beautiful asshole of a beautiful girl.

Lisa slowly opened her eyes, and looked up at me with a sleepy, sensuous gaze.

"Morning again, Daddy."

"Morning, honey," I returned.

"That was so beautiful, daddy. And I can see you're starting to get hard again," she teased.

Lisa gently moved her hand to my half-limp cock, and gently took me into her grip. She wrapped her pretty hand around my cock, and started to gently squeeze me, then stroke me, still looking into my eyes. I could feel myself getting harder, and I saw Lisa smile.

"Yes, it was beautiful, honey. I still can't believe we are doing this. But your are so beautiful, you know. A beautiful woman, and a beautiful daughter," I confessed.

"Oh, thank you daddy. I have waited for this for so long, and it's so delicious to see my naked father in bed with me. You're getting harder, dad, I can feel your cock growing in my hand as I'm stroking you," she said, starting to breathe a little heavier.

"It feels so good, honey," I replied.

"Daddy, do me too," Lisa whispered, and parted her pretty, supple legs for me to enter her.

I moved my fingers to my daughter's pussy opening, and slowly entered her beautiful body. She was so soft and so wet, my fingers entered her opening effortlessly. The silky skin of my daughter's pussy was the most delicious thing I had ever felt. This was so taboo. I was finger fucking my sweet daughter, and she was so eager for it. By now, my cock was fully engorged, and I could see my size now dwarfing Lisa's pretty hand.

My daughter was massaging the full length of my manhood, and sweetly moaning as I penetrated my fingers into her pussy. Without saying a word, Lisa raised herself up on her knees, gently straightened my body, and gazed at my nakedness, still stroking my monster cock. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her perfect curves unchanged by time. Supple, soft, delicate, tight. My beautiful naked daughter with a lustful love light in her sleepy eyes for her daddy.

Lisa then parted her legs and mounted up on top of me, griping my cock firmly beneath her. As she straddled me, she looked deeply and seriously into my eyes.

"I want you, daddy. I want you inside my body. I want our bodies to become one," she said, sounding confident, sexy, and very sure of herself. I could not believe this was happening.

"No, honey, we mustn't," I started, but I knew there was no stopping us now that we had reached this moment.

Without saying a word, Lisa brought the large bulb of my cock to the opening of her pussy lips, and pressed me against her. She rubbed my bulb around her opening, massaging her long dangling pussy lips with my meat, and pressing me gently into her opening. My daughter then moved her hand down to my cock shaft to steady me, and began to slowly lower herself onto me.

"Daddy, I have waited for this moment for so long. I have dreamed so often about this exact moment. I want you so badly, daddy! I want you to come inside me, fill me, stretch wide me open. I want my daddy's huge cock inside me, and I want you to fuck your baby daughter, daddy! Fuck me now, daddy, and fuck me hard. But start by entering my body slowly so I can feel every inch of you slowing penetrating me. I want to feel you spreading me open, spreading my pussy lips part, spreading the walls of my vagina open, stretching me wide with your big cock, and pressing deep up against my insides. Do you want this too, daddy? Do you want your baby girl?" she asked.

"Oh, Lisa, you are so beautiful. Yes, I want you! I've always wanted you. Come take your daddy. I want to fill you and pleasure you deeply, honey. I want to fill my daughter's body with her father's manhood," I confided. This felt so taboo, but so beautiful and sensual.

Lisa slowly start to lower herself down on my cock, and I could feel her drenching wetness begin to envelop me. Yet, I felt a little resistance. I thought perhaps I was pushing into the wrong spot, then I saw Lisa's sweet face grimace for a moment, then relax. I then began to slide effortlessly into her. Lisa looked lovingly into my eyes.

"I saved myself for you daddy. I wanted you to be the first man to enter me. I've just given you my virginity, daddy. You've just had your virgin daughter." Her voice was so sweet and loving.

I could not believe what she had said. I raised myself up and wrapped my arms around her, still halfway inside her cunt.

"Oh, baby, you shouldn't have. How beautiful, what a gift! Thank you honey!" I passionately replied, and kissed her deeply on the lips. Her lips parted for me, and our tongues intertwined.

"Now lay back daddy, while you slowly come inside me. Your daughter's now going to have the rest of you," she panted.

I rested back down, and could see a little trickle of blood on my cock shaft, but Lisa's face only showed pure pleasure. She slowly continued to lower her beautiful soft body down onto my cock, wiggling her legs open a little further and adjusting her hips for better entry, widening her opening. I could see she was straining a little with my size, but she was determined to have all of me in her. She wiggled her hips a little more, to open her hole even further, and my length kept penetrating her further.

Lisa then raised herself up on my shaft a bit, collecting her wetness for additional lubrication, then slid fully back down on my cock. With this final push, she planted my full length into her pussy, and began to grid her hips on me.

"There, now I have all of you daddy. Your little girl has every inch your cock inside me. You feel so big. I feel like I'm stuffed full, and I can feel you pushing up deep, stretching me open. You've made my cunt into a lovers cunt now. You've taken my virginity daddy, so now fuck me like a lover. Fuck your little girl!" She sounded so sensual.

I could not believe this sight, my beautiful naked daughter on top of me. Her soft supple legs wrapped around me. My cock impaling my beautiful daughter's body, and my massive length disappeared fully into her. We were locked together. My daughter was stretched so wide open, her legs far apart, rocking her clit against me. We both began to moan. Lisa's pussy felt so tight around me. A virgin pussy. My sweet daughter's tight virgin pussy was wrapped around me, savoring the first tastes of consummated carnal pleasure.

My daughter's beautiful breasts began to sway back and forth as she rocked on top of me, and we were gyrating our pelvises together. I caressed her thighs, her hips, then moved my hands up to her swaying breasts. Lisa closed her eyes, rolled her head back, and tossed her hair in ecstasy. Her hair wrapped around her face and she looked stunning.

I sat up, held her face with my hands and began to kiss her passionately. Our tongues intertwined, and the urgency of our passionate sex increased. I was locked deep inside her body, thrusting my hips up into her, and she was frantically grinding her pussy on me, slightly raising and lowering herself in rhythm with me.

"This feels so fucking good, daddy!" she cried. "Fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Flood your seed into me! Flood your daughter with your incestuous sperm! I want you daddy! Flood my incestuous raging cunt! We're fucking, daddy! I'm fucking my father!" Lisa was crazed now with passion.

I pumped my daughter's cunt harder and harder, her clit grinding against me. I began to feel her tight pussy walls start to contract and grip me, and I knew she was starting to cum.

"Oh, daddy," she cried, and her cunt exploded in wave after wave of orgasmic contractions, gushing her love juice all over both of us, covering us in delicious sex-saturated wetness.

The feel of my daughter's contracting pussy set me over the top, and I began to cum as well. I began exploding into her tight pussy with an incredible force, spewing my seed in gush after gush deep into her body. Our rhythmic contractions were feeding off each other, and our orgasms seemed to last forever. We were in sheer bliss.

"Yes, daddy, give me your cum! Fill my cunt with your cum! Oh, yes, fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl! I can feel your warm cum inside of me and dripping out my cunt!" Lisa was in sheer ecstasy.

As we pumped each other bodies, our orgasms slowly began to subside, and we collapsed on the bed, still tightly in each others arms, my cock still planted deeply inside her. Our intermingled cum covered both of us.

My daughter's pretty legs were still wrapped tightly around me, holding my cock inside her as we lay prone, nestled in each others arms. I began to lightly stroke her hair, and she caressed my chest.

"That was so beautiful, honey. I love you." I said.

"Yes, it was daddy. That was the most beautiful experience of my life. I've lost my virginity to my father, and have just had the most intense orgasm of my life. I never knew sex could be as good as that. I think the rest of my college summer vacation is going to very memorable, daddy. And we'll have to talk about what to do in the Fall." Lisa's voice was soft, and full of love.

My daughter Lisa looked longingly into my eyes, and slowly started to move her hips again. She had felt that I was still hard, and the sounds of our wet bodies pressing together began to fill the air.

"Yes, honey, we will. We'll have to talk about the future. Things are changed now forever, and I always want you to be by my side," I said, kissing her gently.

"Come here, daddy," she said, sounding excited. "I want to try something."

Lisa slowly eased off my cock, and we both watched and every inch of my still hard penis withdrew from deep within her body. She then rolled over so her back was against my chest, and pressed her buttocks back onto my cock.

"Daddy, we're both so wet. Lube me up with our wetness and try coming inside my butt. I know you like my ass, daddy, and I want to feel what's it's like. I want to give my ass to you, daddy, and want to feel you stuffed deep inside me. Please, don't say no, daddy!" she cried. "Let's try it!"

I needed very little encouragement after that, and moved my fingers down between my daughter's legs. Scooping up our combined wetness, I began to massage her anus with the moisture. First on the outside of her anus, spreading and covering her with our wetness. I then began to slide a finger into her anus, and she let out a breath.

"Oh, daddy, that feels good. And it's so hot to know you're doing it to me. Sticking your finger up your little girls ass! Go deeper daddy!" she encouraged.

With that, I began finger fucking her asshole, sliding in and out, loosing up her muscles. I gathered more wetness, then entered her with a second finger, stretching her anus open even further. I moved both fingers in and out of her asshole, mesmerized by the sight. She began to pant slightly, and began to arch her back and spread her hips for deeper anal penetration.

"That's good honey, just relax. Relax your muscles and let me enter your anus deeper. I love seeing you lay there like that. You look so pretty," I encouraged her.

"Oh, daddy, that feels good. So intense. Now try putting your penis into me daddy. But go slow. You're so big, maybe just your bulb first," she said, a little nervously.

I withdrew my fingers from my daughter's asshole, and could see her anus remaining open for a moment, then slowly start to close. I lubricated her opening further, then pressed the bulb of my hard penis into her anal opening. Lisa relaxed, and I began to enter her.

"Oh, daddy, yes! Fuck me up the ass daddy. Sodomize your little girl. Stretch me and fill me daddy!" she cried.

Her words were so sexy, so perverse. With that, I pressed the bulb of my cock passed her anus and began to push my shaft into her. After every half inch or so, I paused, waiting for her body to become accustomed to the extra size. I felt her anus start to contract around me and it felt so delicious.

"Oh baby," I cried. "I can feel you tightening around my cock!" I panted.

"I'm glad you like it daddy. This feels so intense! I so good to have you up inside my ass! Press further, daddy. I'm ok. Keep going. I want to see if I can take all of you in me!" my daughter pleaded.

I began to pump my cock in and out of my baby's ass, stretching her open for the final penetration. I then thrust my cock deep into her ass for the final penetration. I felt her relax her muscles, and lift her ass slightly into the air. Lisa moved her hand behind her, and lifted her butt cheek to allow easier entry.

"All of it daddy, all of it! I want all of your cock up my ass. Then flood me again with your cum! I want to feel you explode in me ass!" she pined.

Her words were enough to almost make me start to cum. As she lifted her ass into the air, I pressed the rest of my cock into her, filling her rectum with her father's massive cock. My daughter was panting heavily now, her mouth gaped open, and her pretty face pressed into the pillow. She was filled with the intense carnal sensation of being fucked up the ass by her father. I was sodomizing my little girl, and the thought of that set me over the top. I began cumming into my daughter's ass, filling her body with load after load of my sperm.

"Oh, yes daddy, come! Come in my ass! Mmm!" she cried, mouth still gaped open, panting for air. "I feel so stuffed full, my body feels like it is splitting open! You cock is so deep inside me daddy! Your cock is stuffed deep up my ass! Every inch of your beautiful cock!" Lisa cried, and began to contract her anus around my cock, milking every last drop of cum out of my balls.

When my orgasm began to subside, I slowly withdrew my length from my daughter's asshole, then watched as my cum began to drip out of her anus. Her anus remained gaped open, and then began to slowly close, still moaning with a guttural sound from deep within. She turned over, and looked deeply into my eyes, catching her breath.

"Did you like that daddy? I took all of you inside me, and it felt so fucking intense! And you came up my ass daddy! You fucked your daughter up the ass and you filled me with your cum! Did you like it, daddy?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, baby! It was incredible! You are so beautiful!" I cried.

"Well daddy, now that I know I can take all of you up there, you can do that to me again whenever you like! I know you love my ass, so go ahead and fuck it whenever you want!" she promised.

Lisa wrapped her arms around me and we lay there in a deep lovers embrace, father and daughter. We closed our eyes for a little rest, both knowing we'd never leave this bed for the rest of the weekend, and knowing we had a beautiful future to share together.

The End

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