Brainstem reticular formation. Medial dorsal and anterior nuclei of the thalamus. The limbic system and the amygdala...the hippocampus. These are but a few centers of desire that I can alter within a select anatomy, the deepest and sometimes hidden component of your soul. The increased pulse, the dampness I sense of your body has been well under my control and this you have allowed. I can produce and adapt to those unspoken needs of your darkest sexuality. You have shared volumes with me already.

We've dealt with the legends of old Europe and the misrepresentations within those societies that due to lack of awareness and, not necessarily blinded ignorance, that tended to cast us as a demonic form. I am very aware of the Judaean writings of centuries past that blamed a certain Lilith as a Pandora that unleashed our kind into your world of dreams. No, my sweet, you have created me---your inner-most desires, hunger and longing for higher levels of sensual expression have merged across and into the spiritual divide that separates us in body only. I am but your own awareness and my power, the part that your psyche has ceded control, is once again here for you. Tonight.

You seem to hold onto an attraction for this one man, your husband, but the energy flow that swirls about you shows imagery of other thoughts. Your dreams and the state of awareness before that REM stage is where you have allowed me to enter. Your innermost feelings tonight...not every night, of course....are now enmeshed with me.

I wish I could know you in your physical world. As aware as I am of the nature and physiology of the part of you that I will soon enter, I wish I knew who I was. Who was my creator? Was I always what I am. Will I die and eventually go back to where I was before I was born? For now, I am sensing your body. Your tanned arms and shoulders. The peaceful face, gorgeous in its sculpture. The sheet tucked over your thighs and along your belly. Though, I have no awareness of feeling touch, the tactile stimulation, that you can understand---yet, I feel your warmth. The capillary pulsations and reverberations of your flesh increasing as I lie with you.

Your hands on their own volition push aside the fabric covering you. I see nothing but light in my world and so the bed is illuminated, your nude body glorious to me. Your lips part and you give a sigh. You are needing me. Your thighs are just slightly spread. Your thoughts now are including a mix of one of your business clients, an attraction toward him and another man you had seen somewhere else. You speak legion of desires for both. I can alter my being into either one and this is why you have allowed me to enter your life, the realm of unspoken need that you would periodically acknowledge in your real world to maybe one friend, periodically to your husband. But you allowed the safety of my world to enter yours, bringing you those deep visceral orgasms that you craved from me.

The darkened nipples now fully erect under the unavoidable chill that I sometimes bring as I merge with you. Something I wish I could prevent but I have tried before to no real avail. Your large, soft breasts; they are magnificent. I enjoy their appearance. My lips and tongue soon to be caressing, kissing your firm flesh there. You are aware more of my presence. Am feeling myself being drawn into you. I will no longer be on just an ethereal stratum with you. I feel the desire from me building as well as we interlock both of our needs. Your thighs have moved outwards, your thoughts creeping closer more to wanting a hard, deep, pounding fuck. Sometimes you wanted a more prolonged pleasure and I can not interfere with any specific desires without upsetting certain neural functions. While your husband can not hear you, that low guttural moan as my large, thick cock enters you is your acknowledgement of my presence. On a primitive emotional level, you knew I was with you when you summoned me.

The warm flow of something quite hard pressed up high into your pussy awakened the next level of your awareness. Your body lay quite still and would appear that way if anyone happened to gaze upon you. But, within you, your body, your very core was being fucked harder than any man you had ever experienced. The desire you dream of being ravaged by a large cock was particularly pressing for you tonight. Of being turned over roughly onto your hands and knees---his smooth abdomen slapping hard and loud against your ass as you allow me and him to penetrate you. As I fold into your dream, I have become as close to being truly physical and this is the part of I beg to prolong. But your needs are the soul of my existence. You were wanting but just a brief interlude, a generic quick fuck that you periodically enjoyed. Your orgasm came quickly as I sensed you tighten around me. The alteration of REM is something that has proven difficult to manipulate but, then if I could do that, it would take the full power from you and this would never be. I felt myself lighten inside of you, no longer needed for the rest of your night. Feeling my being pulling now further and further away. My sense of control and wanting just you forever fading once more.

I will miss you.

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