Incubus is the closest approximation of what the 'man' is. I was not trying to stick to any 'facts'. There is absolutely no truth to this story and any similarities to anything in real life are purely coincidental. I tried to leave a lot of what he may be to the reader's imagination. Please feel free to use it :). If you think I could improve on something, then feel free to say so...as gently as possible LOL. I'm always looking to improve my writing. Also, a vote would be nice. Thank you and enjoy.

*Edit: Removed that little typo at the end of the story. The mascara thing towards the end kind of bugged me so I added a bit where she applies makeup. If anyone sees anything else let me know. Thanks for all the wonderful comments/feedback :)


Makayla's eyes snapped open to warm sunshine and a prison of sheets and blankets. Nostrils flared as she dragged air into her lungs with the same urgency as a marathon runner in the last ten seconds of a race for first place.

Holy hell!

It was the same dream, well the same man anyway. Every night for the last three he'd managed to find a new way to...to what? She couldn't decide between 'violate her' or 'bring her to as yet unknown plateaus of ecstasy'. Dammit had it really been that long since she'd gotten laid?

She extricated herself from the tangle of bedding, still trying to lose the feeling of those hands on every inch of her body, when her head jerked to look behind her. The heat of breath coiled around her ear and down the nape of her neck, but no one was there. Of course no one was there. She was going insane. Still, his last words chased her to the conscious world as her dream lover took his time fucking her like a dog with his hand knotted in her hair:

Warm, wet and mine every time you close those pretty eyes.

Makayla shook it off. She quickly slipped on a dark blue knee length skirt, pulled a cream blouse over her slender five foot seven inch frame, slipped on a pair of heels, yanked a brush through her long dark hair and raced for the door. Her heart was still pounding and every nerve in her body still on edge from the unsettling erotic dream. An unlit hall stretched between her and the sun outside she was sure would chase away the last of the feelings. She was nearly to the end when she came face to face with a shadow and a scream she could not help escaped her lips.

"Jesus Christ, Makayla, what the fuck is wrong with you?!"

The light switched on revealing her petite roommate, Becky, in a pair of black shorts and sports bra just back from her morning run.

"Becky. I'm sorry, I just..." Makayla stopped to catch her breath. "I'm late and I have a meeting in half an hour. Could you feed the cat?"

"Sure..." Becky answered, giving her a wary look, "You look like shit girl."

"Thanks." Makayla said, dismissively, her body trembling as she headed for the door.

The drive in did nothing for her. She tried to catch her breath, and make herself a little more presentable, while sitting in the car applying makeup before going up. Unfortunately the mascara went on a little dark and it did nothing to calm her nerves.

Fuck it.

She rushed to grab the things she needed and make it to the meeting before she was missed, keeping her heart hammering against her chest in a bid to escape. This morning sucked, but Halloween was always unlucky for her so why should this one be any different?

She finally caught a break in the form a comfy chair and the monotone drone of the CEO going on regarding something she couldn't care less about.

"Please join me in giving a warm welcome to, Damien Night, our new VP of sales." She heard him announce as she doodled aimlessly in her steno pad.

Makayla took a deep cleansing breath and looked up to see what new overpaid ass they just added to their team and froze.

"Makayla, honey, are you alright?"

She squeaked and nearly fell out of her chair when the girl from accounts payable touched her on the wrist causing nearly everyone in the room to look at her.

Can this morning get any worse?

It was him; black hair, knowing green eyes, devilish smile, and a strength hidden just beneath his dark blue freshly pressed dress shirt and black slacks. She knew every inch of corded muscle, could all but feel his iron laced grip, but it was crazy. She flashed what was most likely a creepy smile- given her emotional status and the probable lack of color in her face-to the remaining onlookers, and then tried to reign in her irrational mind while the meeting continued. There had to be an explanation.

"How...how long has he been working here?" she asked the girl who had expressed concern, her voice unsteady.

"Something else isn't he? Almost makes me wish I wasn't married." She answered wistfully.

Yeah, but that's not what I fucking asked, Makayla wanted to growl.

"About a week I think. You haven't seen him before now? Well, you really do stick to your office." She laughed. "Seriously, are you going to be ok?"

"Yeah, just didn't sleep well last night."

So that explained it. She must have caught sight of him and then incorporated his image to create her crazy dark sensual dreams. That was it, and why not? He was disturbingly gorgeous in a tall, dark and demented sort of way. The demented part was probably just lingering from the obscene things his dream version had done to her the past three nights.

The meeting ended and she plodded back to her office silently thanking some unseen entity that it was Friday. She sat down, laid her forehead on her desk, and closed her eyes trying to find the motivation to do anything when a familiar scent invaded her nose and kicked her recently quelled pulse back into overdrive. Her body responded, a growing heat swirling out from her hips to her fingertips. Under her desk she grasped a bit of skin on the top of her arm between her thumb and index finger and pinched hard enough to make her wince. She wasn't dreaming. Then she heard someone clear their throat and she suddenly wished she was.

Makayla looked up and found herself trapped by the unholy green eyes of the new VP, and that scent... How close had she gotten to him without knowing it?

What the hell?!

"That's not typically the way I'm greeted by an employee." Damien said with a wry laugh.

Oh shit! She'd said it out loud.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry I --" she started trying to impart a desperate apology when he cut her off.

"Haven't been sleeping well?" he finished for her.

Her mouth gaped open, dumbfounded.

"Your eyes, they are very dark and you look tired." He said into the continuing silence with a concerned tone.

Makayla looked down and shook her head slightly while trying to take a steady breath. How could a dream mess someone up this bad?

"No, no I haven't." She said finally. "Can I help you?"

She couldn't bring herself to look back up at him.

"I was told to bring my expense report to you."

A week and already spending company money. Of course.

Her eyes snapped up to gage his expression in fear she'd said that last bit out loud too, but he was standing placidly with a company envelope full of receipts in his hand.

"Right. Expense reports. That's what I do." She said as she took the report from him. "Look I really am-"

He interrupted her again.

What the fuck?

"Makayla right? Don't worry it'll be our little secret." Seductive lips curved into a smile that bordered on cruel. That last bit had to be her imagination. It was just a smile and he was just a guy, a guy who apparently made a deal with the devil to get those looks, but that was his problem not hers. He was still just some guy.

"Thank you." She said as she started processing his expenses.

"See you tonight."

"What?!" Her head snapped up in time to see his confused face pop back in her office.

"See you around?" he said with a frown.

"Oh, ummm...yeah."

When he disappeared again she let her head drop into her waiting hands. He probably thought she was a total nut case and he wouldn't be the only one. Maybe someone knew a good psychiatrist.

Three cups of coffee and one untouched sandwich later she could safely say she made it through this hellish day. Tonight she would go home, take a sleeping pill, and stay in bed until noon if it suited her. Hopefully, now that she'd made sure Damien Night wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole, he wouldn't see fit to touch her in her dreams anymore either. A shiver slid down her back when she thought of him touching her. She needed him gone, but didn't necessarily want it.

Her luck seemed to be turning around when she ended up in the elevator alone at 5:02. Now if she could just get to her car without having to interact with anyone she would be set. Makayla leaned against the rear wall of the five by five steel coffin, let her head fall backwards and closed her eyes. Just before the doors closed the elevator shifted to accommodate the weight of another body.

Makayla cursed inwardly and lifted her head to see who it was. She should've known.

"You again. This is the second time I've caught you with your eyes closed." His smile made her knees weak and her imagination made her heart start slamming against the back of her breasts.

...mine every time you close those pretty eyes.

She swore if he managed to fit 'pretty eyes' anywhere into any conversation she was going to scream.

"Floor?" he said. It occurred to her it was the second time he said it. Dammit why hadn't she pressed that earlier?

"Oh, sorry. B1."

Basement parking. It was a classic horror movie mistake. Next thing he was going to grow fangs and feast her bones. Well maybe she'd get some sleep after that.

She heard his soft laugh.

"Something has you pretty messed up. Is it a guy?"

"I'm sorry, but I really don't feel comfortable talking about personal matters with you." She answered as respectfully as possible.

"Right. Sorry."

His gaze lingered on her long enough to make her shift uncomfortably. She concentrated on keeping her breath steady as yearning began to weave itself through her exhausted core. Her body would not decide between dread and desire every time this stranger showed up. A moment before she had visions of being devoured by a monster, and now she found herself hoping he'd hit the emergency stop and devour her in a completely different manner. Did elevators even have emergency stops?

Get a grip, Makayla!

"Umm, floor?" She said into the heated silence when she noticed none of the buttons were lit up.

He was obviously turning something over in his mind as he turned and punched the requested button. Unfortunately he chose no other.

"Same place?" she asked followed by a nervous laugh as the elevator began its decent.

He nodded and she started trying to find reasons to talk, afraid the silence would betray the sound of her heart trying to claw its way up through her throat. Twelve floors trapped in this small space with a man that had done everything to her that her mind could imagine was a wet dream and a nightmare tied up in one pretty pink and black laced box.

"Lovely weather isn't it." She blurted out in a desperate attempt to end the silence. It was lame but lame was good. Lame might convince her body that absolutely nothing was going to happen so it was ok to cool it. No eating of...anything.

"I don't know. If you prefer it, I guess. I'm still trying to decide whether to make this a nightmare or a wet dream." He said casually.

The fast paced rhythm of her heart turned erratic as she stood in stunned silence waiting for the rational explanation to magically show itself. She must have misheard like before or she really was completely mad and he'd honestly said nothing. The upturned corners of his mouth and the fire in his eyes told a different story however.

"What's the matter, pretty eyes?" he added quietly.

True to her word, Makayla screamed. She backed into the corner telling herself this wasn't happening. The men in white coats would be there any minute to take her away and give her a good dose of lithium for her troubles, but the only thing she heard was his low laugh.

"I haven't even touched you and you're already screaming." His tone was maddeningly calm. "Personally I'd rather you save it for tonight but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like hearing it."

If this guy wasn't real, than her imagination had really gone off the deep end.

"Look, I don't know who the hell you think you are but I can guarantee you that there will be no tonight anything." Makayla said, regaining her composure.

He took a step towards her at the same time the doors parted to the dim light of the underground garage. She ducked around him and sprinted towards her car frantically pressing the unlock button as she neared it. She ripped open the driver's side door, glancing over the roof to see him still leaning in the elevator door frame with his arms crossed. He wasn't even trying to chase her. Maybe it was just a sick joke amped up by her mind.

She got in, pulled the door shut, punched the lock button, started the car and gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles bleached. Trying futilely to calm her herself before she hyperventilated, she decided to come back Monday and tell them...what? That the devastatingly attractive new VP had been fucking her senseless in her dreams each night and could read her mind. Yup, that one's getting believed. She could at least tell someone he behaved inappropriately in the elevator no matter how much of an understatement it felt like.

She turned in preparation to back out of the parking space and screamed again.

"Damn you are going to be fun." Damien commented as he lounged in the passenger seat. "I figured you'd pass out this time. They usually do."

Makayla panicked, clawing at the door handle and breaking a nail in the process but the locks failed to disengage. She broke the cheap cast handle before her mind finally registered the uselessness of the action. There was nothing she could do. She was trapped. She slowly turned back toward the creature that waited calmly in the seat beside her.

"What are you?" she said after a very long moment of trying to come to any sort of terms with the recent sequence of events.

"A fantasy. A relic. A myth. A legend. The new VP of sales. Take your pick. I'm easy."

"You didn't answer my question." She said shaking her head still in a state of disbelief.

"There isn't exactly and answer to your question. How about a taste of something you've always wanted but never had."

Her mind wandered to the dreams. He held her hands between one of his while he bound her wrists with the other. A cool breeze danced across her bare flesh, damp from excursion and trembling with fear and desire. The look on his face made it plain he was far from through with her. She shook her head, forcing herself back into the present. She didn't need to think about what she wanted him to do to her. She needed to get away.

Makayla's brain suddenly kicked in and she yanked the keys out of the ignition, pressed the panic button and plastered herself against the door determined to keep the keys away from him as long as humanly possible. The beeping horn and whirring alarm reverberated through the enclosed air of the garage alerting anyone within a mile to their presence but Damien made no move to stop her. The sound simply stopped a moment later even though she continued to press the button.

"Nice try. Too bad those things go off all the time. Anything else?"

Her body wilted back into the seat. No, there was nothing else she realized with a sinking feeling. There was the slim hope that someone would walk by, but then what would he do? Still she had to try.

"Thinking someone will rescue you?"

"I'm thinking as long as I'm here I still have a chance." She answered quietly.

"Possibly. You might even succeed in getting someone's attention." He leaned over the armrest that partitioned the two front seats and peered at her thoughtfully. "Do you honestly think there will be anyone in this chair? I'm curious just what you will tell them. Actually I'm dying to know. Go ahead, do your worst." He leaned back laughing and looked at the platinum Rolex on his wrist. "And I still have a good four hours to consider the depraved things I'm going to do to you tonight."

Makayla shifted uncomfortably in her seat and edged closer to the door though it wasn't just fear. It was impossible ignore the slick warmth between her legs. Her body trembled and she pulled her knees tightly together trying to ignore the thought of his fingers tracing the inside of her thigh.

"Of course your dreams are limited to what your body knows. They have nothing on the things I could do to you. right. now."

She ground her teeth and swallowed hard trying to force her body to cooperate with rational thought. Too much longer with him and there would be no more rational thought.

Then she heard it over the pounding of her heart and her ragged breaths in the small cabin of the two door coop. Someone was talking on a cell phone headed her way. It was a man. In moments he was close enough she could almost make out the sound of his heels hitting the concrete with every step. Her brain started putting together a frantic plan.

"You're fighting yourself, Makayla. It's pointless." He said as he linked his hands behind the headrest and she desperately tried to ignore him.

The SUV next to them chirped as its owner disarmed the alarm system and headed to the driver's side to get in.

"Go on, Makayla, what are you waiting for?"

She turned her head just enough to see someone she knew from sales take a seat behind the wheel. He looked over, saw her, acknowledged her and then he backed out. She did nothing. Her breaths were loud in the silence left behind once the sound of the vehicles engine faded into the distance. What the fuck was wrong with her?!

"Are we done with this now?" his voice broke the silence.

"What do you want with me?"

He laughed.

"What do you want?" he countered.

"Nothing!" she blurted out in an exasperated tone realizing a moment later that she should have told him to leave her the fuck alone.

"Everyone body wants something, Makayla."

"I want...you to leave me alone." She almost couldn't say it.

"You don't sound very sure of that. How about you take us to your place while we figure out what it is you want."

I want you to-, she scrubbed the thought from her mind before she could finish it. She wasn't like this, at least not when she wasn't alone.

She complied with his request, unable to get her sensory fried brain cells to do much else. She didn't snap out of it until she saw Becky's car in the space next to hers.

Oh God!

"How fortuitous. Your lovely roommate is home. You think she'd like some company?"

"Please don't hurt her. I'll do anything." The words came out in a rush. She hadn't been thinking about Becky when she did as he asked. What had she done?

"Now we have something you want, and you said anything...I like that."

"No...wait...are you trying to steal my soul or something?"

It was possible. Anything was possible now.

"No, soul transactions don't really work for good deeds. But how about we just leave it open and I'll leave pretty Becky alone."

"And I'm just supposed to trust you?"

"A bargain is pretty iron clad where I come from."

For some reason the statement gave her some form of hope.

"Any one thing?" she said timidly.

He nodded watching her thoughtfully, taking in every reaction.

To anything? But it was just one thing, and it wasn't her soul. As long as it wasn't that then it was fine right?

"Anything or you get to watch what I do to Becky." He added with a knife edge of seriousness then he looked at her and smiled amiably. "And then you can go."

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