I was human, once. Now, I am merely a spirit seeking release - a release I am perpetually denied… a being without form, without substance… a shade… a wraith… a shadow, filled with desires like a cloud is filled with storm…

Erika opened the ornately engraved dark wood box. A gift from one of her friends on her eighteenth birthday. It was long and narrow, and looked to be rather old. Antique, perhaps from the Victorian era, given the scrollwork on the box itself.

"E. - About time you had some fun like a real adult… Kisses, M." Erika put aside the note and slid open the box. The lid slide lengthwise, revealing a long, black figurine, slender, made of some black stone, perhaps polished jet. It was vaguely carved to resemble both a man and a penis, and Erika felt a shock that Marisa would have given her such a thing.

Is this some kind of antique dildo? she wondered. That Marisa! When I see her, I'll show her some "adult fun"!

Erika slid the lid completely open and looked at the figurine. It was about nine inches in length, but very smooth. She was surprised when she touched it, expecting it to feel cold and hard. Instead, it felt rather warm, and even though it was unyielding, her fingers registered a velvety sensation.

That's odd… Erika pulled the little man from the blue velvet that lined the interior of the box. Her hands felt a gentle warmth, pleasing, and she caressed the idol/dildo dreamily.

I have slumbered… How many years, I do not know. The dead cannot recon time accurately. All is but nightmarish powerlessness and wracking lust… But now, I feel a presence… an energy… and I stir from my decades of sleep…

Erika felt a stirring in her body. At first, she thought the whole thing very silly and immature. But now, the warmth in her hands spread through her body - through her belly and down into her pussy, radiating up and into her breasts, out her nipples, up her throat and out her lips. Her entire body felt pleasurable - a high unlike anything Erika had ever experienced from any drug or alcohol. A hand brushed across her nipple, and gentle electricity coursed through her and into her womb. Her pussy quivered. Her vagina was dripping with moisture. She could feel the heat and wetness between her thighs, and she ran her hand down her trimmed mound and touched her pussy lips.

A moan escaped her, unbidden.

Closing her eyes, the little totem gripped in her left hand, Erika began to caress and finger her moistened treasure box.

My desires flow… following senses that are not mine own… bodiless yet aware, I perceive an energy I know and respond to with a growing hunger… I experience quivers of pleasure… and cry voicelessly in impotent anguish that I cannot more fully have the sensation, but, lamprey-like, must enjoy them distantly… voyeuristically… I am not yet come into the power I once had… but hope that I shall… and soon!

Erika found herself running the little antique dildo over her breasts, sliding it between her tits and licking the tip of it like it was a real penis. It felt firm, but so warm, so pleasurable… she couldn't stop, and had no desire to. Her mouth sucked more of the figure, wetting it with saliva, and then she slid it down until it pushed into her wetness.

"Oh…" Erika moaned. It slid in and felt so good, it was unreal!

Erika lay back on her bed, forgetting all else but the sensations rippling through her body. Gentle waves that washed completely through her; and sharper, more intense pulses, starting in her pussy and shooting up through her chest. Her nipples ached, dying to be pinched, sucked, licked, teased - oh god! Fucking touch me!! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Deeper! Harder! Ah, fuck!

Erika was writhing, masturbating and fucking herself with the black idol in total abandon. Moans and groans came out of her mouth. She swore. She cried. She shoved the dildo in deeper and faster until an orgasmic wave exploded through her and she convulsed, arching her back off her bed and curling her toes in climax.

"Ooooh fuck….!" she cried.

Sliding the little man from her vagina, Erika drew it to her mouth and kissed it. She loved the sweet, musky scent of herself on the dildo, and savored the taste of her own juices from her lips.

Holy shit, Marisa! What did you buy me?

Erika lay the little man between her breasts as she came down from her climax. She felt blissfully relaxed, better than she had ever felt before in her life. She gazed at the little figurine, stroking it absently, wondering where it had come from and who had made such a thing.

I am awash in desires! I feel wave after wave of exquisite sensation! I am enveloped by delicious warmth and wetness! Ah! But I cannot cum! I cannot find release! I must! I must have more! More… more….

Erika carefully replaced the dildo/totem in its blue velvet bed. She paused before gently sliding the cover back into place, and then hid the box in her closet where she prayed her mother would never find it. It was hidden with other things her mom would be upset to find - sexy letters from various boyfriends and girlfriends from high school. Condoms. Some weed. A couple of men's magazines Erika had stolen from her brother's closet, swearing him to secrecy lest he tell with blackmail of her own about his drug parties.

Grabbing her cell phone from her purse, she dialed Marisa.

"Hi! You've reached Marisa! Leave me a message and I'll call ya' back if you're cute!"

Erika grinned and glanced at the closet. Already, her pussy was beginning to feel an itch wanting to be scratched again.

"Hey, chica! I - uh - opened your gift." Erika blushed, feeling suddenly self-conscious. But something in her felt a little excited, too, and she wanted to share it with her best friend. Her girl friend. A friend with benefits.

"Where did you get this thing?" she whispered into the phone. "I have to tell you…" She paused as a gentle wave of desire rippled through her again. "Oh, shit! You need to come over. Tonight! Sleep over, making out - whatever… But get your sweet ass over here! You won't believe me unless you try it yourself."

She hung up and took a deep breath.

Erika looked once again at the closet, her horniness growing with every moment, until she said "Fuck it!" and got the box down from her hiding place.

Her mom was due home in about half-an-hour, but Erika was so hot, she felt she could care less if her mom caught her with the dildo shoved up her pussy, fucking herself until she came while her mom watched!

Unending hunger! Desire forever unfulfilled! Like Tantalus, I am eternally thwarted in my gratification - denied release, let alone satiation!

I drift in a black void… without images, only endless lusts and hungers for pleasure and sensual gratification…

But, I sense a shift… the presence is back, and I feel a resonance in desire, like a small reflection of mine own… a hunger for pleasures deeper and unknown…

Erika brought herself off three times before she heard the key in the back door and the sound of footsteps in the kitchen. Hurriedly, she replaced the dildo in his bed and hid the box. She wiped her brow, surprised by the amount of sweat she had worked up masturbating. She was panting and sweating like she had just done her barre exercises!

"Hi, sweetie! How was your day? You all excited about the party this weekend?"

Erika answered breathlessly, "Yeah, sure - you know it!"

Her mom frowned. "Erika? What have you been doing? Have you been jumping on your bed again?"

Erika swallowed, glad her mom did not suspect just how sexually active she was. And had been, for two years. At sixteen, she lost her virginity to her boyfriend. Then, at seventeen, to her girlfriend. Her mom did not know she was bi, and would have fainted to find out about sex with either!

"Yeah, mom. Sorry!"

Her mom gave a tired smile. "Well, as it was your birthday yesterday, and you are an adult now, I guess I can let it go this time."

Erika sighed with relief. "Thanks, mom."

Her mom shook her head and left the room.

"Oh, mom? Marisa's going to come over tonight, okay? A sleep over."

Her mom looked puzzled, but nodded it was okay. "Alright. You two… You're inseparable! And nothing but trouble, I'm sure…"

Erika went off to the bathroom to take a shower. After the afternoon of fucking herself, a nice shower seemed a good idea. But as soon as she even began to think about the experience of standing under the shower, warm water cascading over her body, across her breasts and down her thighs, she felt her nipples harden and her shirt rubbed across them, sending little electric shocks straight to her pussy.

"And the shower massager, too…" she muttered to herself as she rushed to the bathroom and closed the door.

I've become a total horn dog! Erika mused.

As she pulled off her top and shorts, the sight of her own body in the mirror made her horny and wet. Erika was determined to take care of that!

Once she had rinsed down quickly, Erika carefully slid open the shower door so she could watch herself play with her nipples and her pussy in the mirror. She had large, 34 C, beautiful breasts, and enjoyed the attention they got her from both boys and girls. And her long legs were smooth and shapely. Dancer's legs, with a wonderfully tight ass to go along with them. She kept her pussy trimmed, just a single, short bar of hair on her mound, and the lips were shaven. She loved the way it felt when Marisa's lips kissed her down there, smooth lips meeting smooth lips.

Erika ran the shower massager over her pussy, holding onto the top rail of the shower as she watched herself. She was getting incredibly turned on watching the way her body reacted to the various sensations and pleasures she was giving herself.

Again! She thought. Ah, fuck it! Ah… fuck… And brought herself to orgasm once more. The image of the little black totem kept flashing through her mind, and every time it did, it matched with the waves of pleasure that somehow seemed heightened by just the idea of that little black dildo.

What hell have I earned, this perpetual tease! This inexorable agony! To be awash in sensual ecstasy and then left, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, drifting in the void! How much longer must I endure this? When shall I ever know an end?

Marisa showed up just before 6pm. Erika noticed with a small twinge of fear and excitement that Marisa had worn a very tight pink top and very short white shorts. Even her mom was temporarily flustered at the sexiness of her daughter's best friend.

"Hiya', Mrs. C! Hope I'm not being a pain," she said with a smile. She gave Erika's mom a quick hug and then slid her arm around Erika's waist. It was almost, but not quite, a lover's hug, and Erika felt her pussy stir embarrassingly.

Breaking from Marisa's embrace gently, Erika and Marisa gave each other "air kisses" like Hollywood wannabes.

"Halooo, darling!" she said.

"Muah! Haloo to you, too, sweetheart!" Marisa replied playfully.

Mrs. C just shook her head, smiling. "Oh, sit down, you two. And call your brother. Dinner's on."

Erika sat next to Marisa, across from her brother, Josh, while her mom sat at the end of the table. Josh was still gawky and withdrawn for nineteen, especially when Marisa was around. He knew about Marisa and his sister, and it embarrassed him to feel turned on whenever he saw the two of them together. He'd even spied on them making out in his sister's room before while he jerked off in the bushes outside. They hadn't gone very far, but still, two girls together, even just kissing and feeling each other up, was too sexy to ignore. Marisa's body was as hot as Erika's - larger breasts, and she was curvier where Erika was tall and slender.

Erika had a hard time concentrating on eating. She kept feeling waves of lust washing through her, like waves creeping up a beach - surge and recede - each wave getting higher as time went on. She was positive she could smell her own pussy from under the table, and it didn't help that Marisa kept sliding her foot over to play with hers.

After dinner, with Erika dying to get Marisa back to her room and take out the little black idol, Erika's mom offered to rent a movie and get some ice cream. Marisa pinched Erika knowingly, but said she'd love to watch a movie.

Josh went and picked one out, and the four of them watched while Erika continued to squirm and fidget.

Finally, the movie was over, and Mrs. C yawned and excused herself. "Well, I'm off! Goodnight, all. And girls, no talking on the phone all night, okay? And no Internet! You don't know what kind of pervs are out there just waiting to prey on young girls like you."

"Oh, we won't, Mrs. C," Marisa said. "We'll be good. Just talk about boys and stuff… maybe do each other's hair, give each other a facial, you know…"

Mrs. C smiled tiredly and nodded. With a wave she went off to her room.

Josh sat mutely, watching cable, while the two girls glanced at each other furtively.

"Goodnight, Josh," Erika said, and motioned with her head to Marisa.

"Yeah, goodnight, Josh," Marisa said and got up from the couch. She made sure to put a little more wiggle into her ass just to tease him, suspecting that he was horny for her like her sister.

Josh just muttered unintelligibly.

Once they were in Erika's room, with the door safely closed and locked, Erika immediately stepped into Marisa, kissing her passionately. She was dripping with desire. Her tongue thrust hungrily into her friend's mouth, and the two Frenched for several minutes.

Marisa could feel Erika's hardened nipples through her top, and felt her own desire pooling in her pussy. Slipping a hand down, she slid it into Erika's shorts, caressing her ass with her hand.

"Wow!" Marisa breathed when Erika pulled away slightly. "What was that for?"

Erika smiled and pushed her girlfriend onto the bed. "Let's just say it's a 'thank you' for my gift," she said and retrieved the box from its hiding place.

Marisa smiled and lay back as Erika slid open the box and pulled the black idol from his resting place. She was pleasantly surprised at the expression of sheer lust that crept over Erika's face.

"Ah," Marisa said with a knowing smile. "That."

Erika sat next to her girlfriend, her hand holding the figurine gently yet firmly, like an erect penis, absently letting it run along her thigh.

"Yes, this," Erika sighed. Her nipples were hard as diamonds, and aching to be sucked and pinched. She began to slip her top off so Marisa could do exactly that for her as she asked, "Where ever did you - find - this thing?"

Marisa leaned forward, taking one of Erika's beautiful breasts into her mouth and sucking hard and long, torturing the poor girl as she flicked her tongue quickly across the nipple.

Again I am drawn into a vortex of lust and desire! More energies that flow through me, around me, over me, pulling on my unsatisfied lusts of centuries… I must have more! I must have release! I must know satisfaction!

Erika moaned and had to hold herself up with one arm, feeling suddenly very weak and incredibly horny.

Marisa helped Erika lay down, slipping the other girl's shorts off, and was greeted by the welcoming waft of wet pussy as Erika lay back. She was caressing the little idol softly, dreamily, her breath coming in short gasps of incredible desire.

"You like my little friend, eh?" Marisa said and knelt down next to the bed between Erika's thighs. She inhaled deeply Erika's aroma. "I can see that you do!"

Erika could barely speak. Marisa bent forward and began to lick her pussy, sending cascades of wonderful sensations all through Erika's body. Erika pulled the little man into her mouth, and sucked on it like a cock, before running it across her breasts and belly. Everywhere, the warmth of the idol heightened the sensations of pleasure washing through her.

"Oh god… yes…" she sighed, opening her legs wider.

Marisa dove in, accepting the invitation. She had never seen Erika so turned on before! And it was making her even hornier than she had ever been in her life. Except, that is, for the time she had discovered the little black idol in the attic a few weeks back.

Yes! This I know! This - this is what I seek! This - Power… This - Pleasure… Let it not end! Let it continue! Let it build until I finally break free and know release!!

Marisa had been asked to help clean out the attic. She hated the work - it was dusty and hot. But she did find a few cool old pieces of jewelry and clothes from the early 1920's, items that belonged to her great-grandmother and grandmother, and this mysterious wood box. When she had opened it, she was surprised by what she found. She had heard that her great-grandmother had been something of a rebel in her day, and figured this must have belonged to her.

She had no idea as to its origin, or even real purpose. Was it a ritual item, or just a fancy dildo? Marisa had no idea.

But as soon as she had taken it out of the box, she suddenly felt very horny.

Since there was no one else around, Marisa had done what came very naturally. She lay back on some old blankets and masturbated with the idol. And the sensations it had caused her were incredible! She owned a few vibrators and a dildo, but this went beyond that. This was orgasm with a capital "O"! This was a whole body, mind-soul experience!

And she knew just the person she wanted to share it with. A friend who would be having a birthday in a little over a month.

Marisa had spent the rest of the afternoon pleasuring herself. She even pulled the canvas off an old full-length mirror and watched herself as she fucked herself with the black dildo. Something made her want to do so, need to do so, like she was watching herself from outside her own body, yet experiencing all the pleasures this self/other was experiencing. It turned her on more than she had imagined.

"Oh, fuck, Marisa…!" Erika cried as her thighs began to vibrate and she climaxed, sending a flood of her girl juice washing over Marisa's chin.

"Mmmm! Dang, girl! You've never squirt before!" Marisa commented, licking her lips and wiping up Erika's sweet honey.

Erika lay catching her breath, eyes closed softly, running the little idol up and down her body. Marisa watched as another orgasm rippled through Erika, making her belly tremble and contract and her toes curl.

"Wow!" Marisa sighed and slid onto the bed next to her best friend.

Erika smiled and rolled closer to the other girl, cuddling tight, the little idol between them in her hands. "I know," she said quietly. " 'Wow!' is right!"

The two girls kissed. Marisa could feel the incredible heat from Erika's pussy on her thigh. There was a tickle of warmth in her belly, starting about where the idol nestled against her shirt, that sent a pulse through her vagina, and Marisa knew what she had to do next.

Ah! I grow! In Power, I grow! I feel more! I sense more. I begin to see… a girl… is that me? I don't know… I feel what she is feeling, but I feel something is missing… something that - ah! Frustrates me beyond endurance! What is it? What have I lost? What prevents me from that final act of release?

Erika watched as Marisa swiftly stripped off her clothes then lay down on the bed, her head at Erika's feet. Erika admired the sight of Marisa's body - dark where she was light, her pussy trimmed in a close "V". Marisa was of Hispanic descent, with dark hair and a perpetual tan. Erika hugged the idol closer to her body, expecting to 69 with her best friend - something she loved - but instead, Marisa lifted one of her legs and slid it over Erika's, then slid down until their pussies touched.

Erika felt a flood of warmth go straight through her pussy, sure that Marisa must feel the heat in hers, too. And in her hands, the idol seemed to pulse - not physically, but in waves of pleasure and lust that were transmitted from Erika into Marisa, then back again as Marisa began to rub her pussy against Erika's.

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