tagNonHumanIncubus Lover Ch. 02

Incubus Lover Ch. 02


It had taken her two weeks of research on incubi, but Eve finally felt she had a reasonable handle on the lore. She still didn't understand why Dane hadn't taken advantage of the broken summoning circle the last time he'd been in her presence. It was very uncharacteristic of a demon not to take their chance at freedom when it was so naively presented to them. A broken circle was a very basic, rookie mistake in magic from everything that she had determined. Still, Dane had followed her every whim, giving her pleasure as was proper from a demon of his type.

Her mind burned at the memory of that pleasure. Even now, weeks later, remembering the feel of his hands on her had her drenching her panties in want. She'd never felt such desire for an actual man as she did for the demon, and she felt endlessly guilty as well as intrigued by that fact. She had known even as she'd cleaned up the evidence of her first summoning that it wouldn't be long before she'd invite him back into her home. She needed what he offered her, loathe as she might sometimes be to admit it. He made her feel wanted and worthy of desire in ways no one ever had. Pity she had to get it from a creature that wasn't even human.

So here she sat, weeks later, in a negligee she probably didn't need, in the floor of her own tile kitchen, surrounded by the ingredients for the summoning spell. The Latin was still jerky as it fell from her lips, but she spoke his name firmly as she dropped the match into the bowl and watched the blue smoke billow up. She heard that deep laughter before she saw him.

He was crouched in the circle the same as he'd been the first time, only now his eyes were travelling even more hungrily over her body. He whistled, long and low, before crawling towards the very edge of his confines. He was still nude and still obviously eager to be there.

"Oh my princess, don't you make a pretty package. Did you dress up for me darlin'?" He licked his lips, staring as if he could taste her already. His full bottom lip glistened and she boldly leaned in to nibble at it. He hissed and tried to deepen the kiss but she pulled out of reach, smiling.

"And what if I did," she flirted. "What are you going to do about it?"

"Delicious girl," he all but cooed. "Well, it depends on whether or not you want to keep it after. I'm very inclined to simply tear it from you bit by bit." He smiled widely and you noticed for the first time that his canines were perhaps sharper than they should be. You shivered, partially in lust, but also in that primal fear that all prey has when confronted by a predator.

"You look like you want to eat me alive," she commented.

"'Oh I do," he admitted. "I want to bring you screaming on my tongue more times than you can count, until you don't remember anything but my name. Then I want to fuck you until you can't move for a week. Only then will I be truly satisfied. But then, I've been told I'm too greedy by half and I tend to abuse my lovers. Do you feel abused princess?"

"Not nearly abused enough yet," she laughed. "But what of my desires? Aren't you supposed to please me?"

"Of course!" The creature looked confused. "Does what I described not sound pleasant?"

"Oh I suppose," she responded breezily. "But what if my pleasure is to drive you to madness? Hmm?"

He raised a questioning eyebrow as she reached out and shoved him further back into the circle, allowing her to crawl in after him. Behind her the circle smudged, neither of them noticing. Her hands trailed down his chest, tracing the planes of muscle and texture of his skin, his own hands came up to cup her face. He was looking into her eyes as he kissed her softly, almost chastely. She grinned. Her fingertips brushed down his stomach and danced up the length of his bare cock. He hummed appreciatively.

"You got to eat me last time. This time, I want to taste you," she declared. Delicate fingers circled him firmly and stroked from root to tip, drawing a bead of precum from him. She leaned in and licked it away.

"Now how am I supposed to say no to that?"

Dane leaned back as Eve used her tongue to drive him slowly to distraction. She circled the head of his cock, milking precum from him with her hand until it slicked her way. Then she sank her mouth down on him fully until he hit the back of her throat. She choked a little and he drew back with a look of concern. She shook her head, taking him in again as deep as she could, and then sucking all the way back off, her tongue flat against the underside. He cursed under his breath as her head began to bob in earnest, her velvet mouth taking him in and out as well as any sex. It didn't take long before he was twitching and his hand was in her hair.

"Going to cum in that mouth pretty girl. God you feel so good. Going to fill you right up."

Eve hummed a pleased noise and took him deep as warmth started to spurt onto her tongue. She swallowed fast, loving the feel of Dane as his cock twitched in her mouth but stayed rock hard. It was a side effect of being what he was. No down time. She sucked him clean and pulled off to smile at him.

"Damn you're beautiful," the demon announced. "You just loved that didn't you?"

"What can I say? I'm a giver at heart."

The demon laughed and pulled her in for a thorough kiss. He licked the taste of his own spendings out of her mouth with zero evidence of disgust and left her head spinning with desire. His fingertips brushed across her nipples through the lace of the negligee she was wearing, getting the tight little buds to stand for him. He pinched them, earning a whimper.

"This little number is quite the tease you know," he pointed out. "Give me just enough of a look at that luscious body of yours to want a taste but not enough to really get at. What's a demon to do?"

"I think I like the idea of teasing you," she responded. She climbed into his lap and slid her lace-clothed sex over his cock. Raising one hand he slapped her ass firmly. She purred and ground against him harder, so he did it again. This time she all but moaned.

"Mmm, I think naughty little teases like getting spanked just a little."

Without warning Dane flipped Eve over his lap. She squealed in surprise at the sudden change of position, and again at the stinging slap delivered in response. Several more swats were delivered to each cheek in quick succession until her bottom glowed with handprints and she was a squirming mess on the demons lap. Dane took a moment to rub a hand over the reddened skin and smiled.

"You mark up beautifully sweetheart. I think I'll keep you."

Before Eve could think of an appropriately sarcastic retort she felt the demons fingers gliding over her sex, the lace all but soaked already with her desire. She could hear the pleasure in his voice as he discovered it. She writhed as he pulled the material to one side and dipped a finger inside her.

"Sweet Eve, so hot for me already. You really liked that spanking didn't you, dirty girl." He started working his fingers in her, making her moan and thrust back against his hand. She could feel the hard length of his cock trapped under her belly as she lay across his lap as she cried out for more. The more she cried out the more he teased, pulling his fingers away until she was all but sobbing, his fingers barely brushing over her and her desperate to cum.

"More, please! I need more!"

"Does princess want to cum?" Dane asked with an amused tone.

"Please! I need to cum, Dane!"

"How do you want it princess? You have to tell me."

"I don't care!" she wailed. "Just take me!"

"That's what I needed to hear." This time she didn't see the predatory smile and the black eyes as the demon moved her off his lap and onto her hands and knees in the circle. She heard the lace rip as strong hands shredded the fancy underwear off of her, leaving nothing but bare skin to the demons touch.

Eve was desperate and Dane had picked up on it clearly enough with her words. his hands tangled in her hair and he pulled her back onto his cock, sheathing himself in her in one rough thrust. She cried out in pleasure, her walls clamping down on the intrusion. He began to fuck her hard and fast, hands pinching, scratching, and spanking at pale perfect flesh. She went wild, writhing nearly mindlessly against him, meeting his vicious forward motions with her own until he was sure she'd be bruised for a week by his hips slamming into her ass. Finally he leaned over and this time he bit her truly, allowing his sharpened teeth to break skin and mark her. That was all it took. She screamed and came over his cock like a vise, triggering his own orgasm. Only instead of filling her this time he yanked his cock from her spasming channel and sprayed jets of hot cum across the red welts he'd left on her perfect ass.

Eve collapsed into the floor, weak from the force of what she'd just experienced, while Dane knelt admiring his handiwork. He smiled, the expression nearly feral, as he soaked in the energy that they'd just released together. Sex magic was powerful stuff after all. It was what an Incubus fed on, and his little princess was delicious. Around them the circle was utterly destroyed. Dane looked about him and smirked, then plastered concern on his face as Eve turned her attention to him.

"That was incredible. But I think I should shower," Eve sighed.

"You wish me to leave princess? Are you sure you're all right?"

"I'll be fine. Thank you Dane. I'll call again."

"Any time sweet Eve." He kissed her hand and dematerialized in a puff of blue smoke.

Eve furrowed her brow as she took in the wreckage of the circle. Again it was broken, multiple times, and Dane hadn't turned on her or run off. Why? This experiment was becoming dangerous. She thought of what she'd just experienced and had an almost irresistible desire to call him back immediately. The urge was so strong that she actually started to look for the ingredients before she realized what she was doing. That gave her pause. Why was the urge so strong? The image of him in her mind sent a rush of lust and heat through her body, a craving that gave her chills. Was she falling in love? No, this was worse. The books had warned of this. Addiction. It was possible to become addicted to the sort of gratification and rush that only the infernal could provide. Did Dane know this? Was he addicting her on purpose? Could she even bring herself to ask him? There was only one way to know.

Eve would have to summon Dane again.

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by GingerTG8110/10/18

Wonderful story, so very sexy and interesting. I hope there is more to come, you e left me very eager to see where the story will go next.

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Can’t wait for more!

So looking forward to a part 3!

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Loved it!

I can't wait to see what happens when she gives in to temptation again :-)

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