tagNonHumanIncubus to the Rescue!

Incubus to the Rescue!


This is one of those virgin-gets-taken-by-demon stories, with a small twist. It's an experiment. If people like it, I'll write a sequel. As usual, everyone in this story is over 18. Enjoy.


"I will not allow this!" yelled Tomas Edwards at his daughter Sophie.

"I will not have you off to some nunnery to become one of those preachy-god-fearing-bless-the-lord nuns!" He yelled again, this time banging his fist on the mahogany dining table. He nearly spilled his glass of wine.

"But father! I find comfort in Christianity, it helps me to cope. I want to serve God, and I know you are wrong that He does not exist. I want to do this, and there is nothing you can to do stop me!" Sophie yelled back, although not nearly as loudly, and rushed away from the dinner table, leaving her meal almost untouched.

Tomas was going to get his daughter, but his wife, Lauren, stopped him.

"Let her go. We need to talk." She said.

Tomas huffed and faced his beautiful wife.

Even though Lauren was fifty now, she still had much of her youthful good looks. Curly burgundy hair, green eyes almost like emeralds, skin like ivory with almost no blemishes. Of course her skin was a bit wrinkly, and her eyes were now framed by delicate glasses, but Tomas still saw the young Lauren he had fallen in love with so long ago.

"Tomas, I know that you don't want our daughter to become a nun, but why? Is she not happy?" Lauren asked.

Tomas sighed.

"If Sophie becomes a nun we will definitely have no grandchildren. You and I know how much we both want her to have kids. And not only that, I do not want her becoming nun because of how devout to God she will become. She'll come for dinner and make us say grace before our meal, and accuse us of sinning for doing normal things! I know this because I have a sister who became a nun. My whole family disowned her for it. That's why we are atheist darling, so this wouldn't happen. But now it has so we have to stop it." Tomas explained.

Lauren admitted her husband had a point, but Sophie was strong willed and normal means would not work to change her mind. Something more drastic was needed.

"I have an idea, but is may be a bit strange. But I know it will work." She warned.

"I'm open." Tomas responded.

"To demons?" Lauren replied.

Tomas's mouth came open as he processed the information.

"A demon? What in the world..."

"Not any demon; an incubus. I'll summon an incubus to take our daughter's virginity, so she'll never want anything to do with god." Lauren explained.

"Are you for real Lauren?!" Tomas asked.

"My family has been dealing with black magic and demons nearly for ever. I just haven't told you because there was no need. Now there is a need, and we need to stop Sophie. So how about it?" Tomas thought long and hard. An incubus taking his daughter's virginity?

There was no doubt Sophie was still a virgin. She hated everything considered to be sinful, so sex was off limits. She had never worn tight or revealing clothing, always wearing drab clothes that covered her womanly features, and she was a beautiful woman. She looked like her mother and had pert B-sized breasts, lovely womanly hips, flat stomach and long legs. Tomas had accidently saw his daughter come out of the shower, and knew she didn't shave her pubes.

If Sophie became a nun, all that lovely body and good looks would go to waste.

"Do it. It's our last hope." Approved Tomas. He couldn't believe he was asking his wife to summon a demon to fuck his daughter.

Lauren quickly went into her room, looking for the black leather-bound book that held all she needed to know about black magic. She flipped to the pages contains the names of demons. One of them she knew would be perfect for the job.

She went back downstairs to the dining room where Tomas was waiting.

Lauren needed no fancy ritual to summon a demon, only a name. She was that good.

"Oh by the name of Lucifer, I summon thee Damien from the pits of Hell to do my bidding." Lauren chanted.

On the table, in front of Lauren, a red circle of light appeared. The light grew brighter, and in a hot flash, Damien the incubus appeared, cross legged sitting on the table.

He was extremely handsome, well-muscled and smelled musky. His eyes were the only thing to give his demonic identity away, as his irises glowed red and orange, like fire. He had straight hair black as charcoal and tanned skin. Lauren nearly swooned as she remembered the monster contained by his black trousers, the only clothing he wore.

"Well, long time no see Lauren. Grown old, what a shame. I remember the tremendous fun we used to have, back in the day before you spoiled yourself by marrying this guy." Damien teased.

Tomas was angry, but did nothing. Lauren would handle this.

"Yes, I remember. But now I give you a very important task. One right up your alley." Lauren explained.

The demon's eyes flashed with anticipation and excitement.

"Ohh, what will you have me do?" he asked.

He voice was so seductive, so sexy. Lauren was having trouble concentrating.

"My daughter needs to learn a lesson. I need you to take her virginity." Lauren instructed.

Damien's mouth turned into a devilish grin, white teeth showing and all. "Lovely. One condition though..." Damien was about to ask.

"What do you mean one condition! I summoned you! You have to do as I say!" Lauren protested.

"Not quite sweet cheeks. You see, you forgot that a very powerful demon like me can be summoned to do as the summoner says, but I require payment in return. And the payment I desire is that if your daughter is a good fuck, I want her all to myself. It's been a while since I had my own human female to go to, especially one like your daughter. She is something special." Damien explained. He licked his lips with an inhumanly long tongue. There was nothing he liked better than ravishing virgins, especially virgins that are as good and pure as Sophie.

Lauren had no option but to accept the terms.

Damien thanked her, and disappeared.

Sophie lay in her bed, thinking. She really wanted to be a nun, but her parents wouldn't let her! Why? She loved God and wanted to serve him. She wanted to be a nun because she couldn't think of any other life style that would allow her to serve the Lord. Sophie thought she may need to run away from home to seek a life of purity.

But for now, she was tired, the stress of arguing with her father causing her energy to go. Tomorrow would be a new day, and she would tell him her ultimatum, to let her become a nun, or she would leave and never come back.

Sophie fell into sleep effortlessly, partly because of Damien. He was in her room, and liked to play with his prey before the kill.

He entered her dreams. This was going to be fun.

Sophie's dreams reflected her longing to be nun, and the purity and innocence of her heart. She dreamt she was in a church, listening to a lovely hymn being sung by angels. When Damien saw this, he nearly gagged.

No wonder Lauren wanted me. This girl is fucked up.

Damien pretended to be a priest in her dream, and walked up to where Sophie was sitting in the pew. She was dressed in the clothes of a nun, as was her desire. Damien sat down, then slowly brought out his hand to touch her outer thigh.

Sophie yelped at the touch.

So sensitive! I definitely want her.

Damien gently stroked her leg, moving the fabric of her long skirt up. He was gentle in his caress, wanting to seduce Sophie in her dream before taking her in real life.

"What is this?" she asked.

Sophie began to tremble slightly. Her unexperienced body could only respond as it knew how, to feel pleasure and want more of Damien's touch.

Damien got bolder, moving his body closer, both his hand now stroking the inside of Sophie's exposed thighs. He angled his mouth so it could meet hers, pressing her hot lips onto hers.

Sophie had been going to protest, but Damien's forceful kiss stopped that. He slid his tongue into her mouth, playing with hers.

In Sophie's mind, she knew this was wrong. But it still felt so good.

Damien let her mouth go and started moving his hands towards her breasts. They still moved up and down, still gently stroking her skin in a rhythm that entranced her. As long as he kept up the movement, she would be still and relaxed.

One hand stopped however to access her breasts. He undid the buttons of her cardigan, then her blouse. To his amusement, she had no bra.

"No, don't look. This is bad..." Sophie finally managed to say.

Damien continued without pause.

"This is your dream. I am just here to pleasure you. You are the one who wants this." He lied. "How could I? I've never felt...like this. Oh!"

She gasped as Damien began sucking her white perky globes, massaging them with his hands as he sucked on the nipple. He was now sitting on her legs to get better access to her chest.

"I must want this. Something this good...no. I cannot do this. This is sinful and God will punish me. Ohhh..."

It was like she had two minds. One was the devout Christian who wanted to be good and pure, the other was a moaning slut, begging for Damien and his sinful ways.

Damien would not stop his assault until she was completely over to him. Until she was begging to be penetrated by his huge, throbbing cock. She would beg for it long before she would have it.

It's good to be an incubus.

Sophie was getting used to Damien sucking on her breasts, so he moved down. He kissed her stomach, getting rid of the layers of clothing as he went. He moved off her legs and knelt on the floor, spreading her legs open.

"NO!" Sophie rose from her stupor.

"No not there! Never there!" she cried.

Sophie tried to close her legs. Her twat was forbidden space as for as she was concerned. As good as this had been before, it now had to stop.

"Why not?" asked Damien.

"Because as sinful I am letting you suck my breasts and touch me, I will not let you touch me there." Sophie said.

Damien gave her a crooked smile and spread her legs anyway.

She tried to close them again, but he was much too strong. Damien saw the modest panties Sophie wore and ripped them off.

Sophie had started crying at this point. She was letting a man look at her most private and forbidden place.

"No...please. I want this to stop. I don't want this anymore!" she cried.

Damien stopped there.

A good incubus never rapes, only pleasures a woman so well she begs him for more.

"This will feel better than everything I've done before." He soothed.

Damien lifted his head and let Sophie close her legs. He stroked her face, her arms, her legs, and her stomach. He just gently touched her until she calmed down.

"Will it?" she asked.

"Yes. And don't worry about sin, this is only a dream." He cooed.

Sophie willingly spread her legs this time, and Damien smiled his devilish smile.

His second favourite thing of sex was giving a woman head. It was invading her snatch without going too far and spoiling her body, perfect with virgins like Sophie. He could lick and suck a girl until she came a hundred times, but she was still physically be a virgin. As a result, Damien had become an expert on giving women head.

He first gently stroked the lips of her snatch, to get her used to being touched there. Already Sophie was shaking and moaning.

Slut. You're so easy. Just wait until I'm fucking you for real.

Next Damien began to prod her opening, gently sliding his fingers in and out. He used two fingers at once, then put them in deeper. He could feel the wall that was her hymen blocking further entry. "Oh..." Sophie moaned. She couldn't believe that she was having such pleasure in a dream. She hoped it would never end. She completely belonged to the man in her dream now.

Damien began to suck at her clit, flicking it with his tongue then going back to sucking. He then started to put his tongue in, along with his fingers, rubbing her pebble-like bud with his thumb. Sophie was now massaging her own breasts.

Since her mind state had changed, all her clothes had disappeared. The angles and singing had gone, and the chapel was filled with heat, the heat of Sophie's intense pleasure.

"Do you enjoy this?" Damien asked. He knew she did, he just wanted her to say it.

"Yes...I do...very...much. Oh!"

Sophie's body convulsed has she had her orgasm. Her legs tightened around Damien's head, holding him at her pussy. Her cries echoed around the dream chapel, and her cunt gashed pussy juice. Damien was happy. She was now his for the taking and only moments away from becoming his property. She would be his, and no man or woman would be able to satisfy her after tonight. Nor would she let them touch her, as any other touch than his own would repulse her.

Damien lifted his head away from Sophie's pussy when she relaxed her legs and the orgasm shakes wore off.

"I hope I made you happy." He said.

"You did. Thank you."

Damien smiled, then left Sophie's dream.

Back in his own body crouched in the corner of her bedroom, he saw what the dream sex had done to Sophie's real body.

In her sleep her had pushed away the blankets and moved her nightdress so she had better access to her boobs and cunt. Her hair was all over the pillow, and Damien could smell the wetness coming from her pussy.

He walked over to her bed, taking off his pants has he did, freeing his raging erection. It sprung to attention, ready to maul the sweet virgin it had been offered.

Just as Damien got into the bed, Sophie woke.

She first noticed her own state, blushed, and then saw the man from her dream coming towards her. "You're real!" she gasped.

"Very much so."

Damien jumped onto the bed, and pressed his weight onto her soft body.

In the dream Damien had appeared completely human, so not to scare Sophie. Now she saw his eyes, his speed and strength. Her heart bet faster.

"What are you going to do?" Sophie naively asked.

Damien put his lips close to her ear, one of his hand on her breast and one slowly travelled to her cunt, brushing over her stomach.

"What we did in your dream was only the begging. There is more, and I'm sure you know what." He whispered, licking her ear with an extremely long tongue. He pressed his cock to her thigh to make his point.

"But if you do that, I won't be a virgin. I need to be...for the nunnery." Sophie complained.

Damien sighed. She still wanted to go there. Not for much longer.

"If you go there, I won't be able to make you happy. Remember what I did in the dream? It's better in real life." And his fingers entered Sophie's snatch for real.

For Sophie it was better. Being really invaded was really better. She gasped and moaned as Damien again worked his magic on her.

While Sophie was busy riding the waves of pleasure, Damien positioned his cock perfectly to enter her vagina. He slowed down his fingers, deliberately giving Sophie less pleasure.

"Don't stop! Give me more! More!" she demanded.

"Of course my dear. You want my cock?" he asked.

"Yes! Yes I do! Please give it to me!"

With one thrust Damien had gone far enough in Sophie's pussy to break her hymen.

She cried and yelped, a few tears going down her sweet face.


"That's right. You're no longer a virgin. But don't worry, this is the best bit."

Damien was used to virgins, how they reacted to the first fuck. He slowly and gently moved inside Sophie, letting her walls get used to the motions and act accordingly.

Sophie, after getting over the shock of losing her virginity, was beginning to enjoy herself. Her hips started to move in rhythm with Damien's, helping him to get deeper. She moaned like a whore, her legs wrapped around Damien's waist to push him deeper. Her arms went around his chest to push him closer. They kissed, a passionate kiss that showed Sophie's new longing for her new master.

Yes, she was his now. By taking her virginity, Damien was claiming Sophie for his own. They were now bound together. What Damien intended to do would complete the claiming ritual. Damien watched as Sophie's hips bucked. When he would move back a little she would push her hips forward, afraid he would stop.

He was close, and she was close. She had come already, but was cumming again.

"You will be mine. No one else shall have you." Damien hissed.

"No, I'm all yours forever." Sophie sighed.

And then the pressure in his balls got too great, and his cock exploded with semen deep inside Sophie's cunt. He had gotten deep, very deep, and he knew she would be pregnant with his demon spawn after this, as was his intention.

Sophie came as Damien did, howling like a bitch in heat. He legs had pushed Damien's cock further in her, and she loved the level of penetration. Her cunt milked his cock of all his cum, sending it straight to the waiting egg.

Stuff religion. I don't need God to feel good. I have him, my master.

When Damien was spent, he rolled over so he lay next to his new girl. She was smiling like a Cheshire cat, slowly rubbing her spunk-filled stomach. Damien began to suckle on her breast, keeping her close.

He had enjoyed claiming this virgin. He enjoyed it even more that her mother was also taken by him, although she had not been nearly as satisfying as Sophie. Sophie was one in a million.

He eventually got up, as Sophie was going to sleep. He pulled the sheet up to keep her warm, and then licked her left hand. Slowly a demonic symbol appeared in her hand, showing to all that she belonged to Damien.

Dressed in his black pants again, he went downstairs to the dining room. Sophie's parents were still there, waiting for the demon.

"Thanks Lauren. Your daughter won't go near another church again. Or at least not for the next nine months." Damien laughed, and fell through the portal that opened under him.

Lauren sighed. She had known the demon would impregnate Sophie. He had tried to do that to her back when she was young, but her mother had come into the room and stopped him, banishing him back to Hell for a month.

Tomas looked at Lauren.

"So, she is now the wife of demon?" he asked.

"Pretty much. Her soul now belongs to him and her body too. Don't worry, he won't abuse her." Lauren went up to her daughter's room, and saw her happy spent daughter fingering herself and fondling her breasts in her sleep.

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