tagNonHumanIncubus to the Rescue! Ch. 02

Incubus to the Rescue! Ch. 02


Sophie had never been the same since that night with Damien.

She no longer desired any form of religion. Really, the thought of god repulsed her and anything to do with god.

Damien came at least once a week to send her into the deepest pits of hell. Every time he came to her she would ascend into complete ecstasy, only coming down when the sun came up and he left. She completely belonged to him, and she knew it. She had known on their first night, as he came inside her and she came with him, she could feel that her soul was his to do with as he pleased.

Her parents had taken this development differently.

Lauren, her mother, was used to demons and black magic. After all, she had been raised in a family of witches.

Tomas, who had been raised by Atheists, was not uncomfortable with it. Yes he had agreed with his wife's plan, but he had thought it was a one off thing, and life could get back to normal. But now his daughter's soul belonged to an incubus, her screams of pleasure carrying on into the night.

What most unnerved him was how Sophie liked it so much. He couldn't believe that she had gone from devout Christian to demon slave overnight. 'Such is the power of an incubus. It's what they do.' Lauren had explained.

Tomas had also noticed change in Lauren's behaviour.

When Sophie and Damien were going at it, Lauren would become quiet and her breathing would quicken. Her hands would flutter, like she was stopping them from doing something.

Tomas was uncomfortable with the whole thing, but he knew that it was too late to do anything about it.

It only made it worse that he was due to go on a very important business trip soon, and he feared what his wife would get up to while he was gone. Back when Lauren had been younger, she had a playful reputation. Damien's presence wouldn't be helping that.

On the day Tomas left, Lauren kissed him on the cheek and bade him goodbye as he stepped into the taxi at their front door. Her mind seemed to be far away, and her goodbye was half-hearted. Sophie wasn't even at there, recovering from another hard night with her demon. Tomas couldn't help feeling something bad was going to happen.


That night, Lauren couldn't get to sleep.

She tossed and turned in bed, unable to get comfortable because of the raw itch in her crotch. It was itchy because of her longing. Normally Tomas would cure such an itch, but he was not here. Lauren gave into the need and put her fingers into her warm moist opening.

She first slid her fingers along her inner lips, darting inside to wet them. She then moved straight to her clit, flicking, rubbing and pinching the little piece of sensitive flesh until it was hard. Her fingers moved back to her cunt while her thumb kept her clit busy. Lauren plunged her fingers down as far as they would go, feeling her soft flesh.

It was all well and good to feel herself, but she needed extra stimulation. She needed an image, a fantasy. Being ever the faithful wife, Lauren first tried to imagine her husband.

Normally, this would have worked, but this level of lust was too much for just her husband. Lauren needed something different, something...unholy.

"I know I need you Damien, but I'm married...I can't." she whispered into the darkness.

"Oh yes you can." Damien replied.

He had materialised on her bed, already on top of Lauren. His unearthly gaze looked down at Lauren's cunt, her fingers trying in vain to pleasure the woman. He chuckled.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"You haven't changed a bit from that young teen that summoned me. Still the horny minx aren't we?" his silken voice poured in Lauren's ears and memories of that night flooded her mind.

His hot hands all over her body, his mouth sucking the life out of her tits, his monstrous cock reaching down into the raw depths of her maidenhood. It had been the best night of her life.

"You remember don't you?"

"Yes Damien, I do. If I remember correctly, we didn't finish that night. Mother interrupted us right as we were about to finish."

Lauren sat up, running her wet hand over Damien's hard chest, moving down to the bulge in his pants. She leaned in to kiss him, and Damien grabbed her head with both his hands, forcing his tongue down her throat.

"My word I've missed you." Lauren gasped when they stopped kissing.

She wasted no time getting her night dress off and unbuckling his jeans. She was a woman driven by one need, the need to be fucked.

Damien let her push him down on the bed and mount him. He had always been the one on top doing all the work. It was nice to just lay there for a change. Either way, it would still be unbelievably pleasurable for both of them.

Lauren moaned and threw her head up as his dick sild wonderfully into her depths. His hot, diamond hard monster pushed her vagina to it's limits, pulsating and throbbing as it sat there.

"What? No fore play?" asked Damien playfully.

"Fuck fore play. I need this dick right now!" Lauren cried.

She began to move up and down, each movement making her moan, grunt and cry out like a whore in heat. Tomas was a good lover, but he could hold nothing to an incubus.

Damien just lay there, grinning from ear to ear.

Lauren had a fire in her like no other woman. Sophie had been easy to break, her soul and spirit easy to capture and control. Lauren was strong-willed and full of the fire of life. Damien enjoyed such women as they were not submissive in bed. They tried to dominate and participate, fighting the power of the incubus.

Lauren threw her head back and howled as her body shook with orgasm. Her hand tangled in her hair, she was the image of a wild sex goddess.

As she came down, she collapsed on Damien's stomach.

"Oh my lord..." she panted.

"Yes?" replied Damien.

Lauren chuckled.

"I didn't mean you. It was just...so good."

Lauren moved off Damien to lay beside him.

"Hey, you're forgetting me." Damien complained.

Lauren turned to Damien and looked him in the eye.


"You had a pretty good time by the looks of things, but I haven't even started." Damien said.

He spun Lauren onto her back, pulled her up so she was on her hands and knees and shoved his rod into her drooling pussy. Lauren was helpless as he began to pound her from behind like a wild animal.

"You're a wild, dirty bitch. You deserved only to be treated like one." Growled Damien.

Lauren was speechless.

She was being overpowered like an animal. Damien's finger nails clawed down her back, the pain adding to her feelings of pleasurable filth.

The power in Damien was overcoming her, and all she could do was hold on and ride the storm.


Oblivious to the couple, downstairs the front door was opening.

Sophie had come from a late night party with a new group of friends.

Sophie was in her last year of high school. Previously her (small) group of friends were goody-two-shoes people that obeyed the rules without question and got nervous and red-faced at the mention of kissing. Now, Sophie had shed those people and put herself in a new fun crowd of people that loved to party and fuck all night and long into the morning.

Sophie had just been at one of those parties, and she was tired. She was still getting used to the late nights and high heels. It was fun stuff, but tiring.

Sophie went upstairs, and the sound of primitive moaning coming from the master bedroom alerted Sophie.

She went to the door, and put her ear to it. Her dad was away, so who could be with her mother?


Sophie gasped.

Her own mother was having sex with her master!

Sophie was about to burst through the door, but it seemed Damien already knew she was there.

"Getting hot hearing your mother grunt like a pig Sophie? Come inside." He ordered her.

Sophie did as she was told, and was shocked at the scene before her.

There was her mother on all fours on her marital bed. Damien was thrusting from behind like a mad man. Their pairing was wild...raw. Damien was never like this with Sophie.

"Take off your clothes Sophie." Commanded Damien.

Sophie stripped bare, waiting for another command.

"Now pull and suckle at your mother's breasts. It's been some time since you've done that, hasn't it? Time to see how much you remember." Damien was enjoying this.

He had never had two women to himself at once, especially not related women.

Sophie got really into sucking at her own mother's tits. She pulled roughly and bit the nipples.

"Sophie loved suckling when she was a baby. No surprise here." said Lauren.

In that moment, Damien gave one last thrust into Lauren, making her heave forward and push Sophie off the bed.

They both came together, Lauren crying like a hyena and Damien silent. His face showed the intense pleasure he felt though, his eyes looking nowhere and mouth open.

Lauren was the first to speak.

"I've been waiting for that for a long time. Now I'll want nothing else."

"I expected nothing less." Replied Damien with a smirk.

Meanwhile, Sophie a fully taken to her role as tit-sucker. But when Damien removed his cock from Laurens drenched pussy, Sophie plunged her fingers there instead. She madly began rubbing her mother's clit, sliding her fingers in and out of her hole. Lauren started doing the same to her daughter, and soon the two women were entwined in passionate lesbian love-making. There was so much lust in the room that they even began kissing, their tongues thrusting into each other's mouths in time with their fingers.

Damien watched the display.

He was very aroused by this, and decided to join in.

Since he had already hammer Lauren's pussy, and Sophie's was currently occupied, he aligned his monster with Sophie's back door. Still untouched, this would be his final claim on her body.

He smeared her juices onto his shaft and her hole, liberally moistening it. Damien leaned forward, gently easing himself into Sophie's ass.

She gasped in response, either out of sock or pleasure, he did not know. Lauren pushed her daughter's head back to her mouth to continue assaulting it with her tongue.

And so there they were. Sophie, in the middle on her hands and knees being fucked from behind by Damien, and having her mother in front kissing her and fucking her pussy with her fingers. Sophie was in a state of pure bliss. Lauren was being completely overcome with the lust radiating from Damien, who of course was enjoying his slave.

They spent the whole night fucking each other. When Sophie came they switched to Lauren, when she came the girls pleasured Damien, and so forth. The only time they stopped was when the sun came up , and their fatigue made itself known.

The bed was drenched in cum, as was each woman. Everyone was covered in sweat and panting like a dog. Damien of course quickly recovered, but the ladies would need at least two days to be ready for another fucking like this.

Sophie went to her bedroom with Damien, just to sleep he promised.

Lauren was so tired she didn't care about the mess on her bed she fell where she was.

Damien was happy. He was satisfied, his need for sexual energy sated for another week. As Sophie drifted into her dreams, Damien brushed a finger along her stomach, pleased at the tiny bump in her womb.

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