Incursion 1


Crouching down near her leg restraints, he opened two small access plates in the floor. Inside was snap rings attached to airplane cable that he could cause to pull downward, using the remote. After attaching the snap rings he began increasing the tension on the downward pull.

Now the strain on Cat's leg muscles was increasing. Pressure on her cunt split was increasing. The edge was bisecting her clit and anus she had thought they were numb but now sharp shooting pains were rippling into both. The cables were pulling her long sleek legs until the tendons stood out like well made rope. The planes of her flat belly were stretching and cramping.

On the other hand, her sex guts inside that same pulled belly were starting to boil with lust. In a rush her will power broke. Cat began moaning, "Pllllease take me down and fuck me. I need it so baaad. Ohoooo my clit is being crushed. You will cut me wide open." He said, "Beg me to fuck up the ass or I might leave you there until your clit is ruined. Hell, it may be ruined now, who knows. But if you don't beg for ass fucking right now I'll leave you here all night."

Cat wanted him up her cunt but an ass fucking would do in a pinch. She said, "Yes, yes fuck me up my ass, just fuck me please".

He was smiling again as he removed her ankle cuffs. He then lifted her off the Horse, kicking it aside. He then put a lot of slack in her wrist cables. Finally, he dropped her over on her hands and knees and spreading her ass cheeks, he began stuffing her ass chute.

He used no lubricants and her asshole had only her sweat for lubricant. Never the less be began shoving his cock head into her rectum. Grabbing a breast in each huge paw, he kept the pressure of his cock moving inward.

For her part, Cat was dizzy with lust once again. Her asshole was so numb that his initial penetration was unfelt. Once his organ was past the anus ring, the pain kicked in big time. His 18 inch whanger bulled straight through her ass guts. Cat was moaning in pain and lust as the head slammed as deep as it could go. She moaned, "Ohooo I'm sooooo full. Fuck me. Tear my ass up, I WANT TO CUMMMM."

Moving one huge paw to cover both tits, he started pulling the nipples. With the other hand, he started mauling her cunt. Cat's clit was numb from her time on the Horse. His cock was plunging in and out now prodding her stretched ass pit from asshole to deepest pit of her belly. The hand in her cunt extended two sausage size fingers and stabbed them inside her cunt. Then four fingers were inside her sex gut. Cat's birth canal was almost ripping, so wide spread was the tube stretched. Then the Commander began forcing his thumb alongside his fingers.

Cat was out of her mind with lust. Her ass was split wide open with the Commanders huge log rampaging so deep she could swear if was hitting her stomach from the inside. Now he had four fingers the size the butt end of a cue stick in her, now the thumb was jamming in beside the fingers. Somewhere in her lust dazed mind, she was aware that he intended to force his whole hand into her belly. Knowing that when he did she would surely die, bleed to death right here on her knees. No way, his ham sized hand would fit inside her cunt without tearing her belly wide open. However, that thought was only dimly perceived. Her over riding concern was to have as many orgasms as possible, knowing that when his knuckles hit her g spot, followed by striking her cervix would completely blow her mind.

All of his fingers and thumb were now in the tight neck of her cunt. Cat could feel the bones in her pelvis spreading as though she were in childbirth in reverse. Suddenly her vagina muscles surrendered, his hand was moving up her cunt pipe. Like a missile homing on its target the Commanders fist was closing on her G spot. Now his forearm was moving inside the abused passage.

Cat was seeing black and white spots behind her eyes. Moister was leaking from her cunt in a steady flow. She did not know if it was cum or blood, nor did she care. She was screaming as if she were a women possessed. "YES, YEEEES, SLAM IT UP MY GUT. RIP IT OPEN, FUCK ME TO DEATH ON YOUR ARM. OHOOOO, I WANT TO CUM DO IT HARDER, HARDER YOU SON-OF –A-BITCH."

In moments, his hand struck her G-spot, then torpedoed into her cervix. The force of Cat's cum caused her to black out convinced she was dieing. But what a beautiful way to die, fucked to death.

Seconds after Cat blacked out the Commander filled her ass tube with a massive amount of cum. He lay panting over her almost prone body, his chest heaving like a racehorse's. He thought, "God's this woman was incredible. She had taken his whole hand and forearm up her belly. The only other woman he had ever tried this on had almost died. The Dr. had saved her but she was ruined for childbearing. After she had recovered he had given her to his men, she had lasted nearly two weeks before they fucked her to death."

He carefully removed his hand and forearm from her over stretched cunt. Carefully inspecting his hand and her cunt he saw no blood. The opening into her fore belly was large enough to pass a baby's head without touching the sides. As he watched fascinated, the hole began to slowly close.


It was now six weeks since the three American Women had been captured. The Commander was pleased with his work. He was convinced that he had turned all three Yankee Bitches into sex slaves. He had resumed fucking Ronni a week ago, since she was fully recovered form her operations. Additional good news from the Dr. all three women were in the early stages of pregnancy, the first breeding must have caught all three of them.

There was one fly in the ointment. He was going to have to move his base of operations. Since the capture of the three Yankees six weeks ago, the Americans had gone berserk. Their Air Calvary operations were laying waste to all and sundry. They were no longer their usual polite selves. Their helos were swooping down all over the area. The Commander had no doubt they were intent upon discovering the fate of the three women. It was only a matter of time until they stumbled onto his hide-a-way. Alternatively, or until someone talked, Americans could be masters with torture when the mood was upon them.

Mulling all of these developments over in his mind, he entered his playroom. Cat, Rene, and Ronni were obediently bound to their beds; three sets of eyes followed his pacing figure. Those eyes were shining with lust and from Cat and Rene love. Ronni's eyes still retained a spark of independence but so preoccupied was the Commander he had not noticed.

The Commander began speaking. "Good news my fuck bitches. The good Dr. informs me that all three of you are soon to be Mommies. I of course am the Daddy."

At the revelation that they were, pregnant Cat and Rene smiled, while squealing like young girls. Ronni on the other hand made a small frown, but said nothing. Once again, the Commander does not notice. The ego trip of impregnating three beautiful women had interfered with his better judgment.

Continuing on the Commander said. "There is one other thing I must tell you, we will all be leaving soon. Yes, I said all of us. It seems your comrades in the U.S. Army are still trying to determine your fate. My men are up for a fight on equal terms, but a battalion of U.S. Air Calvary is way in excess of their capabilities. Not to worry they haven't found my lair yet. On the other hand I have no doubt the soon will. My men are packing even as I speak, we will be on our way day after tomorrow. The reason I must take all three of you is none of my contacts have returned and using radio is out of the question. On the day after tomorrow, we begin our journey to the Ukraine. That area is as destabilized as the Balkans so my operation should fit right in."

Finishing his speech the Commander disrobed and began to mount Rene. Rene and Cat were by now so sexed up that no fore play was necessary. Ronni was less so only because he had been unable to fuck her as much, because of her injury.

He began with Rene, sliding his huge dong into her already wet quim. A few short jabs and his prick was all in her belly. Rene was already in the throes of her first orgasm. She was saying, "Ohooo it's so good. Fuck my cunt; make me cum and cum and cum again. Fuck my pregnant belly."

After blowing his usual large load of sperm into Rene's belly, he dismounted and moved to Ronni. He always saved Cat for last; it made her hotter watching her two friends get his load of sperm while she watched. In addition, it gave him greater staying power when he entered Cat's willing snatch. In truth if he would have admitted it, he was in love with Cat. Fucking the other two women was just fore play for him, working up to the main event.

Next the mounted Ronni and being more carefully that was his usual manner he was soon in her up to his balls. Ronni was wet and willing her grunts and moans were the real deal. There was a difference however hers was a woman's natural lust when her pussy is filled to overflowing with rock hard cock. Unknown to the Commander the medications that Ronni were on had counteracted the aphrodisiac that still affected Cat and Rene. After depositing his cum in Ronni's belly he said to Cat. "Now my dear Cat I will have your sweet pussy"

Although Cat was the oldest of the three he thought her body the best of them all. Her body was the largest, her cunt channel the deepest, and somehow her body was soft and muscular at the same time. Her black hair and blue eyes sparkled with lust, while her tongue played over her soft lips. When the huge man looked at her, he felt a warm glow deep in his belly. The man was in love and did not realize it.

Cat was in love, but it was love of sex and pain mixed. Using the eel skin on her turned her ovaries up on high. He was right she had turned into a real whip bitch. Just now Cat was begging for the eel. "Whip me please whip me." He said, "Tell me where you where to be whipped." She said, "Whip my tits, whip my ass, whip my belly, and whip my cunt. Then I want your cock up my cunt until it comes out my mouth."

Fetching the eel skin, he positioned her so her ass was facing him. He began whipping her. Twenty lashes on the ass, twenty on her tits, twenty on her belly, and finally twenty on her wide spread gash. Cat was moaning and writhing in ecstasy. Begging for his cock like the bitch in heat, she was. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, NOOOOOW, DO IT NOOOOW. I NEED THAT COCK UP MY PREGANT BELLY."

He was now as wild with fuck lust as she was. His organ slid into her like a hot knife into soft butter. Between the two of them, they weighted 570 pounds when they both came at the same instant it was almost more that the bed could take.


It was three days later and the Commander was speaking to all three women again. "As I related to you before, today is our last day in our little love nest. In a few hours, we shall be on way. Your Calvary is causing no end of problems now. None of my contact men has returned in the last week. I regret to say I shall only be able to fuck once each today."

What he was failing to tell the women was the fact that he was extremely concerned. The Yankees would have tortured his location out one of his lost men. Only the fact that none but him knew the grid coordinates of this cave complex. Nevertheless, a general location could be ascertained from a verbal description of the area. He knew from experience that Americans were the most cruel and violent people on the planet. All they needed was what they considered a just cause. At that point, they were capable of any amount of excess.

Another thing he was not telling the women was the video equipment was all packed. Therefore, he no longer had surveillance over the trio. Not that he figured it mattered now. All three were fuck bitches of the first water at this point. However, he still had not picked on the fact that Ronni was not under his complete control.

After making his little speech, he began disrobing. When he was naked, he crawled into bed with Rene and began stroking her sexy body. He licked her inch long nipples and with his hands massaged her still smooth belly. None of the trio was far enough along in their pregnancy to show yet.

Rene for her part was moaning in a low husky voice. "Oooo yesss. Mmmmm lower with your hands. Play with my pussy. Oh, I love it. It feels soooo good."

In moments, Rene was squirming and writhing in ecstasy. Rene said, "FUCK ME, I WANT YOUR COCK IN MY PUSSY". Without a word, the Commander positioned himself between Rene's widespread legs. Grasping his cock with his left hand, he began rubbing the head around her cunt mouth. Then forcing the massive head inside Rene's cunt, he began thrusting his cock home. Soon he was able to insert his entire organ in her fuck tunnel.

Rene was in the throes of another mind-blowing orgasm. Her breath was coming in short sharp gasps. Her tits were up thrust sharp pointed cones. Rene screamed, "I'M CUMMING, FUCK ME FULL NOW." Her words sent the Commander into his own orgasm. His nuts blasted the sperm up his cock length into the boiling caldron of her uterus.

Cat had watched Rene's fucking with undisguised lust. Her eyes were bright with lust, her tongue played over her full red lips. Now her hips began up thrusting in a quest for fulfillment.

The Commander moved to Ronni's bed and sat down. He began languidly rubbing her still smooth belly. Just as he was reaching for her nipples, there was a far distant popping sound. Ronni recognized it instantly as the sound an American machine pistol. The Commander was listening intently his head swiveled toward the door. Then there was a loud explosion followed by faint screams.

The Commander rose and began dressing in some haste. He said to the women. "I had better see what the hell is going on. If those simple minded men of mine are fighting among themselves again I may have to kill a few." He went to the door unlocked it and went out, in his haste forgetting to relock the door.

As soon as he was gone, Ronni leaped to her feet and reaching down beside the mattress came up with the Commander's remote control. Quickly moving to Cat's bed she released Cat's cuffs then Rene's. She talked quickly now. "Major quick this is our chance. I don't think this is the Commanders men fighting among themselves. I think his men are under attack."

Cat lay there trying to understand what Rene was saying. Trying to focus her mind away from her sex lust and back to her profession as officer in the US Army. What she really wanted was to be fucked and fucked hard.

Ronni turned to Rene and said, "Sarge come on you got to come around we need to be ready. You got to help me."

Rene was still coming down from her orgasm. She heard Ronni's words and understood them. Unfortunately, she could not seem to make herself move. She lay there with sperm flowing from her recently fucked cunt, gazing at Ronni with vacant eyes.

Ronni was frantic now she had to get the other two women up and around before, the Commander came back. Not being under control of the sex drugs gave her clarity and purpose. However, Cat and Rene were still under the spell of aphrodisiac combined with daily fuck sessions had temporarily robbed them of their self-will.

The sound of gunfire was much closer now, mixed with the screams and curses of men. As Ronni was pleading with the other two women, there was a tremendous impact on the door. Then the door itself literally exploded inward.

At the sound of the door, exploding Ronni whirled on her bared feet preparing to fight despite her nude state. What Ronni saw was unbelievable? In the wreckage of the door stood two huge men, locked in bear hug embrace. It was the Commander and her brother Red.

The two men were excreting strength that combined would have bent tempered steel. At 6 foot 10 inches, Red was giving away over 2 feet in height. Never the less the two men were almost an even match. Red was even more massively built than the Commander was. His biceps and chest were more heavily muscled than the Commanders were. His legs were like medium sized trees. His body fat ratio was an even 2 o/o.

For moments, the two behemoths swayed back for making no sound except an occasional grunt or pant. Then suddenly Red slammed the top of his head into the Commanders chin, stunning him. Being over 2 feet shorter than the Commander this was easy for Red to do. His shorter stature also gave him a lower center of gravity. After the head butt had momentarily stunned the Commander Red used his advantage to bodily lift the Commander and body slammed him to the floor.

By this time, Ronni was franticly looking for some sort of weapon. Meanwhile Cat and Rene were getting their wits about them, the sights, and sounds of combat rousing their solider instincts. The three women were now actively looking for a way to help their comrade.

Before Red could put a boot into the Commander, the man had leaped back to his feet. As the two men surged toward each other again, there was a huge white light filling the room. Outside someone had thrown a flash bang grenade into the room.


It was three months since the fight in the Commander's cave. In the confusion of the flash bang going off the Commander had escaped, has had the Dr.. Cat, Ronni, and Rene had been airlifted out to a military hospital in Italy. There they had been hospitalized for almost three months. All three had the embryos in their bellies removed and placed into Vetro tanks. When the fetus was a term baby, it would be removed and placed for adoption. Then had come a detoxify treatment to remove any last traces of the drugs the Dr. had injected into their bodies. Next, they were all subjected to a rigorous physical to check for internal damage. Their vagina and rectums were stretched somewhat but few stitches put that right. Ronni's surgery was carefully gone over. She had a very small scar, however her insides were all in order. Finally, a head doctor interviewed all of them to check their mental condition. They were all found to be as sane as anyone who lived in the year 2050 was.

There were five US Troopers sitting around a small café in Rome. Cat, Fox, Trigger, Snuff, and Red were all drinking red wine and chowing down on spaghetti. Red was speaking. "It is official, word just came in from Division we all get a months leave starting as of now. We have to stay in Italy but that should be no problem."

Trigger said, "Hell Italy is fine with me good food, good wine, and great company."

Fox replied, "You got that right, I think Italy is great".

Snuff laughed saying, "Nothing back in the States for me my family was in L.A. when the nuke went off. I haven't been home since I deployed."

Cat was the only one who said nothing. Just sat there staring at her glass of wine. Red noticed this and said, "Skipper I know you want that bastard that tortured you three. I'm sorry we couldn't find him or that bastard Dr., they must have had a bolthole ready. However, I have more news. When our leave is over the whole company is going a search and destroy fro these two scumbags. We will have Carte Blanc. Command and Control want these guys bad."

Cat smiled replied, "That's good to hear. However there is something else on my mind. Can all of you keep a secret?"

The other four nodded their heads in ascent.

Cat began speaking. "I got something from that experience in the Balkans. Something I never had before. I know that Trigger and Fox had orgasms before we were captured. But I had never had an orgasm before." She looked at four expectant faces. She continued. "I know I shouldn't be saying this to people in my command but here it is. Jesus Christ I'm so fucking horny the crotch of my BDU'S is soaked. Now having said that, anyone have any ideas how I can fix this problem?"

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