tagErotic CouplingsIndecent Proposal Ch. 02

Indecent Proposal Ch. 02


Geez, it was great waking up the following morning with the warmth & comfort of Annabel's beautiful body against mine. I woke up at 5am as per my normal time and quietly made myself a coffee and sat in a comfy chair alongside the bed admiring Annabel's angelic, relaxed face as she slept. Her loose hair cascaded down her cheek & across her neck and the duvet rose slightly with the curve of her hip as she slept on her side. I was a very content & happy man watching this beauty asleep in my bed.

You can only have so much of a good thing so after my coffee I could see the early glimmer of predawn through the window so I went in the fridge, poured a large glass of pineapple juice, grabbed some fresh fruit and moved outside to watch the dawn. With the island being flat and with a gap in the trees there wasn't much to block my view of the sky starting to brighten. Dawn is always my favourite part of the day as it brings a fresh beginning, no matter what has gone the day before; plus it is so quiet as most people are still asleep.

The colours gradually started to appear out of the black of night time. Slowly pinks crept into the predawn light as Fiji spun on the earth's rotation closer towards the sun. Then the oranges & reds came into the sky as the sun raced to peek above the horizon; the air was so calm & peaceful, not a sound from anywhere. Finally rays of light came over the horizon to illuminate the clouds and the beauty of today started to unfold right in front of me. Mornings like this really make me appreciate everything I have in life; and today I had even more to be grateful for knowing that Annabel was sound asleep in my bed not 10 metres from me.

I bit into some fresh pineapple as the sun quickly climbed above the horizon and bathed me in the light that photographers call "The Golden Hour". Warm, soft light illuminated everything; bringing the first warm rays to the island and sustaining life for another day. It was great to be alive, here, today.

Finally I heard Annabel stir and I went inside to make her fresh coffee & a plate of fruit to start her day. As I switched on the coffee maker I caught a glimpse of her pear shaped bum & hips disappearing into the bathroom; and a couple of minutes later I heard the shower start up. Playing the reserved gentleman (which I'm not) I resisted the urge to take in fresh coffee and sit to watch while she showered.

10 minutes later she emerged wrapped in her towel and joined me for fresh coffee and fresh cut fruit out on the verandah in the early morning sun.

"Good morning Annabel," I greeted her; "I trust you slept well."

"Uuummm," was all she said as she sipped her coffee and gave me a beautiful smile that radiated warmth in the early morning light.

We sat for 10 minutes enjoying coffee, fruit, the sunshine and the beauty of the land & sea scapes around us; neither of us saying anything. Finally Annabel put down her empty mug & walked in side, before re-emerging two minutes later carrying her clothes from last night and heading off for her chalet. She flicked her hips as she walked and smiled over her shoulder "See you at breakfast at 9 o'clock Daddy."

I nearly came there & then; her beauty & smile just blew me away. I knew that today would be the day that I made love to young Annabel. Not have sex, but make love. Having sex would have been to have climbed into the shower with her and let it progress from there; all before breakfast. No, making love to her was what I had in mind for today; and it is best to have to work upto & achieve the best things in life.

At breakfast I gave her the first of several gifts for the week; a small nicely wrapped parcel, wrapped with a bow; accompanied by the instruction "Please wear this under your sun dress today Annabel."

She looked intrigued but didn't open it at the table. We walked back to our chalets to get ready to go out on the boat again to a nice secluded cove where we were assured of total privacy for the day.

The boat dropped us off on a palm fringed cove with clear warm water lapping on the white coral sand beach and splashing up against the outcrop of rocks that formed the headlands at each end of the cove. We unloaded our picnic, snorkelling gear, towels, and a couple of inflatable airbeds that we could float around on in the sheltered waters of the cove.

Once we had laid out our towels and gear Annabel turned & smiled knowing what I was anticipating as she very, very slowly gripped the hem of her sun top and teasingly lifted it up over her trim stomach until the under curve of her breasts started to appear.

"Do like what you see Daddy?" she teased with a warm smile.

"Oh yes!" I grinned back.

She pealed the top up some more so the beautiful under curve of her breast showed her smooth skin before the hem of her new red bikini top came into view; the small triangle of material being large enough to cover about 60% of the bulge of her firm breasts but small enough to allow the natural curves of breast to show around the material. The sun top finally came clear of her head allowing her hair to spill onto her shoulders and on to the smooth top slope of her breasts.

"WOW," I stuttered out loud in open admiration of the beauty before me. Annabel's laughter peeled over the beach.

Her breasts hung naturally on her chest with the triangles covering her nipples that seemed to be hardening under the gaze of my appreciative eyes.

Next Annabel reached to the hem of her wrap-around cotton skirt and slowly unwrapped the material off her hips. The inside of her thighs came into sight topped by another small red triangle that just covered her mound but very little else. Annabel kept the material in both hands, looking a little nervous and unsure.

I smiled warmly & appreciatively to reassure her that she was safe and that she could take her time if she wanted to.

Annabel turned her back to me and looked to the sea for what to me seemed like minutes. Then very slowly she eased the tension in the material which allowed it to slowly slide off the curve of her rounded hips. Her lightly tanned flesh started to come into view, along with a very fine red cord tracing the top rim of her hips. As the material slipped down an inch another red cord appeared vertically down off the waist cord, and heading towards the centre of her ass.

I licked my lips in anticipation and felt my cock stir in my shorts.

I wasn't sure if Annabel was nervous or just being extremely sexy & teasing. But after years of dreaming about this moment I could wait another hour to find out. Well... Maybe not another hour but a couple of minutes at least!

Slowly her hips gave way to the twin curves forming the top of her ass cheeks and the red cord disappearing between the globes of firm smooth flesh. My mouth was wide open and my tongue licking my lips searching for moisture as my eyes feasted on the teasing / nervous beauty in front of me.

I noticed the expanse of her back as she flicked her head and her long hair cascaded down her back almost covering the thin red cord that stretched across her back to be tied into a small bow over her spine.

More movement at the bottom of my vision caught my eyes and my attention as the material started to move again and more of her fine ass started to appear as the cotton dropped another couple of inches lower.

The heat & hardness in my shorts started to rise as I openly admired this slow, tantalising display of beauty in its finest form in front of me.

The descending material started to hide her beautiful calves but this was more than compensated by the curve of her ass cheeks starting to appear above the top of the material. Now the red cord had disappeared between the cheeks of her ass but I knew where to find it for later on.

Now the slackness of the material slid off her ass on to the top of the back of her thighs, exposing her pear shaped ass in all of its glory.

"Gorgeous," I breathed out loud.

I don't know if I ran out of patience or I just wanted to show my appreciation & love for Annabel, but I stepped forward to take her into my arms from behind and my strong arms wrapped themselves around her stomach just below her breasts as I leaned forward to kiss her warm smooth neck.

"You are stunningly beautiful," I whispered in her ear before kissing her again and pulling her backwards slightly to bring her bare ass against the hardness in my shorts. I loved the view over her shoulder seeing the swell of her breasts with her nipples definitely hardening. I felt Annabel release the cotton wrap to drop to the sand below as she brought her arms up to rest on mine as we both took in the view out to sea and the touch of each other.

Finally Annabel started to turn in my arms to face me and tilted her head upwards for a kiss. As my lips came down to meet hers my arms slid down her back to rest lightly on the swell of her hips. Our lips met very lightly, just brushing together for a minute until Annabel's lips parted slightly and her tongue brushed along my sealed lips. Her tongue pushed slightly but I resisted for a minute, teasing her with my resistance. She pulled me tighter to her and stretched slightly higher as leverage to then add pressure to push her tongue between my lips. Our tongues met and started their dance together alternating between each other's mouths; her pull increased on my neck displaying her need; and I slipped my splayed palms very slowly down over the curves of her ass to cup her cheeks and lift her slightly so she could firmly feel my hardness against her material covered mound.

The passion increased as our mouths & lips drew hungrily on each other, her breasts squashed hard into my chest; and my rock solid cock pressed tight against her stomach.

We both needed release as our mouths devoured each other, my hands gripping and squeezing the flesh of her amazing ass; but we both needed more. Slowly I released my grip on her right cheek and slid my left hand around her hip and made room between us by easing back to allow my hand to go between us and cup her mound.

Annabel swooned into my mouth as she felt the pressure on her skin and the thin triangle of material rub against her skin.

The passion in her kissing stepped up another notch communicating her need for release.

My fingers traced the edges of the triangle to gauge the size & coverage of it over her mound. I really wanted to drop to my knees and feast my eyes on her bikini bottom on her beautiful body; but Annabel was thrusting against me in urgent need of something more immediate. I selfishly ran my fingertips between her thighs and over her mound & lower stomach blindly exploring the landscape down there.

Annabel groaned into my mouth and sucked hungrily on my tongue as she thrust her mound onto my fingers, non verbally communicating her want for release.

My fingertips eased into the top of the tiny triangle and Annabel sighed into my mouth in relief that the teasing was over. Almost immediately after passing the hem I felt my finger brush over the top of her clit & enter the furrow of her pussy lips.

Annabel pressed hard against me making the digit break the seal on her lips to expose the moist folds of her pussy. Annabel groaned into my mouth as we still continued to snog each other with her hanging from my neck.

I ran my finger the full length of her slit, lubricating my skin with the warm nectar of her hot wet pussy. Annabel thrust her hips back and forth against me trying to force my finger deeper into her.

I gripped her ass very firmly in my right hand as I curved the middle finger of my left hand up into her hot wet love tunnel.

Annabel broke the seal on my lips and gasped out loud "Daddy!"

Twisting my wrist upward I gently, but firmly, eased my finger as deep as I could.

"OH GOD," she gasped feeling the intrusion deep inside her.

I eased my finger in and out of her very slowly so she could get used to the thickness; and then Annabel started to hump my finger. I eased my finger out of her pussy much to her disappointment, but moments later her eyes went wide as she felt two fingers start to ease her sodden swollen lips apart. Again I eased them in and out several times to coat them fully with her juices and I lent down to recommence our passionate kissing.

Just as she got used to this I curled my fingers inwards to reach for her G-spot and at the same time I bought my thumb into play by making firm contact with her swollen clit. My thumb peeled the hood back on the sensitive nubbin of her clit.

Annabel broke the kiss, her mouth hanging open as she sucked in deep breaths and stared hard into my eyes; the need & anticipation of release burning bright in her eyes. "Daddy Pleeaassee!" she begged.

I vibrated my two penetrating fingers against her G-spot and rubbed quite hard against her clit as her juices washed down over my fingers onto the inside of her thighs.

"OH MY GOD," she wailed out loud, "PPLLEEAASSEE!"

I renewed my strong grip on her buttock with my right hand, almost lifting her off her feet as I continued to squeeze the inside of her pussy in the grip of my left hand. I now frigged her mercilessly to give her the relief that she so desperately craved and needed.


I increased the vibration in my fingers and pressed her clit back in on itself to send her over the edge into the abyss of a shuddering orgasm.

"DDDAAADDDDDY!!" she screamed as her legs buckled and her weight came onto my arms. I felt her shaking through the orgasm that was devouring her whole body. She hung desperately to my neck as her mouth gulped in huge lungfuls of air to keep her body alive.

Wave after wave of her pussy nectar flowed over my penetrating fingers until she finally stopped shaking; the orgasm finally subsiding inside of her. Her legs recovered and finally started to support her again. Her mouth sought out mine in a brief kiss of gratitude & possibly love; but she still needed vast breaths of oxygen to sustain her and aid her recovery.

Very gently I eased my fingers out of her now tender pussy but kept my right hand on her ass giving her tired legs additional support. My left hand came up to my lips and I sucked her nectar off my forefinger before offering my middle finger to her lips. Annabel smiled warmly, and closed her lips over my finger to taste her own juices. She very gently, and sexily, licked her own juices off my finger; her eyes staring deeply into mine as she did so.

My rock hard cock thrust against her thigh through my shorts, absolutely bursting for relief; my balls aching under the pressure of my stored up cum.

Finally Annabel seemed to have control of herself as she looked deep into my eyes and whispered "Thank you Daddy," in a calm voice.

Annabel's arms slid off my neck and gently down my back until her fingers snagged in the waist band of my shorts.

"This is for you Daddy," she simply stated as she started to tug down my shorts and at the same time bend her knees to sink down in front of me.

My rock hard prick sprung free of my shorts into the sun and Annabel's grip as the fingers of her right hand curled around the head of my old man. I flinched at her touch even though I have been dreaming of it for years.

Her left hand reached around behind me to grip my ass; but she needn't have worried as I had absolutely no intention of running away.

Her curled fingers firmly, but gently, eased my foreskin back as it was well lubricated with pre-cum underneath. Just as the head of my prick started to be revealed I felt her full lips encase the head of my cock. My hands instinctively went to the back of her head as my fingertips threaded themselves into her long hair. I resisted the urge to pull her forward and sink my full length into her mouth in one go. I wanted to enjoy the sensation of Annabel 'rewarding' me for the orgasm I had given her and the week we were having together.

My eyes nearly rolled in their sockets as I felt Annabel's tongue touch the sensitive underside of my cock. I needed every single drop of self-control to make sure I didn't cum in her mouth there and then. The warmth of her mouth just felt unbelievable, and then she licked her tongue across the tip of my cock, my balls throbbed in open appreciation of the sensations she was causing.

As Annabel slowly took more of me into her warm wet mouth her right hand eased down along my length before sliding downward to take my cum-filled balls into the palm of her hand. At the same time her left hand slipped down into the crack of my ass and I felt a fingertip brush against my sensitive ring, making my cock throb and expand in her mouth. The sensations Annabel was generating with her mouth and fingers coursed through my body bring pleasure to my brain and extra blood to my cock to make it swell some more in her mouth. My grip instinctively tightened on her head and I gently eased her forward some more until the tip of my cock brushed the entrance to her throat.

Annabel playfully responded by pushing her finger into my ass upto the first knuckle and giving my balls a gentle squeeze with her other hand.

I would like to be typing and bragging that I withstood this sexy treatment for another 20 minutes or so whilst Annabel deep throated me. That I thrust deep into her throat as I ran my fingers through her long hair and talked dirty to her in open appreciation of her sucking hard on my swollen cock. Maybe back in my youth or my dreams; but here I am, a fifty something, stood on a coral sand beach in warm sunshine with the girl of my dreams sucking on my cock whilst fingering my ass. 20 minutes ... Yer right! I was pleased to last for 20 seconds of this amazing treatment!

Annabel's lips sealed tight around my cock and she sucked down hard to make an incredible vacuum as my tip again brushed against her throat; and then the sexy minx tweaked my ring some more with her penetrating, playful finger; and then my balls just totally capitulated to her amazing skills & touch.

My balls throbbed, then surged, and then pumped rope after rope of sperm up the full length of my twitching cock and lathered the insides of her throat and mouth.

"YYYEEESSS" I groaned out loud as I thrust myself as deep into her throat as I could; white light flashed across my eyes; my ass clenched around her finger; and my knees started to weaken as I seemed to cum endlessly in her mouth.

Annabel seemed to effortlessly manage the liquid filling her throat and mouth as she milked my balls with her cupped hand to wring out every last drop.

I shook and groaned out loud as I tried to absorb such an unbelievable orgasm; I eased my grip on Annabel's head and she eased her finger out of my ass as my knees started to sag and she realised I needed to kneel down. My twitching, softening prick started to ease out of my mouth as I sunk very slowly to my knees in the sand.

As I knelt in the sand, face to face with Annabel, we took each other tightly in each other's arms, hugged very tightly and kissed extremely passionately, both tasting the juices of each other on our tongues. We didn't care about the finer points; we still had a hunger for each other that still wasn't fully satisfied by two incredible orgasms. We pulled each other tightly together by gripping each other's ass in a firm, urgent grip with one hand each whilst Annabel hooked her other hand to the back of my neck to tug my head tight to her still hungry mouth. At the same time I brought my freehand up between us to run my open hand across one of her heaving breasts.

Annabel seemed to pant into my mouth in either frustration or with more need. I took this to mean that she wanted more than my hand rubbing the tiny triangle of material over her swollen nipple. I obliged by pushing the flimsy material up onto her chest so I took take her swollen nipple between finger & thumb to meet her desire for more stimulation that my other hand and mouth could give.

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