tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIndian Captive

Indian Captive


The Indian squaw brought the young white female captive to the brave where he sat in his lodge. He was only dressed in his breech clothe as the fire in the fire pit easily kept the room warm.

“Is she was married?” he asked the squaw in his own dialect. The older woman would be his interpreter.

The squaw posed the question to the young girl in English, “Are you married?”

“Not anymore,” she replied. “My husband died during the winter from a fever and I was returning home.”

The squaw replied back to the brave, “She is a widow.”

“Ask her if she is worth keeping or should I kill her now?” replied the brave. “Does she wish to be my personal slave or should I give her to the men and women of the tribe?”

The squaw smiled as she turned to the girl. “You are very lucky,” she translated. “You are to be allowed to determine your own fate. You may become this brave’s personal slave, a slave of the entire camp, or you may choose death. What do you choose?”

“I want to live,” stammered the girl. “I wish to be his slave.”

“Absolute obedience will be expected from you at all times or you will be beaten,” replied the squaw. “Any hesitation on your part will be considered a crime, and you will be punished.”

“I understand,” she replied.

“She wishes to be your slave,” the squaw told the brave.

“I will allow her the opportunity to be pleasing to me,” he answered. “However, if she fails to please me, she will be beaten and given to the camp.”

“You must please him completely, or you will be beaten and made a camp slave,” the squaw translated back to the girl.

“Please, I will please him any way he desires,” the captive replied.


The captive looked at the brave in surprise. “You just spoke in English,” she exclaimed!

“It would not be in your best interest if I have to repeat my command,” he replied. The girl hurried to remove her clothing until she was standing naked in front of him. She turned a bright shade of red as watched him survey her large breasts and rounded hips. Even her late husband had never seen her naked like this.

“Kneel with your legs spread and your hands on your knees,” he then commanded her. “You will always assume this position when I enter the lodge. You will, also, always be naked when you are in the lodge unless I tell you to dress.”

“I will take this woman as my slave,” he told the squaw.

“Then you must claim her as is required,” she replied.

The brave stood and removed his clothing, revealing a long yet flaccid member. Walking to the captive, he wound his fingers through her hair for a good hold as he brought her face to his member. “You will pleasure me with your mouth first,” he informed her.

She had never had a man’s member in her mouth before, and wasn’t sure what to do. She glanced pleadingly at the squaw for help as she was unable to speak.

“Suck on it,” the squaw suggested to her. “Lick it with your tongue.”

As his member hardened to its full length, she struggled to accommodate him as he expanded down her throat. Desperately, she tried not to gag.

He looked down at his hard member buried in her mouth and like what he saw. Her sandy blonde hair and white skin contrasted nicely with his tanned body and dark hair. His need was upon him strongly, so he began to stroke in and out of her mouth with full-length strokes.

She felt his hands tighten in her hair as he began to use her mouth forcefully. She forgot all about the other woman as she concentrated on trying to breathe. Strangely, she began to have sensations in her own body she had never had before as he used her mouth for his pleasure. It was as if he was some how transmitting some his pleasure to her.

He could hear her moaning, and he knew it was not a sound of pain. She was excited by him using her mouth for his pleasure. He knew it would not be long as he gave himself over completely to the pleasure of her mouth.

She was startled back to reality as he spoke to her.

“You will swallow every drop,” he commanded as he began to flood her mouth with his seed.

She had to swallow fast and furiously to keep up with him, but she managed to do it. As he was pulling his still rock hard member from her mouth, she noticed a new drop on the end of his member. She quickly and eagerly leaned forward to lick it off with her tongue.

“The ritual is still not complete,” the squaw informed the brave. “She must know her place completely.”

“You are right,” he answered.

“Get on all fours facing away from me,” he commanded his captive.

“Yes, my master,” she replied as she complied with his wishes.

Grabbing some grease for lubrication, he coated him member before putting some on her asshole.

“Please do not do this to me,” she cried out to him. She could feel the end of his member pushing up against her tight bottom opening.

“Silence,” was how he answered her plea. Grasping her hips, He began to force his member into her tight ass with no regard for the captive's comfort. “Be thankful I was kind enough to use the grease.”

She felt as if she was being split in two. This was even worse than her wedding night when she lost her virginity.

Once he had it in all the way, he took pity on her and allowed her body to stretch before he pulled out to thrust back in again. Not only was her ass tighter feeling than any other one he had ever had, she was so hot.

The pain began to subside as her body stretched to accommodate him. She could feel his heartbeat as his member throbbed inside of her. All feelings of discomfort soon disappeared as he began to slowly stroke in and out of her. After several dozen strokes, he was stroking in and out with ease and the she was moaning in pleasure.

Her moans of pleasure told him she was ready so he pulled out to flip her over on her back. Holding her legs with one hand, he easily reinserted himself back into her ass. As he stroked in and out of her, he used his other hand to roughly caress her full breasts.

She was caught by complete surprise as the treatment of her body by the brave forced her into her first orgasm. She tried to scream out her pleasure, but all she managed to do was squeal.

The brave began to feel his groin muscle tightening and knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Thrusting deep, he filled her with his seed.

“The ritual has been completed,” the squaw said as she watched him pull his still dripping member from his new slave’s ass. “I will tell everyone she is your slave and you are strong enough to use her as the animal she will be.”

Throwing his new slave over his shoulder, he carried her naked down to the small river at the edge of the camp and threw her into the shallows to wash. “Wash well,” he told her. “I will not tolerate a dirty woman.”

The cold water helped to bring her back to the present, and she quickly applied herself to the task of washing. She did not hesitate to wash his body when she was done with hers. In deed, she enjoyed the opportunity to run her hands all over the body which had so easily mastered her.

Leaving the water, he lay down on the grassy bank facing her. “Come and pleasure me,” he commanded.

She wiped the excess water from her body with her hands. She watched his member grow to its full length as he watched her. As she sucked on him, she took in the entire length on each stroke as her head bobbed up and down. Looking at him for approval, she licked up and down his shaft and sucked gently on his balls when not sucking him deep into her throat.

“I am very pleased with your progress,” he praised her. He could see her juices running down the inside of her thighs and knew she was extremely aroused.

She could not believe how excited she was. She could feel her own juices running down her thighs. To make it even worse, she could smell her own excite and knew he could smell it too.

“Mount me,” he told her as he pulled her forward by her hair. She easily slid onto him in one stroke. She was even hotter between her legs than her mouth or ass had been. “You feel like liquid fire.”

“Oh,” she moaned over and over again as she slid up and down his member. The feelings were so intense she thought she would pass out.

Her swaying breasts and large nipples were made to be caressed, so he caressed and pinched them. It put her over the edge and her body began to spasm as her woman’s pleasure engulfed her.

She lost all contact with her surroundings as her world became a rainbow of colors. The feelings of pleasure were so intense; she would have fallen off of him if he hadn’t held her up. It took her several minutes to become aware that she had stopped moving.

He could see the panic in her eyes as she became aware of her surroundings again. “You may use your mouth to finish me,” he told her.

Looking at him, she began to lick her juices from his member with long strokes of her tongue. When his cock was clean, she went to work cleaning his balls next. Sucking him deep, she licked his balls on each stroke. Coming back up, she worked on the sensitive head of his member by licking and sucking on it only. She could tell he was getting close to spilling his seed again as she could taste it on his tip as she sucked and licked it.

He let out his own moan of pleasure as he erupted into her mouth. She even opened her mouth so that he could see his seed in her mouth before she swallowed the last mouthful. When she had finished swallowing every drop, she licked and sucked him until he went soft in her mouth.

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