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"Go ahead, I won't move."

Ria turned onto her side and shifted her hips and body forward as she stretched out her trembling hand. She touched his bicep again and gently moved her tiny fingertips up and down his muscles. His body was better formed than Mohit's because he worked out at least three times a week. Neither said a word as her fingers moved up to his shoulders and then down to his fingertips.

Rehan's prick was about to burst out of his briefs but he had promised her that he would not move. Her exploring fingers were causing small sparks of fire on his arm and then up onto his shoulder. "Turn over," she whispered.

Rehan did as she said and felt her pull the bed spread down off his bare back. He knew she could see his body in the dim light from the slightly opened curtains. As her hand moved over his bare flesh she said, "It feels so different than Mohit." She had relaxed as her fingers pushed and probed into his hard flesh. As she reached across his upper back her braless breast pushed down into the back of his arm. Neither of them acknowledged it.

Rehan was breathing rapidly as her fingers explored down to his waist. She touched the elastic band on his briefs and jerked her fingers away like she had shoved them into a flame. She moved away and then back down. When she touched it again she moved her fingers around the tight band. Her fingers dropped off the elastic band and pushed into the soft cotton material. She took her time going lower and lower until she touched the top of his covered ass crack. "God Ria! you are driving me crazy."

She moved her fingers back to the top and then back down. "Are you hard?"

"Is that a question that you should be asking? You know I'm hard," he groaned. He felt her fingers moved down off his ass to the top of his hairy thigh. She pulled the leg outward until it gave her room to move her fingers under his ass and against his balls. She cupped them in her small hand. "OH GOD!"

"Do you want to turn over?" She whispered knowing his answer already.

"Yes," he said as he quickly turned over onto his back feeling her hand leave his nuts. The tip of his prick was now sticking out the top of his briefs. Again Ria pulled the bedcovers down until they rested at his knees. His tower of power was visible in the dim light.

She giggled as she tickled the hairs in the middle of his chest. "Mohit doesn't have chest hairs." She moved to toy with one of his hard nipples and he moaned.

"Please," Rehan begged. He was going to cum soon and she had not even touched his penis.

Ria's body moved closer to his allowing her breast to again press against his arm but this time her naked thigh pressed against his hard leg. She twirled her fingers in the small patch of hair around his navel and whispered, "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Touch me," he begged as he gripped his fingers together.

"Where?" she teased.

"My..........penis," he said trying not to be too nasty.

"Take it out and show it to me," she whispered.

"No, you do it."

"It seems odd but if you insist" She said as she unzipped his fly and reached down into his briefs to pull out his stiff member.

Rehan waited for her fingers to take him but she didn't move. "Touch it."

"If I do you will want to touch me," she said as her lips moved to his ear. "You will want me to take off my nightgown and my panties." Her fingers moved from their resting place on his navel down to the thick growth of pubic hair.

"Then you will want to touch my naked breasts and suck my nipples." She sucked in his earlobe. "I've seen you looking at them before. You like them don't you?"

"Yes, oh God yes," he moaned.

"Do you want to see them?" She whispered.

"YES!" He cried out. Her fingers had tightened until they touched the hard base of his raised cock. She pulled back and sat up in the bed while she slowly and teasingly pulled the nightgown up over her pink mounds. She tossed the nightgown to the floor and posed for him. "Damn," he said as he reached out and upward to touch them but she grabbed his hand. "No touching me remember?"

"They are so beautiful," he said waiting for her next step. She was calling the shots.

"You are a gentleman. You should not take advantage of the fact that I am wearing thongs," she giggled.

"I will never be able to understand you females. Why wear thongs when they hide nothing?" Rehan said smiling.

"They hide the pussy lips and help us in avoiding getting fucked by ruffians like you."

"Are you going to keep touching me?" he asked pointedly.

"Of course," she giggled. "You don't think I'd let you go to sleep like that do you?" She moved closer and suddenly grabbed his hard dick. It felt so different that her husband's longer but thinner penis. "I don't think this is going to take very long." Her fingers stroked him about three times and suddenly his hips shot upward and his white fountain erupted. "AHHHH!" The cum fell largely on her hands and some on her bare breasts.

"You were on the verge of cuming. Whats the matter? Don't you fuck her regularly?" she said rubbing it on her body and rubbing some of it back onto his cock and stomach.

"Sure, I do. She always sleeps nude so even if I have thought that I won't do it, I end up doing it." He replied.

"I know. I have seen her nude and she is really sexy."

"So are you." Rehan said.

"We have to get some sleep," she suddenly said watching the six inch cobra rise from the dead. Her body was still on edge since she had not climaxed.

"But it's my turn to touch you now," he grinned as he pulled her arm out and felt her body fall against his.

"I didn't say you could," she giggled. His fingers cupped her full breast and two of his fingers played with her hard nipple. "We have to get some sleep," she purred. There was no way she was going to sleep without fulfillment. His fingers moved downward off her breast to her stomach. When he grabbed the waistband of her panties she held his hand.

"I'm not taking these off." Which meant that she did not appear to be in a mood to let him fuck her.

Rehan smiled and pulled her body down until she was lying next to his. He looked into her eyes as his body and lips moved forward. Her eyes closed when his lips touched hers. Hands and fingers moved slowly as they searched and explored each other's bodies. His hand cupped her nice ass over her undies and then moved down her thighs to the back of her knee. From there it moved to the front and slowly up her tender thigh to the very moist crotch of her panties. When he pushed into her covered sex her eyes opened and her tongue fucked into his mouth.

Ria lost control when he touched her damp pussy. She bit his lip until she tasted blood and clawed at his back. Never in her thirty-five years had she ever been this hot and turned on. "Touch me........touch my pussy," she whispered in his ear. She forgot what she had said about keeping her panties on and ripped them down off her raised legs.

When Rehan had touched her covered slit it was like he had pushed a button. She went from a controlled friend's somewhat conservative wife to a being a woman who thoroughly enjoyed sex.. She grabbed his hand and forced his fingers down into her swollen dripping folds. "OH GOD! PLEASE!" It was her turn to beg him for completion.

Rehan took his time toying with her raised clit and marveled at the flow of her pleasure juices rushing out of her pussy. As he pushed and pulled two fingers in and out of her pussy his thumb rubbed across the clitty. She turned her head and bit him on his shoulder. "OUCH!" He cried out in pain. If she was this hot maybe, just maybe, she would let him fuck her.

Ria was almost there when she felt his fingers leave her damp box. She started to reach for it when his body pushed on top of hers and his hard prick pushed down against her opened hole. "NO Rehan! It wouldn't be right to let you fuck me!" Her fingers curled around his dick and started stroking it again.

Rehan's hands touched her soft ass through the nightgown as she fondled his Sameerat. "Don't, I'm going to cum again if you keep that up."

"Good," she said smiling. She let go of it and stood up on the bed to pull her nightgown off. His eyes looked up into her pussy and at her firm orbs on her chest. "Undress," she commanded.

Rehan quickly removed his clothes and moved back on the pillow. Again she was in charge. But, instead of lowering her pussy down onto his hard penis she walked up over his head and turned around. Rehan saw her body dropping and grabbed onto her hips as her mouth found his hard prick. Her damp pussy swallowed his face and his tongue flicked out to taste her honey pot. "OH GOD!" He moaned when his dick disappeared up into her throat. Sameera had never taken the whole thing and it felt so good.

Ria was happy to take his whole cock because she could not suck in the huge cock of her husband all the way. Her lips tightened and she raised and lowered her head while feeling his tongue licking into her damp hole. She wondered what Sameera was doing at that moment.

"Let me fuck you," Rehan pleaded as he tried to pull her fingers from his hard-on but she held it tight. Her motions rubbed it against her clit which soon raised both of their passion levels to the summit. Five seconds later they both climaxed. "OHHHH!" Ria screamed. "AHHHH!" Rehan cried out when his juices again splattered onto her body.

A few minutes later Ria got up again to wash off his cum and when she returned to the bed Rehan was fast asleep. She thought about putting on her nightgown but smiled as she curled up behind him and pushed her naked front into his naked rear. Her hand pulled the sheet up over them and she drifted off satisfied and relaxed.

Sameera giggled looking down at Mohit's naked bottom half as they sat on the sofa. "This is so weird."

"It's also not fair," he said as he pulled off his polo shirt and sat back naked. "I'm naked and you are not."

"Come on now! What do I have on, except a braless, pantyless skirt. If I too get fully naked we might do something we will both regret," she said watching his penis expand to almost nine inches. "Our spouses are being good tonight sleeping in different bedrooms and here we are thinking about cheating on them." "Ria and I have been married for a long time. Sex has become boring and not very exciting," he said as he took her hand and guided it to his missile. "I've thought about making love with you for a long time."

"You have?" She asked as her fingers explored and measured his hardness and length, slowly rolling the foreskin back and playing with the sensitive head. She was lying on her stomach and her ankles were entwined together. Suddenly her cell rang. It was one of Sameera's friends and she nonchalantly started talking to her. Mohit saw that his erect cock was touching her erect nipple. With his hand he held his cock and started moving it so that it rubbed against her nipple. To his surprise, with her left hand she also held his cock and absent mindedly rubbed it against her nipple, as she carried on with her talk. After a while she disconnected the phone.

"Sorry, that was one of my friends."

"Yes, I've kidded about us swapping but I really meant it." His hand moved to her buttocks again and she didn't ask him to remove it.

"I don't know whether Rehan would agree to it," she said. She looked down at his hand moving up between her thighs.

"I've seen Rehan looking at Ria and she likes Rehan as well," he said. "Maybe they are actually fucking."

Sameera moved back on the sofa which caused her hips to open up and give him more access to her lower stomach. "It might mess up our marriage and our friendship." Her breathing was becoming increasingly labored.

"Why should that happen? Things get bad when one cheats, when he/she seeks pleasure just for him/herself. On the contrary, it might make them both stronger," he whispered. "God, I want you so much."

Sameera pulled her hand from his dick and pushed her head back on the sofa cushion. The time had come to be as naked as he was. She pulled off the skirt from over her head. The cool air felt good on her hot breasts. . "I don't know if I can do this," she whispered as she moved onto her back on the sofa and felt him climb on top. "Can we just touch and kiss first?"

"Yes," he whispered. His hard body slowly dropped down on her soft one. His lips moved down to suckle her small hard brown nipple.

"Ummm," she moaned. His mouth moved to the other one and did the same before slowly licking down her ribs to her navel. "Ohhh," she moaned when the long hot tongue slithered over the tiny bush into her pink desert. Her clit was hard and ready as she knew his cock was. "Mohit turn around."

"Tell me something honestly."Mohit asked.


"Have you let anyone fuck you after marriage? Be honest!"

"Hmm. Once." She replied.

"What? Who?" Mohit appeared startled.

"Hey relax!" Sameera giggled. " Actually it was a misunderstanding. I was under the impression that it was Rehan. At that time we had only one AC so we had invited him to share the room with us. During the night the electricity went off and I didn't know that Rehan had already left the room. When he left both this guy and I were asleep. I was wearing a nightie which just rode up and I was naked underneath.By the time I realized my mistake, his cock was almost inside me. So I made most of a bad situation. Till date he thinks that I don't know that it was he who had sex with me. And it was shortly after my marriage when I did not even take pills. He discharged fully inside me and for a few days I was petrified lest I became pregnant."

"Come on now! This is unbelievable. You did not realize that the guy fucking you was not your husband. Pulling a fast one?" Mohit asked.

" I knew that you would think that but its true. I am not used to drinking and the previous evening I had had a nice time and how on earth was I to know that Rehan would leave the room?"

"This was real hot! Why don't you let me fuck you then?" Her eyes got bigger when his hard-on rose up now almost eight inches long.

"You have a nice dick. I think I will consider your request for putting it inside me except for the fact that it appears to be pretty big. But after all it does go inside Ria Anyway, what happened at that time was a misunderstanding, and it happened a long back. I did not allow myself consciously to get fucked which is what you are asking me to do now. Moreover his was a normal cock, like my husband's, so the misunderstanding took place. Not this huge thing that you have. Had you been in his place, I would have immediately noticed the difference" Sameera laughed again.

"Don't defame it! It went easily inside you just now!"

"That's because I was wet and yes, that too was an accident" She said.

"Your pussy somehow keeps having lots of accidents due to which cocks keep entering it. My bad luck that my accident was small whereas that guy was lucky to have had such a misunderstanding that he actually fucked you. By the way does Rehan know about this?"

"Of course not. Would I be mad to tell him? I would get a sound scolding, what else?" she replied.

"And that guy? Did he not try to fuck you again?" Mohit asked.

"No. When he heard that I kept on taking Rehan's name, he thought that he had kind of raped me, so he felt guilty. Gradually he stopped coming and we lost track of him." Sameera said.

Mohit wanted to just get her so hot that she would not say no when he wanted to fuck her but to have a chance at a 69 with her was too much to turn down. He pulled her off the sofa and took her place while she turned her body and fell down onto his. Her legs surrounded his head and her pussy captured his mouth. At the same time her mouth sucked in his hard crown and her tongue danced on the spongy tip.

Only the sounds of oral sex could be heard bouncing off the walls. Mohit's tongue was as deep into her pussy as his dick was in her throat. Sameera tried to take more but was not used to the three extra inches. Rehan had told her she gave a very good blow job but this would be the first test with another man. She caressed his balls as her lips tightened and moved up and down his hard pecker.

"Ohhh," Mohit moaned feeling his juice about to erupt. He sucked in the hard clit and flicked it back and forth to bring her up to his level. "I'm Cuming!" He said to give her a warning before moving back to get her off as well.

Sameera thought she was ready for his release but the force and the quantity was too much for her small mouth to handle. She tried to swallow but suddenly felt she was drowning in his pleasure. Her mouth pulled away as the second spasm shot against her nose and eyes. She gasped for her breath as the sticky boiling liquid drooled from her lips. It was then that her body exploded. "OH GOD MOHIT!"

It was dark when Rehan heard a car horn. He wasn't sure if he was dreaming but he felt a warm body pressing up against his back. The small alarm clock on the end table made him realize he was in bed in a hotel in Parwanoo with Ria's naked body up against his. He slowly turned trying not to wake her and moved his hand to her hip. The sheet had fallen down to her waist and her marvelous breasts were his to look at. Her areolas were much larger than Sameera's and her breasts were so much fuller and rounder. He pushed back slightly enough to see the glistening pubic mound about eight inches below her navel. He felt himself getting hard as he picked the sheet up and looked at the curve of her hip and her long tender thighs.

The cool air on her body slowly brought Ria out from her deep sleep. She opened her eyes and saw Rehan looking down at her nakedness. "Go back to sleep," she giggled as she pulled the sheet back up over her.

"Kiss me first," he whispered as he leaned forward and waited for her mouth to join his. She smiled and pushed her soft lips into his. Their tongues met and tasted before retreating back into their caves. They closed their eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Sameera moved into the small hall bath and washed her face and hands. She looked at her guilty face in the mirror and sighed disappointed that she had allowed her animal instincts to take over. "Well, this wasn't bad. Rehan, hope you too have had as good a time" she whispered as she moved naked back into the den.

"I guess I'd better go," Mohit said smiling. When she walked up to him it was the first time he really got to see her soft curves and small but very proportioned breasts.

She held out her hand and pulled him up to stand in front of her. "We can't do this again unless......."

"Unless we can get Rehan and Ria to swap," he finished. Their bodies moved together until she felt his penis getting hard again. She pushed back and glanced down at his magnificent tool. She wanted to feel it inside of her so bad.

"Go," she giggled as she moved into the laundry room to get his clothes.

Rehan woke again when he heard his mobile phone ring. He jumped from the bed, picked it up from the table and saw his home phone number on the caller ID. He glanced back at the bed to see Ria's blue eyes looking at him. The room had become lighter with the rise of the morning sun. "Hi honey." He looked at the clock and saw it was 8:00AM. "I must have overslept." They were going to leave around 7:00AM to get an early start.

Ria felt guilty being naked in bed with him as he spoke with his wife and her best friend. She moved off the other side of the bed and slowly walked into the bathroom.

Rehan peeked at Ria's buttocks moving into the bath. "Ria must have overslept too. I'll give her a call. How was your movie with Mohit last night?"

Sameera told him that the movie was not too good and Mohit had left late as there was a storm. The fact was that the storm was quite bad and though Mohit had left, but they had initially decided that he would spend the night there.

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