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"We'll be back by afternoon ," he said looking at his watch. He hung up and heard the shower running in the bath. After checking the headlines on TV he heard the shower turn off and a few minutes later heard the door open. Ria walked out with a large white hotel towel wrapped tightly around her chest and hips. "I guess we overslept," she said smiling. She noticed he was lying back on the bed naked with his penis in a semi-hard condition. It was the first time she got a complete look at his nakedness.

"Yeah, too bad because I was hoping for some more bed time," he grinned.

Ria walked over and sat on the bed next to him. "We made a mistake last night and cannot have it happen again." Suddenly Rehan grabbed her body and pulled her mouth down to his. Though he did not know it but Mohit had something similar to his wife when he had pulled off her panty.

"Don't," she gasped just before his lips and tongue shut her up. She resisted for almost ten seconds before her tongue deserted her will and meshed with his. Her body was alive for the first time in many years. But, she knew they had to get on the road. She pushed him back and sat upward allowing the towel to fall at her waist.

"We have to get on the road," she giggled as she pulled him up from the bed and pushed him into the shower. "Hurry up." Rehan didn't shut the door as he showered and then dried only a few feet from her as she dried her hair. She had put her Tshirt and bra back on but was not wearing panties or her jeans.

"God you look sexy," he said with a full hard-on as he admired her bare feet, long legs and shapely buttocks. He moved up behind her and lifted the Tshirt to push his hardness into her soft ass.

She continued to dry her hair as if he was not even there. His six inch penis was lodged into her butt cheeks. "I guess we should just pick up breakfast on the road," she said as her ass pushed back against him.

"I want my breakfast now," he whispered while moving his hand under her sweatshirt and around to the front. He parted her bush and found her raised clit.

"That's not breakfast," she giggled while moving her legs apart. She turned off the dryer and put it on the sink as she turned and faced him. Her legs were still open which allowed his prick to push into her damp lips. "We don't have time for this."

"Let me fuck you just once," he begged like a young teen trying to get his first piece.

"No." she replied firmly.

"Well, then let me stick it in just once."

"As it is the head of your dick is embedded in my pussy lips so don't ask as if you are yards away from me but this is just about as far you should go. If we are going to do it I don't want it to be with my ass against the sink," she giggled but pushed her pelvis forward with a jerk which slid the whole length of his cock inside her.

"Happy?" she laughed when she saw the startled look on his face. "And, we have to get on the road!"

"That's not fair. It was too quick. And not a fuck but a mere insertion! But thanks. And can I expect a full fuck?" He said with a big grin.

"Maybe," she said pushing him back. "Depends. I don't say yes and I don't say no" Before he could grab her she slipped under his arm and ran into the bedroom. She had her panties and jeans on before he could stop her. "Let's go."

There was loud thunder and rain started falling in large drops. There was lightning and soon the entire area was enveloped in darkness as usually happened when there were heavy rains. Thankfully the invertor took over and they still had light in the house though there was none outside.

"Oh God, just as I was planning to go." Mohit moaned as he tried to act disappointed.

"I don't know Mohit what you really wanted but it would be unfair to ask you to leave so why don't you make yourself comfortable?" Sameera said.

"Thanks, Sameera " Mohit grinned. "I'm pretty tried so I think I'll shower and go to sleep."

It seemed uncanny. As if Mohit was waiting for the rain to start, for her to ask him to stay over and for him to agree to that. She thought with a smile.

Sameera knew he was not going to sleep with her next to him. "Let me shower first so I can dry my hair." She moved into the bath and closed the door.

Mohit heard the shower come on and tried to picture her under the hot water. He wondered if she would allow him to shower with her. His pants, shirt, socks and boxers lay on the floor by the door as he cracked it open and saw her nude reflection in the frosted shower door. As she faced into the hot water spray he slowly slipped open the sliding door and moved behind her. "Care if I join you?"

Sameera jumped when she heard his voice. "Shit you scared the life out of me," she said turning and see his long hard penis pointing at her stomach. His soapy hands moved up to cup and gently wash her small breasts. "Ummm, that feels good," she moaned as she took the soap and lathered up her own fingers before dropping them to his torpedo ready to launch. "I'm glad you are stranded," she whispered as she stroked his cock.

"Me too," he grinned. "Do you think they are messing around like this?"

"Could be," Sameera laughed. "Depends on how your wife is responding."

"I don't think he could turn down Ria," Mohit smiled. He pushed his fingers into her bald pussy lips.

"Do you think Ria would do it with Rehan?" She asked.

"Maybe if the conditions are right and she didn't think I'd find out." He leaned down and pressed his lips onto hers.

After anther ten minutes of washing each other they moved out of the shower and took turns towel drying each other. "Ready for bed?" Mohit asked.

"Like this?" Sameera giggled.

"Sure, why not?" He took her tiny hand in his and led her to the bed. He turned down the bedspread and sheet and they both looked at the place where they would spend the night naked in each others arms. He allowed her to move in first and followed her until he was lying on his side next to her prone body.

"Mohit, don't be mad but I can't let you fuck me," she said not looking at him.

"You sure?" He asked while guiding her hand again to his nine inch prick.

"Tell me something more. Honestly." Mohit asked.

"God! You have so many questions." Sameera laughed as she stroked his dick.

" I feel that all this is a dream. I mean till about 3-4 days back all that I could get to see of yours was some cleavage. That's all. And I really wanted to fuck you because even that cleavage would give me an erection. I hope you don't mind when I say that I wanted to fuck you? Does it feel bad or you like to hear it?"

She turned her head downward until her lips found the purple knob above her fist. She sucked it in and gently bit it with her teeth. "Ahhh," he moaned.

"Like it? Good! Look. Its flattering to hear that you get an erection and that you wanted to make love to me. You tell me what would be more flattering to a girl? That a man gets a hard on when he sees her or that he loses one when he sees her." She smiled mischievously. "Fucking' word is generally used in a negative sense and that's why perhaps it does not sound so nice when it is said as if to belittle the girl who is getting 'fucked' and moreover if a man does get an erection it does not mean that he is at liberty to fuck me." She diverted her attention back to his cock which was fully erect now. "So,I don't want to do it unless we all agree," she said as she stroked him. She turned her head downward until her lips found the purple knob above her fist. She sucked it in and gently bit it with her teeth.

"Ahhh," he moaned.

Sameera tried to swallow as much of him as possible. She felt him jump before when her teeth nibble on his and realized it was something new and exciting for him. She moved her body down onto his knees and turned her head to face his. As she looked into his eyes her mouth opened and her teeth again bit into his spongy tip. "OHHHH!" Mohit moaned. He looked at a woman he had fantasized about for years with his cock between her teeth. She giggled and swirled her tongue over the tiny hole on the tip and then slowly down the very sensitive underside.

She felt his body tense up and grabbed his cock as he released his load. She swallowed the first fill and went back for more.

As Sameera had told Rehan, Mohit left late at night once the storm and thunder had stopped. He returned when Rehan and Ria were about to return. Though they had been away from their spouses just for one night the way they embraced one another it appeared as if they had been away for ages.

"I missed you," Sameera whispered to Rehan. "Me too," he whispered back. He noticed a red mark on her neck and glanced over at Mohit who was hugging Ria. He smiled and waved.

"So how was it?" Ria whispered to Sameera.

"Hot," Sameera whispered back. "The first night was good but trying to prevent him from fucking me was tough."

"Me too," Ria smiled. "Rehan got pretty pissed when I refused him. But let me be honest with you. He did manage to get inside me once. There was no way I could prevent it."

"You mean to say he got his cock inside you?" Sameera asked in mock anger.

Ria nodded sheepishly. "I am sorry. But I would feel bad if I didn't tell you."

Sameera laughed. "You needn't be. Even your husband did the same. Had I not been firm he would have fucked me 5 or 6 times but yes, he too did get it inside me. But I obliged him with orals. I guess a suitable opportunity for a proper swap has to be found." Sameera said.

"This is such a co incidence. Orals even I was okay with. Anyway,I couldn't agree with you more. But lets keep this just to ourselves. We will disclose this to these guys as and when we move ahead. If such an opportunity is found." Ria laughed and Sameera joined in.

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