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I never had much luck with girls. While growing up in America white girls always seemed to be out of my league and Indian girls always wanted to be just friends. My luck changed when my marriage was arranged with an exquisite beauty in India. Her skin was not too dark not too pale and she was blessed with amazing natural C cups. Her hips gave her the perfect hourglass shape and she had long straight black hair and she kept everything maintained well. We are not a rich family, but in India we must have seemed like millionaires because of the currency. So I went to India a desperate lonely virgin nerd, and came back married to a girl many times more beautiful than any of the girls who rejected me. For the first time in my life I felt confidence walking around with her beside me. My confidence took a hit when I realized I had trouble getting my penis hard when my wife was bent over waiting for me. Even after a good amount of concentration and praying, if I did manage to get hard it was too small to make my wife moan. But at least I was not a virgin anymore.

I was never very social, but now I took every opportunity to show off my wife at parties. We are both religious Hindus so every religious holiday we would go to a big temple which was in the middle of the worst part of a nearby metropolis. My life changed forever after one of these religious parties.

We walked out of the temple tired and ready to go home, I was dressed in a kurta and she was wearing a crimson and gold lengha. Her big tits filled the tiny blouse and her long legs were hidden under a slightly see through long skirt. Just before entering my car, I realized I was very thirsty and noticed a nearby gas station. I decided to go get a Gatorade and my wife followed me, curious to see the poor parts of America up close. As I was paying for my drink, the Indian man behind the counter complimented my wife's beauty and I smiled politely. However we were all a little tense because of a group of five tall white bikers who were also in the gas station. They wore black leather jackets and bandanas and were covered in tattoos. They were old, fat, and ugly with gray or salt and pepper beards. They were talking loudly and being inconsiderate cursing often while joking with each other, not to mention putting things in their pockets. With no warning, they all took out their guns. They seemed coordinated, three of them pointed their guns at the gas station owner and the other two held guns to my wife's head and my head. They shouted and cursed at the owner and smacked his face with their pistols, while he put money into their bags. The gangster keeping my wife under control pressed his body on her from behind. One of his hands held his gun to her head, the other reached around her and grabbed her big tits. She looked at me, fear in her eyes as her tits were played with. Her expression was begging me to save her, but I was powerless.

Within two minutes the robbery was finished. After all the money was taken they knocked out the owner and he was now unconscious on the floor. I hoped they would run away with their money, but instead they forced both of us into the alley behind the gas station. My worst nightmare was coming true, they had noticed my wife's beauty and wanted her. Four of them surrounded her while one kept a gun to my head, laughing. Her hands were held behind her back making her chest stick out. We wanted to shout for help but they told us we would regret that, so my wife bit her lip and stayed silent as her tits were pulled out over her blouse and sucked on. Anger boiled in my blood as I watched two old, fat men each taking a nipple and sucking at the same time. My rage peaked when I thought I heard a feminine moan coming from my wife.

I shouted suddenly at their leader and challenged him to a one on one fight with no weapons. I insulted his manhood and asked if he was afraid of a fair fight. The condition was if I won, we would be freed. I knew their alpha couldn't afford to look weak in front of his men and could not refuse a challenge. He laughed to himself and cracked his knuckles. The man holding the gun to my head let me go and pushed me closer to the alpha. The other bikers stopped sucking my wife's tits and started watching us. My wife watched me also, her nipples glistening with saliva. Her eyes were full of fear but also hope. The pressure was high, and the fight was on. This is why sports were invented, this is the reason for all competition, seeing who deserves the right to mate and breed. I never truly earned my wife, she was given to me. Now I had the chance to truly make her mine.

His fist came out of nowhere and I found myself looking at the stars and moon. When I lifted my throbbing head from the concrete I saw my wife looking into the alpha's eyes submissively. Her hands were cupped under her tits lifting them for him. He told her he always wanted an Indian bitch and continued sucking on my wife's nipples. She blushed deeply and arched her back moaning. This time I was sure she moaned. I was dizzy but watched as all five men made a circle around my wife. My wife must have thought that I was unconscious because she didn't hide her pleasure. She kept her back arched as her skirt was pulled up and her ass slapped. They asked her if she liked how it only took one punch to knock out her husband, and she nodded shyly. They asked her if Indian girls were good cocksuckers, and she nodded submissively again. They ordered her rudely to get on her knees where she belonged and she obeyed. She sighed with pleasure as they rubbed their white cocks on her. One biker slapped her face with his cock, one rubbed her bindi with his.

One rubbed her brown nipples with his cock, and the other two stroked themselves looking down at her laughing and insulting her. They called her their Indian slut and slave, and she replied complimenting the size of their cocks. She said she never knew men could have cocks that big. When precum made her bindi shine brighter, and lines of precum were all over her face and tits they started taking turns fucking her mouth. They took turns controlling her head and using it to jerk off their white cocks. They ordered her to stroke two of them while getting face fucked. She moaned into their cocks and looked up at them with her lovely doe eyes. They used her head roughly but she seemed to be ok with it. It was odd how she never allowed me to be dominant with her but seemed to enjoy submitting to these crooks. This continued for a long time and they took their time enjoying my wife. Eventually one of them suddenly covered her tongue with his cum and pulled out his cock still shooting cum which made lines on her face. The white cum looked great on her brown skin and somehow felt right. She lifted her lengha skirt and started rubbing herself. He pulled her hair and ordered her to swallow and she of course obeyed. He petted her head like a puppy and called her a good little Indian bitch, and walked away to sit on his bike. Now there were four men left including the alpha. She shivered and moaned while rubbing herself and I believe she had an orgasm. I am not sure as I had never seen her cum.

I noticed my cock was standing up in my kurta, it turns out I was not impotent or weak after all. I could have a raging erection without any concentration or praying. Then I remembered my situation and continued watching my wife being abused by gangsters.

While she was still breathing heavily from what I believe to be her first orgasm ever, one of the men who was stroking himself dumped his load on my kneeling wife. His cum made stains on her elegant lengha and sprinkled her perfect tits. She lowered her head and rubbed the cum all over her tits. Their cum marked her as their property and when she rubbed it on herself it represented her acceptance of her position. It was all natural and beautiful in a way. This is how our species ensures dominant babies are born, who are more likely to win and survive. If this is nature and God made nature, then would that mean what I was watching is more of a holy act than attending religious festivals?

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the alpha and one of the remaining men arguing over who gets to fuck her first. The alpha made it loud and clear that only he would fuck her and stared into the other man's eyes. The man backed down averting his gaze and lowering his head and accepted that he would only be stroked while the alpha fucked my wife. My wife watched enthralled still rubbing her shiny tits. She watched the alpha with admiration as he laid down under her ass and ordered her to bounce on his white cock. She pulled off her panties and obeyed happily and sat on him, her lengha skirt draped over him. I wondered why they didn't undress her, I guess her traditional Indian clothes pleased them. She squealed with excitement as his white cock stretched its way into her tiny brown pussy. She refused to stroke the man who lost the argument, I believe any show of weakness was a turn off for her. She only stroked one man and started bouncing on the alpha. The rejected man then insulted her and walked to his bike angry and looking at them with jealousy. I'm sure he would have hit her if she wasn't under the protection of the alpha. Nature at its finest.

She rode on the alpha's cock in reverse cowgirl position, looking back at him while bouncing on him. She kept her back arched perfectly and had a look of fear and respect on her wet face. I wondered how many men the alpha had murdered and dominated to reach his status, and if my wife was wondering the same while riding him. This continued for a while. The man she was stroking eventually aimed his cock at her bindi when he ejaculated. He joked rudely how Indian women must wear them to let their white masters know where to cum. He laughed and also went to his bike. My wife blushed deeply and shivered again while the cum dripped down her face, maybe her second orgasm. The alpha forced her on all fours and pulled her hair while pounding her little shaved pussy. Her mouth was open and crying out with desire. It was then when she looked at me and noticed my eyes were open and watching her. She looked ashamed but didn't stop insulting me with her moans, maybe she couldn't stop or maybe she wanted to insult me. Her messy tits swayed under her, still hanging out of her blouse. Her perfect straight black hair was being pulled, forcing her back to curve into a feminine shape. The alpha made her beg for a white baby again and again. He repeatedly insulted her calling her his little Indian slave girl. This continued for what seemed like an eternity.

When my wife begged as submissively and as pathetically as possible, the alpha exploded inside her sweet pussy. My wife's beautiful eyes and mouth opened wide and she looked at me as her womb was filled with another man's seed. She moaned and squirmed like never before, I am sure she came on his cock at that moment.

The alpha stood over her and ordered her to give him her jewelry and her number. She obeyed her new white master on her knees, cum oozing out of her brown shaved pussy and covering her body.

In the present I am forced to raise his son, who my wife named after his white father. To this day I sometimes come home from work to find multiple bikes parked in my driveway. Sometimes I am allowed to watch them, other times I am ordered to leave with only my imagination and my erection.

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No respect for women

Your story is helluva stupid

Your wife was raped!!

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